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24/7 Noun. All the time. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
ta! Exclam. Thank you! {Informal}
tab Noun. 1. Abb. of tablet. Drug culture expression.
2. A cigarette.
3. Ear. See 'tab-hang'. [dialect]
tab-end Noun. A cigarette butt.
tab-hang Verb. To eavesdrop. Heard as tab'ang. E.g."Stop tabhanging, and get on with your homework." See 'tab'. [Northern use/dialect?]
table-ender Noun. An act of copulation on or at a table.
tackle Noun. The male genitals. Implying their usefulness as equipment to complete a task. Cf. 'wedding tackle.'
tacky Adj. Of poor taste, lacking style. {Informal}
tactical chunder Noun. A bout of vomiting, self-administered to enable one to drink more alcohol. A pun on the expression tactical blunder. See 'chunder'.
tadger Noun. A penis. Usually affectionate usage. Cf. 'todger'. [1950s]
taffled Adj. Tangled. [Dialect. North Lincolnshire /Humberside use]
Taffy Noun. A Welsh person. Derived either from the Welsh Dafydd, an equivalent name for David, or the River Taff. Also abbreviated to Taff.
tag Noun. A pseudonym or other identifying mark used as a signature by a graffitti artist.
tagnuts Noun. Faecal remnants that adhere to anal hairs.
Taig Noun. A Roman Catholic, as used by Protestants, mainly in Northern Ireland. Also Teague, Teig. Usually offens.
tailor-made Noun. A factory produced cigarette, as opposed to a hand-rolled cigarette.
taint Noun. The perineum. Something of a pun, because it aint the anus, and it aint the vagina or balls.
take a chill pill Vrb phrs. To relax. See 'chill pill'.
take a dive Vrb phrs. To feign a foul or knockdown in sports.
take a hand to someone Vrb phrs. To tease, ridicule. Also make a hand. [Irish use]
take a hike Vrb phrs. To depart. Usually a demand by someone.
take a pop at (someone) Vrb phrs. To verbally or physically attack (someone). Also phrased as 'have a pop at (someone)'.
take a punt Vrb phrs. To take a gamble, to take a risk. E.g."I took a punt on the winner of the final, and had lost everything by half time."
take a running jump! Exclam. A dismissive rebuff.
takeaway Noun. Of food, a take out, fast food. {Informal}
take five Verb. Have a brief rest or respite from one's current activities.
take it easy Vrb phrs. 1. Goodbye, a parting salutation.
2. Relax, don't get stressed.
take it up the arse/ass Vrb phrs. To be on the receiving end of anal sex. E.g."He took it up the arse and couldn't sit down for three days after."
take out Verb. To kill, destroy or damage to such an extent that someone or something is no longer seen as a threat. E.g."If we don't take him out, he'll make our lives difficult."
take (someone) to the cleaners Vrb phrs. To swindle someone of their money or possessions.
take the biscuit Vrb phrs. To beat all competition, to take all the honours, usually said ironically or with surprise. {Informal}
take the Michael Vrb phrs. To make fun, tease, satirize. From 'take the Mickey'. E.g."I dont like John, he's always taking the Michael out of me."
take the Mickey Vrb phrs. To tease, to ridicule. Also shortened to take the Mick. An abbreviated form of the Cockney rhyming slang take the Mickey Bliss, meaning 'take the piss'. E.g."Stop taking the Mickey out of Billy, he's very sensitive and you're upsetting him." See 'Mickey Bliss'. Cf. 'take the Michael' and 'extract the Michael'. [1930s]
take the piss Vrb phrs. 1. To ridicule, to tease, to make fun off. Cf. 'extract the urine'.
2. To take advantage of, to exploit. E.g."Just because they like looking after their grand children, doesn't mean you can dump the kids on them every weekend whilst you go out clubbing. That's just taking the piss."
talent Noun. An attractive person or persons.
talk out of one's arse Vrb phrs. To talk nonsense. E.g."You're talking out of your arse if you think you can beat the British champion at chess."
talk the hind leg off a donkey Vrb phrs. To talk incessantly. {Informal}
tally-ho! Exclam. Goodbye, a cheerful parting salutation.
tallywhacker Noun. Penis.
tandoori two-step Noun. An upset stomach and consequential diarrhoea. E.g."I can't come out tonight, I've got a touch of the tandoori two-step."
tank Verb. 1. To travel rapidly, to charge at great speed. E.g."We tanked it up from London, just in time to watch the football match."
2. To fail. E.g."I tanked my Maths exam and had to resit it three times before I passed."
tanked (up) Adj. Drunk and in a state rowdiness. E.g."He was tanked up on strong cheap cider and looking for a fight." [Early 1900s]
tanorexia Noun. An obsession with unnatural skin tanning. A pun on anorexia nervosa, and originally used by psychologists and dermatologist's. Also the adjective tanorexic, being characterized by having an extremely unnatural skin tan.
tap off Verb. To seduce a sexually desirable person.
tap (up) Verb. 1. To ask for, to acquire, especially money. E.g."He tapped me up for a loan."
2. To approach a professional player of sports, frequently football, with the intention of acquiring their services whilst they are contracted to play for another team. {Informal}
tapped Adj. Insane or a mentally unstable. From doolally tap. Cf. 'doolally'.
ta-ra! Exclam. Goodbye! Cf. 'ta-ta'. [Welsh /Midlands /Northern use, 1950s] {Informal}
tara-a-bit! Exclam. Goodbye! Also t'ra a bit and other possible spelling variations. [Birmingham /West Midlands use]
tart Noun. 1. A prostitute or promiscuous woman. The often unisexual nature of contemporary slang ensures the phrase is now applied to promiscuous males. Derog.
2. Derog. and offensive term for women. Derived from the Cockney rhyming slang jam tart meaning sweetheart.
3. An objectionable person, however often used affectionately or playfully.
4. A person who will prostitute their abilities or themselves for any amount of gain.
(the) Tartan Army Noun. Collectively, the supporters of the Scottish national football team.
tart fuel Noun. Sweet, ready-mixed fruit drinks containing alcohol. Commonly believed to be mainly consumed by women who would become morally loose after an excessive consumption, consequently becoming 'tarts'. Cf. 'alcopop' and 'bitch piss'.
tart up Verb. To smarten up. E.g."We got tarted up for our night out and then felt overdressed when everyone else was wearing jeans and t-shirts." {Informal}
tash Noun. Abb. of moustache. {Informal}
...tastic Suffix. Added to words to create adjectives that imbue a sense of unexpected excellence. From fantastic. E.g."She took me back to her room and we had a sextastic night."
tasty Adj. Attractive.
tat Noun. 1. Rubbish, junk. Abb. of 'tatty'. E.g."You can't wear that old cardigan, it's tat and has holes in the elbows." {Informal}
2. Abb. of tattoo.
ta-ta! Exclam. Goodbye! Cf. 'ta-ra'. [Early 1900s] {Informal}
taters Noun. Potatoes. An abbreviated form of the regional pronounciation potaters. {Informal}
Adj. Cold. From the Cockney rhyming slang on taters in the mould (potatoes in the mould). E.g."It's a bit taters in here. Shall I light the fire?"
tatties Noun. Potatoes. Often heard in neeps and tatties (turnip/swede and potatoes). [Scottish use]
tatty Noun. Scruffy, dirty, untidy, shabby, neglected. E.g."Can we go to a nice restaurant for a change? Instead of that tatty cafe we always go to at lunchtime." {Informal}
tax Verb. To rob a person in public by the use of, or threat of aggression, to extort, to mug. A euphemism attempting to obscure the aggressive nature of such an assault. Came to prominence during the early 1990s.
t'd off Adj. Angry, annoyed.
tea-bagging Noun. The oral manipulation and sucking of testicles during sex; a tea-bagger being a person who indulges in said activity.
tea leaf Noun. Thief. Cockney rhyming slang. Also tealeaf.
tear-arse about /around Verb. To hurry about, hinting at frantic haste. E.g."I've been tear-arsing about from one meeting to the next and without a break all day."
tear-jerker Noun. A film or story likely to be over sentimental and promote tearful emotions. {Informal}
tea towel holder Noun. The anus.
technicolour yawn Noun. An act of vomiting. Jocular usage. [Orig Aust. 1960s]
teenth Noun. Drug parlance for a sixteenth of an ounce.
telephone numbers Noun. Very large amounts, usually applied to money. E.g."So what price are you going to charge for the full service? Are you talking telephone numbers?"
tell someone where to get off Vrb phrs. An angry rebuke at someone's interference. E.g."If she mentions my acne once more I'll tell her where to get off.'
telly Noun. Television. {Informal}
ten-foot Noun. A narrow alleyway behind a row of homes. From its width being 10 feet in diameter. [East Yorks/Hull use]
tenner Noun. A ten-pound (sterling) monetary note. {Informal}
tex mex Noun. Marijuana. [Probably orig. U.S.]
Thames trout Noun. A lump of excrement. From when the River Thames was very poluted with sewage. [Mainly London use]
thang Noun. Thing.
thanks a bunch! Exclam. An ironic thank you very much.
thanks for nothing! Exclam. An exclamation of annoyance at someone's unhelpfulness.
thatch Noun. Pubic hair.
that's the stuff Phrs. Said as an approval of a thing done or said. {Informal}
thick Adj. Very stupid. {Informal}
thickie Noun. A stupid, unintelligent person. Cf. 'thicko'. {Informal}
(as) thick as a brick Phrs. Very stupid.
(as) thick as pig shit Phrs. Very stupid. Also thick as pig shit.
(as) thick as shit in the neck of a bottle Phrs. Very stupid
(as) thick as two short planks Phrs. Very stupid. E.g."Don't expect an intelligent answer, he's as thick as two short planks."
thick ear Noun. A slap around the head, often used as an idle threat. E.g. "If you don't come down here and do the washing up, I'll give you a thick ear." {Informal}
thicko Noun. A stupid, unintelligent person. Cf. 'thickie'.
thick on the ground Adj. Plentiful, abundant, existing in large amounts. {Informal}
thingy-ma-bob Noun. A something whose name escapes one. Also a thing-ma-jig. Cf. 'oojah'. {Informal}
this arvo Phrs. This afternoon. E.g."Shall we go shopping this arvo?" Cf. 'this avvy'. [Orig. Aust.]
this avvy Phrs. This afternoon. E.g."I'm off up town this avvy for a drink. Do you fancy coming along?" Cf. 'this arvo'.
thissen Pron. Yourself. From thyself. [Yorks/Lancs use. Dialect]
Thomas the tank Noun. An act of masturbation. Rhyming slang on 'wank' (noun 1). Thomas the Tank Engine, a anthropomorphised fictional steam locomotive who appears in the British children's books written by Wilbert and Christopher Awdry and first published in 1945.
Thora (Hird) * Noun. A lump of excrement.
Verb. To defecate. E.g."I wouldn't go in the toilet if I was you, I've just had a Thora."
* Rhyming slang on 'turd'. Thora Hird, veteran British actress, died in 2003.
thrap Verb. To masturbate
Noun. An act of masturbation. E.g."He's in his bedroom, having a good long thrap over a new porn mag."
thrape Verb. 1. To hit, to beat, to thrash. [Midlands use/Dialect?]
2. Usually of vehicles, to race, to go at speed. E.g."I thraped the car up the motorway and arrived in record time." [Midlands use]
threads Noun. Clothes.
threepenny bits Noun. Women's breasts. Rhyming slang on 'tits', and often abb. to threepennies. The threepenny bit was a pre-decimal (1971) unit of currency worth 3 pennies. E.g."The bar was full of gorgeous girls with huge threepennies." Also 'thrupenny bits'. Cf. 'thrups'.
three sheets to the wind Phrs. Drunk, very intoxicated. E.g."She was three sheets to the wind and still downing gin and tonics quicker than they could pour them."
threesome Noun. An act of sex between three people, a menage a trois.
throat yogurt Noun. Semen. Also throat yoghurt.
throne Noun. The lavatory, the toilet.

Words beginning with:  A . B . C . D . E . F . G . H . I . J . K . L . M . N . O . P . Q . R . S . T . U . V . W . X . Y . Z .  Abbreviations used

throw Verb. 1. To vomit. A shortening of 'throw up'.
2. To intentionally or by one's own foolishness lose a game. E.g." We threw the game when we our goalkeeper got sent off for a stupid foul on their striker." {Informal}
throw a benny Vrb phrs. Have a tantrum, a fit of anger. E.g."If you don't want to see Ted throwing a benny, then don't drop litter on the street."
throw an eppy Vrb phrs. Have a fit of anger. Derived from epilectic fit. E.g."After losing the final game of the season he threw an eppy and resigned from the team management." See 'eppy'.
throw a sickie Vrb phrs. Falsely claim to be ill, usually to avoid work.
throw a spanner in the works Vrb phrs. To cause a disruption or problems, to interfere with the smooth running of something. {Informal}
throw a whitey Vrb phrs. To feel like vomiting, derived from the action of losing all the colour in one's face prior to being sick.
throw a wobbly Vrb phrs. Become very angry. Also throw a wobbler and chuck a wobbly. E.g."He threw a wobbly when he found her having sex with the plumber on the kitchen floor."
throw shapes Verb. To dance. E.g."My knees are worn out so it's been years since I threw some shapes on the dancefloor."
throw up Verb. To vomit. {Informal}
thrupenny bits Noun. Women's breasts. Rhyming slang on 'tits'. See 'threepenny bits'.
thrups Noun. Women's breasts. Shortening of 'thrupenny bits', rhyming slang on 'tits'. See 'threepenny bits'.
thrutch Verb. To fidget, to be restless. E.g."I got no sleep at all with you thrutching about all night." [Northern use /Dialect?]
thunderthighs * Noun. 1. An overweight person, especially with large legs.
2. Fat or large legs.
* also as thunder-thighs.
thunderbox Noun. A toilet.
thunk Verb. Thought. The past tense of think. {Informal}
tick Noun. 1. Credit. Often heard in the phrase on tick. E.g."I can never save money, so always buy electrical goods on tick." {Informal}
2. A moment, a second. E.g."I'll be with you in a tick." {Informal}
ticked off Adj. Angry, annoyed.
ticker Noun. The heart. E.g."I'm worried my poor old ticker is going to give up on me if I run any further."
tickety-boo Adj. Fine, all right, in order. E.g."Yes indeed, everything is just tickety-boo, I've never felt better."
ticking off Noun. A reprimand. E.g."I got a right ticking off from the headmaster, and he's going to tell my mum aswell." See 'tick off' (verb)
tickled pink Adj. Very pleased.
tick off Verb. To reprimand, to tell off. E.g."I got a good ticking me off from my boss for going home early." {Informal}
tiddly Adj. 1. A little drunk. {Informal}
2. Small. E.g."She had a tiddly tattoo of a rose on her ankle." {Informal}
tidy(!) Adj. Good, satisfactory. Common use in Wales. E.g."It was a tidy party, but I've got a terrible hangover now."
Exclam. Exclamation of agreement or satisfaction.
tight Adj. 1. To be frugal or not generous. {Informal}
2. Drunk. {Informal}
tight-arse Noun. A mean, selfishly frugal person.
tight-arsed Adj. Mean, stingy.
tight as a duck's arse Phrs. Miserly, very mean. Cf. 'tight as a gnat's chuff'.
tight as a gnat's chuff Phrs. Extremely frugal, very miserly. See 'chuff'.
tightwad Noun. A miserly person, a mean person. [Orig. U.S.]
Tim Noun. A supporter of Celtic Football Club, a Glasgwegian based team with a Catholic following, hence Tim also referring to Catholics. Cf. 'hun'. [Mainly Glasgow use]
time Noun. A prison sentence. Usually in phrases serving one's time, or doing time.
(the) time of the month Noun. A euphemism for a woman's menstrual cycle.
tin bath Noun. A laugh, often in the sense of ridiculing, hence often heard as "you're having a tin bath mate!", meaning "you're having me on and can't be serious". Cockney rhyming slang, from Cockney's pronunciation of bath as barf, so rhyming with laugh (pronounced larf). [London use]
ting Noun. Black W.I. pronunciation of the word thing. [Orig. W.I.]
tinkle Noun. 1. An act of urination. [Orig. U.S.]
2. A phone-call. E.g."I'll give you a tinkle at the weekend." {Informal}
tinnie Noun. A can of beer. [Orig. Aust.]
tip Noun. 1. A style, manner. E.g."That tune was very much on an operatic tip."
2. An untidy place, a mess. E.g."Will you tidy your bedroom please, it's a right tip and there's dirty clothes still on the floor from two weeks ago."
tip it down Verb. To rain heavily. E.g."It's been tipping it down for 40 days and nights."
tip off Verb. To give information secretly.
Noun. An act of revealing secret information.
tired and emotional Adj. Euphemism for being very drunk.
tit Noun. 1. A woman's breast, usually in the plural as tits. Cf. 'bristols'.
2. An imbecile, an objectionable person, a fool. E.g."Thanks for that! You made me look like a right tit in front of the whole year."
3. A push-button. E.g."Come on, hurry! Push the tit, we're running out of time - fire evrything we've got at them!" [Orig. Military use]
tit about/around Verb. To waste time, to mess about. E.g."Stop titting around and get on with your work."
tit boring Adj. Very boring, tedious.
titch Noun. A nickname for a small person.
titchy Adj. Tiny, small, insignificant. {Informal}
titfer Noun. A hat. Cockney rhyming slang on tit for tat.
titful Noun. Enough, sufficient, adequate, but in the sense of not wanting any more. E.g."I've had a titful of him going on about his wonderful holiday in North Wales." [Mainly Wales use]
tit-head Noun. An idiot, a despicable person.
tit mag Noun. A pornographic magazine containing pictures of naked women. Abb. of tit magazine.
tits-up Adj. Dead, ruined, failed. Usually as 'go tits-up'.
tit wank Noun. A form of masturbation whereby the penis is sandwiched and rubbed between a female's breasts (tits). Also as titwank. Cf. 'soapy tit wank'.
tizzy Noun. A confused, flustered state, a worried state. Also abbreviated to tiz. E.g."She was all emotional and in a tizzy." [Orig. U.S.] {Informal}
toast Verb. To sing one's own lyrics over a vocaless backing track. From reggae and originating in the West Indies.
Noun. Defeated, finished or dead. E.g."I'm telling you now, that guy's toast when I catch him."
toasty Adj. Pleasantly and comfortably warm. E.g."Your new winter jacket looks nice and toasty." {Informal}
toby jug Noun. A fool, a gullible person. Rhyming slang on 'mug'.
tod Noun. See 'on one's tod'.
toddle off Verb. To casually leave. {Informal}.
todger Noun. A penis. A variation on 'tadger'.
todger dodger Noun. A lesbian. From, avoiding (dodging) contact with the penis (todger). See 'todger'.
to do Noun. A fuss, a fracas. E.g."It was a bit of a to do, getting 5 children to pack for a 2 week holiday." {Informal}.
toe-jam Noun. The dirt that collects between one's toes.
toe-job Noun. An act of licking/sucking a person's toes, usually for sexual gratification.
toe-rag Noun. A contemptible or worthless person. From the cloth that was worn around one's feet as a sock, usually by vagrants. [Mid 1800s]
toff Noun. A person of the wealthy upper classes.
toffish Adj. Wealthy, stylish, belonging to the upper classes.
toffee-nosed Adj. Snobbish, uppity, snooty.
togger Noun. The game of football (soccer). Generally adolescent/juvenile use. [Northern use]
togs Noun. Clothes. {Informal}
toilet Noun. A thing or place that is considered dirty, squalid or unkempt. E.g."Have you seen the state of Pete's kitchen? I'm not going to his for dinner, it's a toilet."
toke Verb. To smoke a marijuana cigarette, or 'joint'.
Noun. A drag on a cigarette or marijuana cigarette.
toley Noun. A lump of excrement. Also spelt toly and tolli. [Orig. Scottish]
tom Noun. 1. A prostitute. A London term nationally known due to its use on police dramas such as The Bill.
2. Jewellery. From the rhyming slang, Tom Foolery.
Verb. To work as a prostitute.
Tom and Dick Noun. Sick. Rhyming slang.
Tom, Dick and Harry Noun. Anybody, any person regardless of specifics. E.g."Next time lock the door! Any Tom, Dick and Harry could have walked in here and stolen my money."
tomming Noun. 1. Out looking for sex, being sexually promiscuous.
2. Working as a prostitute.
tommy Noun. 1. Tomato. Plural being tommies. E.g."You know what this salad is lacking? Tommies! "
2. A name for a British soldier, usually a private, or collectively as Tommies. More commonly used and associated with British soldiers of the First World War. Abb. of Tommy Atkins. [Early 1800s] {Informal}
tommy K Noun. Tomato ketchup.
tommy-rot Noun. Nonsense, rubbish. E.g."Don't believe a thing he says, he's talking tommy-rot!"
tommy sauce Noun. Tomato ketchup.
tommy (tank) Noun. An act of masturbation. Rhyming slang on 'wank' (noun 1). Occasionally shortened to thomas.
tomoz Noun. Abb. of tomorrow.
tomtit Noun. An act of defecation. From the rhyming slang for 'shit' (noun 2).
ton Noun. The figure of one hundred, usually applied to the speed of 100mph or a sum of £100. E.g."We did a ton through the town centre and got ourselves speeding ticket."
tongue Verb. To perform cunnilingus.
tonk Verb. 1. To hit or kick hard. E.g."He tonked the football into the opposition's half of the pitch."
2. To have sexual intercourse.
3. To travel with speed and power. E.g."I'm going to tonk it up the motorway tonight so that I can get to Newcastle before morning."
Adj. Big, large. [Mainly London use]
tonking Noun. A thorough beating, a severe defeat. E.g."The England team gave Germany a good tonking - final score 5-1."
tonky Noun. A condom. [Merseyside use]
tonsil hockey Noun. Passionate, deep kissing. Cf. 'tonsil tennis'.
tonsil tennis Noun. Passionate, deep kissing. Cf. 'tonsil hockey'.
too clever by half Phrs. Clever in a way that is annoying, or trying to be too clever. {Informal}
toodle-oo ! Exclam. Goodbye! {Informal}
tool Noun. 1. A penis, implying its supposed usefulness. [1200s]
2. An idiot, a contemptible person.
tool-up Verb. To arm oneself, usually with a gun.
tooled (up) Adj. Armed, carrying weapons.
Toon Army Noun. Collectively the supporters of Newcastle United Football Club. Toon meaning town in the Geordie dalect. See 'Geordie'.
too right! Exclam. I agree! An exclamation of aggreement.
toot Verb. Originally to snort drugs but now also smoking.
Noun. 1. The inhalation, via the nose, of an illicit powdered drug, such as cocaine.
2. A smoke.
3. Rubbish, junk, trash.
4. Nonsense, drivel, gibberish.
toothing Noun. Sex between strangers, after having been arranged via the mobile phone (cell phone) using Bluetooth technology.
tootsies Noun. Toes.
top Verb. To kill. E.g."He took a full bottle of pain-killers and topped himself."
Adj. Excellent, 'sorted'. [Orig. Manchester use]
top banana Noun. The leading person, the boss. [Orig. U.S.]
top bollocks Noun. A woman's breasts.
top dog Noun. The leader, boss.
top one Adj. Excellent, expressing that something is the best.
topper Noun. An exceptional thing or person. Dated expression.
top totty Noun. A very attractive person. Also top tottie.
top whack Phrs. The maximum price or rate. Cf. 'full whack'. {Informal}
torch Verb. To set alight.
tortoise Noun. See 'have a tortoise'.
tosh Adj. Rubbish, nonsense. {Informal}.
toss (!) Noun. 1. Rubbish, nonsense. E.g."That play was toss, we should have gone to the cinema instead."
2. An act of masturbation.
Verb. To masturbate.
Exclam. Expressing anger or frustration.
tossbag Noun. A contemptible or worthless person.
tosser Noun. 1. General term of abuse for an idiotic, irritating or contemptible person. Also, occasionally spelt tossa. E.g."Seriously, why do you like him? He's a tosser and mean to his kids." [1970s]
2. Someone who masturbates. From 'toss off'.
tossing Adj. An intensifier. E.g."I'm not doing the tossing washing up, it's your turn!"
toss off Verb. To masturbate. Term applied to males. E.g."He's been tossing himself off for last 2 hours, whilst watching Miss World." [1700s]
toss-pot Noun. Mildly offensive name for an idiot or contemptible person. Often heard used affectionately. Also as tosspot.
tossy Adj. Inferior, useless, rubbishy. E.g."As usual the UK entry for the Eurovision song contest is tossy and instantly forgettable."
total Verb. To wreck, usually with reference to a vehicle. E.g."That's the third car I've totalled this year, and I wasn't speeding this time." [Orig. U.S.]
total tosser Noun. An utterly objectionable or contemptible person.
totally hatstand Adj. Crazy, mad, insane. Adaptation of 'completely hatstand' from Viz comic. Cf. 'completely hatstand' and 'hatstand'.
totes Adv. Totally, completely, entirely, definitely, absolutely. An abbreviated form of totally. E.g."It was a totes amazing party, possibly the best this year." [Orig. U.S.]
Exclam. Used to express agreement, completely! [Orig. U.S.]
to the max Phrs. Totally, completely, to the limit.
totty Noun. A sexually alluring person or people. Originally a term for a prostitute in late 1800s. Also as tottie. E.g."There was plenty of totty at the party."
touching cloth Phrs. Having an urgent need defecate. E.g."Hurry up, let me in the bathroom, I'm touching cloth here." Cf. 'turtle's head'.
touch up Verb. To sexually molest, to grope. E.g."The priest has been touching up the choir boys again."
tough! Exclam. Short for tough luck!, a sarcastic and bitter exclamation.
tough cookie Noun. A strong unyielding person.
tough guy Noun. A particularly hard and unyielding male, scared of little and acting so.
tough nut Noun. A difficult or obstinate person.
tough shit! Exclam. Hard luck! Often expressed with irony. Cf. 'hard-shit'.
tough titty! Exclam. Hard luck! Cf. 'tough shit'.
towel-head Noun. An Arab, from the headwear worn by Arabs in the Middle East. Also as towelhead. Offens.
town-bike Noun. A promiscuous woman from the local district. Derog. Cf. 'bike'.
townie Noun. A person, usually young, who typically wears casual, brand-name sportswear, such as Nike, Addidas and Reebok etc Usually associated with town/city dwellers. Also towny. Mainly derog.
toyboy Noun. A woman's evidently younger male lover.
tracky Noun. Abb. of tracksuit, a two piece item of clothing worn for sports and leisure. Usually as tracky bottoms (sweatpants/joggers) or tracky top. E.g."Can I borrow your tracky bottoms? Mine are in the wash." {Informal}
Tracy Noun. A disparaging name for a female considered to be working class, unintelligent, vulgarly dressed and generally below the social standards acceptable to the user of the phrase. Frequently heard used in conjunction with Sharon. See 'Sharon and Tracy'. Derog.
trade Noun. 1. A sexual partner or collective term for such. [Gay use]
2. A prostitutes term for their sexual partners as business.
tradesman's entrance Noun. The anus, the back passage. Traditionally tradesman delivered their goods or services via the backdoor, not the main entrance as used by paying customers.
trainspotter Noun. Generally a usually intelligent but particularly anally retentive person; the person may be obsessed with trivia or have a keen interest in collecting particular objects or data, such as trainspotting, stamp collecting etc. Originates from the much ridiculed hobby of rail enthusiasts, trainspotting, the viewing and taking note of trains from station platforms. The expression was popular on the club scene at which a trainspotter will be seen watching DJ's, spotting which tracks are played and gleaning knowledge on the music for future reference. Derog. Cf. 'anorak' and 'nerd'.
tramlines Noun. The scars created by the constant injection of illicit drugs.
trammies Noun. The drug tramadol, a strong painkiller.
tramp stamp Noun. A tattoo at the base of the back. Cf. 'slag tag'. [Orig. U.S.]
tranklements Noun. Miscellaneous items. [Midlands use]
tranks Noun. Tranquillizers.
trannie * Noun. 1. A cross-dresser, usually male wearing female attire, and adopting feminine characteristics. Abb. of transvestite. Cf. 'TV'.
2. A transexual. Abb.
3. A transistor radio. Abb. [1960s]
4. A Ford transit van. Abb.
* Also tranny.
trap Noun. 1. The mouth. E.g."Shut your trap and let me listen to the radio."
2. A toilet cubicle, when in a public lavatory. Often numbered, such as trap one, trap two etc, depending where in the order they are.
trap off Verb. To attain a liason with a sexually desirable person. Also just phrased as trap.
trashed Adj. 1. Worn-out.
2. Very intoxicated by drink or drugs and consequently worse for wear. [Orig. U.S.]
treacle Noun. An affectionate term of address, more prevalent in London.
treader Noun. A bicycle.
tree hugger Noun. An environmentalist, a green activist.
trick Noun. 1. A prostitutes client.
2. A casual sexual encounter. [Mainly gay use]
trick cyclist Noun. A psychiatrist. A pun.
triffic! Exclam. Excellent! A contraction of terrific.
triffid Noun. Any large or sprawling plant, usually a house plant. From the book The Day of the Triffids by English author, John Wyndham.
trip Noun. 1. The time spent under the influence of a hallucinatory drug such as LSD. {Informal}.
2. A 'tab' of LSD.
Verb. To hallucinate on LSD or other hallucinogen.
trippy Adj. Of or like the experiences and qualities felt under the influence of hallucinogens. E.g."I found the movie Inception really trippy."
trog Noun. An ugly, uncouth person. Derived from troglodyte.
troll Noun. An ugly person, usually referring to a woman.
trolley dash Noun. A quick visit to a supermarket to buy essentials. From the winner's prize in a competition of having a set time to grab as much free stuff from a supermarket shelves.
trolley dolly Noun. An airline flight attendant.
trolleyed Adj. Very intoxicated by drink or drugs. From the phrase 'off one's trolley'.
trolleys Noun. Underwear, specifically knickers and underpants. [1950s]

Words beginning with:  A . B . C . D . E . F . G . H . I . J . K . L . M . N . O . P . Q . R . S . T . U . V . W . X . Y . Z .  Abbreviations used

tromboning Noun. A sexual act performed on a male, whereby the partner orally stimulates the anus from behind, whilst masturbating the penis.
tromp Verb. To trudge, to walk. E.g."I'm worn out, having tromped around the shops for the last 6 hours."
trot on Verb. 1. Go away!
2. Carry on, proceed, move on. E.g."OK, I think we've finished there, shall we trot on."
(the) trots Noun. Diarrhoea. The origins are quite apparent, the need to hurry (trot) to the toilet with sickness. Cf. 'runs'.
trouble and strife Noun. Wife. Cockney rhyming slang.
trough Verb. To eat. The imagery is of eating like a farm animal.
trouser Verb. To put in one's pocket. E.g."Chris trousered all his winnings and left the casino, and giving them no chance to win back their losses."
trouser billiards Noun. Of males, masturbation via one's trouser pockets. Much less commonly heard than the expression 'pocket billiards'.
trouser cough Noun. An emmision of intestinal gases from the anus, a 'fart'.
(the) trouser department Noun. The male genitals.
trousered Adj. Drunk, or very intoxicated.
trousers Adj. Nonsense, gibberish.
trouser snake Noun. Euphemism for the penis. A shortening of 'one-eyed trouser-snake'.
trouser tent Noun. An erect penis, when visible beneath the wearers clothing.
trout Noun. An unattractive woman, often prefixed with old.
true-dat Phrs. Expressing agreement. Actually altering of true that. [Orig. U.S. black. Mid 1990s]
trump Verb. To break wind from the anus, to 'fart' (verb 1). From the verb to trumpet (s.e.). E.g."There's a disgusting smell in here. Has someone trumped?"
Noun. 1. An act of breaking wind.
2. The resulting smell of having broken wind from the anus.
trumpton Noun. The fire brigade. After the children's UK television programme of the same name, circa 1960s. [Police use]
T.T.F.N. Abb. Ta ta for now. Goodbye. See 'ta-ta'.
tubby Noun. A fat person, often of short stature.
tube Noun. 1. A contemptible or idiotic person. [Scottish use]
2. A television set.
tube of glue Noun. A clue. Rhyming slang. E.g."I haven't got a tube of glue what he's talking about."
tub of lard Noun. A fat person. Cf. 'lardarse'. Derog.
tuck Noun. Food. {Informal}
tuck in Verb. To eat, usually with enthusiasm. E.g."To start the day I love tucking into a full English breakfast." {Informal}
tuck shop Noun. A confectioners, a sweet shop. Children's expression.
tug Noun. An act of male masturbation.
tug (off) Verb. To masturbate. E.g."If you don't want to catch him tugging off, I suggest you knock before you enter his bedroom."
tummy banana Noun. A penis. Juvenile expression.
tumshie Noun. A turnip. [Scottish use]
tuned to the moon Phrs. Of a person, crazy, eccentric. [Scottish use]
tup Verb. 1. To have sexual intercourse.
2. To headbutt. E.g."He said my girlfriend looked like Quasimodo, so I tupped him." [Wigan use]
tuppence Noun. The vagina.
turd Noun. 1. A lump of faeces. Derived from the Anglo-Saxon tord. [1000s]
2. A contemptible person. E.g."That new bloke in accounts is a right turd, fawning all over the receptionist."
turd burglar Noun. A homosexual male. Derog./Offens.
turd fish Noun. A lump of faecal excrement, when viewed floating in water. Cf. 'Mersey trout' and 'Thames trout'
turf Noun. The area felt to belong to a person or gang.
turf out Verb. To expel a thing or a person, to throw out. E.g."Haven't you turfed out that broken chair yet?" {Informal}
turkey Noun. A stupid or idiotic person. [Orig. U.S. 1940s]
turnip Noun. 1. An idiot.
2. The head.
turn-off Verb. To disgust.
Noun. A thing that is disgusting.
turn-on Verb. To excite, often sexually.
Noun. Something that excites.
turn over Verb. To rob by ransacking a premises. E.g."The library got turned over at the weekend and three computers got stolen."
turtle's head Noun. Faeces when just poking out of the anus, whilst urgently needing to defecate. See 'have a turtle's head'. Also 'turtlehead'.
tut Noun. Rubbish, nonsense. E.g."He holds a grudge against me so whatever he told you is tut."
TV Noun. Abb. of transvestite. Cf. 'trannie'.
twag Verb. To play traunt. E.g."No wonder he failed his exams, he's been twagging for most of the last year." [Hull/Lincolnshire use]
twannock Noun. An idiot, an objectionable person. [Yorkshire use]
twat Noun. 1. The female genitals. [1600s]
2. A contemptible person, an idiot. E.g."Don't make a twat of yourself, accept the apology and move on."
Verb. To hit, to thump. E.g."I twatted him before he had chance to twat me."
twat face Noun. A contemptible person.
twatfaced Adj. Intoxicated with alcohol or drugs.
twatted Adj. Very intoxicated due to alcohol or drugs.
twatting Adj./Adv. A general intensifier. E.g."You wouldn't twatting believe the colour of her car, it's pink and it matches her hair."
twazzock Noun. A fool, an idiot. Later variation on 'wazzock' and likely a combination of the words 'twat' and 'wazzock'.
twentyfour-seven Noun. All the time. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
twernt Noun. Anatomically, the area between the genitals and the anus. Derived from the expression "if it twernt there your guts would fall out. ".
twerp Noun. An imbecile, a fool. Fairly inoffensive term. Also twirp.
twig Verb. To understand, to realise. E.g."Once I saw the smile on her face I twigged it was a joke." {Informal}
twilight zone Noun. The term phrased in recognition of a bizarre occurrence. Taken from the title of the U.S. television mystery sci-fi series of the same name. Often used in conjunction with a vocal rendition of the theme tune, to add emphasis.
twine on Verb. To rant, talk incessantly. E.g."Stop twining on and get on with your job, we've a deadline to make."
twinkle Noun. A term of endearment or form of address.
twinnie Noun. Affectionate term for a twin.
twirly Noun. A senior citizen, or OAP (old age pensioner). Originally bus driver's slang, from supposed senior citizen's regular attempts at using their cheap off-peak bus passes before the permitted off-peak hour, and therefore being "too early" (a verbal corruption of). E.g."How can I keep the bus on schedule when at every bus stop I have to refuse all the twirlies." Also twearly, twearlies.
twisting Noun. A telling off, a scolding, a reprimand.
twit Noun. An idiot. Patronising and derogatory but often jocular.
twitchell Noun. A narrow alleyway. [Nottinghamshire use]
twitcher Noun. A bird watcher, an ornithologist.
twitchy-bum Noun. Having a twitchy bum means you are nervous or anxious about the outcome of an event. Also as twitchy-arse.
twixmas Noun. The period between Christmas and New Year, typically covering the days between Boxing Day and New Year's Eve. A portmanteau of the words betwixt and Christmas. [Early 2000s]
twittern Noun. An alleyway. [Sussex use]
two and eight Noun. State, or condition. Cockney rhyming slang. E.g."He was in a right two and eight, having drunk 12 pints of lager in 3 hours."
two bob bit Noun. An act of defecation. Rhyming slang on 'shit' (noun 2). In pre-decimal currency, a 'bob' was slang for a shilling (5 pence), and a 'two bob bit' being a two shilling coin, usually called a Florin. See 'bob' (noun 1).
TWOC Acronym. Taking WithOut Consent. Originally and usually applied to the stealing of vehicles. Originates from the proliferation of car theft in the UK during the 1990s. E.g."He's been sent back to prison for another 6 month stretch for twocking."
twocker Noun. A person who steals vehicles. Also spelt twoc-er. See 'TWOC'.
two finger salute Noun. The insulting hand gesture which involves raising the hand with two fingers extended vertically, back of the hand facing the person being insulted. See 'two fingers'.
two fingers Noun. The insulting hand gesture of the V-sign using two fingers. See 'two finger salute'. Cf. 'finger' (noun 2).
twonk Noun. A fool, idiot.
two sandwiches short of a picnic Phrs. Eccentric, insane, odd. Also one sandwich short of a picnic.
two's (up) ! Exclam. A claim on a share of something, often a drink or cigarette.
Noun. Second opportunity to have a turn with something. E.g."Can I have two's on your cigarette?"
two ticks Noun. A short time, a couple of moments. See 'tick'.
two-time Verb. To be unfaithful to one's partner. E.g."He's been two-timing on his girlfriend for the last 6 months."
twunt Noun. An idiot, a fool. A combination of the words 'twat' and 'cunt'. [1990s]
tyke Noun. 1. A person from Yorkshire, England.
2. A mischevious person, used in good humour.
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