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sab Noun. Abb. of saboteur and sabotage. The 'sab'/'sabbing' terms gained prominence during the 1980s with the increased activity in animal rights and hunt saboteurs.
Verb. To sabotage. E.g."We're off sabbing the ICI animal labs in Cheshire tomorrow so bring your lawyer's phone number."
sabbing Noun. An act of sabotage, usually with regards to animal rights and other ethical campaigns. E.g."I've been on hundreds of sabbing days."
sack Noun. 1. Bed. See 'hit the sack'. [Orig. U.S.]
2. Dismissal from employment.
Verb. To dismiss from employment. E.g."I was sacked because of my poor time keeping. I was consistently late arriving at work in the mornings."
sack (something) off Verb. To put an end to something. E.g."I sacked the relationship off at the end of last year. She was sleeping around and spending all my money."
sack-it Verb. Stop it, put an end to something.
sad Adj. 1. Unfortunate, pitiful or pathetic. E.g."Geoff's so sad, getting his tongue pierced just because it's fashionable."
2. Objectionable.
sad-arse Noun. 1. A pathetic, sad person.
2. General insult for someone who acts contemptuously.
sad case Noun. A pathetic or contemptible person.
saddo Noun. A pathetic or contemptible person.
sad sack Noun. A miserable, pathetic person. [Orig U.S.]
safe! Exclam. 1. An expression of agreement, OK! Agreed!
2. Thanks!
3. A form of greeting.
safe as houses Phrs. Very safe, secure, something assured. {Informal}
saft Adj. Stupid, soft. [West Midlands use]
salad dodger Noun. A fat person. Derog.
salmon and trout Noun. Tobacco, cigarettes. Rhyming slang on 'snout', meaning tobacco.
salmon canyon Noun. The vagina.
salty Adj. Irritated, angry, bitter. [Orig. U.S.]
same to you with brass knobs on! Exclam. A dismissive and contemptuous retort.
sand grown Noun. A person born in one of the West Lancs coastal towns, e.g. Blackpool, Morecombe etc. Also a sand grown 'un.
S. and M. Noun. Sado-masochism. Abb. of sadism and masochism. The sexual pleasure derived from inflicting and receiving pain.
sand niggar Noun. An Arab, or more widely a person from the Middle East. Derog./Offens.
sandwich Noun. A sexual threesome.
sannies Noun. Soft rubber soled shoes, plimsolls, sneakers. [Glasgow use]
Sapphic Noun. Of or like a lesbian.
sanger Noun. A sandwich. [Orig. Aust/Irish]
sarky Adj. Abb. of sarcastic.
sarnie Noun. A sandwich. {Informal}
sauce Noun. Alcoholic drink. E.g."He's going to feel bad in the morning, after 12 hours on the sauce."
saucepan (lid) Noun. 1. A child. Rhyming slang on kid.
2. A Jew. Rhyming slang on yid. Offens
saucy Adj. Sexually suggestive, slightly erotic, sexy, often with a humourous use. E.g."She was wearing a saucy top with a bit of cleavage visible." {Informal}
sausage Noun. 1. A penis.
2. An affectionate term of address.
sausage fest Noun. An event or situation that has a disproportionately large number of male participants in comparison to female, or an event that is wholly male based. Cf. 'sausage party'. [Orig. U.S.]
sausage fingers Noun. Clumsy and imprecise fingers, frequently applied to when mistyping on computer or phone keyboards. E.g."Sorry about the spelling mistakes; I must have had sausage fingers when I was typing."
sausage jockey Noun. A homosexual male. Derog. Cf. 'nob jockey'. [1990s]
sausage party Noun. See 'sausage fest'.
sausage sandwich Noun. 1. A sexual act involving one man and two women.
2. A masturbatory act involving the penis being sandwiched between a woman's breasts.
savvy Adj. In the know, well informed.
S.B.D. Noun. A silent breaking of wind that is particularly foul smelling. Abb. of Silent But Deadly. [1960s]
S.B.V. Noun. See 'S.B.D.' Abb. of Silent But Violent.
scab Verb. To scrounge. E.g."I scabbed a lift home with my boss as he was heading that way."
scabby Adj. Unpleasant, distasteful, rotten.
scaffy * Noun. A refuse collector, street cleaner. [Scottish use]
Adj. Cheap, low value, undesirable. [Scottish use]
* Also, occasionally scaffie.
scag Noun. Heroin, the opiate. Also spelt 'skag'.
scally * Noun. 1. A miscreant, an irresponsible, self-assured lout, usually male. Abb. of scallywag. This derogatory term has been in prolific use from the early 1990s.
2. A person, usually young, who typically wears casual, brand-name sportswear, such as Nike, Addidas and Reebok etc., baseball caps, and boots, often Rockport. Usually associated with town/city dwellers.
* Scally was also a term for a Liverpudlian youth, used in and around Liverpool itself and was possibly the forerunner of the current expression, however the use of it in this form is now rare.
scam Noun. A trick or con. [Orig. U.S./1900s]
scammels Noun. Prominent and erect female nipples. An abbreviated form of scammel wheel nuts. Scammel, a manufacturer of heavy and industrial vehicles.
scanties Noun. Female underwear. From their often exiguous nature.
scared shitless Adj. Very frightened. See 'shitless'.
scare shitless Verb. To terrify. See 'shitless'. E.g."I was scared shitless when he jumped out at me wearing a Freddy Kruegar mask."
scaredy-cat Noun. A person who is frightened. Mainly adolescent use, often employed as a taunt. Derog.
scare the pants off (someone) Vrb phrs. To terrify (someone). E.g."Having muscles that huge would scare the pants off anyone."
scare the shit out of (someone) Vrb phrs. To terrify (someone).
scarper Verb. Go, often hurriedly, to escape. E.g."He grabbed her handbag and scarpered before anyone had the chance to tackle him."
scat queen Noun. A gay male who indulges in sexual acts involving faeces. Scat, derived from scatology. Cf. 'curry queen', 'pissy queen' and 'dinge queen'.
scatty Adj. Absent-minded. Possibly from scatterbrained. {Informal}
scav Noun. Abb of scavenger.
Verb. To scavenge. E.g."I scavved a bit furniture from the refuse tip and after a lick of paint they made my living room very homely."
schemie Noun. A disparaging term for a person from a Scottish council estate, called a scheme. [Scottish use]
schizzo Noun. Abb. of schizophrenic but more generally applied to a person showing mental problems and incapabilities. Also skitzo. Derog.
schlep Verb. To tiresomely lug around, to do lots of leg work. Also as shlepp. The term gained popularity in Britain during the late 1980s. [Yiddish] {Informal}
schlong Noun. Penis. Also spelt shlong. [Yiddish]
schmaltzy Adj. Overly sentimental, corny. [Orig. German/Yiddish] {Informal}
schmooze Verb. To chat intimately and in a flattering manner in order to gain or get an advantage. [Orig. Yiddish]
schmuck Noun. A clumsy or stupid person. [Orig. Yiddish/U.S.]
schnoz Noun. The nose. Also schnozz, shnoz. [Poss. from Yiddish]
schoolboy howler Noun. A very stupid mistake, one considerably worse than a 'howler'. {Informal}
schpiel Noun. Persuasive talk. Cf. 'spiel'. [Orig U.S.]
schtum Adj. Quiet, silent. Also spelt schtoom, stumm and shtum. E.g. "Keep schtum about it, we'll get into trouble if the boss finds out!" [Orig. Yiddish]
schwing! Exclam. Indicating one's sexual excitement at seeing a very attractive person, typically male usage, and inferring the action of a swift penile erection. Popularized by the Wayne's World TV and film productions. [Orig U.S. Early 1990s]
scive (off) Verb. To evade doing one's work or duties. Less common spelling of 'skive'.
scoff Verb. To eat. E.g."It's no wonder she feels sick, she's scoffed the whole box of chocolates." {Informal}
Noun. Food. {Informal}
sconner Noun. A person without pubic hair.
scooby * Noun. 1. A clue. Rhyming slang on scooby doo, the cartoon character. E.g."I haven't got a scooby why she went into a rage, I was only 1 hour late for dinner."
2. A Suburu car.
* Both uses rhyming slang on scooby doo.
scoop Noun. Pint of beer, an alcohic drink. [Orig. Irish]
scop Verb. To throw. E.g."We got caught scopping stones at this man's greenhouse." [Cumbria/Dialect]
score Verb. 1. To obtain illicit drugs. [Orig. U.S. 1930s]
2. To achieve a liason with a sexually desirable person.
Noun. In money, 20 pounds sterling.
Scouse * Noun. 1. A native or inhabitant of Liverpool, and the dialect they speak.
Adj. Liverpudlian.
* Derived from the name of a local stew and an abb. of lobscouse.
Scouser Noun. A person from Liverpool, a Liverpudlian. See 'scouse'.
scrambled Adj. Confused. E.g."Strewth, my head's scrambled from all those drugs."
Also applies to one's hearing, E.g."What did he say ? My ears were on scramble."
scrag Verb. 1. To throttle, strangle.
2. To handle roughly.
scram Noun. 1. Food. Cf. 'scran'. [North-west use]
2. A scratch. [South Wales use]
Verb. 1. To depart quickly. Frequently used in the imperative. [Orig. U.S.]
2. To scratch, with claws or fingernails. E.g."It's my own fault the cat scrammed me, I was teasing it." [South Wales use]
scran Noun. Food. [Northern use. Late 1800s]
scrap Noun. A fight or quarrel. {Informal}
scratcher Noun. Bed. [Mainly Irish use?]
scratter Noun. 1. A slovenly dressed person, a dirty person, perhaps of low intelligence and having little culture.
2. A contemptible person.
scream blue murder Vrb phrs. To make an outcry of anger or exasperation. E.g."The crowd was screaming blue murder and baying for the head of Donald Trump, who they blamed for the death of their families and children."
screaming abdabs Noun. Terror, the frights, nerves. E.g."He's got the screaming abdabs since failing his driving exam 6 times." Cf. 'abdabs' [1940s]
screw Verb. 1. To copulate. E.g."Yeah I think they like each other, they screwed all night and kept us awake with their noise." [1800s]
2. To cheat, to swindle.
Noun. 1. A act of sexual intercourse.
2. A prison officer.
screw around Verb. 1. Be sexually promiscuous. E.g."I screwed around all through my teens and only stopped when I got married." [Orig. U.S.]
2. To idle away time. E.g."We've been screwing around, watching TV, drinking, playing pool."
screwed Adj. 1. In trouble, in a hopeless situation. E.g."We need to think how we can keep him quiet, cos if he goes to the police we're screwed."
2. Cheated, tricked, swindled.
screwing Noun. Sexual intercourse.
screw it! Exclam. A general dismissive exclamation. Cf. 'fuck it'
screw loose Noun. See 'have a screw loose'.
screw the arse off (someone) Vrb phrs. 1. To copulate vigorously and with great enthusiasm. E.g."." Cf. 'fuck the arse off.'
2. To drive a car or vehicle aggressively or hard. E.g."I screwed the arse off the hire care for 200 miles and got caught speeding 3 times."
screw up Verb. To make an error, to ruin, to mess up, to upset. E.g."Don't screw up your life taking recreational drugs."
Noun. A failure, a 'cock-up'.
screw you! Verb. A rebuke such as 'get lost' or 'fuck you'.
scrike Verb. To cry. Also skrike. E.g."She scrikes that much she actually takes a box of tissues to the cinema." [Northern Dialect]
scrikey Adj. Tearful. [Northern use]
scrote Noun. 1. A contemptible person.
2. An abb. of scrotum.
3. A young criminal. Derog. [Police use]
scrotty Adj. Unpleasant, dirty.
scrubber Noun. 1. A coarse and sexually amenable or promiscuous woman. Derog.
2. An untidy, slovenly woman. Derog.
scrub round Verb. To avoid or disregard (something). E.g."If you haven't got the time to complete the whole section, scrub around the latter part." {Informal}
scrub up well Vrb phrs. To dress up smartly and clean, in comparison to normally. E.g."Dont worry about me showing you up, I scrub up well and won't be wearing my jeans."
scruff Noun. An unkempt or dirty person. {Informal}
scruffs Noun. Less important clothes in which one relaxes or completes tasks likely to dirty or ruin them. E.g."I can't come for a meal immediately, I'm still in my scruffs."
scrummy Adj. Delicious, pleasant, occasionally sexually appealing. Derived from the informal scrumptious.
scrump Verb. To steal fruit from a garden or orchard. {Informal}
scrumping Noun. The act of stealing fruit from an orchard or garden. E.g."We went scrumping at the weekend and got ourselves 4 kilos of apples." {Informal}
scud mag Noun. A pornographic magazine. Also scud book. See 'in the scud'. [Orig. Scottish]
scuds Noun. Underwear.
scuffer Noun. A policeman. [Liverpool use]
scum Noun. A worthless person or persons. Derog. {Informal}
scumbag Noun. 1. A general term of abuse for a despicable or objectionable person.
2. A sleazy person.
* Orig. meaning a condom, a contraceptive sheath.
scumbucket Noun. Meaning the same as 'scumbag'.
scummer Noun. A person from Southampton. Derog. [Portsmouth use]
scundered Adj. To be embarrassed. E.g."I was totally scundered when my girlfriend caught me playing with myself." [Irish use]
scunner Noun. 1. A nuisance, an objectionable person. [Scottish use]
2. Something objectionable or that's a nuisance. [Scottish use]
scunt Noun. A contemptible person.
scupper Verb. To thwart, to prevent from succeeding. E.g."Don't scupper your chances of passing your driving test by having a beer first." {Informal}
scut Noun. A sexually promiscuous woman. [Merseyside use?]
scutch Verb. Sting or smart from a slap. [Runcorn/North-west use]
scutter Noun. A slovenly woman. [Midlands use?]
scuzzbucket Noun. 1. A despicable or objectionable person.
2. A sleazy person.
scuzzy Adj. Filthy, dirty, unkempt.
seconds out Phrs. Usually stated by a third party, and jocularly announcing the imminent onset of trouble between two parties. From boxing.
see a man about a dog Vrb phrs. An euphemism to avoid telling of your true destination, often in reply to an awkward question. Is commonly used as a euphemism for going to the toilet.
seeing to Noun. 1. A sexual act. E.g."I wouldn't mind giving him a good seeing to, he's gorgeous."
2. A beating.
seen! Exclam. OK! Understood! Right! [London use]
see one's arse Vrb phrs. To get upset, to lose one's temper. E.g."You might want to avoid Dave for a few hours, he's seen his arse and is no mood to talk to anyone." [Mainly Yorkshire use]
see to Verb. To have sexual intercourse. E.g."I was seeing to her when her mother arrived home."
see you (!) Vrb phrs./Exclam. Goodbye. Also as see ya. E.g."Right, I'm off home, see you!" {Informal}
see you next Tuesday Phrs. A veiled insult, working on the approximate creation of the acronym, CUNT. From See (C) you (U) next (N) Tuesday (T).
selfie Noun. A photograph taken of oneself, often for use on social media. {Informal}
sell (someone) a pup Verb. To deceive, to swindle, usually in a business transaction. E.g."I brought a car from a back street dealer and was sold a pup. It broke down before I even got home." {Informal}
semi Noun. A half erect penis. An abb. of semi-erection. [1990s]
sen Pron. Self, or oneself. Usually in expressions such as yoursen, meaning yourself. E.g."Did you carry that huge box all by yoursen?" [Yorks use/dialect]
send up Noun. A parody, an act of mocking or satire. {Informal}
Verb. To mock, to parody, to make fun of. E.g."He spent the evening sending up his guests, who then all left early." {Informal}
senga Noun. A young, poorly educated female who wears casual sportswear and is of working class upbringing. The female equivalent of a 'ned'. Derog. Cf 'chav'. [Scottish/Glasgow use]
seppo Noun. A person from the U.S.A.. Abbreviated and altered form of 'septic', see below.
septic Noun. A person from the U.S.A.. From the rhyming slang septic tank meaning Yank.
sesh Noun. A period of drinking or drug taking. Abb. of session.
set of wheels Noun. A vehicle or a wheeled means of transport.
seven shades of shit Noun. That which can be beaten out of someone, see 'beat seven shades of shit out of someone'.
sex on a stick Noun. A slim, sexually attractive woman.
sex on legs Noun. A sexually desirable person, usually applied to women.
sexpot Noun. A person who is sexually very attractive, or very interested in sex. {Informal}
sex wee Noun. Ejaculate, semen.
shade Adj. Unfair, questionable, disreputable, dubious. Probably from shady.
shaft Verb. 1. To fornicate. Male terminology. [1940s]
2. To con, treat unfairly.
Noun. The penis.
shag Verb. 1. To copulate, to have sex. Less coarse than 'fuck'. E.g."The first night we met we shagged all night." [1800s]
2. To wear out, to break. E.g."You'll shag it up if you keep hitting it with that hammer."
Noun. 1. An act of fornication.
2. A hassle. E.g."It's such a shag, having to get the early train; I'm not even usually awake at that time in the morning."
3. A term of address for a friend. [Staffordshire use]
shagbag Noun. A sexually amenable or available woman. Derog.
shaggability Noun. A measure of a person's sexual desirability. Also shagability. E.g."He had a general air of shaggability about him, he was truly gorgeous!"
shaggable Adj. Sexually desirable. Also shagable.
shagged Adj. Worn out, exhausted, broken. Also often combined with out or up. E.g."I'm shagged out after my 26 mile run."
shagging Noun. Sexual intercourse.
shag out Verb. To wear out, to tire out. E.g."He shagged out the engine by forgetting to top up the oil."

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shagtastic Adj. 1. Sexually desirable, sexy.
2. Excellent, wonderful, by extension of meaning 1. E.g."It was a shagtastic Ferrari."
shake a leg! Exclam. Hurry up! Move! E.g."Come on you two, shake a leg! We have to get to the station before 6."
shake hands with the unemployed Vrb phrs. To urinate, male usage.
shake one's lettuce Vrb phrs. Of females, to urinate. E.g."She got caught on CCTV shaking her lettuce behind a car."
shambolic Adj. In a mess, disorganised, chaotic, mismanaged. {Informal}
shampoo Noun. Champagne.
shan Adj. Unfair. [North-east use]
Verb. To embarrass. Also see 'shant' (verb). [Cumbria use]
shank Verb. To stab with a knife. E.g."My mate got shanked outside the club by these drunken louts from out of town."
Shanks's pony Noun. On foot, walking. E.g."Looks like we've missed the bus, so it's Shanks's pony or wait another hour for the next bus." {Informal}
shant Noun. A drink, usually alcohol, and especially beer.
Verb. Embarrassed - past tense of 'shan'. [Cumbria use]
Sharon and Tracy Noun. A disparaging name for females considered to be working class, unintelligent and vulgarly dressed, generally below the social standards acceptable to the user of the phrase. Each name can be heard used individually to imply the same. Derog./Offens.
sharpish Adj. Quickly. E.g."You had better hurry to shops pretty damned sharpish, before they close"
shart Verb. To break wind, from the anus, and to inadvertently defecate at the same time. A combination of the words 'shit' and 'fart'. E.g."It was so embarrassing, I sharted in front of my mother-in-law."
shat Verb. To have defecated, the past tense of 'shit'. E.g."I shat my pants when I saw the size of him, he was very scary."
shattered Adj. Worn out, exhausted. {Informal}
shaven haven Noun. A depilated pubic region, usually of women, and viewed as sexually desirable.
Shaz /Shazza Noun. A form of the name Sharon, see 'Sharon and Tracy'. Can be derog.
shebang Noun. A thing, event or matter of concern, often in the phrase the whole shebang. [Orig. U.S. Late 1800s]
shed Noun. Something dilapidated. Cf. 'shed on wheels'.
shedded Adj. Very intoxicated by alcohol or drugs.
shed load (of something) Noun. A large quantity of (something). E.g."If you want tunes on vinyl, go down Oldham Street, there's a shed load of record shops there."
shed on wheels Noun. A dilapidated vehicle. Cf. 'shed'.
sheepshagger Noun. A ruralised person. Derog.
sheesh! Exclam. Used to express exasperation, surprise. E.g."Sheesh! That was a surprise, I never expected to win the lottery." [Orig. U.S.]
sheet Noun. Paper money, monetary notes. E.g."My new computer cost me 800 sheets."
shell out Verb. To pay up, to hand over, usually money. E.g."I shelled out over £1000 for that holiday." {Informal}
sherbet Noun. An alcoholic drink. Also sherbert. E.g."I think we should go down to the bar, get in some sherbets and then hit a nightclub."
sherbet (dab) Noun. A taxi. Rhyming slang on cab. (1990s?)
sherman Noun. An act of masturbation. Cockney rhyming slang on sherman tank, rhyming with 'wank'. [1940s]
sheila Noun. A woman. Stereotypical but jocular use when impersonating Australians and their vernacular. [Orig. Aust.]
shift Verb. 1. To move quickly. E.g."You should have seen him shift when I told him they were giving away free beer downstairs." {Informal}
2. To consume large amounts of drink or food. E.g."We shifted some beer last night." {Informal}
shift oneself Verb. A request to move oneself. Used in imper. E.g."Will you shift yourself so I can vacuum the lounge." {Informal}
shift one's arse Vrb phrs. To move out of the way or to hurry up. E.g."Come on, shift your arse and help me tidy up, my parents will be here soon."
shiner Noun. A black eye. {Informal}
shirt Noun. A male nightclubber whose ideal night out will be to drink excessively, make sexual advances towards women and complete the night with a drunken brawl. Invariably their attire includes a dressy shirt, often without a tie.
shirtlifter Noun. A homosexual male. Derog.
shirty Adj. Ill-tempered. E.g."Pete got all shirty with me when I didn't invite him for dinner." {Informal}
shit (!) Noun. 1. Faeces. E.g."OK, who's got shit on their shoes?" [1500s]
2. An act of defecation. E.g."I'll be with you in 5 minutes, I just need to have a shit and clean my teeth."
3. A contemptible or obnoxious person. E.g."He's an irritating little shit who doesn't know when to shut up." [1500s]
4. Rubbish, nonsense, a bad thing, something worthless. [Late 1800s]
5. Cannabis or marijuana.
6. Miscellaneous items. E.g."Come on, get your shit together, the taxi's due in 5 minutes."
Verb. To defecate. E.g."I do my best thinking when I'm on my own, actually usually when I'm shitting."
Exclam. An exclamation of frustration or anger.
shit-a-brick! Exclam. An exclamation of surprise or annoyance.
shit-all Adj. Nothing at all. Cf. 'fuck-all', 'sod-all'.
shitbag Noun. A contemptible or obnoxious person.
shitbox Noun. 1. The anus.
2. A contemptible thing, place or person.
shit bricks Vrb phrs. To be terrified, very scared. Cf. 'shit one's pants' and 'brick it'.
shitcunt Noun. A contemptible, worthless person. Also shit-cunt.
shite Noun / Verb. See 'shit'. [Orig. Northern use. 1800s]
shit eater Noun. A contemptible person. Also shiteater.
shitehawk Noun. 1. A despicable person.
2. A seagull.
shitepipe Noun. The anus. [Mainly Scottish/Northern use]
shiter Noun. The anus. A variation on 'shitter' (noun 1).
shitey Adj. See 'shitty'.
shitface Noun. A contemptible person. Also shit-face.
shitfaced Adj. 1 Drunk, intoxicated. [1940s]
2. Intoxicated with drugs.
shit for brains Noun. A particularly stupid person, a contemptible person.
shithead Noun. An contemptible person. Also shit-head.
shit heap Noun. An object or place that's dirty, unsightly, unreliable, of poor quality. Cf. 'heap of shit'.
shit hits the fan Phrs. As 'when the shit hits the fan', it warns that severe consequences will be felt when the results of actions are discovered. Alternatively, in such phrases as "the shit will hit the fan when she discovers Ibroke her favourite vase". See 'when the shit hits the fan'.
shit-hot Adj. Excellent, the best, extremely good. Also shit hot.
shithouse Noun. 1. A messy or dirty domicile.
2. A lavatory. Originally a shithouse was an externally accessed toilet, before the advent of an inside lavatory.
3. A despicable person.
shithousery Noun. Behaviour used to gain an advantage by unacceptable or unfair means. E.g."I've never seen such shithousery as I saw in the final few minutes of the game."
shit it down Vrb. phrs. To rain heavily. E.g."As it was shitting it down we stayed in all weekend."
shit kicker Noun. A rural person, usually a farm worker. Also shitkicker. [Orig U.S.?]
shitless Adj. Very frightened. Usually preceded by the word bored or scared. See 'scared shitless' and 'bore shitless'.
shit load (of something) Noun. Many, a large number of. Also shitload. E.g."It was a great New Year party - there was shit loads of free wine and some really lovely people."
shitloads Adj. A large amount.
shitlist Adj. A list, albeit frequently hyperthetical, of people or places one finds unacceptable or unpopular. E.g."He's on my shitlist after cheating on my sister."
shit on a raft Noun. A meal, specifically kidneys on toast. [Navy use]
shit on a stick (!) Exclam. Expression of surprise.
Noun. Something, or someone, important or exceptional. E.g."Go buy that new tune, it really is shit on a stick."
shit one's pants Vrb phrs. To be terrified. Used metaphorically for when in extreme terror the bowels are uncontrollably voided. E.g."He was shitting his pants when he heard the police had warrant out for his arrest."
shit on (someone) Verb. To betray, to land someone in trouble. E.g."I know it was you who shitted on him, so don't pretend you're his best friend"
shit out Verb. To act cowardly, to change one's mind out of fear. E.g."They shitted out of coming once they saw the weather forecast."
shits Noun. Diarrhoea. E.g."I can't come out to the pub, I've got the shits."
shit-scared Adj. Very frightened. Cf. 'shit bricks'.
shitshow Noun.A disasterous and disorganised event or situation.
shit (somone) Verb. To deceive or tease. E.g."Are you shitting me? Or is that the truth?"
shit-stabber Noun. A homosexual male. Derog.
shitstain Noun. A contemptible person. Also as shit-stain. Derog.
shit stirrer Noun. An insidious gossip, a person whose malicious words and actions cause problems for others.
shit stirring Noun. Trouble making, for the sake of it.
shit stoppers Noun. 1. Very narrow, tight fitting jeans. [North use]
2. Tracksuit (sweatsuit) bottoms with elasticated ankles. [North use]
shitstorm Noun. A confused, frightening or controversial situation. [Orig U.S.]
shitter Noun. 1. The anus.
2. A toilet.
3. A contemptible person.
shit the bed! Exclam. An exclamation of surprise.
shit ticket Noun. Toilet paper.
shitting * Adj. 1. A general intensifier. E.g."Did you see the shitting size of that man."
2. A general term of abuse. E.g."When shitting lawyers charge you a fortune for a consultation only to then say they don't think you have case."
Also as shiteing.
shitting hell! Exclam. An exclamation of surprise, annoyance or frustration. Almost invariably it'll be heard pronounced shittin'ell!
shit-tip Noun. A mess. E.g."Tommy, you're not going to Macdonalds until you tidy your bedroom, it's a bloody shit-tip!"
shitty Adj. 1. Worthless, trashy.
2. Covered in faeces or excrement.
3. Dirty, filthy.
4. Contemptible, despicable.
5. Uncomfortable, unpleasent. E.g."We had a shitty night's sleep."
6. Insignificant, trivial. E.g."It was a shitty little car that could only seat 4 people, and uncomfortably at that."
shit up Verb. 1. To terrify, to scare. E.g."I was so shitted up I had to sleep with my bedroom light on."
2. To make dirty. E.g."I shitted up my new shoes walking the dog in the woods."
shizzle my nizzle! Exclam. For sure, certainly, without doubt. Cf. 'fo' shizzle!'. [Orig. U.S./black]
shlepp Verb. See 'schlep'.
shock horror! Exclam. That's not surprising. An ironic exclamation.
shonky Adj. Dubious, unreliable, underhand. [Orig. Aust./N.Z.]
shoogle Verb. To shake gently, to shake off, to joggle, to move back and forth. [Mainly Scottish use]
shoot! Exclam. A euphemism for 'shit'. [Orig. U.S.]
shoot blanks Verb. Of a man, to be sterile. Cf. 'fire blanks'.
shoot off Verb. To leave quickly, to hurriedly go. E.g."I'm just going to shoot off down to the post office before it closes."
shoot one's load Vrb phrs. To ejaculate semen. E.g."He shot his load all over her chest and expected her to like it." [1800s]
shoot one's mouth off Vrb. phrs. To talk carelessly, indiscreetly or irresponsibly, to boast or brag. Cf.'shout one's mouth off'.
shoot one's wad Vrb phrs. To ejaculate semen. E.g."I was furious! He shot his wad and then immediately fell asleep on top of me."
shoot-up Verb. To inject a drug.
shop Verb. To tell or inform on. E.g."I shopped him to the police and he got sent down for 5 years." [1890s]
shopping Noun. 1. A euphemism for illicit drugs as brought from a drug dealer.
2. Shoplifting. [Criminal use]
short and curlies Noun. Basically the term refers to pubic hairs, however it is used figuratively in having got someone by the short and curlies - having complete power over someone. Orig military use. [1930s]
short-arse Noun. A person who is small in stature. Derog.
shot Adj. Worn out, exhausted. {Informal}
shotgun Verb. A way of smoking cannabis/marijuana between two people, with one person blowing and the other inhaling.
shoulda Verb. Should have. Also as shouldda. E.g."We shoulda gone on the other road, via the bypass, it's quicker." {Informal}
shout Noun. A round of drinks. E.g."Go on, get to the bar you lazy sod, it's your shout."
shout one's mouth off Vrb. phrs. To talk carelessly, indiscreetly or irresponsibly, to boast or brag.
shout-out Noun. A mentioning of a person verbally or in writing, as a method of showing respect. Often heard used on the radio by DJ's replacing the previously popular request. [1990s]
shout the odds Vrb phrs. To aggressively and verbally express one's opinions. E.g."Coming in here, shouting the odds and expecting everyone to like you! What an idiot!" {Informal}
shovel (and pick) Noun. Prison. Rhyming slang on 'nick' (noun 2).
shove it! Exclam. A dismissive exclamation of anger.
shove it up your arse! Exclam. An exclamation of contempt.
shove off (!) Verb. Go away. Often heard as an imperative exclamation.
showboat Verb. To show off, to ostentatiously display one's skills. {Informal}
showboating Noun. Showing off, pretentiously displaying one's skills and abilities. {Informal}
shower Noun. A derogatory and all encompassing term for a contemptible person(s). An abbreviated form of 'shower of shite'.
shower of shite/shit Noun. Contemptible worthless person, persons or things. E.g."It has been said that this dictionary is a shower of shit."
shrammed Adj. Cold, frozen. Also occasionally numbed by extension of being frozen. [South-west use/dialect]
shrapnel Noun. Money in the form of loose change, coins not notes.
shreddies Noun. Underwear.
shrimp Verb. To lick, suck and kiss the toes for sexual gratification. E.g."I dont know how people can be into shrimping, imagine how smelly people's feet get."
Noun. A small, thin, feeble and objectionable person. Cf. 'prawn'.
shrink Noun. A psychiatrist. [Orig. U.S.] {Informal}
shrooms Noun. Mushrooms, often with regard to 'magic mushrooms', the hallucinogenic psilocybin. Cf. 'mushies'.
shufflebutt Noun. A fidgety, restless person.
shufty Noun. A look, a glance. Also shufti and shoofty. Derived from the Arabic sufti, meaning have you seen. E.g."Have a shufty at the copyright laws before you think about using this slang dictionary on your own website." [1940s] {Informal}
shut it! Exclam. Be quiet! Shut up!
shut your face! Exclam. Shut your mouth! Shut up! Be quiet! There are several variations, including shut your gob, shut your trap, shut your cake-hole and shut your pie-hole. E.g."If you don't shut your gob I'll shut it for you!"
sick! Exclam. Excellent! Good!
sick as a parrot Phrs. Depressed, upset, very disappointed.
sickie Noun. A period away from work with illness, and usually without just medical cause. Cf. 'throw a sickie'. [Orig. Aust./N.Z.] {Informal}.
sicko Noun. A disturbing and unstable person, a pervert. Derog.
side Noun. Boastfulness, arrogance. Usually in negative, e.g."He's a nice man, honest and down to earth, and there's no side to him." {Informal}
sign one's pants Vrb phrs. To urgently need to defecate. E.g."Quick! Let me in the toilet will you! I've just signed my pants."
sike Noun/Verb. Alternative spelling of psyche, as in psyche out. E.g."He was really siked out by my staring at him all night."
sile down Verb. To rain heavily. From sile meaning sieve. E.g."You'll need an umbrella, it's siling down out there." [Yorks/Lincs use]
silent but deadly Phrs. Describing the silent emmision of wind from the anus, a 'fart', that is particularly bad smelling. Cf. S.B.D. [1960s]
silent but violent Phrs. The same as 'silent but deadly', see above.
silly billy Noun. Affectionate name for a foolish person.
silly bugger Noun. An idiot, a fool. Cf. 'play silly beggars/buggers'.
silly cow Noun. A foolish woman. See 'cow' (noun 1). Cf. 'silly moo'.
silly moo Noun. A foolish woman. Often jocular use. Cf. 'silly cow'.
silly sausage Noun. A foolish person. Jocular but affectionate usage.
single fish Noun. An act of urination. Rhyming slang on 'pish', meaning 'piss'. [Scottish use]
siphon the python Vrb phrs. Of males, to urinate. Also 'syphon the python'.
sissy Noun. An effeminate, weak, or cowardly person. Derog. {Informal}
sister Noun. 1. A term of address between women.
2. A term of address for a black woman. [Black use]
sitter Noun. In sport, an easy catch or goal, that results in points being scored, a certainty. {Informal}
six-pack Noun. Strong and evident abdominal muscles. [Orig. U.S.]
sixpence short of a shilling Phrs. Crazy, eccentric.
sixty-nine (69) Noun. A couple's simultaneous oral stimulation of each others genitals during sex. Being representative of the shape two bodies are in such a position.
Verb. To have oral sex in the manner of the noun, above. E.g."It was a wild party, there was a couple sixty-nining each other in the garden."
size queen Noun. A gay male with a sexual preference for partners with large genitalia.
skag Noun. Heroin. Also spelt 'scag'.
skaghead Noun. A heroin addict. Derog. See 'skag'.
skanger Noun. A young, working class person who dresses in casual sportswear. Cf. 'chav'. [Irish/Dublin use]
skank Verb. To steal, thieve. E.g."Someone's skanked my cigarettes and it was nearly a full packet!"
Noun. Someone or something disgusting, or unpleasant. E.g."He's a bit of a skank, not washing for 5 days and then expecting Debbie to sleep with him."
skanky Adj. Dirty, unnattractive, ugly, smelly.
skanky pants Noun. Dirty, or disgusting, lingerie or underwear. Also occasionally skanky panties, but this is more U.S..
skate Noun. A person from Portsmouth. Derog. [Mainly Southampton use]
skedaddle Verb. To move, to go away. {Informal}
skeen Exclam. O.K.! Understood! [London use/2000s?]
skeg Noun. A look at. E.g."Give us a skeg at your paper, I need to check the racing results." (Hull/Yorkshire use)
skelf Noun. A splinter. [Scottish/N.Irish use]
skelp Verb. To smack, slap, strike or beat. E.g."I'll skelp his backside if he doesn't do his homework before playing on that games console." [Mainly Northern and Scottish use/1500s]
skerret Noun. A tiny amount, a fragment. A derivative of 'skerrick'.
skerrick Noun. A small amount, a fragment. E.g."Would you believe it, it was a wedding but we didn't get a skerrick to eat and went home starving." Cf. 'skerret'. [Early 1800s]
sket Noun. A promiscuous woman. Derog. (South-east use)
skew-whiff Adj. Out of alignment, incorrect. {Informal}
-ski Suffix. Added to a word to humourously imitate a Russian word. Also as sky. E.g."Right I'm offski before my I miss my buski."
skid-lid Noun. A motorcycle helmet. Also skidlid.
skidmark Noun. A faecal smear or stain. Frequently with regard to one's undergarments. [1900s]
skids Noun. 1. Underwear, underpants, knickers.
2. Excrement smears or stains, usually with respect to one's underpants. Abb. of 'skidmark'.
skin Noun. 1. A skinhead.
2. A sister. Rhyming slang on 'skin and blister'.
Verb. To roll up a cannabis/marijuana cigarette. Abb. of 'skin up'.
skin and blister Noun. Sister. Cockney rhyming slang.
skin diver Noun. A five pound (sterling) note. Rhyming slang on 'fiver'.
skin flute Noun. The penis.
skinful Noun. A sufficient quantity of alcohol to make one drunk. E.g."I'm not driving anywhere; I've had a skinful and the police are out in force." {Informal}
skinny Noun. Information, details. E.g."What's the skinny with that new man in accounts?"
skins Noun. Cigarette papers, often referring to those used in the construction of a 'joint'.
skint Adj. Having no money, poor.
skin up Verb. To roll or build a cannabis/marijuana cigarette. E.g."Anyone who was spotted skinning up was arrested and given a police warning."
skirt Noun. A woman or women. Cf. 'bit of skirt'. Derog.
skit Verb. To make fun of, to tease. [Merseyside use]
skitters Noun. A bout of diarrhoea. E.g."I'm not coming into work today, I've got the skitters."
skive Noun. An evasion of one's tasks and responsibilities, a period of shirking.
Verb. To evade doing one's work or duties, to truant. E.g."Every Friday afternoon you can guarantee he'll be skiving and getting drunk down the pub."
skive off Verb. Meaning the same as 'skive' (verb). E.g."There's nothing clever about skiving off from school"
skiver Noun. A shirker, one who evades doing their work or duties.
skivvies Noun. Underwear, particularly with reference to pants. [Orig. U.S.]
skivvy Noun. A servant for menial tasks. Derog. {Informal}

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skoosh * Noun. 1. A squirt of cream from an aerosol.
2. Something very easy. E.g."That exam was a skoosh! I knew all the answers."
3. A carbonated drink.
* All uses are Scottish.
skrike Verb. See 'scrike'.
skullfuck Verb. To actively perform sexual intercourse with a person using their mouth. [Orig U.S.]
skun Verb. Past tense of 'skin' (verb), i.e. skinned. E.g."Rob skun up a joint last night that was 9 inches long!"
skunk Noun. 1. A popular type of very strong marijuana, characterized by its pungent smell, hence its name.
2. A person from Newcastle-upon-Tyne, and more particularly a supporter of Newcastle football club. From the team's colours, black and white stripes, and as a derogatory term due to the fact that skunks 'smell'. Derog. [Mainly Sunderland use]
skunkweed Noun. A type of very strong marijuana. See 'skunk'.
sky (rocket) Noun. Pocket. Rhyming slang. [Late 1800s]
skypilot Noun. A priest, vicar or similar preacher of religion.
slacker Noun. A person who shirks work or avoids exertion. {Informal}
slag Noun. 1. A prostitute or promiscuous woman. Also occasionally heard with reference to such men. Derog.
2. A contemptible person.
Verb To put down, verbally. Meaning the same as 'slag off'.
slag (someone) off Verb. To verbally put down someone or something. E.g."If you are going to persistently slag off your friends you soon won't have any left to upset."
slag tag Noun. A tattoo located at the base of the spine, usually spread across the width of the back and often tribal in style. Cf. 'tramp stamp'.
slam dancing Adj. An aggressive and physical dance style adopted by thrash metal fans, originating with second generation punks in the early 1980s. Cf. 'moshing'.
slap Noun. Cosmetic make-up. Originally from theatrical usage. See 'slap-up' (verb).
Verb. To beat-up, hit, thump. E.g."I'm going to slap that bastard if he doesn't shut up."
slap and tickle Noun. Playful sexual activity. {Informal}
slaphead Noun. A balding person.
slapper Noun. 1. A sexually promiscuous woman. Derog.
2. A contemptible woman.
slapping the monkey Noun. Masturbating. E.g."How are you going to catch up on your sleep if you're lying there slapping the monkey all night?"
slappy Noun. A pie sandwich. Usually a meat pie on a bread bun. [Wigan use]
slap the monkey Verb. To masturbate.
slap-up Verb. To apply cosmetic make-up.
Adj. Extravagent and sumptuous. Usually applied to meals, feasts or dinner. E.g."It's my birthday so we're off out for a slap-up meal, and I'm paying!" {Informal}
slash Verb. To urinate.
Noun. An act of urination.
slaughtered Adj. 1. Very intoxicated by drink or drugs.
2. Exhausted, worn out.
sleazebag Noun. A despicable, sleazy, fawning person. [Orig. U.S.]
sleazeball Noun. Meaning the same as 'sleazebag'.
sledge Verb. To be incapacitated mentally, and consequently physically, from taking drugs. E.g."I just sat there sledging in the corner, unable to dance." [1990s]
sleekit Adj. 1. Smooth, shiny. Possibly from S.E. sleek. E.g."She had long sleekit hair." [Scottish use]
2. Crafty, sneaky. E.g."He was a sleekit wee chap when he was young." [Scottish use]
slimeball Noun. A repugnant person. Also shortened to slime.
sling one's hook Vrb phrs. To go away. Also, less commonly, take one's hook. E.g."You're not coming in here, sling your hook before I call for security."
slip (someone) a length Vrb phrs. Of males, to have sex. See 'length'.
slit Noun. The vagina. [1600s]
Sloane Noun. A young, fashionable, upper-class person, usually a woman, living in London. Abb. of Sloane Ranger. {Informal} [1970s]
Sloanie Noun. See 'Sloane'.
Adj. Of or like a Sloane (Ranger), see 'sloane'.
slob Noun. A uncouth, unsavoury and lazy person. {Informal}
Verb. To act in the manner of a slob. E.g."Are you going slob all day, or do something useful for a change."
slob about /around Verb. To act lazily, doing very little. E.g."His father used to slob around and never do any housework, it's why I left him." See 'slob' (verb).
slobberchops Noun. A name for a person with a particularly salivery mouth. Derog, but often used affectionately
slob out Verb. See 'slob' (verb).
slog one's guts out Vrb phrs. To work very hard.
slo-mo Adj. Slowly. Abb. of slow-motion.
slop out Verb. To empty a prison chamber pot. E.g."Britain is full of old fashioned prisons where inmates are still expected to use chamber pots and complete the process of slopping out each morning." [Prison use]
sloppy seconds Noun. A subsequent indulgence in an activity by a second person involving an exchange of bodily fluids. This may involve the sharing of drink, or more often it applies to a sexual nature. E.g."I'm not having sloppy seconds, I want to shag her first."
sloshed Adj. Drunk. [1900s]
slot Verb. Hurt, injure, stab, shoot. E.g."I slotted that bastard last year, and he spent 3 weeks in hospital." [Mainly Army use]
slum-it Verb. To live without the usual pleasures.
slummock Noun. A dirty, untidy or lazy person. {Informal}
Verb. To behave in a lazy and unkempt fashion. {Informal}
slummy Noun. Loose change. [Liverpool use]
sluts wool Noun. Clumped dust that has accumulated at the edge of rooms and under furniture. A dated expression and rarely heard, with the slut in this sense referring to a slovenly woman. Cf. 'dust bunnies'. [Mid 1800s]
slutty Adj. Sexually promiscuous. Derog.
smack Noun. Heroin. Derived from the Yiddish schmeck. [Orig. U.S. Mid 1940s]
smacked up Adj. On the drug heroin, or occasionally just generally on drugs. See 'smack'.
smacker Noun. 1. A loud kiss. From the noise it might make.
2. One pound sterling, although usually in the plural. E.g."She still owes me 40 smackers from last week."
3. A strong physical blow. E.g."I caught him a right smacker on his jaw."
smackeroos Noun. Meaning the same as 'smacker' (Noun 2), but with a more lighthearted slant. E.g."I can't wait to get my hands on all those lovely smackeroos when I collect my winnings."
smackhead Noun. A heroin addict, junkie. Derog.
smackie Noun. Heroin addict. From 'smack', meaning heroin. E.g."If I was you I wouldnt go in the park after dark, it's usually full of smackies." [Orig. Aust.?]
smack out Verb. To succumb to an excessive indulgence in recreational drugs, to become stupified by drugs. Originally referring this state when high on heroin. E.g."I was so smacked out I fell asleep where I was. Although waking up under the kitchen table was a bit of a surprise." See 'smack'.
smacktard Noun. An incompetent person. Used frequently within the online gaming community. Possibly derived from either smack the retard or retard on smack. See 'smack'.
small potatoes Noun. An insignificant amount, often with regard to money.
smalls Noun. Small items of clothing, usually underwear. E.g."There were dirty smalls all over the floor - it was a typical teenager's bedroom."
smarmy Adj. Obsequious, condescendingly flattering. {Informal}
smart-arse Noun. A person who smuggly displays their intelligence.
smart-arsed Adj. Smuggly displaying one's cleverness.
smarty-pants Noun. A know-all. Also smartie-pants. {Informal}
smashed Adj. Very intoxicated with drink or drugs.
smashing Adj./Adv. Excellent, brilliant, wonderful. E.g."We had a smashing time at the circus, and I'd definitely go again." {Informal}
smashingly Adv. Very well, without any problems. E.g."Yes we had a great time, the holiday went smashingly, with lovely weather and no-one fell out."
smash in someone's backdoor Vrb phrs. To have anal sexual with someone. Frequently used aggressively and with a suggestion of non-consensual sex. Also as kick in someone's backdoor. E.g." I smashed in her backdoor and she actually seemed to enjoy it."
smash it Verb. To overwhelmingly succeed at a task, to be successful. E.g."Doesn't it make you feel good when you know you're smashing it."
smash someone's pasty Vrb phrs. To have sexual intercourse, with a female. E.g."She's gorgeous, I'd smash her pasty." [North-east use]
smeg Noun. Abb. of smegma.
An exclamation of annoyance.
smeggy Adj. Unsavoury, horrible. The word derives from smegma.
smeghead Noun. An idiot, an objectionable person. Popularized on Red Dwarf, a British sit-com, for the humorous usage. Also smeg head. [Orig. Liverpool?]
smellies Noun. Scented toiletries and perfumes.
smell like a whore's handbag Vrb phrs. To smell strongly of cheap perfume. Also as smell like a whore's boudoir. E.g."Oh my god! You can't go out smelling like a whore's handbag."
smelly Noun. A biker, usually unkempt, long haired, and a listener of rock music. Derog.
smelly-bridge Noun. The perineum. The area bridging one smelly place to another (the genitals to the anus).
smidge Noun. A little, a small amount. An abbreviated form of 'smidgeon'.
smidgeon Noun. A little, a small amount. Also as smidgen. {Informal}
smoggy Noun. A person from Middlesbrough. From the area's heavy industry and resulting polution. Derog. Cf. 'smog-monster'. [Mainly North-east use]
smog-monster Noun. A person from Middlesbrough. Term not used by the locals of Middlesbrough. Derog. Cf. 'smoggy'. [Mainly North-east use]
smoke Noun. 1. A cigarette.
2. Also cannabis or marijuana. E.g."Have you got any smoke for tonight."
3. London, the city. Always phrased as the smoke.
smoke a pink cigar Vrb phrs. To fellate. See 'pink cigar'.
smoothie Noun. A person who is over stylish and suave. {Informal}
smuggling peanuts Phrs. Of a woman, having erect and prominant nipples apparent through her clothing. Cf. 'peanut smuggling'.
snaffle Verb. To grab, seize or steal. E.g."The apple pie was delicious, so I snaffled an extra portion when the cook wasn't watching." {Informal}
SNAFU Noun. A bad situation, a mistake, a foul-up. Acronym of situation normal all fucked up. [Orig. U.S. 1940s]
snail-mail Noun. Post, surface mail. Jocular expression coined with the advent of the speedier and generally immediate email. [1990s]
snail-trail Noun. A thin line of pubic hair extending from the pubic region to the navel. Cf. 'crab ladder'
snake Noun. An untrustworthy or deceptive person.
snap Noun. Food, especially a snack, occasionally a packed lunch. [Northern and Midlands use/dialect?]
snappin Noun. Food. [Stoke-on-Trent use]
snarky Adj. Irritable, bad-tempered. [Orig. U.S.] {Informal}
snashters Noun. Sweets, confectionary. [Strathclyde use]
snatch Noun. 1. The vagina.
2. Women, as viewed sexually.
snazzy Adj. Smart or attractive in an ostentatious way.
sneck Noun. The latch of a door or gate. [Dialect? Scottish/Northern use]
sneep Verb. To insult, to upset. Also sneap. [Staffordshire use]
sneeped Adj. Hurt, offended. [Staffordshire use]
snicket Noun. An alleyway. [Mainly Northern use]
snide Adj. Fake, not genuine, occasionally can mean illicit. E.g."There's a good stall on the market that's well worth checking out. It sells snide D&G handbags."
snided Adj. Very crowded, busy. E.g."It was New Year's Eve, the club was hot and snided, and John wished he'd stayed at home watching TV." [Northern/N. Midlands use]
sniffy Adj. Contemptuous, unreasonably critical, ill-tempered, disagreeable. {Informal}
snifter Noun. A small drink of alcohol, usually a shot of spirits.
snig Noun. Nasal mucus. Often extended to sniggy.
snippy Adj. Critical, supercilious. {Informal}
snirtle Verb. To snigger. E.g."OK, quiet please, and stop snirtling at the back there or you'll have double homework." [Scottish/North use. Dialect]
snitch Verb. To inform on somebody.
Noun. Someone who snitches. [1700s]
snitcher Noun. An informer. See 'snitch'.
snockered Adj. Drunk, intoxicated.
snog Verb. To kiss lengthily, passionately or lustfully. E.g."There was a young couple snogging in the seats behind us, and making such slurping noises that we couldn't hear the film."
Noun. A lengthy and passionate kiss.
snog someone's face off Vrb phrs. To kiss someone deeply and passionately.
snook-cocking Adj. Showing contempt. From 'cock a snook'.
snookered Adj. Defeated, thwarted, put in an impossible situation. From the game of snooker.
snorker Noun. A sausage. [Orig Aust. Mid. 1930s]
snort Verb. To inhale via the nose a quantity of powdered drug, such as cocaine or amphetamne. [Orig U.S.]
snot Noun. Nasal mucus. [s.e. from 1400s, until 1800s]
Verb. To expel nasal mucus. E.g."He laughed so much that he snotted down his chin."
snotbox Noun. The nose.
snot rag Noun. A handkerchief. Also as snotrag.
snot-rocket Noun. A purposeful expulsion of mucus from the nose. Done by blocking one nostril with the fingers whilst blowing hard out of the other. See 'snot'.
snotter Noun. 1. The nose.
2. Handkerchief. Cf. 'nose blow'.
snotty Adj. 1. Over proud, conceited, snobbish.
2. Full of nasal mucus, as with having the ailment, a cold.
snotty-nosed Adj. See 'snotty' (adj.1).
snout Noun. 1. Tobacco, or a cigarette. E.g."Have you got a snout John? I'm gasping for a smoke."
2. An informer, particularly one for the police.
snowballing Noun. The sexual act of passing ejaculated semen from one person's mouth to another's.
snowflake Noun. A young person who is over-sensitive and easily offended. {Informal}
snuff Verb. To kill. E.g."He got snuffed whilst jogging in the park in the middle of the night."
snuff-it Verb. To die. E.g."Bing Crosby snuffed it at the ripe old age of 73, just after finishing a game of golf."
snuff movie Noun. A violent movie showing real murders or torture. Snuff meaning to murder or a murder.
snug Noun. A small room in a public house or inn, traditionally quieter, comfortable and safer than the main public bar, and sometimes used for private gatherings.
snurge Noun. A person who smells bicycle seats for sexual pleasure.
soak Noun. A drunkard.
so-and-so Noun. A contemptible person. {Informal}
soap-dodger Noun. An unkempt, dirty person. Derog.
soapy tit wank Noun. An act of masturbation between a woman's breasts with the use of some form of lubrication, such as soap lather Cf. 'tit wank'.
sobs Noun. Money. A mispronunciation of 'sovs' (sovereign, meaning £1 sterling). E.g."How many sobs did that Armani suit cost?"
sob story Noun. A tale or story that is told to instill pity and sympathy for the person telling it. {Informal}
sod * Noun. 1. A contemptible or objectionable person.
2. A pitiable person. E.g."He's just had his car stolen and his wife has just run off with the milkman, the poor sod."
3. A thing or action that is difficult or problematic. E.g. "We had a sod of a journey, getting stuck in a traffic jam at Birmingham for over 3 hours."
* Abb. of the word sodomite.
sod about/around Verb. To waste time, to idle away time. E.g."My son needs to find himself a job, he's been sodding around playing computer games for the last 6 months and sleeping 15 hours a day."
sod-all Noun. Nothing. E.g."I've done sod-all this vacation, but I still feel like I need a holiday."
Adj. No. E.g."I've done sod-all work this vacation."
social butterfly Noun. A socially dynamic person, someone who is very active and comfortable socially and frequents many social events. {Informal}
sodding Adv./Adj. Used as an intensifier. E.g."It's always that sodding idiot who wakes everyone up at a god awful hour."
sod it! Exclam. A exclamation of exasperation, annoyance, frustration. E.g. "Sod it! I'm leaving".
sod off Verb. Go away, leave. Usually used in the imperative. E.g."If he doesn't sod off in the next 2 minutes I'm going to hit him."
sod this! Exclam. Expressing frustration, resignation, annoyance. E.g."Sod this! I've had enough." Cf. 'sod it!'.
sod this for a game of soldiers! Exclam. Expressing exasperation at a situation and that one is going to give up. Also as bugger/fuck this for a game of soldiers. E.g."Sod that for a game of soldiers, it's not going to work today. Let's try again tomorrow." Cf. 'sod this for a lark'.
sod this for a lark ! Exclam. I give up! An intolerant, impatient exclamation. Cf. 'sod this for a game of soldiers'.
sod you! Exclam. General exclamation of dismissal, rejection, hostility.
sofa surfing Noun. Being homeless and relying on the generousity of friends to provide a temporary place to sleep, often on a sofa.
soft in the head Phrs. Stupid, dimwitted.
soft-lad/lass Noun. Affectionate expression for an inept or overly sentimental male/female.
soft soap Verb. To flatter, especially with the intention of persuading them to do something. {Informal}
softy Noun. A weak, feeble or overly sentimental person. {Informal}
soggy biscuit Noun. A juvenile sex game in which a single biscuit is placed between a circle of masturbating males. The last male to ejaculate over the biscuit is obliged to eat it. Cf. 'sticky biscuit'.
soldier Noun. 1. A thin strip of bread or toast, typically used for dipping into soft boiled eggs. {Informal}
2. A friendly term of address.
solid (!) Adj. Excellent, great. Jazz origins. [Orig. U.S.]
Exclam. Expressing approval or satisfaction.
Noun. Hashish.
sonny Jim Noun. A condescending term of address, usually to males. Occasionally also spelt sunny Jim.
soopy Noun. A supermarket. Unknown spellings, perhaps also supie or supey.
soppy Adj. Feeble, sickly sentimental. {Informal}.
sort Noun. An attractive person, more frequently applied to a woman. [Mainly London/South-east use]
sorted (!) Exclam. An approving exclamation, brilliant, excellent.
Adj. An all purpose expression of satisfaction, contentment. Commonly used to denote having the required or desired drugs. E.g."I've just been into town and got sorted for tonight's party."
sort-out Noun. An act of tidying up a room or one's possessions, often involving the throwing out of unwanted items. {Informal}
sort (someone) out Verb. 1. To beat (someone) up, to violently deal with (someone). E.g."I don't think he'll bother you again, I sorted him out."
2. To supply (someone) with drugs. E.g."I really need to have a smoke. Can you sort me out until the weekend and I'll pay you then?"
sound Adj. O.K., wonderful, similar to 'sorted.'
sound as a pound Phrs. Wonderful, excellent, correct. [Merseyside/ North-west use?]
sounds Noun. Tunes or music. E.g."Have you brought any new sounds for tonight's party."
sovs Noun. Money. Abb. of sovereign, £1 sterling.
sow one's oats Vrb phrs. To have sexual intercourse, usually during a period of youthful sexual promiscuity. E.g."Ever since going to University I've been enjoying myself and sowing my oats."
soz Adj. Sorry. Mainly adolescent use. Also as sos.
sozzled Adj. Drunk. {Informal}
SP Noun. Abb. starting price. Meaning information and heard in expressions such a what's the SP? meaning what's happening, or what's the information? Comes from horse racing and betting vernacular. E.g."What's the SP with the holiday accommodation? Are we staying in a hotel or an apartment?"
spac Noun. An imbecile, objectionable person. From spastic. Offens.
space cadet Noun. An eccentric person, a crazy person, a person not thinking rationally, or who is out of touch with reality. Possibly derived from 'spaced out'. Derog. [Orig. U.S.]
spacecake Noun. Cake made with the added ingredients of cannabis or marijuana.
spaced out Adj. Stupification resulting from the use of drugs.
spacey Adj. Ambient, ethereal.
spacker Noun. An imbecile, an objectionable person. From spastic. Cf. 'spacky'. Offens.
spackered * Adj. 1. Mentally or physically impaired, or resembling such.
2. Very intoxicated by alcohol or drugs.
3. Exhausted, very tired.
* From 'spacker'. Offens.
spackhead Noun. An idiot, contemptible person. Derived from spac. Offens.
spacko Noun. 1. A mentally, or occasionally physically, disabled person. Offens/Derog.
2. A clumsy, inept person. Offens.
spacky Adj. Idiotic, stupid. Also spaccy. From spac. Offens.
spadger Noun. A sparrow. [dialect]
spaff Noun. Semen.
Verb. To ejaculate, sexually. E.g."I just had to think about her naked and I spaffed."

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spag Noun. 1. Abb. of spaghetti. Also spag bol, spaghetti bolognese.
2. An imbecile, socially inept person. From spastic. Offens. Cf. 'spaz'.
spam fritter Noun. The anus. Rhyming slang on 'shitter'. [1990s]
spam javelin Noun. The penis. Spam is a meat product derived from pork.
spam valley Noun. A poor neighbourhood or town, because the residents can only afford a poor diet, such as spam meat. [Scottish use]
spangled Adj. Very intoxicated by alcohol or drugs.
spaniel's ears Noun. Saggy, flat, droopy breasts. From their vague similarity.
Spanish archer Noun. Rejection, exclusion, usually heard in the expression 'give someone the Spanish archer'.
spank Verb. 1. To move quickly and energetically. E.g."We were spanking along the motorway when an unmarked police car spotted us."
2. To beat up. E.g."My nights out aren't complete unless I've spanked a few drunken idiots."
spanking Adj. 1. Excellent.
2. New. Short for brand spanking new. E.g."Yeah, the car won't stay spanking for long the way he drives it."
Noun. A beating. E.g." We gave them a right spanking and showed them who was boss."
spank the monkey Verb. To masturbate. E.g."He was spanking the monkey when his dad walked in on him."
spanner Noun. An idiot, a contemptible person.
spannered Adj. Thoroughly intoxicated with alcohol or drugs.
spare Noun. A sexually available, unattached person. Cf. 'bit of spare'.
spare prick at a wedding Noun. A useless or unwanted person. Usually heard in the expression 'like a spare prick at a wedding'.
spare-tyre Noun. A roll of fat around one's midrift. [1920s] {Informal}
spark Noun. An electrician.
sparko Adj. Unconscious, asleep. From 'spark out'. E.g."I was sparko for a good 12 hours after the New Year party."
spark out Verb. To pass out, to become unconscious, to fall asleep. E.g."That's a relief, I think the kids have finally sparked out."
Adj. Unconscious, asleep, exhausted. Also sparked out. E.g."I've checked he's still breathing and so he's just spark out."
spark up Verb. To light a cigarette, and often with regards to a 'joint'.
sparky Adj. Lively and entertaining, vivacious. E.g."I thought you gave a rather sparky performance last night." {Informal}
sparrowfart Noun. Dawn, morning break. Cf. 'crack of sparrow's fart'.
spasm chasm Noun. The vagina.
spatchcock Verb. To add a phrase, clause or sentence in a context that is inappropriate. {Informal}
spawny Adj. Lucky.
spaz Noun. An imbecile, a socially or physically awkward person, an objectionable person. Also as spas. Derived from spastic. Offens.
spaz chariot Noun. 1. An invalid's car. See 'spaz'. Offens.
2. A wheelchair. Offens.
spazmo Noun. Imbecile, objectionable person. Derived from spastic. Offens.
spazmobile Noun. 1. A car for the disabled. Offens.
2. An objectionable, unstylish car. Offens.
spaz out Verb. To have a tantrum, lose control, become extremely emotional. E.g."She totally spazzed out, smashed the TV, broke three windows and then locked herself in the bathroom until daybreak." Offens.
spazzy Adj. Stupid,
2. Uncool, not fashionable.
spearchucker Noun. A black person. Also spear-chucker. Derog/Offens
spec Noun. A viewing point. Also speck. E.g."Let's go up to the top tier, it's a good spec to see the match." [Merseyside use]
special K Noun. The drug ketamine.
specky-four-eyes Noun. A juvenile name for a wearer of glasses (spectacles). Derog.
speed Noun. Amphetamine sulphate, the drug. [Orig. U.S. 1960s]
speed freak Noun. 1. A compulsive user, or addict, of amphetamines.
2. A person who loves driving fast.
speeding Adj. Under the influence of amphetamine sulphate.
speg Noun. Chewing gum. [Blackburn use]
spell Noun. A splinter. [Yorkshire use/dialect]
spend a penny Vrb phrs. To urinate, to go to the lavatory. A euphemism derived from the fee once charged in public toilets for use of a cubicle; the saying is based on a pre-inflatatory figure. {Informal}
spends Noun. Money to spend on oneself, often with respect to children's pocket money.
sperm bandit Noun. A woman who has sex with a man with the ulterior motive of getting pregnant.
spesh Adj. Abbreviated form of special. E.g."Last night was really spesh but I wish I hadn't drunk quite so much"
spew Noun. Vomit.
Verb. To vomit.
spew one's guts up Vrb phrs. To vomit.
spew-up Verb. To vomit.
spic * Noun. 1. A person from Puerto Rico, Mexico or Spain. Derog. [Orig. U.S.]
2. Of Spain and its languages. Derog. [Orig. U.S.]
* Also spelt spick.
spice Noun. 1. Confectionery. [Yorks/Notts use]
2. A form of synthetic cannabis which is associated with some severe side affects, including psychosis and kidney damage. Originally sold as a legal high until it was made illegal in 2016. [Early 2000s]
spicehead Noun. A person who consumes the drug 'spice'.
spide Noun. A young person, usually male, who is of a working class background, and typically dresses in sportswear and showy jewellery. Cf. 'chav'. [N. Ireland use]
spidge Noun. Chewing gum. [Derbyshire use]
spider's legs Noun. The pubic hairs which protrude from beneath one's underwear.
spiel Noun. Persuasive speech, sales patter. Cf. 'schpiel'.
spiffing Adj. Excellent, first rate. Somewhat archaic expression perpetuated by humourous use when mimicking upper class behaviour. E.g."We had an absolutely spiffing time, thanks mainly to Lord Ponsonby's generous gift of free champagne all night"
spinny Adj. Strange, unusual, confusing. E.g."That new kid's spinny, and I dont trust him."
spiggy Noun. Chewing gum. Cf 'spoggy'. [East Lancs use]
spill one's guts Vrb phrs. 1. To confess or reveal the truth.
2. To vomit. Probably a misuse of version 1 due to its similarity with 'spew one's guts up'.
spin someone's drum Vrb phrs. To search someone's house or property. [Police use]
spill the beans Vrb phrs. To reveal confidential information. Sometimes shortened to spill. E.g."He spilled the beans after being tortured for 6 hours."
spit Noun. An exact double, an identical image. E.g."She was the spit of her when she was Jane's age, but now she's dyed her hair and wears glasses."
spit-spot Verb. Hurry up, get a move on. E.g."Come on, spit spot, we have a flight to catch in 2 hours."
spit (out) one's dummy Vrb phrs. To throw a tantrum. Like a child discarding its pacifier (a dummy) in a fit of anger. E.g."I'm convinced the way he spat out his dummy over such a minor insult, that he needs some anger management."
spit roast Noun. Sexual intercourse between at least two males and a third party, the recipient (either male or female). The active males taking positions at either end of the recipient, in the manner of a spit roast. Also spit roasting.
spit tacks Vrb Phrs. Be very angry. E.g."She was spitting tacks after I stained her best table cloth with ketchup."
spitting feathers Adj. 1. Thirsty. E.g."Let's stop at the next cafe, I'm spitting feathers."
2. Angry, agitated. E.g."She was spitting feathers after those kids smashed her front window."
spiv Noun. A man, who typically makes a living by disreputable dealings, lives by his wits, and is often characterized by his flashy dress sense. Cf. 'wide-boy'.
spivvy Adj. Characteristic of a spiv. See 'spiv'.
splash one's boots Vrb phrs. To urinate. Also splash the boots. E.g."Give me a couple of minutes, I just need to splash my boots."
splats Noun. Diarrhoea. From the action of splattering. E.g."I'm not leaving the house tonight, not whilst I have the splats."
splick Noun. Distasteful or unpleasant viscous substances. [1980s]
spliff Noun. A cannabis or marijuana cigarette. [Orig. W.I.]
split arse Noun. A woman.
split beaver Noun. An explicit pornographic pose fully revealing the female genitals. Cf. 'beaver'.
splosh Noun. Tea (the drink). [Mainly London use]
spod Noun. 1. A studious person. A 'swot'. Derog.
2. A contemptible person. Derived from definition 1.
spogs Noun. Confectionary, any kind of sweet. [Yorks use]
spoggy Noun. Chewing gum. Cf 'spiggy'. [Humberside/Lincs use]
spondulicks Noun. Money. Also spelt spondulics and spondulix. [1800s]
spoof Noun. Semen.
Verb. To ejaculate semen. E.g."The dirty bastard spoofed all over my skirt and then laughed!"
spooge Noun. Semen.
Verb. To ejaculate semen. E.g."He spooged all over my clean sheets!"
spook Noun. 1. A spy, an undercover agent. [Orig. U.S.]
2. A ghost. {Informal}
3. A black person. Derog. [Orig. U.S.]
Verb. To scare, to frighten. E.g."We were spooked by this noise in the attic."
spoon Verb. 1. To nestle against one another in bed whilst both facing the same way. [Mid 1800s]
2. To miss hit a ball during a sporting activity. E.g."He only had the goalkeeper to beat and he spooned his shot!"
Noun. An idiot, a foolish person.
spot on Adj./Adv. Correct, exactly right. {Informal}
spraff Verb. To chat, talk. E.g."Don't just stand there spraffing, find some work to do."
spread it on thick Vrb phrs. To exaggerate.

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spreathed Adj. Sore through exposure to cold weather, chapped. [South Wales use]
sprog Noun. A child.
sprogged up Adj. Pregnant. Also get sprogged up meaning have children. From 'sprog' meaning child.
spud Noun. 1. An ugly person.
2. An affectionate term of address. A play on the word 'bud', an abbreviated form of buddy.
3. A potato. {Informal}
spuds Noun. 1. The hands. Children might be heard to say "Put your spuds in", when chanting a rhyme to decide who is it.
2. Testicles. E.g."He kicked me right in the spuds."
spud ugly Adj. Very ugly.
spuggly Adj. Very ugly. A contraction of 'spud ugly'.
spuggy Noun. A sparrow. E.g."The only wildlife they ever saw were hundreds of spuggies. You could tell they lived in Newcastle city centre." [N.E./N. Yorkshire use]
spunk Noun. Semen.
spunkbubble * Noun. 1. A term of abuse, an objectionable person.
2. An attractive person. [Orig. Aust.]
* Also as spunk-bubble.
spunk bucket Noun. 1. A promiscuous woman.
2. The vagina, as viewed as a recepticle for semen.
spunk dustbin Noun. The vagina. As viewed as a receptacle for semen.
spunk trumpet Noun. 1. The penis.
2. A general term of abuse.
spunk (up) Verb. 1. To ejaculate semen. E.g."He spunked up just as his dad came in the room."
2. To use up, to consume, often suggesting wastefully. E.g."We spunked up all our earnings on a rather expensive meal."
squaddie Noun. A low ranking soldier.
squaddie mattress Noun. A woman who sexually prefers soldiers. See 'squaddie'. [Military use]
square Noun. A person who is reactionary, old fashioned and set in their ways. Derog.
Adj. Old fashioned, conservative, conventional.
square-eyes Noun. A humourous address for someone who watches too much television.
square-go Noun. A fist fight, a punch up. [Scottish use]
square root of fuck-all Phrs. Absolutely nothing. Cf. 'fuck-all squared'.
squat Verb. 1. To defecate.
2. To urinate. Female expression.
Noun. 1. The act of defecation.
2. An act of urination, when applied to females.
3. Nothing, naught. E.g."He knew squat about football and shouldn't have been refereeing the match." [Orig. U.S.]
squeaky-bum time Noun. The time when one is likely to be most nervous or worried. [Early 2000s]
squeal Verb. To inform (on). Often used in the simile, squeal like a pig.
squeeze Noun. A girlfriend or boyfriend, generally one's romantic partner. Often heard as main squeeze meaning primary partner. [Orig. U.S.]
squick Noun. Something distasteful, vile, disgusting. See 'squick someone out'.
squick (someone) out Vrb phrs. To disgust (someone). E.g."People picking their noses in public really squicks me out." [Orig. U.S.?]
squicky Adj. Disgusting. [Orig. U.S.?]
squid Noun. A jocular term for one pound sterling, derived from 'quid'.
squidgey Adj. Feeling soft, squashy or soggy. E.g. "I think the ground's a little too squidgey for cricket today." {Informal}
squiffy Adj. 1. A little drunk. {Informal}
2. Askew, off centre, awry. {Informal}
squillion Noun. A very large indefinite amount.
squinny Noun. One who moans or complains. [Portsmouth use]
squire Noun. A term of address. {Informal}
squirt Noun. A diminutive and insignificant person, especially a child or young person. Derog. {Informal}
2. The act of sexual ejaculation, recently more commonly used for female ejaculation.
Verb. To ejaculate. E.g."I was pleasantly surprised when she squirted."
squirting Noun. The act of sexual ejaculation, more commonly applied to females.
squit Noun. Nonsense, rubbish. [Mainly Norfolk use]
squits Noun. Diarrhoea. [1840s]
squitty Adj. Of or having the characteristics of diarrhoea. Also as squity. E.g."I'm not coming into work today, I have a squitty bottom."
squiz Noun. A look, a glance. E.g."Have a squiz at the photos and see if you can spot anyone you recognise."
stacked Adj. Of a woman, well built or large breasted.
stack it Verb. To fall over, to tumble, to lose balance. E.g."I stacked it when I punctured my front tyre taking a stupid short cut up a cobbled street."
stage-diving Noun. The act of leaping off a stage during a live music performance to then be caught by the audience. Originates from 1980s punk but proliferated during 'thrash' and 'grunge' era of the late 1980s and 1990s.
stalk Noun. An erect penis.
starfish Noun. The anus. Abbreviated form of 'chocolate starfish'.
starfucker Noun. 1. A person who seeks to get close to or have sexual relationships with a celebrity. Also as star-fucker.
stark bollock naked Adj. Totally naked.
starkers Noun. Naked. From stark naked. Cf. 'stark bollock naked'.
starved Adj. Of a person, very cold, freezing. [Yorks use]
stash Noun. Illicit drugs.
staycation Noun. A holiday spent in one's home or country of residence. {Informal}
steady on Phrs. Calm down, be careful, be reasonable. E.g."Oi, steady on with the wine, that bottle's got to last us all evening." {Informal}
steamboated Adj. Drunk, very intoxicated.
steamboats Adj. Drunk.
steaming Adj. 1. Drunk, intoxicated with alcohol. Abb. of steaming drunk.
2. Racing, moving quickly. E.g."We were steaming up the motorway at 140."
3. Very angry. E.g."I've never seen her so angry, she was steaming."
Adj./Adv. An intensifier, such as 'blinking', 'bleeding'. E.g."That steaming idiot has spent all our holiday money on a new stereo."
Noun. A act of aggressive robbery, often taking place on public transport, whereby groups of youths terrorize their victims.
steam off my piss Phrs. Heard in phrases such as "wouldn't give them the steam off my piss" or "not worth the steam off my piss", meaning somebody or something worthless.
stecky Noun. A tantrum, an fit of anger. Also throw a stecky, to have a tantrum. [Lancs/Cumbria use]
steds Noun. Steroids. [Mainly bodybuilding /sports use]
stench-trench Noun. The vagina.
Stenders Noun. Abb. of Eastenders, the British TV soap opera. Cf. 'Corry'.
Steve McQueens Noun. Jeans. Rhyming slang, often shortened to steves.
stew Noun. A mess, a difficult or worrisome situation. E.g."I think we can safely say, we're in a stew and nothing can save us now."
stewed Adj. Drunk.
stick Noun. 1. Hassle, excessive criticism, trouble. E.g."Keep giving him stick and he'll pack his bags and leave."
2. Effort. E.g."Go on, give it some stick and get the job finished, then we can all go home."
Verb. Suffer, tolerate, abide. E.g."I can't stick that sarcastic humour of his." {Informal}
stickin' out Adj. Impressive, excellent. [Ulster use]
stick in the mud Noun. A boring, unadventurous, old-fashioned person. Derog. {Informal}
stick one on someone Vrb phrs. To hit or beat up someone. E.g."I'm going to stick one on him if he shows up tonight and insults my family again."
sticks Noun. Rural, remote areas such as in the countryside. E.g."They live out in the sticks, miles from anywhere." [Orig. U.S.]
stick the boot in * Vrb phrs. 1. To kick someone aggressively and repeatedly. E.g."If you're going to go around sticking the boot in get some sturdy boots with steel toecaps."
2. Also used figuratively, meaning to cause trouble for someone. E.g."He really stuck the boot in when he told my wife that I'd been chatting up his sister again."
* Also as 'put the boot in'.
sticky Adj. Of a situation, tricky, awkward, uncomfortable. E.g."Things got sticky when I tried sprinting the last mile of the marathon." {Informal}
Noun. A member of the official I.R.A., an Irish republican. E.g."The stickies protested against the proposed march by the Unionists." [Mainly army use/1970s]
sticky biscuit Noun. A sex game whereby a biscuit (cookie) is placed centrally between a circle of masturbating males. The last male to ejaculate, over the biscuit, is obliged to eat it. Cf. 'soggy biscuit'.
sticky fingers Noun. 1. A thief.
2. A tendency to steal.
sticky-fingered Adj. Liable to steal. Evokes interesting imagery of other people's belongings adherring to the culprit's fingers. Not dissimilar to the s.e. light-fingered.
sticky love piss Noun. Semen.
sticky wicket Noun. A difficult situation. Cf. 'bat on a sticky wicket'.
stiff Noun. 1. A dead body.
2. A boring, conventional person.
stiffener Noun. A reviving or fortifying alcoholic drink.
stiff upper lip Noun. An unyielding and stoic attitude, especially in the face of trouble. Often as keep/have a stiff upper lip. E.g."If the English weren't so stiff upper lipped then they might have lost the war." {Informal}
stiffy Noun. An erect penis. Usually jocular use. Also stiffie.
stink Noun. A row, a furore, usually in phrases such as raise/make or kick up a stink. [Early 1800s]
stinker Noun. 1. A contemptible person.
2. An awkward, difficult task.
stinking Adj. 1. Extremely objectionable. E.g."That stinking idiot deserves all he got."
2. Wealthy. A shortening of stinking rich. E.g."She can afford it, she's stinking."
3. Drunk.
stinks Adj. Suspicious. E.g."Don't lie to me, your excuse stinks."
stitch up Verb. To betray with false evidence. Also phrased to stitch someone up.
Noun. An act of betrayal with the use of falsified evidence.
stoater Noun. Something impressive or excellent. [Scottish use]
stocious Adj. Intoxicated. [Irish/Scottish use?]
stodge Noun. Heavy, filling food, often fattening with little nutrition. {Informal}
stoked Adj. Excited, pleased, thrilled. E.g."My dad was stoked when I passed my driving test first time."
Stoke-on-Trent * Noun. 1. A male homosexual.
2. Criminal.
* Both meanings are rhyming slang for 'bent'. Stoke-on-Trent, a city in the midlands of England.
stomp on Verb. To physically assault (someone).
stomping Adj. Lively, energetic. E.g."That last tune the DJ played was stomping."
stone bonker Noun. A sure thing, a certainty.
stoned Adj. Intoxicated with drink or more frequently its contemporary usage refers to cannabis or marijuana intoxication. [Orig. U.S.]
stone me! Exclam. An exclamation of surprise.
stone the crows! Exclam. An exclamation of surprise.
stonk (it) Verb. To hurry, to race. E.g."We stonked it up the M6 motorway and got to the game just 2 minutes before the kick off."
stonked Adj. 1. Heavily bombarded, usually by artillery. [Military use]
2. Thoroughly defeated, by extension of above use. E.g."Then our team lost its two best defenders to injury and we ended up getting totally stonked."
3. Drunk, intoxicated with drink or drugs.
stonker Noun. 1. An erect penis, usually implying great size.
2. Something huge or impressive.
stonkered Adj. Very intoxicated with drink or drugs. [Orig. Aust./N.Z.]
stonking Adj. 1. Impressively large.
2. An intensifier, E.g."Yeah, we had a stonking good time."
stonkingly Adv. Extremely, amazingly. E.g."It was a stonkingly good performance from the World Champion."
stookie Noun. A plaster cast on a broken limb. Also spelt stooky. [Scottish use]
stoppy back Noun. An after hours drink at a public house (bar). [Macclesfield use]
storming Adj. Marvellous, excellent. E.g."We had a storming night out at the club, the best ever."
stottie Noun. A flat coarse bread, made from the scraps of dough leftover in baking. [Scotland/ Tyneside/ Northern use]
stove in Verb. To smash up. E.g."When I see that idiot again I'm gonna stove his head in"
stowed out Adj. Crowded, packed out, full to capacity. [Mainly Scottish use]
straight Noun. 1. A heterosexual. [Orig. U.S.]
2. A conventional but boring person.
3. A manufactured cigarette, as opposed to a roll-up.
Adj. 1. Heterosexual, as opposed to homosexual and being 'bent'.
2. Law abiding.
straight edge Noun. A lifestyle choice based around the philosophy of abstention from things that are considered harmful, such as alcohol, drugs and sexual promiscuity. More common in the U.S. from where it originated.
straight-up Adj. True.
Adv. Truthfully, honestly. E.g."Honestly, I didn't touch your diary Sarah, straight up."
strap Noun. A gun.
strap-on Noun. A substitute penis that can be worn by females to simulate male to female sexual intercourse.
strapped Adj. 1. Lacking, short of. E.g."Can you give it some thought? I'm strapped for ideas." {Informal}.
2. Poor, short of money. E.g."I can't come out for a meal tonight, I'm strapped."
strap up Verb. To make a cannabis/ marijuana cigarette.
street Noun. Having to do with the street life of a city at the most common accessible level, urban subculture.
The Street Noun. Nickname and abbreviation for Coronation Street, a popular U.K. TV soap. Cf. 'Corry'.
street cred Noun. Having fashionable awareness, acceptable on the 'street'.
stretch Noun. A period spent in prison.
strewth! Exclam. An exclamation of surprise, annoyance or frustration. Derived from God's truth. Also spelt struth. {Informal}.
strides Noun. Trousers
strike a light! Exclam. An exclamation of surprise.
strike me pink! Exclam. An exclamation of surprise.
stringbean Noun. A tall, thin person. {Informal}.
strobing Adj. An effect similar to seeing a series of stills as when viewed under a stroboscope, but when under the influence of LSD or another hallucinogen.
strop Noun. A bad mood, a fit of fury. E.g."I got in a strop after that bloke knocked over my pint of beer."
stroppy Adj. Bad tempered. {Informal}
strum Noun. An act of female masturbation.
strung out Adj. Emotionally stressed, in mental turmoil.
strut one's stuff Vrb phrs. To act proudly, confidently and without inhibitions; often heard in relation to dancing.
stuck-up Adj. Conceited, snobbish. {Informal}
studmuffin Noun. An attractive male. [Orig. U.S./ mid 1970s]
stuff Verb. 1. To copulate. Male usage. [Mid 1800s]
2. To defeat thoroughly in a game or competition. E.g."With our new signing from United we're going to stuff them good and proper."
3. Used to exclaim indifference or rejection of (something). E.g."Stuff the consequences! I'm going to get drunk."
stuff and nonsense Noun. Worthless or foolish ideas, speech, or writing; nonsense. Often as an exclamation. E.g."Stuff and nonsense! You're talking rubbish."
stuffed Adj. 1. Concerned, bothered. Usually phrased in the negative. E.g."I'm not stuffed with going out drinking tonight."
2. In a position of no hope.
stuffing Noun. Sexual intercourse, from a male point of view. E.g."I gave her good stuffing then went back down to the party."
stuff it ! Exclam. An exclamation of anger, contempt or indifference.
Verb. Expressing contempt. E.g."I don't care, you can stuff it! I'm going home."
stuff one's face Vrb phrs. To eat greedily or fully.
stump up Verb. To pay up, to hand over what is owed.
stunner Noun. A person or thing that is outstanding or strikingly attractive. E.g."She was a real stunner and I couldn't help but stand there staring."
stupid o'clock Noun. An unreasonable time, typcally very early or late. E.g."We're setting off for the airport at stupid o'clock so I think we should go to bed early."
suck Verb. To be worthless, contemptible or disgusting. E.g."The storyline in that book is a little contrived and the characters suck."
Noun. Sweets, confectionary in general. A suck shop being a sweet shop. [W. Midlands use]
sucker Noun. 1. A gullible person.
2. An ice lollipop. [Notts use]
sucking diesel Phrs. Doing very well, progressing well. [Orig. Irish?]
suck it and see Phrs. Try it and see if it works, or what it's like. E.g."We just have to suck it and see and if doesn't work, revert back to the original format." {Informal}
suck off Verb. To give oral sex (to someone). E.g."I lay down on the sofa with my pants around my ankles so she could suck me off."
suck shit Verb. To be worthless, contemptible. E.g."How can you wear beige? It's dull and totally sucks shit." [Orig U.S.]
suck up Verb. To flatter, be obsequious.
sugar! Exclam. A euphemism for 'shit!' (exclam).
suit Noun. A white-collar worker, a business executive.
suicide blonde Noun. A woman with dyed blonde hair, a peroxide blonde. [Orig. U.S./1930s]
suited and booted Adj. Very smartly dressed. From wearing a suit and equivalent formal footwear.
summat Pron. Something. E.g."There's summat up with the engine. Everytime we accelerate the exhaust blows smoke." [Northern use/dialect]
sunnies Noun. Sunglasses. [Orig. Aust./N.Z.]
sunshine Noun. A form of friendly address. E.g."Alright sunshine! Show us what you've got." {Informal}
sup Verb. To drink. E.g."It's no wonder you've got a headache, you've been supping beer all day."
'sup (!)(?) Exclam. A greeting, hello, hi. A contraction of 'what's up?'
Phrs. What's the matter? What's happening?
surf Verb. To browse different Web sites using the links in a relaxed almost random manner. E.g."I've been surfing on the net all night and found an excellent new music site."
surf-bum Noun. A person, usually young, whose life revolves around surfing, and who consequently spends much of their life on or around beaches. Cf. 'beach-bum'.
suss (out) Verb. To work something out, to understand, to ascertain, to discover. E.g."The manager sussed him out and had security watch him. They eventually caught him stuffing a pair of stolen trainers under his coat."
suss Adj. Abb. of suspicious. E.g."I don't like the looks of that bloke, he's suss."
Noun. 1. Abb. of suspicion.
2. A police suspect, a suspected person. Abb. of suspect.
* also as sus.
sussed Adj. Knowledgeable, well-informed, able to look after oneself.
sussies Noun. Suspenders, the elasticated garters used to hold up stockings.
swag Noun. Money or items, as taken by a thief or burglar, ill-gotten gains. {Informal}
Adj. Not very good, terrible, worthless, cheap or of poor quality.
swally Noun. Alcoholic drink. [Scottish use]
swamp donkey Noun. An ugly person. Derog.
swan Verb. To travel about in a casual, relaxed way. E.g."So I hear you've been swanning around Europe after your win on the lottery?" {Informal}
swap spit Verb. To kiss deeply.
swat * Noun. A person who studies hard. {Informal}
Verb. To study hard. E.g."Timmy had been swotting for 3 months, but still failed his exams." {Informal}
* Also as 'swot'.
sweat cobs Verb. To perspire profusely, to sweat excessively. E.g."With the room temperature at 95 degrees, I was sweating cobs."
sweat the small stuff Vrb phrs. To worry about the minor things, the trivial insignificant details. Usually in the negative as don't sweat the small stuff. [Orig. U.S.] {Informal}
sweaty Betty Noun. A jocular term of address for a woman suffering excess perspiration and/or bad body odour. Derog.
sweaty sock Noun. A person from Scotland, a Scot. From the rhyming slang sweaty sock meaning jock. Offens.
swede Noun. The head. E.g."Watch your swede when you enter the tunnel, the door's very low."
swedge Noun. A fight. [Scottish use]
(the) Sweeney Noun. A specialist section of the London Metropolitan Police called the Flying Squad, a branch of CID. Rhyming slang on Sweeney Todd, meaning Flying Squad.
sweet Adj. Excellent, a general term of approval.
sweet as a nut Phrs. O.K., great, fine, satisfactory.
sweet F.A. Phrs. Nothing at all. Euphemism for sweet fuck-all. Cf. 'sweet fanny adams'.
sweet Fanny Adams Phrs. Absolutely nothing. Euphemism for sweet fuck-all. Cf. 'Fanny Adams'.
sweet-pea Noun. A term of affection.
swig Verb. To drink greedily. E.g."I swigged a whole bottle of brandy, danced for 20 minutes, threw up, and then not surprisingly apparently I passed out." {Informal}
swimbo Acronym. One's wife or girlfriend. Standing for She Who Must Be Obeyed.
swing both ways Vrb phrs. To be bisexual. [Orig. U.S.]
swinger Noun. A person who indulges in partner swapping for sexual variety.
swing the lead Vrb phrs. To waste time, to shirk one's duties. E.g."Come on Mark, stop swinging the lead, there's work to do."
swirly Noun. The act of forcing a victim's head down a toilet bowl whilst simultaneously flushing it. Also occasionally swirlie. Cf. 'bog washing'.
swish Adj. Smart, fashionable, elegant. E.g."We had a lovely meal last night at this swish new restaurant in the West End." {Informal}
swizz Noun. A swindle. {Informal}
swot * Noun. A person who studies hard, usually applied to students. {Informal}
Verb. To study hard. {Informal}
* Also as 'swat'.
swotty Adj. Studious. {Informal}
swot up Verb. To study hard. {Informal}
syphon the python Vrb phrs. Of males, to urinate. Light-hearted expression, also spelt 'siphon the python'.
syrup Noun. A wig. Abb. of the rhyming slang Syrup of Fig; making a comeback into everyday usage.
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