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dab hand Noun. A person highly skilled at a given task. E.g."He's a dab hand at programming and web design."
da bomb Noun. The best. [Orig. U.S./Black 1990s]
dabs Noun. Fingerprints. Generally police and criminal vernacular.
dab on Noun. A sweat on. See 'have a dab on'.
daft Noun. Silly, foolish. {Informal}
daft as a brush Phrs. Very silly, crazy. [Mainly Northern use]
daftie Noun. A fool, an idiot.
Dagenham Adj. Totally insane, crazy. Because on the London underground/rail transport system Dagenham (Heathway) station is 2 stops beyond Barking station. Barking is slang for crazy. See 'barking'.
Dagenham dustbin Noun. A Ford car. The Ford car manufacturer have a major engine plant at Dagenham, East London. Derog.
dago Noun. A foreigner, usually applied to Italians, Spanish and Portugese. Derog and offensive.
daisies Noun. Boots. Rhyming slang on daisy roots.
daisy chain Noun. A sexual act involving 3 or more people, during which each person simultaneously has sex with the person beside them in the group, thus forming a chain.
damage Noun. The cost, expense. E.g."What's the damage for the meal? Without the drinks!"
dancers Noun. Stairs. Also, but less commonly, jolly dancers and molly dancers. [North-west use]
dander Noun. A walk, a wander. E.g."Let's go for a dander up the river and get some fresh air." [Northern Irish use]
dangleberries Noun. Faecal remnants adherring to anal hairs.
dangly-bits Noun. The male genitals.
dannies Noun. Hands. [South Yorkshire use]
Danny (La Rue) Noun. A clue, an idea. Rhyming slang. Danny La Rue, British stage and TV drag artist and entertainer.
daps Noun. Plimsolls, trainers (footwear). [Welsh use]
dark Adj. Excellent. [Orig. U.S. 1990s]
darkie Noun. A black person. Also as darky. Derog/offens.
darn Adj./Adv. Extremely, very much, used an intensifier. A euphemism for damn. E.g."That darn fool needs reminding of who pays his wages." [Orig. U.S.]
David Gower Noun. A shower. Rhyming slang. David Gower, England cricketer in the 1980s. [1980s]
Deacon Noun. An imbecile, idiot. Derived from the name Joey Deacon, see 'Joey'. Derog.
dead Adv. Very, extremely. E.g."Our holiday was dead good."
dead cert Noun. A sure thing. E.g."It's a dead cert that the favourite will win."
dead chuffed Phrs. Extremely delighted. E.g."I'm dead chuffed we've found a vaccine for the virus." See 'dead' and 'chuffed'. [Mainly Northern use]
dead from the neck up Phrs. Unintelligent, stupid.
dead heat in a Zeppelin race Noun. Large breasts on a woman. E.g."Wow! Look at her, looks like a dead heat in a Zeppelin race."
Dear John Noun. A letter, usually from a female, terminating a relationship.
de-bag Verb. To remove a persons trousers, usually without their consent. Usually adolescent behaviour. See 'bags' (noun).
deck Verb. To physically knock down, to floor. E.g."I decked him and got arrested for fighting." [Orig. U.S.]
Dee Dah Noun. A person from Sheffield. Derogatory term, taken from the way they speak in Sheffield. [Yorks/Derbyshire use]
deek Noun. A look, a glance. E.g."Give me a deek at your magazine." [Yorkshire use/ North east use?]
deep sea diver Noun. A five pound monetary note (£5). Rhyming slang for fiver.
deep shit Noun. Serious trouble.
deep throat Noun. Fellatio involving the envelopment of the penis using the depth of the throat.
Verb. To fellate as in the manner of the noun, above.
deets Noun. Details, information. Abb. of details. Occ. as deats. E.g."I'll send you the deets by email." [Mid 1980s]
def Adj. Excellent, outstanding, perfect. [Orig. U.S. black]
deffo Adj./Adv. Certainly, without doubt. Abb. of definitely. Also as defo. [Orig. Aust.?]
def (someone) out Verb. To ignore (someone). Possibly originally deaf out, so therefore to ignore by not listening. E.g."I hate the way that she always defs me out when I say something." [Midlands use]
dekko Noun. A look or glance. From the Hindustani, dekho. [1890s]
Delhi belly Noun. A severe stomach upset. A common occurrence for Western travellers visiting countries of the East, such as India, hence the expression.
demic Noun. 1. A thing that is worn out or broken.
2. A derogatory term for a person who is constantly sick, a hypochondriac, someone in obviously less than good health.
Derby (Kelly) Noun. Stomach. Cockney rhyming slang on belly and often abbreviated to Derby Kel. Also Darby Kelly. [Early 1900s]
desk pilot Noun. An office clerk. Probably from 'fly a desk'.
Desmond Noun. 1. A jacket. Rhyming slang on Desmond Hackett, the renowned Daily Express newspaper sports reporter.
2. A university degree, grade 2.2. Abbreviation of Reverend Desmond Tutu, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize.
destroyed Adj. Drunk, very intoxicated with alcohol or drugs.
devil dodger Noun. A member of the church, or a strong believer in religion. [More commonly Navy use]
devil's dandruff Noun. Cocaine.
dhoby Verb. To wash, clean. Originally to do laundry, from the Hindu dhob meaning washing. Also dhobi, dobi, doby. [Services slang, mainly Navy use]
dhoby dust Noun. Washing powder. See 'dhoby'.
diabolical Adj. Bad, unpleasant, disgraceful, outragious. Frequently heard in the expression a diabolical liberty. E.g."The food was OK, but the service was diabolical."
dial Noun. A person's face.
diamond Noun. Wonderful, excellent. [Orig. London]
diamond geezer Noun. A really wonderful man, helpful and reliable; a gem of a man. A commonly heard extension to 'diamond'. [Mainly London use]
Dibble Noun. A policeman/woman. The name taken from the U.S. cartoon Top Cat, where the local policeman is called Officer Dibble. [N.W. England use.]
dibs Noun. A claim. E.g."I put dibs on tasting it first."
Verb. To put a personal claim on something. E.g."I made the cocktail so I dibs first taste."
dicey Adj. Risky.
dick Noun. 1. The penis.
2. A contemptible or foolish person.
dick around / about Verb. Mess around, idle away time. E.g."Tim's been dicking about in the back yard with that bloody football again."
dick breath Noun. A contemptible or obnoxious person.
dickend Noun. A contemptible person, an idiot.
dickfuck Noun. An idiot, a contemptible person.
dickhead Noun. A stupid person, a contemptible person.
Adj. Stupid, objectionable, annoying. Also dickheaded.
dicksplash Noun. A contemptible person. Cf. 'dicksplat'.
dicksplat Noun. A despicable person. Cf. 'dicksplash'.
dickwad Noun. A contemptible person, idiot. [Orig. U.S.]
dickweed Noun. A contemptible person.
dicky Adj. Unsound, likely to fail, unhealthy. Also spelt dickey and dickie. E.g."You can't seriously expect me to lift that box when you know I've got a dicky heart."
dicky-bird Noun. Rhyming slang for word. Usually heard in a negative sense. E.g."We've not heard a dicky-bird from Andy since he moved."
dicky bow Noun. A bow tie.
dicky dirt Noun. A shirt. Cockney rhyming slang. [Late 1800s]
dicky fit Noun. An emotional outburst, a tantrum. Also dickie fit. E.g."Don't even think about smoking Angela's last cigarette, she'll have a dicky fit."
dick pic Noun. A photograph that a man has taken of his penis, which is frequently to send to someone else without being requested.
diddicoy Noun. A gypsy. Also as diddicoi and didicoi. [Orig. Romany/dialect]
diddies Noun. 1. Women's breasts. [Scottish use]
2. Gypsies. Abb. form of 'diddicoy'.
diddle Verb. 1. To have sex with, and often used with reference to masturbation of the female genitals.
2. To swindle. {Informal}
diddly Noun. Nothing. E.g."There's diddly wrong with it." [Orig. U.S.]
diddly diddly music Noun. Onomatopoeic name for Irish folk music.
diddly-squat Noun. Nothing, zero. E.g."Due to the pandemic I've earnt diddly squat this year." [Orig. U.S.]
diddy Adj. Small.
diddy ride Noun. A masturbatory act involving the rubbing of the penis between a woman's breasts. Also diddyride. [N.Irish use]
die on one's arse Vrb phrs. To fail badly, to fail to get the expected response, often of a comedian or entertainer. E.g."The first night of his tour he died on his arse but by the last night he had them rolling on the floor laughing."
diesel (dyke) Noun. A butch lesbian. A little less derogatory than 'bull dyke'.
digby Noun. An idiot, an imbecile. Possibly from Digby hospital, a mental health facility that closed in the mid 1980s. [Devon/Exeter use]
dig (the grave) Noun. A shave. Rhyming slang. E.g."Can you give me 10 minutes, I need to have a dig and clean my teeth."
digs Noun. Lodgings, accommodation. {Informal}
dildo Noun. 1. A substitute penis used for sex. [1600s]
2. An objectionable or imbecilic person.
dilly-dally Verb. To dawdle, linger, loiter. {Informal}
dim Adj. Unintelligent, dim-witted. {Informal}
dimbo Noun. An idiot, a fool. From 'dim'.
dimmock Noun. An imbecile, an idiot. From 'dim'.
dimp Noun. The filter remnants of a smoked cigarette.
dimpsey Noun. Dusk, twilight. [Devon use/dialect]
din-dins Noun. Dinner. Originally a children's expression.
ding-a-ling Noun. Penis. Also as dingaling. [Orig. Black/U.S.]
dingbat Noun. An idiot.
ding-dong Noun. An argument, commotion, fight. {Informal}
dinge queen Noun. A gay male attracted to black homosexuals. Essentially offensive term due to the use of 'dinge', meaning black. Cf. 'curry queen', 'pissy queen' and 'scat queen'.
dingle Noun. A person from Burnley (Lancashire). Generally derog, and heard mainly in football circles, especially by rival Blackburn fans.
dingleberries Noun. Excrement that adheres to one's anal hairs. Cf. 'dangleberries'
dingus Noun. 1. A thing or contraption whose name you have forgotten {Informal}
2. A fool, an idiot, an objectionable person. [Orig. U.S.]
dingy Verb. To ignore (someone). E.g."He thought they were friends but she dingied him and went off with someone else." [Glasgow use]
dinky Adj. Small, cute, neat. {Informal}
dinlo Noun. An idiot, a contemptible person. Also as din and dinny. [Portsmouth use]
dip Verb. To pick pockets. E.g."We dipped shoppers all Saturday and had enough cash by the evening to get drunk." See 'dipping'.
dip one's wick Vrb phrs. Of males, to have sex.
dipping Noun. The act of picking pockets. See 'dip' (verb).
dippy Adj. Silly, empty-headed.
dipshit Noun. A despicable person. Derog. [Orig. U.S]
dipso Noun. A drunk, an alcoholic. Abb. of dipsomaniac. Derog. [1940s] {Informal}
dipstick Noun. A fool. Derog. [Orig. U.S.]
dirtbag Noun. A worthless, contemptible person.
dirtbox Noun. The anus.
dirty Adv. A general intensifier. E.g."There was a dirty great big spot on the end of his nose."
dirty-mac Noun. A worn or decrepid long raincoat or mackintosh, the sort stereotypically worn by men with a prediliction for exposing their genitals in public. See 'dirty mackintosh brigade'.
dirty mackintosh Noun. See 'dirty-mac'.
dirty mackintosh brigade Noun. Collectively, perverts or those who indecently expose themselves. Cf. 'long mackintosh brigade'.
dirty pillows Noun. Women's breasts.
dirty stop-out Noun. A person who has stayed out enjoying themselves beyond the expected time of return. Jocular usage.
dirty weekend Noun. A liberating weekend away from home for the indulgence in intimacies, either sexual or otherwise, with one's lover. {Informal}
dischuffed Adj. Displeased. Cf. 'chuffed'.
disco biscuit Noun. An ecstasy (MDMA) pill. Within the UK club scene it was originally a specific type of ecstasy pill, however, in the U.S. in the 1970s disco biscuits were qualudes. [Early 1990s]

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* also as donut.
dish Noun. 1. A sexually attractive person.
2. The buttocks. Gay use.
3. The face.
Verb. To smash, to break. E.g."Someone has dished all my car windows." [Merseyside use]
dish the dirt Vrb phrs. To reveal the truth or gossip. E.g."Mandy's always a good bet for dishing the dirt on celebrities who visit the restuarant."
dish out Verb. To hand out, to give out, to distribute. E.g."We dished out a thrashing to them in the semi-final."
dish up Verb. 1. To serve food. {Informal}
2. To hand out, to provide. E.g."We dished up a great performance and got a wonderful review in the local paper."
dishy Adj. Sexually attractive. {Informal}
diss Verb. To disrespect, ridicule, insult. E.g."No he can't come with us - he dissed me and my family." [Orig. Black English/U.S.]
div Noun. An idiot, a pitiable person, a contemptible person. Cf. 'divvy'.
dive Noun. A squalid place.
divvy Noun. Idiot. Derog.
divvy up Verb. To share out, distribute. {Informal}
dizzy queen Noun. A giddy and flamboyant gay male.
do Noun. A party or event. Frequently prefixed with the type of event, such as wedding do or leaving do. E.g."We went to a wonderful do at Rachel and Tom's at the weekend." {Informal}
Verb. 1. To physically assault, to beat up. E.g."I'll do him if he calls me an idiot again."
2. To have sex with. E.g."I did her throughout spring and until her boyfriend came home from university for the summer."
do a bunk Vrb phrs. To leave hurriedly, escape. E.g."He did a bunk, out of the bedroom window, when his parents came home unexpectedly."
do a runner Vrb phrs. Meaning the same as 'do a bunk', but often implying a departure without paying for a received service.
dob (in) Verb. To inform on, betray. [Orig. Aust./N.Z.]
dobber Noun. 1. A penis.
2. An idiot, a contemptible person.
3. Something very large. E.g."I've never seen a pizza so big, it was a real dobber, and we could only eat half of it between six of us." [Northern use]
4. An informer, a teller of tales. From 'dob'. [Orig. Aust./N.Z.]
5. A condom. [Leics use]
dobbing Adj. A general intensifier. E.g."This dobbing great idiot spilt my drink and didn't apologise, so I hit him."
doby Noun. Laundry. See 'dhoby'.
docking Adv. Extremely. E.g. "It was a docking big car, the size of a bus, and certainly not suitable for town driving."
docky Noun. A snack. [Norfolk/ Cambridgeshire/ Lincs. use]
docky time Noun. Mid morning break. See 'docky'. [Norfolk/ Cambridgeshire/ Lincs. use]
doddle Noun. An easy task. {Informal}
dodge a bullet Vrb phrs. To avoid a unwelcome situation, often by good fortune. E.g."I think I dodged a bullet by not going a date with her, as apparently she never pays for anything." {Informal}
dodgy Adj. Risky, suspicious, dubious. {Informal}
dog Noun. 1. A sexually unattractive person. Derog.
2. A foot, usually in plural as dogs and often heard used in the expression my dogs are barking. See 'dogs are barking'.
Verb. To play truant. Also doggin' it. [Scottish use]
dog and bone Noun. Telephone. Cockney rhyming slang.
dog-breath Noun. 1. A person with halitosis, bad smelling breath.
2. A contemptible person.
dog-end Noun. A cigarette end, the remnants of a cigarette after smoking.
dogger Noun. A person who engages in exhibitionist and anonymous sex in public places, or seeks out such activity in order to watch. Originally referred to a voyeur of sex. See 'dogging'.
doggie fashion Adj. An act of sex in the manner of dogs, that is, with both partners facing the same direction and on their knees.
dogging Noun. Anonymous, public sex between strangers, usually taking place in cars or outdoors and in the presence of voyeurs. E.g."I went dogging at the weekend, but just to watch." See 'dogger'.
(one's) dogs are barking Phrs. (One's) feet are tired and aching. E.g."Do you mind if I sit down, my dogs are barking!"
the dogs Noun. Greyhound racing. {Informal}
dogsbody Noun. A person who does the menial and boring tasks. {Informal}
dog's bollocks Noun. The best. E.g."This song is the dog's bollocks." Cf. 'cat's whiskers', 'bee's knees' and 'mutt's nuts'.
dog's breakfast Noun. A mess. E.g."I've made a bit of a dog's breakfast of that essay, and will probably have to rewrite it." Cf. 'dog's dinner'
dog's dangly bits Noun. The best. Later variation on the 'dog's bollocks'. See 'dangly bits'.
dog's dinner Noun. 1. A mess. Cf. 'dog's breakfast'.
2. See 'done up like a dog's dinner'.
dog's egg Noun. A lump of dog faeces.
doh! Exclam. Used to express realization that one has made a foolish mistake or things have turned out badly. {Informal}
do in Verb. To beat up, to kill.
doings Noun. Non-specific items, things one may have temporarily forgotten the name for. E.g."Tony, will you move all your, err... doings from the kitchen table?"
dole Noun. Social security benefits. See 'dole-ite'. {Informal}
dole-ite Noun. An unemployed person in receipt of social welfare. Also as doleite and dolite. See 'dole'. {Informal}
doll Noun. 1. A young and especially attractive woman.
2. Sweetheart. An expression of endearment, e.g. "Come on doll, it isn't that bad."
doll up Verb. To smarten up, to make attractive.
dollybird Noun. An attractive woman. Use is generally jocular and historical. [1960s]
do me a favour Phrs. A phrase meaning "you must be joking" or "are you kidding me?"
do me a lemon Phrs. Alternative version of 'do me a favour', see above. [London use]
done and dusted Phrs. Completed, finished. {Informal}
done in Adj. Tired out. {Informal}
done up like a dog's dinner Phrs. Smartly or extravagantly dressed. Usually disparaging use. {Informal}
done up like a kipper Phrs. 1. Caught in the act, caught red handed.
2. Put in a position of no hope.
dong Noun. A penis.
donger Noun. A penis.
donkey Noun. 1. A male, well endowed with a large penis, as in hung like a donkey. Also phrased as donkey-dick.
2. Something that doesn't come up to expectations. E.g."The car broke down within 5 miles so I think we can confidently say we've been sold a donkey."
donkey's (years) Noun. A long time. Often abbreviated to donkey's. E.g."It's been donkey's since I had a good night's sleep and I'm really tired." {Informal}
donnies Noun. Hands. [W. Midlands use]
don't (even) go there Phrs. Don't talk about that, please stay away from that subject. Fequently used as a warning.
donut Noun. See 'doughnut'.
doobie Noun. A marijuana cigarette. [Orig. U.S. 1960s]
doobrie Noun. Something whose name isn't known or has been forgotten.
doo doo Noun. Children's expression for faeces.
doofah Noun. A thing whose name has been forgotten or momentarily can't be recalled. Also as doofer.
doolally Adj. Mad, crazy, insane. A shortening of doolally tap, a madness that afflicted British soldiers in Deolali (Doolally), India. There's speculation as to whether the soldiers went mad whilst stationed there, awaiting the troop ship home, or that they were sent to the sanatorium there after going mad. Cf 'tapped'. [Late 1800s]
do one Verb. To go away. E.g."Listen, I'm going to do one and let you finish your work. I'll call you later."
do one's fruit Vrb phrs. To be extremely annoyed. E.g."Sharon's going to do her fruit when she finds David's interfering in her business again."
do one's head in Vrb phrs. To mentally disturb. E.g."Will you stop going on and on, you're doing my head in."
do one's nut Vrb phrs. To be very angry, to throw a tantrum, to get emotionally upset. E.g."The work was piling up, he couldn't do it all by himself but the boss was doing his nut."
doormat Noun. A person who is easily exploited, someone who is walked on and readily used by others.
doorstep Noun. A thickly cut slice of bread.
Verb. 1. To canvas or sell from door to door. {Informal}
2. Of a journalist or press reporter, to call on someone in their home on order to get an interview. {Informal}
doorstop Noun. A thick slice of bread.
dope Noun. 1. A stupid person. Derived from dopey. (s.e.)
2. General term for a narcotic drug.
Adj. Excellent, great. [Orig. U.S./Black]
dopehead Noun. An idiot.
Doris Noun. Wife or girlfriend. E.g."I'm taking my doris to the cinema to see the new Harry Potter film."
dork Noun. An idiot, a socially inept and objectionable person. [Orig. U.S.]
dose Noun. Euphemism for a venereal infection.
dosh Noun. Money.
do (someone) Vrb phrs. To have sexual intercourse with someone. E.g."Yeah, Johnny's doing that blonde who works in the tax office."
doss Verb. 1. To sleep rough, to sleep at a temporary place. E.g."I've been dossing at my mates." {Informal}
2. To rest, to idle away time. Often followed by about or around. E.g."I spent the weekend dossing around with my mates on Blackpool beach."
Noun. An easy task. E.g."That maths exam was a doss." {Informal}
dossdown Verb. To sleep rough. Also doss down. {Informal}
dosser Noun. 1. A person who sleeps rough, a homeless person. Derog.
2. A person who lives by exerting the least amount of personal effort. Derog.
dosshouse Noun. A cheap lodging house, refuge or shelter for the homeless. Also occasionally a house where one is temporarily staying. Also as doss-house.
do the business Vrb phrs. Do what is necessary to achieve the required result. E.g."If you don't do the business, we are going to fail." {Informal}
do the dirty on (someone) Vrb phrs. To betray, to cheat on (someone).
do time Verb. To serve time in prison. E.g."He's done time for shoplifting."
dotty Adj. Eccentric or slightly mad. E.g."My dotty Auntie Ethel is visiting this weekend." {Informal}
double bagger Noun. An ugly woman. So called because two bags would be needed to avoid having to see her during sex, one to cover her head, and one to cover one's own should her bag accidentally come off or rip.
double-bubble Noun. Double the amount.
double Dutch Adj. Nonsense, incomprehensible talk. {Informal}
double fuck! Exclam. Used to emphasise the numerous exclamationary uses of 'fuck'.
douche Noun. A contemptible person. Abb. of 'douchebag'. [Orig. U.S.]
douchebag Noun. A contemptible person. Also douche bag. [Orig. U.S.]
dough Noun. Money.
doughnut * Noun. 1. An idiot, a contemptible person.
2. A skilled manoeuvre in a motorized vehicle, whereby it is repeatedly spun on the spot through 360°, resulting in the tyres overheating and consequently leaving burnt rubber on the tarmac - in the shape of a doughnut.
Douglas Hurd * Noun. 1. A lump of excrement. Rhyming slang on 'turd'. [1980s]
2. A third (class degree). Rhyming slang. [1980s]
* Douglas Hurd, Tory government minister during the 1980s under Margaret Thatcher, and later John Major.
dout Noun. A cigarette butt. [Scottish use, Glasgow?]
downer Noun. 1. A tranquillizer.
2. Something that mentally depresses. E.g."It put me on a right downer, crashing the car, especially now when I have no money."
down in the dumps Phrs. Miserable, depressed. E.g."I'm not coming out tonight, I'm feeling a little down in the dumps."
down the pan Phrs. Wasted, lost, ruined. E.g."Oh well, that's another £1000 down the pan."
down under Noun. Australia. {Informal}
doylem Noun. An idiot, an objectionable person. Also doylum and doilum. [North-east and North Yorks use]
dozy Adj. Dimwitted, stupid, mentally slow. {Informal}
drag Noun. 1. Dressing in the opposite sexes clothes.
2. A draw on a cigarette.
drag queen Noun. A male homosexual who dresses in women's clothes and affecting extreme effeminate mannerisms.
drain the main vein Vrb phrs. Of males, to urinate.
drama queen Noun. Someone who makes an excessive fuss over a situation. Of the many queen names from the gay scene, this is widely used by heterosexuals of heterosexuals.
drangway Noun. An alleyway. [Devon use]
draw Noun. Cannabis or marijuana. Also phrased as a draw. E.g."Here mate, have you got a draw? I need something to help me sleep."
drawk Verb. To soak. [Yorks/North-east use. Dialect]
(the) dreaded lurgy Noun. Any unspecified or fictitious desease. Invented and popularized by Spike Milligan on the Goon Show. Jocular use. Also dreaded lurgi.
dreamboat Noun. A sexually attractive person.
dreamy Adj. Of a person, wonderful, delightful.
dreckly Adv. Immediately, straight away, although despite its meaning can also imply 'soon' or 'when ready'. From directly. [South-west use]
dressed (up) to the nines Phrs. Dressed very well and fashionably.
drink from the furry cup Vrb phrs. To perform cunnilingus. See 'furry cup'.
drinky poo Noun. A drink. Mock juvenile expression.
drip Noun. A feeble and boring person. Derog.
dripping with Phrs. Having an excessive amount of, usually in the context of wealth, such as jewellery or money.
drippy Adj. Ineffectual, overly sentimental.
drive-by Noun. The shooting of guns at a particular target from inside a car. Common with street gangs in U.S. and now occurring in Britain.
drive the porcelain bus Vrb phrs. To vomit. [Orig. U.S.]
drooth Noun. A thirst. [Scottish use]
drop Verb. To take drugs orally. The term drop acid being common.
drop a bollock Vrb phrs. To make a mistake. E.g."It was the third time in a week that he'd dropped a bollock. No wonder he got the sack."
drop a clanger Vrb phrs. To make an obvious mistake. E.g."The government dropped a clanger by ignoring the wishes of the populace and going to war."
drop anchor in poo bay Vrb phrs. To have anal intercourse. [1990s]
drop dead! Verb. An exclamation of annoyance directed at a person. [Orig. U.S.]
dropdead gorgeous Adj. Stunningly attractive.
drop one's guts Vrb phrs. To break wind. Occasionally shortened to just 'drop one'. E.g. "Jesus! What a stink, have you just dropped one?"
drop (someone) in it Vrb phrs. To land (someone) in trouble, to incriminate. A euphemism for dropping someone in the shit.
drop the C-bomb Noun. Use the the word 'cunt' in conversation, and implying how offensive it is to use it.
drop the kids off at the pool Vrb phrs. Euphemism for defecation. E.g."I cant even think about eating breakfast until I've had a cigarette and dropped the kids off at the pool."
druggie Noun. A drug addict or, more recently, used with reference to anyone who uses drugs to excess. Also spelt druggy. Derog.
Adj. Having a quality associated with that of recreational drugs and consequently the drug scene itself. E.g."I did like that new tune but it was a bit druggy and reminded me of psychedelic music."
drum Noun. A house, home.
drunk as a skunk Phrs. Very intoxicated with alcohol.
dry hump Verb. 1. To simulate sexual intercourse.
2. To sexually rub up against a person whilst fully clothed.
dry humping Noun. The act of simulating sexual intercourse, or sexually rubbing up against a person whilst fully clothed.
dry slap Noun. A punch. Expression allegedly invented by actor Mike Read for the Frank Butcher character he played in a TV soap, Eastenders. E.g."You'd better show him some respect before he gives you a dry slap." [1990s?]

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duch Noun. A term of address for a woman. Cf. 'dutch'.
duchess Noun. A term of address for a woman. Occasionally dutchess. Also abb. to 'duch'.
duck Noun. 1. A term of address.
2. A euphemism for 'fuck'. See 'give a duck'.
3. No score, zero points. From cricket. E.g."He went for a duck in his first innings." See 'out for a duck'. {Informal}
duckarse Verb. To wet the end of a cigarette, or joint, with saliva, thus making it difficult or unpleasant to smoke. [Northern use]
duckegg Noun. A fool, an idiot. [Northern use?]
ducker Noun. A stone, usually flat, used for skimming on water. [Dialect? Mainly Midlands use]
ducking and diving Phrs. Living by one's wits.
ducky Noun. A form of friendly address. {Informal}
dud Noun. An ineffectual or broken thing. E.g."Can I borrow another pen, that last one you gave me was a dud." {Informal}
Adj. Failing, faulty or of no value. E.g."Will you stop giving me dud pens!" {Informal}
duds Noun. Clothes.
duff Adj. Worthless, rubbishy, useless, false, bad. E.g."The product was duff, and information he gave us was duff."
duffer Noun. An inefficient or stupid person. Derived from 'duff'. E.g."What! You went out with that old duffer?"
duff up Verb. To beat up. E.g."He spends his time duffing up the young kids in the lower years at school."
dugs Noun. Female breasts.
duke Noun. A homosexual. Rhyming slang on Duke of Kent meaning 'bent'.
dukes Noun. 1. Hemorrhoids. Rhyming slang on Duke of Argyles, meaning piles.
2. Fists. E.g."Put your dukes up and defend yourself."
dull as dishwater Phrs. Very unexciting, exceedingly plain, boring. E.g."I'm not wasting my time watching another hour of this film, it's dull as dishwater." Cf. 'dull as ditchwater'.
dull as ditchwater Phrs. Very boring, unexciting. Cf. 'dull as dishwater'.
dumb ass Noun. An idiot. [Orig. U.S.]
Adj. Idiotic, stupid.
dumbnuts Noun. An idiot.
dumbo Noun. A stupid, slow witted person. Derog.
dump Noun. 1. An act of defecation.
2. A squalid place. {Informal}
Verb. 1. To defecate. E.g."Oh my God! The dog's just dumped on the living room carpet."
2. To finish a relationship with someone. E.g."She's got herself a bad reputation for dumping boyfriends after the second date."
dump all over (someone) Vrb phrs. To mistreat (someone), to unfairly criticize (someone). [Orig. U.S.]
dumpy arsed Adj. Small and chubby. E.g."He was a bit dumpy-arsed but he was very funny so I agreed to go on another date."
dunderhead Noun. An idiot, a fool, a stupid person. {Informal}
dune coon Noun. An Arab, or often more generally of/from the Middle East. Derog./Offens.
dunky Noun. A condom. [South Wales use]
dunno Phrs. I do not know. Informal verbal representation of the words don't know. {Informal}
dunny Noun. The toilet. [Orig. Aust.]
durbrain Noun. An idiot, a fool. Also duh brain and duhbrain. [1990s]
dustbin lid Noun. A child. Rhyming slang on kid. Cf. 'bin lid' and 'saucepan lid'.
dust bunnies Noun. Clumps of dust, usually found on the floor on the periphery of a room or under furniture. [Orig. U.S.]
dust-up Noun. A fight, a quarrel, a row, a disturbance. Also as dustup. E.g."We had a dust-up with our neighbours over parking." {Informal}
dutch Noun. Wife. Abb. form of 'duchess'. Occasionally old dutch. [Mainly London use]
dutch oven Noun. The act of breaking wind whilst in bed and to then hold one's partner's head beneath the covers.
dweeb Noun. An imbecile. [Orig. U.S.]
dwile Noun. A dish cloth, a rag. Also, dwile flonking, a pub game played at village fetes, involving a beer soaked rag. More details available at World Wide Words. [Mainly Suffolk/Norfolk use]
dyke Noun. A lesbian. Previously used as a derogatory expression but now used and accepted within the lesbian and gay scene. Cf. 'bull dyke' and 'diesel dyke'.
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