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A Dictionary of Slang has taken over 25 years to author and develop; please respect how much time has been put into developing this resource and the copyright and rights of ownership. That ownership allows me, the author, to be selective in how this dictionary is used.

Unless otherwise expressly stated, copyright or similar rights in all written material presented on this website, is owned by Ted Duckworth.

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Usage of the Dictionary of Slang

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Unauthorized use.

Copyright infringement is taken very seriously, it is a internationally, legally enforcable law. Those considering using content from this website without prior permission are advised to seriously consider their actions and the likely consequences. Over the last few years there have been many instances of severe copyright infringement of this site. These usually take the form of websites including large sections of the content from 'A Dictionary of Slang'. In every instance the author or owner of such websites has been successfully requested to remove the unauthorized material. Those who have ignored my request have subsequently been forced, legally, to remove the copyright infringing material, and often with additional consequences such as the loss of their web hosting accounts.

Authorized use.

There have been occasions when I have permitted the use of extracts of this resource for use on other websites. This authorization was granted only after prior agreement on how that use should be implemented and agreement on the formatting. If you would like to use extracts from 'A Dictionary of Slang' please bear in mind that I need to be contacted first.

Examples of a websites that have permission to use extracts, and have followed preferred guidelines:

The UK Web Archiving Consortium - this archiving project, lead by The British Library, is the only other website that has permission to show a complete copy of this dictionary, and periodically archive older versions. Visit the archive listings for Dictionary of Slang, or the UKWAC homepage.

A useful resource and guide on copyright can be found here.

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