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A Dictionary of Slang respects the privacy of users who visit each of the pages within the website. No effort is made to identify individuals without their knowledge. The following policies are in effect for all of the webages owned and operated by Ted Duckworth.

  • Like many websites A Dictionary of Slang uses cookies to help enhance users experience of its website. Cookies are small, harmless text files that are stored by the users browser (eg Firefox or Internet Explorer). They can serve a multitude of purposes, from simply storing a users browsing history and preferences for a particular website, to authentication for logging in to secure website area.
  • Information collected by cookies at A Dictionary of Slang is collected solely for statistical purposes, is not used to identify individuals and will not be sold or disclosed to third parties. The primary cookies used at A Dictionary of Slang are stored by Google Analytics for the purposes of collecting user statistics. Find out more about cookies here.
  • When a visitor requests any pages at A Dictionary of Slang the web servers automatically recognize the browser's domain name, and IP address. My servers do not record email addresses. I collect the domain names and IP addresses in order to aggregate information on what pages users access or visit. This information is collected solely for statistical purposes and is not used to identify individuals.
  • A Dictionary of Slang is committed to data security and all statistical information gathered by my servers or user details received via correspondence is stored safely and only made available to those instructed to assist with the maintenance of the web site.
  • A Dictionary of Slang maintains a strict 'no spam' policy. Email addresses of any visitors who correspond with or use services offered by A Dictionary of Slang will not be sold or disclosed to a third party.

Should you have any concerns regarding my privacy policy you are welcome to contact A Dictionary of Slang via email.

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