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wabs Noun. Female breasts.
wack Noun. 1. A term of address. Cf. 'la'. [Liverpool use]
2. Bad, wrong, worthless. [Orig. Black U.S.]
wacko Adj. Crazy, insane. [Orig. U.S.]
wack off Verb. To masturbate. Also whack off. E.g."I wacked off with all my dad's stash of porn laid out in front of me."
wacky Adj. Crazy, zany.
wacky backy Noun. A euphemism for marijuana or cannabis. Jocular and often used by older generations in an attempt to tune in and be accepted by a younger generation. See 'wacky' and 'backy'.
wad Noun. 1. A large amount of money.
2. Semen. Cf. 'shoot one's wad'.
wadded (up) Adj. Having large amounts of money, wealthy. E.g."Tonight the drinks are on me, I'm wadded up and I'm feeling generous."
waffle Verb. To talk, or write, aimlessly, to ramble on. E.g."Stop waffling on and get the point." {Informal}
Noun. Aimless talk, nonsense. {Informal}
waffling Adj. Rambling, aimless. E.g."It was another typical waffling speech by the president which went on for over an hour." {Informal}
wafty crank Noun. An act of masturbation, perhaps implying one done at a particularly opportunist moment. A spoonerism on crafty wank. See 'wank'. E.g."I know she was sexy, but having a wafty crank under the table is disgusting."
wag it/off Verb. To play truant. Mainly adolescent use. E.g."Harry got caught by the head teacher wagging off from Maths."
wagwan! Exclam. A form of greeting. A contraction of What go on? (What is happening?). Also war gwan, wa'gwan, wha'gwan. Occasionally written as wag1. [WI/Black use]
wahey! Exclam. An expression of delight or exhilaration.
walkies Noun. 1. A walk, usually with a dog. Often used towards dogs to suggest going for a walk. {Informal}
2. Of a thing, to go missing, to disappear. E.g."My best t-shirt appears to have gone walkies. Have you been wearing it?" {Informal}
walking disaster Noun. A person prone to having accidents or mishaps. Occasionally extended to walking disaster area.
walk in the park Phrs. Something very easy and effortless. E.g."Giving up smoking is no walk in the park." [Orig. U.S.] {Informal}
wallies Noun. False teeth. [Scottish use]
walloper Noun. An idiot, an objectionable person. Also as whalloper. [Glasgow/Scottish use]
wally Noun. 1. An idiot or imbecile. Popular during the early 1980s. {Informal}
2. A pickled cucumber, a gherkin.
wannabe Noun. A person who aspires to be someone else, usually a celebrity and consequently imitates their life or image.
wang Verb. To throw.
wanger Noun. 1. The penis. Also spelt whanger.
2. An idiot.
wangle Verb. To obtain by scheming. E.g."I even wangled myself a backstage pass and met Kylie after the show."
wank Verb. To masturbate. Also phrased as wank off. E.g."If our young men devoted as much time to their school work as they did to wanking then we'd have a nation of geniuses."
Noun. 1. An act of masturbation. E.g."You can guarantee that if he sees a pair of naked breasts he'll go and have a wank straight away."
2. Something useless, or worthless. E.g."I wish I hadn't brought that new CD, it's wank."
3. Nonsense.
Exclam. Exclamation of annoyance or expressing disbelief.
wank bank Noun. Memory, with respect to sexually stimulating thoughts and recalled as an aid to masturbation. E.g."Did you see that girl dancing on the podium? I've put her in my wank bank for later."
wank biscuit Noun. A contemptible or objectionable person.
wanker Noun. 1. A masturbator.
2. A contemptible person.
3. An idiot, an incompetent person.
wankered Adj. Very intoxicated.
wankiest Adj. Of the poorest quality, of the lowest standard, the worst. E.g."It was wankiest film I've seen all year and to think I wasted £5 on a ticket and 3 hours of my life."
wanking Noun. Masturbation.
wanking chariot Noun. A bed. [Orig. Military use]
wank mag Noun. A pornographic magazine.
wank pit Noun. A bed. [Mainly Military use]
wank rag Noun. 1. A cloth item, such as a handkerchief, that is used to mop up ejaculate after masturbation.
2. A contemptible, low quality newspaper or magazine.
wankshaft Noun. A contemptible person.
wank spanners Noun. The hands. From being tools used for masturbation. See 'wank'.
wanksplat Noun. A contemptible person or thing.
wankstain Noun. 1. A semen stain, as result of masturbation.
2. A contemptible person.
wanky Adj. Rubbish, of very poor quality.
wap Noun. 1. A wasp. Also wappy.
2. A woman's breast. Usually in plural.
war paint Noun. Facial cosmetics, make-up. E.g."She's in the bathroom putting on her war paint for tonight's party."
wassock Noun. An idiot, imbecile. Also 'wazzock'.
wassup? Exclam. A form of greeting. See 'what's up?'. [Orig. U.S. 1900s]
waste Verb. To kill, to thoroughly beat up. E.g."My mum will waste me for failing my exams for a third time."
wasted Adj. Describing being thoroughly intoxicated to a point of uselessness.
wasteman Noun. A fool, someone who behaves in a stupid way and is a generally objectionable person. [Black use. Early/Mid 2000s]
waste of space Noun. A useless and contemptible person. E.g."That lazy brother of yours is a total waste of space; can't he go out and get a job."
waste of sperm Noun. A useless and contemptible person.
watersports Noun. The act of urinating on another for the sexual pleasure of both parties involved.
waterworks Noun. 1. The act of crying. E.g."As expected my mum turned on the old waterworks when she heard the bad news." {Informal}
2. The urinary system. {Informal}
way! Exclam. Used to express that something is correct, often in reply to someone doubting what has been said with 'no-way!'
way-out Adj. Unusual, unconventional, avant garde.
waxa Adj. Good, excellent. Adolescent usage, mainly. [Tyneside use]
wazoo Noun. The bottom, the anus, the rear end. Also, occasionally spelt wazzoo. [Orig. U.S.]
wazz Verb. 1. To urinate. Possibly onomatopoeic in origin.
2. To hurry. E.g."Will you wazz round to the chippy and get your dad's dinner."
3. To pass or throw. E.g."Wazz that book over here will you,so I canhave a look?"
Noun. An act of urination.
wazzock Noun. An idiot, imbecile. Also 'wassock'.
wazzocked Adj. Totally intoxicated by alcohol or drugs.
wean Noun. A child or baby. From wee ane (wee one). Cf. 'wee un'. [Irish/Scottish use]
wear the trousers Vrb phrs. To be the dominant and controlling partner in a relationship, usually said of a woman.
weasel Noun. A despicable, usually sly and deceitful person.
weasel (and stoat) Noun. A coat, or jacket. Cockney rhyming slang on coat.
weasel-water Noun. A drink that is weak and insipid, often used with reference to tea.
wedding tackle Noun. A euphemism fo the male genitals.
wedge Noun. Money, usually implying a large amount.
wedgie Noun. An adolescents prank whereby a victim's underwear is pulled vigorously upwards between their buttocks, thus causing great discomfort to the wearer, but much hilarity for the prankster.
wee Verb. To urinate. Generally inoffensive. Also phrased as wee-wee.
Noun. 1. Urine.
2. An act of urination.
Adj. Small, tiny. [Mainly Scottish use] {Informal}
wee buns Adj. Easy, simple. Also weebuns. [N. Ireland use]
weed Noun. 1. Marijuana/cannabis. In the North-west of England weed is not always used in the plural, for example in the question "have you got a weed?"
2. A cigarette. [Manchester use?]
3. A feeble person, a weakling.
weepy Noun. A film that is sentimental and emotional.
wee 'un Noun. A child or baby. Cf. 'wean'. [Scottish/Irish use]
Weegie Noun. A person from Glasgow, also known as a Glaswegian. Also wegie. [Scottish use, mainly outside Glasgow]
weigh into Verb. 1. To tackle something forcefully and enthusiastically. {Informal}
2. To attack verbally or physically.
weirdo Noun. A person perceived as objectionably unusual, an eccentric. {Informal}
weirdy Noun. An eccentric.
well Adv. A general intensifier, very, extremely, definitely. E.g."I'm well upset about United losing in the cup."
well gone Adj. Very intoxicated by alcohol or drugs.
well hung Adj. Having a large penis.
wellie Noun. A waterproof boot, typically knee length and made of rubber or plastic. An abbreviated form of wellington boot. Also as welly. {Informal}
wellied Adj. Drunk, intoxicated.
well jel Adj. Very jealous. E.g."I'm well jel. Tina's won a holiday to Marbella."
welly Verb. To kick forcefully.
Noun. 1. A hard kick.
2. Energy, force, effort. Often in the phrase 'give it some welly'. E.g."If you put a bit more welly into it we can get this job finished and get to the pub."
wellybobs Noun. Wellington boots. Cf. 'welly-gogs'.
welly-gogs Noun. Wellington boots. Cf. 'wellybobs'. [North /Midlands use]
welly-top Noun. Descriptive of a large vagina. Supposedly having the roominess and appearance of the top of a wellington boot. E.g."Thomas was horrified to hear she had a vagina like a welly-top."
wet Adj. Feeble, over-emotional, lacking in confidence. {Informal}
wet blanket Noun. A miserable person unwilling to participate in an enjoyable event or moment. Derog.
wet fart Noun. An act of passing wind with a little fluid, either mucus or watery stool. See 'fart' (noun 1).
wet lettuce Noun. An emotionally weak person. Derog.
wet nellie Noun. A weak willed person. Derog.
wet oneself Verb. To laugh heartily, to find something particularly amuzing. A shortening of wet oneself laughing. E.g."I wet myself when I saw how ridiculous she looked in that hat." Cf. 'piss oneself'.
wet the baby's head Vrb phrs. To celebrate the birth of a baby with a drink of alcohol or more usually an excuse for a drinking spree. E.g."Congratulations Bill! How about we go out tonight to wet the baby's head?"
whack Verb. 1. To promptly insert or place (something). E.g."Whack the contract in an envelope and send it off first post."
2. Hit or strike. {Informal}
Noun. 1. A hard blow. {Informal}
2. When in the expressions 'full whack' or 'top whack', meaning maximum price or rate. {Informal}
whacked Adj. Tired, worn out. {Informal}
whacking Adj. An intensifier such as 'steaming' or 'mad'. E.g."It was a whacking great spot the size of Mount Vesuvius."
whack off Verb. To masturbate. Also 'wack off'. E.g."It's a myth that whacking off too much makes you go blind."

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wha'gwan Exclam. A form of greeting. See 'wagwan'. [WI/Black use]
whatchamacallit Noun. Something whose name escapes one.
whatevs! Exclam. An expression of indifference. Abb. of whatever.
what-for Pron. See 'give someone what for'.
whatnot Noun. Used to describe nondescript items or things one may have forgotten or not know the names of. Also as what-not. {Informal}
what's cooking? Phrs. What's happening? Also used as a form of greeting.
what's one's/the beef? Phrs. What's one's/the problem or complaint? E.g."I can see you're upset, but what's your beef with the situation?" Cf. 'beef' (noun 2).
what's he/she like? Phrs. A rhetorical question in response to unusual or extreme behaviour.
what's-his-face Noun. A reference to anyone whose name one has forgotten. Also as whatshisface.
what's the crack? Phrs. What's happening? What's the news? See 'crack' (noun 4).
what's the damage? Phrs. What's the cost?
what's the score? Phrs. What's happening?
what's the skinny? Phrs. What's the news, what's the information. See 'skinny'.
what's the SP? Phrs. What's the situation? From the horse racing and betting term, SP being an abbreviation of starting price.
What the dickens! Exclam. An exclamation of surprise or annoyance. {Informal}
What's up? * Exclam. A informal greeting. [Late 1800s]
Phrs. What's the matter? What's happening? {Informal}
* also as wassup?, ’sup?, whassup?, whazzap?, wuzzup?.
wheels Noun. A motor vehicle or bicycle. E.g."Have you got wheels? We need to get to Jane's before midnight."
wheels of steel Noun. A DJ's record decks. [1990s]
when the shit hits the fan Phrs. When the truth is discovered the consequences will be felt. E.g."You're in big trouble when the shit hits the fan."
where the sun doesn't shine Phrs. The anus. Also as where the sun don't shine. Used to express negative and contemptuous rejection in phrases such as you can put it where the sun doesn't shine. E.g."In my opinion, you can stick politicians where the sun don’t shine." Cf. 'shove it up your arse'.
whiff Noun. A smell, usually a bad one. E.g."Oh dear! There's a bit of a whiff in here, has someone broke wind?"
Verb. To smell unpleasantly. E.g."It whiffs in there so I'd wait a few minutes."
2. To smell an odour. E.g."Did you whiff that awful stink coming from Andy's feet?"
whiffy Adj. Smelling unpleasant.
while Conj./Prep. Until, till, up to. E.g."I can't go out this evening, I'm working while midnight." [Northern use/Dialect]
whinge Verb. To persistently complain, in an irritating or childish manner. E.g."He spent the whole journey whinging about how uncomfortable the back seat of the car was." {Informal}
Noun. A childish compaint, to act in the manner of the verb. E.g."She's never happy and always having a whinge about something." {Informal}.
whinger Noun. A person who complains incessently. See 'whinge'. {Informal}
whingey Adj. In the manner of a 'whinger', see above. {Informal}
whip Verb. To steal. E.g."I had my wallet whipped last night."
whipping Noun. A thorough beating or defeat.
whip-round Noun. Contributions collected from a group of people for a specific purpose. E.g."Let's have a whip-round for Cath and Rob, so at least they can have a good honeymoon." {Informal}
whirlies Noun. Dizziness induced by excessive intoxication, usually alcoholic.
whistle (and flute) Noun. A suit. Cockney rhyming slang.
white van man Noun. An ill-mannered and aggressive driver of commercial delivery vehicles, such as white transits. [Mid 1990s]
whitey Noun. A short period of feeling sick, or queasy; often a reaction to excessive consumption of alcohol or drugs. From the pallid skin of someone feeling sick. E.g."John's just had a whitey and had to go home early." Cf. 'throw a whitey'.
whizz Noun. 1. Amphetamine sulphate. Possibly derived from Billy Whizz, see 'billy'. [1960-70s]
2. An act of urination. E.g."So where are the toilets? I need to take a whizz before we leave."
(the) whole hog Noun. The complete amount. {Informal}
(the) whole kit and caboodle Noun. The complete amount, the whole lot. Also the 'whole kit and kaboodle'. [Orig. U.S.]
whole nine yards Phrs. The complete amount, all of it, totally. Much speculation as to its origins but essentially unknown. [Orig. U.S.]
whoop-de-doo! Exclam. An expression of joy, however often used sarcastically. E.g."Whoop-de-doo! My life of poverty is no more, I've just won a £1 on the lottery." Cf. 'woopty-woo'. [Orig. U.S.]
whoopsie Noun. Excrement, a deposit of faeces. A generally puerile expression.
whopper Noun. 1. Something very large. E.g."The spot on the end of his nose was a real whopper. Bigger than I've ever seen."
2. A lie and, in particular, a big lie. Derived from the use of its adjectival form in the phrase a whopping lie. E.g."He's the only Conservative politician I know who genuinely finds it impossible to tell whoppers."
whopping Adj. Very large.
Adv. An intensifier. E.g."He had a whopping great glob of double cream on a whopping great slice of pie, then proceeded to moan about being fat."
why aye! Exclam. Of course! Yes! [North-east use]
wicked Adj. 1. Fantastic, excellent. [Orig. U.S.]
2. Very, really. E.g."I got wicked drunk last night."
widdle Verb. To urinate. Possibly a combination of the words 'wee' (verb) and 'piddle'. Cf. 'riddle'.
Noun. 1. Urine.
2. An act of urination.
wide Adj. Self-assured, clever, sharp.
wide-boy Noun. A male characterized by his cocky charm, petty illicit dealings, and perceived stylish dress sense. Usually having a working class upbringing the wide-boy has replaced the now generally obsolete 'spiv'. Also wideboy.
wide-o Noun. An insensitive and objectionable person. [Scottish use]
wide-on Noun. The female equivalent of an erection of the penis. Cf. 'hard-on'.
widgy Noun. Affectionate term for the penis. Also widgie.
wife-beater Noun. Stella Artois lager.
wigga Noun. A white person who so admires Black culture, lifestyle and fashions, that they adopt aspects of it for themselves. Also wigger. [Orig. U.S.]
wigs on the green Noun. A fight, brawl. Dated. E.g."There'll be wigs on the green when your father hears about your truancy." [Irish use/1700s]
wildies Noun. Diarrhoea, a bout of diarrhoea. [Merseyside use]
will do! Exclam. OK, I'll do it, I am willing to do what is requested. {Informal}
William (Pitt) Noun. 1. An act of defecation.
2. Excrement.
* Both uses are from rhyming slang for 'shit'. William Pitt (1759-1806), the youngest Prime Minister of England on record.
willies Noun. Nerves, worries, frights. {Informal}
willy Noun. The penis. Generally humorous or affectionate usage.
willy warmer Noun. An jokey item of clothing intended to keep the penis warm.
willy-woofter Noun. A homosexual male. Cf. 'woofter' and 'woolly-woofter'. Derog.
wimp Noun. A feeble or ineffectual person. {Informal}
wimp out Verb. To lose courage. E.g."If you wimp out now, you'll lose all the money you invested."
wimpy Adj. Feeble, weak. Also applied to objects or places, e.g."The furnishings were a little wimpy for such bold decor."
winch Verb. To court, to date. [Scottish use]
winching Noun. Courting, dating. [Scottish use]
windbag Noun. Someone who talks incessantly. Derog.
window licker Noun. A mentally handicapped person. Derog.
wind your neck in Phrs. Calm down, shut up, stop arguing.
wind-up Verb. 1. To infuriate.
2. To tell lies or joke at the expense of the recipient.
Noun. An act of lying or joking.
wind-up merchant Noun. A person who 'winds-up' people regularly. See 'wind-up'.
windypops Noun. Flatulence, a 'fart' (noun 1.). E.g."Oh god I've got the windypops today."
Adj. Breezy, windy.
wing (it) Verb. 1. To throw away. E.g."Come on, it's old fashioned, why don't you wing it and buy a new one."
2. To improvise, take things as they happen.
wingman Noun. A male friend who accompanies someone in order to play a supporting role, usually when out socially.
winkie Noun. A penis, usually implying small or a child's.
winkle Noun. Affectionate name for the penis.
winkle-picker Noun. A very pointed shoe, popular in the 1950/60s. Also as winklepicker.
winnits Noun. Faecal remnants that adhere to the anal hairs. Also winnets.
wino Noun. A habitual and often destitute drunkard. Derog. [1920s]
Winona Ryder Noun. Cider. Rhyming slang. Winona Ryder, U.S. film actress. [1990s]
wiped out Adj. Exhausted.
wipe someone's eye Vrb phrs. To defeat someone, to get the better of someone. E.g."They thoroughly wiped the eye of the French that time."
wired Adj. Stressed, nervy or anxious. Often with respect to having imbibed stimulants, such as cocaine or amphetamine.
wise-up Verb. To become aware. [Orig. U.S.]
witch Noun. A despicable, nasty, or spiteful woman.
witch piss Noun. Weak drink, usually referring to beer. E.g."I prefer stronger European lager, as most American lager is witch piss."
with (brass) knobs on Phrs. That and more. Used to emphasise agreement, or as a retort to an insult. E.g."The same to you with knobs on!"
witter on Verb. To talk incessantly and superficially. E.g."Please stop wittering on, I need to concentrate on this report." {Informal}
wizard! Adj. Excellent, great, marvellous. This expression is very dated, and often now associated with a stereotypical image of upper class schoolboys.
wizard's sleeve Noun. A large or spacious vagina. Cf. welly-top.
wizzo! * Exclam. Expressing delight.
Adj. Excellent, wonderful.
* Also whizzo.
wobbler /wobbly Noun. A fit of panic, nerves, anger. See 'throw a wobbly'.
wobblies Noun. Women's breasts. Possbibly an abb. form of the rhyming slang 'wobbly bits'.
wobbly bits Noun. 1. Generally the fat bits of a persons body that might be prone to jiggle.
2. A woman's breasts.
wobbly pop Noun. Beer or, more generally, any drink containing alcohol. Orig. U.S.]
wog Noun. A black/asian person. Offens.
wog-box Noun. A portable stereo music system, a 'ghetto blaster'. Offens. See 'wog'.
wolf Verb. To eat greedily or quickly. E.g."It's no wonder you have indigestion, wolfing your food that fast!"
wolly Noun. An idiot. Alternative and less common spelling of 'wally'.
womb broom Noun. 1. The penis. Often as 'purple-headed womb broom'.
2. A moustache.
womble (off) Verb. To wander, amble. E.g."We wombled off up the high street in the hope of finding a place to eat."
wombled Adj. Very intoxicated, by drink or drugs.
women's trouble Noun. A euphemism for menstruation and its associated problems.
wonga Noun. Money. [Orig. Romany]
wonky Adj. Unstable or misalligned. E.g."Watchout for that rear wheel, it's wonky and may fall off at any moment."
wood / woody Noun. An erect penis.
wooden hills Noun. Stairs. Often heard in the expression up the wooden hills to Bedfordshire, meaning off to bed. See 'Bedfordshire'.
wooden overcoat/suit Noun. A coffin.
wooden spoon Noun. A figurative award given to the loser of a competition or race. E.g."I was awful at sports at school and was regularly awarded the wooden spoon." {Informal}
woodentop Noun. A uniformed police officer.
woodwork Noun. The goalposts in football (soccer).
woofter Noun. A homosexual, a variation on 'poofter'. Derog. Cf. 'woolly-woofter'.
wool Noun. Abb. of 'woollyback'. [Liverpool use]
woolly Noun. A woollen jumper or cardigan.
woollyback * Noun. 1. A person from the provinces of Liverpool, but not from the city itself. Consequently covering a broad ill-defined area in the provinces including such places as Birkenhead, Widnes, St. Helens and Southport etc. Occ. derog.
2. A yokel, country bumpkin. Derog.
* Also woolyback and woolly-back. [Mainly Liverpool use]
woolly jumper Noun. A liberal, vegetarian, environmentalist. From the stereotypical image that such a person wears knitted pullovers. Derog.
woolly-woofter Noun. A homosexual. Derog. Cf. 'woofter' and 'willy woofter'.
woopty-woo! Exclam. Expressing excitement or joy, however frequently used ironically. Cf. 'whoop-de-doo!'
woo-woo Noun. A person with unconventional beliefs and practices regarded as unscientific, irrational or outlandish, such as those relating to new age beliefs, spirituality, alternative medicine or mysticism. E.g."OMG! I wouldn't choose to live in Glastonbury - it's full of woo-woos." Derog. [Orig. U.S.]
Adj. Of, or relating to, unconventional beliefs and practices which are regarded as unscientific, such as spirituality, alternative medicine, mysticism or new age. Derog. [Orig. U.S.]
wop Noun. An Italian, or of Italy. Offens/Derog.
word! Exclam. I agree! [Orig. black U.S. 1990s]
work Noun. Cosmetic surgery, usually to have work done.
workie ticket Noun. A trouble maker. [Tyneside use]
workman's bum Noun. The area of the buttocks (bum) made visible when trousers slip down, usually when bending over or crouching. Often seen on workmen or builders. Cf. 'builder's bum'.
work one's arse off Vrb phrs. To work hard. Also as work one's ass off and work one's butt off. E.g."She worked her butt off for 3 years and still failed her exams."
works Noun. 1. The equipment necessary for taking drugs, usually intravenously.
2. As the works, the full treatment, the whole lot, everything necessary or expected. Often as the full works or the whole works. E.g. "Give me the works. Do my hair, nails and make-up, I want to look gorgeous tonight." [Orig. U.S.] {Informal}
(the) World Wide Wait Noun. A jocular term for the World Wide Web, due to the often slow and faltering website connections originally experienced by users. Archaic now connectivity speeds are considerably faster. [1990s]
worm Noun. The penis.
worm out of Verb. To evade or escape an unpleasant situation by undignified behaviour. E.g."She attempted to worm out of the arrangement by saying she had to wash her hair."
worship at the porcelain altar Vrb phrs. To vomit in the toilet bowl (the porcelain altar). Cf. 'pray to the porcelain god'
worth a squirt Phrs. Worthy of having sexual intercourse with. A favourable announcement on the sexual qualities of a woman. [London use / late 1990s]
wotcha! Exclam. A greeting. A shortening of what cheer! Also spelt wotcher. [Mainly London use]
wow Verb. To impress or excite. E.g."I've made up my mind to wow her with a bunch of flowers and an expensive meal."
wrap Noun. A tiny paper envelope for holding a quantity of illicit powdered drug.
wreck Verb. To hurt. E.g."My arm's wrecking. I think I fell badly last night when we were drunk and dancing." [North-west use]
wrecked Adj. Very intoxicated with alcohol or drugs.
wringing wet Adj. When following a figure of weight, used to emphasise how extremely, lightweight, weak or skinny a person is. E.g."He was 9 stone (57 kilos) wringing wet and wouldn't hurt anybody."
wrinkly Noun. An elderly person. Cf. 'crinkly'.
wrong'un * Noun. 1. A bad person.
2. The anus, usually in the expression 'up the wrong 'un'.
* From wrong one.
wupp Verb. To thoroughly beat. E.g."I wupped his arse after he tried chatting her up again."
wuss Noun. An inneffectual, feeble person. It has been suggested that this is a derivative of 'wimp' and 'pussy'. The term become very fashionable in Britain during the mid 1990s. [Orig. U.S.]
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