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yack (!) Exclam. An exclamation of disgust. A variation on 'yuck!'.
Verb. To talk incessantly and boringly. Also spelt yak and often extended to yack on, meaning the same.
yack (up) Verb. To vomit. E.g."That was the worst meal ever; I feel like yacking up."
yacky Adj. Disgusting, vile.
yam Noun. Home. Also 'yem'. [North-east /Cumbrian use. Dialect?]
yampy Adj. Crazy, mad, insane. [Birmingham /W. Midlands use]
yam yam Noun. A person from the Black Country, an area of England encompassing Wolverhampton, Dudley, and Stourbridge. From the way in which people from this locality speak. Derog. [Birmingham use]
yank Noun. An act of masturbation. Male usage. E.g."Oh God! I just walked in on Martin having a yank."
Verb. To masturbate. E.g."He looks like he's been up all night yanking."
yank someone's chain Vrb Phrs. To irritate someone, to annoy someone. E.g."If he keeps yanking my chain for much longer I'll ask him to leave." [Orig. U.S.] {Informal}
yap Verb. To talk incessantly. {Informal}
yard Noun. One's home. [London use]
yardie Noun. A member of a Jamaican criminal gang. Usually operating internationally and in the distribution of illicit drugs. [Orig. Jamaica]
ya wank Noun. A contemptible person. [Scottish use]
yawn Noun. Something that is very boring. E.g."Amanda's boyfriend is obsessed with football, he's such a yawn." {Informal}
y-bone steak Noun. The female genitals.
yellow Adj. Cowardly or afraid. {Informal}
yellow belly Noun. 1. A person from Lincolnshire.
2. A coward. (Orig. U.S.)
yem Noun. See 'yam'.
yikes! Exclam. An expression of surprise or astonishment.
(the) yips Noun. A state of nervousness or inability to reach the usual level of skill expected of a person in a sport, typically heard with respect to the games of golf and darts. {Informal}
yitney Noun. A coward. Also yitni. [Notts. & Leics. use/Dialect?]
yo! Exclam. A greeting or an attention seeking call. [Orig. U.S.]
yob Noun. A lout or hooligan. Derived from the backslang of boy.
yobbo Noun. Meaning the same as 'yob'.
yomp Verb. To walk hard and with vigour. E.g."We yomped up the valley and made it to the station just in time to catch our train." [1900s]
yonks Noun. An age, a long time.
you lot Phrs. Used to address a group of people. E.g."Will you lot please tidy up the kitchen, it's a mess in here." {Informal}
you're having a laugh (!) Phrs./Exclam. See 'having a laugh'.
you're on! Exclam. Said to express acceptance to a challenge or bet. E.g."You think you can beat me running over a 100 metres? You're on!" {Informal}
your mum! Exclam. A general insult, used as an angry or disagreeable response to another's comment.
yoursen Pron. Yourself. [Northern use/Dialect]
you what? Exclam. Expressed to indicate that you either don't believe what someone's said, misheard, or didn't hear them.
yo-yo knickers Noun. A promiscuous woman, a sexually loose woman. From the frequency of her underwear going up and down. Derog.
yuck (!) Noun. A thing that is vile or distasteful. E.g."Don't eat that, it's yuck and tastes mouldy."
Exclam. Expressing extreme distaste.
yucky Adj. Very unpleasant or distasteful.
yummy mummy Noun. A young, attractive mother. {Informal}
yuppie Noun. A young urban professional, taken from the initial letters plus the suffix ie. Also possibly from young upwardly mobile professional (or person) plus the suffix ie. Cf. 'buppie'. {Informal}
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