English Slang & dialect of the UK

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Maccy D's Noun. McDonalds, the fast food company. Also occasionally Macky D's. [Orig. U.S.]
Mackem Noun. A person from Sunderland. As used by Geordies (those born in Newcastle upon Tyne), from the vocal pronunciation of those from Sunderland. Also spelt Makem. Occasionally derog.
mackintosh brigade Noun. Collectively, perverts, or those who indecently expose themselves. Cf. 'dirty mackintosh brigade' and 'long mackintosh brigade'.
mad aleck Noun. A person acting crazily and energetically. Usually heard applied to overenergetic children by parents or guardians. Also spelt mad alec and mad alick.
Madam Palm and her five sisters Noun. The hand when used for masturbation. Also Madam Palm and her five daughters. E.g."Tonight I'm going to please myself and spend some quality time with Madame palm and her five sisters." Cf. 'Mary palm and her five sisters', 'Mrs Palm and her five sisters' and 'Rosie Palm and her five sisters'.
mad as a bag of ferrets Phrs. Very unusual, crazy, furious.
mad as a box of frogs Phrs. Of a situation or person, totally crazy.
Madchester Noun. The original alternative pseudonym for Manchester from the late 1980s, early 1990s, with the proliferation of the youth scene focused around the bands called Happy Mondays and The Stone Roses. Coined by two 'Geordies', Phil Shotton and Keith Jobling, resident in Manchester at the time. Cf. 'Gaychester' and 'Gunchester'.
made up Adj. Happy, very satisfied, thrilled. E.g."I'm made up on hearing your good news, when's the baby due?" [North-west use]
mad for it Phrs. Enthusiastic, eager. A nationally used term since the mid 1990s, originating from Manchester. E.g."He was mad for it all night and we couldn't get him to stop dancing until 7am in the morning."
madhead Noun. A crazy person, a mentally unstable person.
mad hot Adj. Extremely hot. [Manchester use]
mad keen Adj. Very enthusiastic. [Manchester use]
mafted Adj. Of a person, hot and bothered, oppressed by heat. Also mafting, usually pronounced maftin', relating to hot and humid weather. [N.E./Yorkshire use]
mafting Adj. Of weather, hot and humid. E.g."Oh God! It's maftin'. Can we go swimming today." [Northern use]
maggot Noun. 1. A despicable, devious or obsequious person.
2. A small penis.
magic (!) Adj./Exclam. Excellent. Often heard as an exclamation of satisfaction. {Informal}.
magic mushroom Noun. Any mushroom with hallucinogenic properties, particularly one containing psilocybin, such as the liberty cap. {Informal}.
magic sponge Noun. The curative sponge employed by physios when assisting injured sports competitors. The sponge apparently dispels symptoms on its application to an injured bodypart, as if by magic! Its magical qualities brings into question whether the sports contestant was actually injured at all.
Mahatma (Ghandhi) Noun. 1. Shandy. Rhyming slang. Mahatma Ghandi, Indian anti-colonial nationalist, who employed nonviolent resistance to lead the successful campaign for India's independence from British rule.
2. Brandy. Rhyming slang.
mahusive Adj. Immense, extremely sizable, of great size. Also mahoosive. Probably from massive.
make a (complete/total) bollocks of something Vrb phrs. To make a mess of something, to make a mistake. Also make a balls of something. E.g."I don't think the job's mine, I made a total bollocks of my interview."
make a move on someone Vrb phrs. To approach and chat to a person with the objective of establishing a physical and sexual relationship.
make an arse of oneself/someone Vrb phrs. To make someone/oneself look foolish or ridiculous. E.g."You made a complete arse of yourself on the dancefloor."
make an arse of something Vrb phrs. To make a mess of something, to fail at a task. E.g."I made a complete arse of my job interview."
make a row Vrb phrs. To make a loud, unpleasant noise. E.g."I've got such a headache, the kids have being making a row all afternoon." See 'row'. {Informal}
make it snappy(!) Vrb phrs. To hurry up, to do it quickly. E.g."Steve, the film starts in 5 minutes, so if you are going to wash your hair you better make it snappy."
Hurry up!
make mincemeat of (someone) Vrb phrs. To beat up thoroughly, to utterly defeat.
make tracks Verb. To begin a journey. E.g."OK, it's 8.30 and we've got to get to London by midday, let's make tracks."
make whoopie Vrb phrs. To have sexual intercourse. E.g."I've been kept awake all night by the foxes making whoopie outside in the garden."
malarkey Noun. Nonsense, foolishness. Also malarky. [Orig U.S.]
mam Noun. Mother. A less common variation on mum. [Northern use]
mamil Noun/Acronym. Middle Aged Man In Lycra. Referring to older men who try to look like professional cyclists by wearing tight fitting, lycra sportswear whilst enjoying their hobby of cycling. Derog.
man alive! Exclam. Expressing surprise, frustration or anger. {Informal}
manashee Noun. A woman. Female equivalent of 'gadge'. Also manishee. [Scottish /North-east use]
man boobs Noun. Male breasts. Cf. 'moobs', 'man tits'.
Manc Noun. A person from Manchester, England. Abb. of Mancunian.
mandem Noun. A group of male friends, a gang, more generally men. [Orig. Black use. Mid 2000s]
M and S Noun. The nickname for Marks and Spencers. Cf. 'Marks and Sparks'.
man-fat Noun. Semen. Cf. 'man gravy'.
man gravy Noun. Semen. Cf. 'man-fat' and 'baby gravy'.
man in a boat Noun. The clitoris. Cf. 'little man in a boat'.
manky Adj. 1. Scruffy, dirty, distasteful, disgusting.
2. Poorly, unwell. E.g."I'm not coming into work, I feel a bit manky."
man-muck Noun. Semen.
manor Noun. The home district felt to belong to a person or gang.
mansplain Verb. Of a man, to explain something, typically to a woman, in a manner regarded as condescending or patronizing, and based on chauvinism. [Orig. U.S. 2000s] {Informal}
Noun. The act of mansplaining. {Informal}
manspreading Noun. Of a man, to sit with one's legs wide apart, in a manner that prevents adjacently seated people from sitting comfortably, often on public transport. [2010s] {Informal}
man tits Noun. Male breasts.
man whore Noun. A sexually promiscuous male. Derog.
map of Tassie Noun. The vagina, inclusive of pubic hair. From the similarity of the external female genitals to Tasmania. Popularized in the UK by the comic Viz. [Orig. Aust. 1990s]
mard Noun. 1. A weak willed person, a softie. [Northern use]
2. A bad mood or temper. [Northern /Midlands use]
mardarse Noun. 1. A weak willed person, a softie. [Midlands /Northern use]
2. An angry, grumpy or moody person. [Midlands /Northern use]
mardy Noun. Someone who is easily upset, scared, or moans incessantly. [Northern /Midlands use]{Informal}
Adj. In the manner of someone who is a 'mardy', see noun.
mare Noun. 1. A woman. E.g."You silly mare! Why did you do that?" Derog.
2. A terrible situation. Abb. of nightmare. E.g."We had a mare of a journey and got stuck in the traffic jams on the M25."
Marks and Sparks Noun. Marks and Spencers, the department store. Also shortened to just Marks and 'M and S'.
marmalize Verb. To beat soundly, to thoroughly defeat, to thrash. Also as marmalise.
marmite miner Noun. A homosexual male. Marmite is a yeast extract spread. Derog.
marmite motorway Noun. The anus. The expression, the British equivalent of the U.S. slang hershey highway, can be heard expressed in phrases such as up the marmite motorway, meaning up the anus.
marra Noun. A mate, friend, 'pal'. [Cumbria /North-east use]
Mars bar Noun. A scar. Rhyming slang. E.g."He was a really sensitive lad, despite that Mars bar making him look mean."
Mary Jane Noun. Marijuana. [Orig. U.S.]
Mary palm and her five sisters Noun. The hand when employed as a tool for masturbation. Cf. 'madam palm and her five sisters' and 'rosie palm and her five sisters'.
mash Verb. To brew a cup of tea. {Informal}
mashed Verb. Utterly intoxicated by drink or drugs to the extent of being in a mess and unable to function normally.
massive Noun. A group of people closely united by community and social interests and usually defined by geographical area, e.g. Moss Side Massive. [Orig W.I./U.K.?]
mate Noun. 1. A friend. {Informal}
2. A form of address. {Informal}
matey Noun. A form of address for a friend or companion. {Informal}
Adj. Friendly, sociable, affable. {Informal}
mattress muncher Noun. A homosexual male. Derog.
maungy Adj. Sullen, moody, peevish. [Yorkshire use/Dialect]
mawther Noun. A young woman. [Norfolk use/ Dialect]
mazed Adj. Mad, insane. [Devon use/ Dialect?]
meanie Noun. A miserly, nasty person. {Informal}
meat Noun. General term for the male or female genitalia.
2. The most important or substantial part of subject, situation or story. E.g."The meat of the story was in the first chapter when the scene was set." {Informal}
meat and two veg Noun. The male genitals.
meat-head Noun. A stupid person, often with the implication that they have more brawn than brains. Also meathead. Derog.
meat injection Noun. An act of sexual intercourse.
meat market Noun. A place or event where the objective of a sizeable number of those frequenting is to find sexual partners. Often used with regard to nightclubs.
meat wagon Noun. 1. A police van.
2. An ambulance.
me duck Noun. A form of address. Actually my duck. [Midlands use]
mee maw Verb. To pull faces. From the exagerrated expressions made on the faces of conversing mill workers, in an attempt to make themselves understood over the din of machinery. [Lancashire use. 1900s?]
meff Noun. A scruffy, unkempt person, and consequently an objectionable person. [Liverpool use]
mega Adj. Fantastic, wonderful. [Orig. U.S. 1960s]
megabucks Noun. A huge quantity of money. The term is used despite the expression 'bucks' (money) remaining firmly an Americanism. [Orig. U.S.]
meh (!) Exclam. Used to express indifference or disinterest. [Orig. U.S. Early 1990s]
Adj. Mediocre, boring, unimpressive. E.g."Hmmm, I think the critics got it wrong, I thought the movie was a bit meh." [Orig. U.S.]
melons Noun. Breasts, typically large ones.
melt Noun. A weakling, an emotionally soft person. [Mid 2010s?]
melvin Noun. When one's trousers become caught up between one's buttocks.
member Noun. The penis. Assumed to be from the latin membrum virile.
mental Adj. Insane, crazy. {Informal}
mentalist Noun. A crazy person, a mental case. Derog. [Orig. U.S.?]
merchant (banker) Noun. A contemptible person. Rhyming slang, meaning 'wanker'.
merk Verb. 1. To beat up, thrash, or murder.
2. To beat or thrash competitively. E.g."We got merked in the semi-finals of the cup."
merkin Noun. An American. A pun on the word American sounding similar to a merkin. From the s.e. merkin, a pubic wig. Derog.
Mersey trout Noun. A lump of faeces. From when the River Mersey was very unclean and poluted. [North-west use]
messages Noun. Groceries, usually heard in do the messages, meaning buy the groceries. [Scottish use]
mess around Vrb phrs. To engage in noncommittal sexual relations, often adulterously.
messy Adj. Describing a very enjoyable time, at which there was extreme intoxication on drink or drugs. E.g."We had a great time at the weekend, it got very messy and I still cant remember what happened."
Michael Noun. See 'take the Michael'.
Mick Noun. An Irishman. From the popular Irish name, Michael. Generally offensive.
Mickey Bliss Noun. 1. Rhyming slang on 'piss' and mainly heard in the expression 'take the Mickey', meaning to ridicule, or tease.
2. Occasionally also an act of urination. Rhyming slang on 'piss'.
Mickey D's Noun. McDonalds, the fast food retailer. [Orig. U.S.]
mickey (finn) Noun. A drug, typically added to a victim's drink in order to incapacitate them. Often in the phrase to slip someone a mickey (finn) [Orig. U.S. Early 1900s]
Mickey Mouse Adj. 1. Stupid looking, comical. E.g."I'm not wearing that in public! It's a Mickey Mouse hat."
2. Second rate, of poor quality, cheaply made.
Noun. A person from Liverpool. Rhyming slang on 'Scouse'. Also Mickey Mouser rhyming on 'Scouser'.
Mickey taking Noun. Teasing, ridiculing. See 'take the Mickey'.
middle for diddle! Exclam. An announcement at the beginning of a game of darts to determine who should throw first, the deciding factor being the nearest to the bullseye.
middle leg Noun. The penis.
miff Verb. To annoy, to irritate. {Informal}
Noun. A bad mood, a huff. E.g."He's in a miff about missing the last episode of Game of Thrones, so it's best to just leave him alone." [1600s]
miffed Adj. Annoyed, peeved, irritated, disgruntled. [Early 1800s]
milf Noun. A sexually desirable and mature woman. An acronym of Mom I'd Like to Fuck. If not invented for the film American Pie, then certainly popularized by it. [Orig. U.S. 1990s]
milkers Noun. Women's breasts.
millie Noun. A young working class girl. Possibly from the female mill workers in the 1800s. Derog. [N. Ireland use]
minced Adj. Drunk, intoxicated.
mince pies Noun. Eyes. Rhyming slang. Cf. 'mincers'. [Mid 1900s]
mincer Noun. A homosexual male. From the S.E. mince, an affected manner of walking.
mincers Noun. Eyes. From the Cockney rhyming slang 'mince pies'.

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mind! Exclam. Watch out! Excuse me! An abb. of 'mind out'. [North/Midlands use]
mind-blowing Adj. Totally astonishing or confusing. The term is derived from the drug culture of the 1960s.
mindfuck Noun. A situation or person who gives one an mentally overwhelming and disorientating experience.
Verb. To mentally confuse and overwhelm.
mind like a sewer Phrs. A vulgar and sexually obsessed mind. E.g."Just ignore him, he's got a mind like a sewer and is always thinking about sex."
mind out (!) Verb./Exclam. Watch out! Excuse me! E.g."Will you mind out, I nearly ran you over in my car earlier." [North/Midlands use]
minerals Noun. Testicles. Cockney rhyming slang. [Mainly London use]
ming Verb. To smell, look or generally be unpleasant. E.g."That's disgusting! It's minging in here; which one of you has farted?"
minge Noun. 1. The female genitals. Derived from dialect, which ultimately may have its roots in the Romany, minj. [1900s]
2. A stingy person, a miser. Abb. of 'mingebag'.
mingebag Noun. 1. A general term of abuse, an objectionable person.
2. A miser. Derog.
minger Noun. A physically undesirable, smelly, or ugly person. E.g."It wasn't 'til I woke, the next morning, that I realised quite what a minger he was. I left pretty damn sharpish before he asked for my phone number."
minging Adj. Rubbishy, unpleasant, smelly, dirty, undesirable. Usually heard pronounced as mingin'. [Orig Scottish]
mingy Adj. Miserly, stingy. E.g."Don't be so mingy, share the chocolate with your sister."
mint Adj. Excellent, wonderful. [1980s]
mintas Adj. Excellent, marvellous, wonderful. From 'mint'. E.g."We had a mintas time at Christmas."
minted Adj. 1. Wealthy. E.g."Just because he's minted doesn't mean he's upper-class."
2. Excellent. [Northern use?]
minter Noun. A thing that is considered excellent, and often heard in relation to cars. From 'mint'.
minty Adj. Scruffy, dirty.
misery-guts Noun. A killjoy, a depressing peron.
misog Noun. A grumpy old man. Acronym of miserable old git. See 'git'.
(the) missus Noun. The wife or girlfriend.
mitch Verb. To play truant. Also mitch off. E.g."I'm not mitching off with my exams due next week." (Irish /South Wales /South-west use)
mitching Noun. Playing truant. E.g."I spent my school years mitching." (Irish/ South Wales/ South-west use)
mither Verb. To fuss, bother, pester. Also moither and myther. [North West/Midlands use]
Noun. A complaining or persistently bothering person.
mithered Adj. Bothered, hassled. E.g."I can't be mithered to go shopping in town on a Saturday." [North/Midlands use]
mits Noun. The hands. Also as mitts. E.g."Get your mits off my sandwich you thieving pig."
m'laddo Phrs. A condescending term of address to a young male. From my lad.
mo Noun. Abb. of moment. Often heard as half a mo. E.g."Just a mo, wait there and I'll be with you in one minute."
moaning Minnie Noun. A person who persistently grumbles. Derog.
mob-handed Adv. In large numbers, en masse, with respect to people. E.g."We went down there mob-handed and made sure they understood that it wasnt worth starting a fight." {Informal}
moby Noun. A mobile phone.
Adj. Sick, ill. Rhyming slang on Moby Dick.
mod cons Noun. The amenities and fittings expected of a well-equiped modern house. Abb. form of modern conveniences. Also all mod cons. E.g."The house was large and well kept, but it lacked mod cons such as a flushing toilet." {Informal}
mofo Noun. A contemptible person. Abb. of 'motherfucker'. [Orig. U.S.]
moggie Noun. 1. A cat. Also spelt moggy.
2. A mouse. [W. Lancs use]
3. A Morris Minor car. A classic British car built between the years of 1948 and 1971 and the first British car to sell over a million units.
moneybags Noun. Someone who freely displays their current wealthy status. {Informal}
money for old rope Phrs. Easily attained profit or reward. {Informal}
money shot Noun. 1. The sexual climax, male or female, that usually determines the end of a sex scene in a pornographic film. [Orig. U.S.]
2. The ultimate, best shot or view, by extension of meaning 1,
mong Noun. Imbecile, idiot. Offensive expression alluding to someone with Down Syndrome, being Mongoloid.
Verb. To reach a drugged state where physical activity is minimal and mental faculties are incapacitated. Used frequently within the 'ecstasy' fuelled music and club scene. Obvious relationship to the derogatory version of the noun 'mong'. [1990s]
mong-out Verb. Meaning the same as 'mong' (verb). E.g."Those pills were very strong, we only had one each but we all monged out."
mongy bus Noun. A community care minibus for people with mental and physical disabilities. Derog. See 'mong'.
moniker Noun. A name. E.g."What's your moniker? Mine's Ted."
monkey Noun. 1. £500. Occasionally and confusingly also £50.
2. A person employed to do the menial or trivial jobs. Derog. E.g."I think we'll leave the cleaning up to the monkeys."
3. A general term for a skilled or qualified worker. E.g. code monkey, a computer language coder.
monkeyhanger Noun. A person from Hartlepool, in the North-east of England. Derog.
monkeytown Noun. Nickname for the town of Heywood, Lancashire. Derog.
monk on Noun. A bad mood, a temper. E.g."I would bother inviting William out tonight, he's got a right monk on." (Yorkshire /Nottinghamshire /NE Midlands use)
monster Noun. Signifying the best or most outstanding, when used suffixally. E.g."He can out drink anyone, he's a real beer monster."
Montezuma's revenge Noun. A bout of diarrhoea, a stomach upset, usually when caught on holiday abroad or when travelling in hot climates.
moo Noun. An objectionable woman. Derogatory but also jocular. Essentially the same as 'cow' but using the children's onomatopaeic name for a cow. See 'silly moo.'
moobs Noun. Of a male, a build up of fat on the upper chest that looks similar to female breasts. A contraction of the expression 'man boobs'. See 'boobs'.
mooch Verb. 1. To idle away time, to loaf around. E.g."The kids were just mooching about the streets looking for something to do."
2. To amble along, to walk casually.
3. To play truant. [Welsh use]
Noun. 1. The idling away of time.
2. The act of ambling or walking casually. E.g."I'm going for a mooch around the shops."
mooching Adj. Idling away time, loafing.
mood hoover Noun. A person with a negative outlook on life, who depresses the enthusiasm and atmosphere of a situation or conversation. See 'hoover' (s.e).
moody Adj. Suspicious, not genuine. E.g."Don't buy any watches off that crook, they're well moody." [London use]
moo juice Noun. Milk. From moo meaning cow.
moolah Noun. Money. [Orig. U.S. 1940s]
moon Verb. To reveal one's naked buttocks, usually as an insult or bawdy jest. Presumably from the similarly rounded and usually pale appearence of the bottom.
moonraker Noun. A person from the town of Middleton, Manchester. Occasionally derog.
moose Noun. A physically unattractive person. [Late 1990s]
mopper-upper Noun. A person or thing with the job or task of mopping up.
moreish Adj. Appetizing and tasty when applied to foods, but generally inducing a desire for more. E.g."Hmmmm, this bakewell tart is very moreish."
moresome Noun. Group sex, usually implying the number of participants being greater than 3 which is traditionally called a threesome. [Orig. U.S.]
more (something) than soft mick Phrs. Having excess of something. E.g."Ever since she won the lottery, Jayne's got more money than soft mick."
mornge Noun. A whingey, feeble person. [Lancs/Yorks use]
morngy Adj. Moany, whingey, feeble. Also morngie and mawngy. [Lancs/Yorks use]
(the) morning after the night before Noun. The state of being in a hangover after the previous night's over-indulgence in drink.
morning glory Noun. An erection of the penis on waking from a night's sleep. Cf. 'morning wood'.
morning wood Noun. An erection of the penis that is evident on awakening from sleep. Cf. 'morning glory'.
morph Verb. To change shape or form, from the word metamorphosis. Popularized with the proliferation of digital film effects in horror/sci-fi films of the early 1990s, such as Terminator 2.
mortalled Adj. Drunk, intoxicated. [Scottish /Northern use?]
mosey Noun. A look around. E.g."I'm just going to have a mosey around the shops."
mosh Verb. To dance violently to rock music, and usually involving deliberate and aggressive pushing and collisions with other dancers. Originated with punk. [Orig. U.S. 1980s]
moshing Noun. A very physical and aggressive style of dancing enjoyed by grunge and thrash metal devotees. Cf. 'slam dancing'. [Orig. U.S.]
moshpit Noun. An area immediately infront of the stage at gigs where 'moshing' occurs. [Orig. U.S.]
mosquito bites Noun. Small breasts. Derog.
motherfucker Noun. A contemptible person. Occasionally shortened to mother. [Orig. U.S.]
mother's ruin Noun. Gin.
motorboat Noun. The act of shaking one's head from side to side whilst burying ones face between the ample naked breasts of a woman, and typically making a humming noise through relaxed lips which supposedly sounds like a motorboat.
Verb. To do a 'motorboat' (noun). E.g."I was motorboating with this woman at a party when her husband walked in."
motoring Noun. Proceeding quickly. E.g."Now we have some up to date machinery we are motoring through the work schedule."
mott Noun. Vagina.
mouse Noun. A female's sanitary tampon. From the vague physical similarities, i.e. having a body, tail, and from being white.
mouth off Verb. To talk loudly and without thought.
mozzy Noun. Mosquito. Also mozzie.
Mrs Palm and her five daughters Noun. The hand when used for masturbation. Sometimes also preceded by a visit to, or going to see. Also Mrs Palm and her 5 sisters. E.g."If he spends any more time with Mrs palm and her 5 daughters, then he'll forget how to have normal sex." Cf. 'Madam Palm and her five sisters' and 'Mary Palm and her five sisters'.
muck about /around Verb. 1. To mess around, or fool about. {Informal}
2. To idle away time. E.g."Are you mucking around up there, or tidying your bedroom?"
muck (someone) about /around Verb. To disrupt someone's plans by one's inconsiderate actions. {Informal}
mucker Noun. Friend. E.g."Alright my old mucker." [1940s]
muck in Verb. To join in and assist in an activity or task. {Informal}
muck (something) up Verb. To ruin something, to mess up. E.g."You really mucked that exam up didn't you?"
muck-up Noun. A bungled event. E.g."That quiet social round at Chris's last week was a right muck-up after inviting those rowdy rugby players."
mucky Adj. Rude, obscene, indecent. E.g."He's upstairs in his bedroom looking at mucky websites." {Informal}
mucky pup Noun. A dirty person, affectionate use and often applied to a child. E.g."Look at the state of your clothes, you mucky pup! You've been rolling around in the dirt with Billy again, haven't you?"
muff Noun. The female genitals. The innuendo being inclusive of pubic hair. [1600s]
Verb. To spoil or fail. E.g."She muffed her chances of winning the race when she stumbled at the last hurdle."
muff-dive Verb. To perform cunnilingus.
muff diver Noun. 1. A person who indulges in cunnilingus.
2. A lesbian.
muffin Noun. An idiot, fool. E.g."She made me look like a right muffin telling her friends about my yellow polkadot underwear."
muffin tops Noun. A roll of body fat, usually on females, that's visible above the waistline of trousers or skirts. The expression, if not coined by, was certainly popularized by Australian comic actresses on the TV comedy series Kath & Kim. [Early 2000s]
mufti Noun. Informal clothes, not one's formal work clothes. From the S.E. for plain or civilian clothes worn by someone who usually wears a uniform.
mug Noun. 1. A stupid or gullible person.
2. The face. E.g."Get your ugly mug out of my house, now!"
3. The mouth.
muggins Noun. A fool, someone easily outwitted, usually said with regard to oneself. E.g."That's right, leave it to muggins here, as usual I'll do the washing up." {Informal}
mugs away! Exclam. Losers to start! An announcement to prompt the beginning of a new game in which the losers of the last are given the chance to start. Originally a phrase from the game of darts.
mug's game Noun. A foolish activity. E.g."You won't get away with stealing cars for long, it's a mug's game." {Informal}
mug off (someone) Verb. To cheat, fool, deceive or disrespect (someone). E.g. "Don't get mugged off, always get second hand cars checked over and never buy one off the internet."
mug-shot Noun. A photographic portrait of the face. Often with regard to a police photo of a criminal or suspect. See 'mug' (noun 2)
mug up Verb. To revise, learn. E.g."I've been staying in at the weekends, mugging up for my exams." [Mid 1800s] {Informal}
mullered Adj. 1. Drunk, intoxicated by alcohol.
2. Physically beaten up.
3. Beaten, in competition. E.g."We got mullered in the football final."
mullet Noun. A style of haircut, shorter at the top and considerably longer at the sides and back, and popular in the 1970s.
mum Noun. Mother. {Informal}
Adj. Silent, quiet. Usually in expressions such as 'keep mum', or 'mum's the word'.
mumbo jumbo Noun. Meaningless or obscure words or ritual, often used to cause confusion, nonsense. E.g."I can't listen to all that psychoanalytical mumbo-jumbo, just give me some antidepressants." {Informal}
mum's the word Phrs. Stay silent, don't speak of this. E.g."Remember, if anyone asks you haven't seen me, mum's the word." See 'mum'. Cf.'keep mum'. {Informal}
munch Noun. Food, a snack. E.g."Can we stop at the next cafe and get a munch?" [South-east use]
munchies Noun. 1. The urgent hunger experienced after having smoked cannabis/marijuana.
2. Food, usually for snacking.
munted Adj. 1. Ruined.
2. Very drunk or intoxicated with drugs.
munter Noun. An particularly unattractive person, usually applied to women. Also spelt munta.
muppet Noun. An idiot, an objectionable person, an inept person. The word Muppet was coined by Jim Henson, American puppeteer, famous for the TV show of the same name. Apparently a blend of the words marionette and puppet.
murder Verb. To consume greedily. E.g."I'm so thirsty I could murder a cup of tea." {Informal}
muscle Noun. A collective term for sizeable and strong people, gathered to utilize their strengths.
muscle Mary Noun. A muscular, homosexual male.
mush Noun. 1. The mouth. E.g."Shut your mush you noisy git!"
2. A term of address, usually used to attract the attention of a stranger. Derived from the Romany for man.
mushies Noun. Abb. of mushrooms.
muso Noun. A musician or person particularly interested in music.
mustard Adj. Good, excellent.
mutant Noun. A foolish or objectionable person.
Mutt 'n' Jeff Adj. Deaf. Cockney rhyming slang on the cartoon characters created by Bud Fischer and popular after the Second World War. Cf. 'mutton'.
mutton Adj. Deaf. Abbreviated form of the rhyming slang 'Mutt'n'Jeff'.
mutton dagger Noun. The penis.
mutton dressed as lamb Noun. A woman who dresses in fashions usually associated with younger females.
mutt's nuts Noun. The best, the most excellent. A variation on the earlier expression, the 'dog's bollocks'.
my arse! Exclam. An exclamation of denial or disagreement. Alternatively phrased as 'my ass!'. E.g."Poor my arse! He earns at least thirty thousand a year."
my left foot! Exclam. A dismissive exclamation of denial or rejection.
myther Verb. See mither.
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