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vadge Noun. Vagina.
vagitarian Noun. Lesbian. A pun on vegetarian.
vanilla Adj. 1. Gay expression for conventional sex without any kinky extras such as bondage or sado-masochism. Frequently used in a perjorative sense.
2. Orthodox, conventional.
varda Verb. To look at. Mainly gay use and originating from Polari. Also varder, vardy, vada, and vardo.
veg Noun. Vegetable(s). E.g."We need to get some veg to go with the meat." {Informal}
veggie Noun./Adj. Abb. of vegetarian. {Informal}
veg-out Verb. To vegetate, chill-out.
Vera (Lynn) * Noun. 1. Gin.
2. Chin.
3. A skin, a cigarette paper. E.g."Buy me some veras and 10 Marlboro Light when you pass the newsagents."
* All senses from cockney rhyming slang. Vera Lynn, popular British singer best remembered for her songs during WWII.
verbal diarrhoea Noun. Incessant and aimless talk.
vertical bacon sandwich Noun. The female genitals, particularly with respect to the visible labia.
vibe Noun. The atmosphere or feelings in a situation. E.g."What was the vibe like at the match? Last time they met there was a riot."
vicky-verky Adv. Vice versa. A humourous and deliberate mispronunciation.
village Noun. 1. Useless, of no value, poor quality, not up to one's expected standards.
2. A country person, one unfamiliar with the sophisticated ways of city life. Derog.
3. An unsophisticated person, by extension of meaning 2.
...ville Suffix. Derived from the French ville meaning town and added to nouns and adjectives to intensify a certain quality, such as shitsville (a particularly awful situation), cheeseville (very trite). The origins of such combinations occurred during the beatnik and hippy counterculture years of the late 1950s and 1960s in the U.S. E.g."It was a club full of gorgeous people, sheer sexville."
vinegar strokes Noun. The last thrusts of sexual intercourse, or masturbation, just prior to reaching orgasm.
vino Noun. Cheap inferior wine.
vinyl Noun. Gramophone or phonograph records, not CDs.
voddy Noun. Vodka.
vom Noun. Vomit.
Verb. To vomit. E.g."I had gastric flu and felt like I was going to vom."
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