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ice Noun. Diamonds or more generally jewellery. [Orig. U.S.]
ick (!) Noun. 1. Something distasteful, unsavoury or disgusting. Derived from the adjective 'icky'. Cf. 'yuck'.
2. As the ick, a turn off in a relationship with someone who one previously found sexually attractive and desirable. E.g."I woke up in the morning with the icks, even after a fabulous night with him."
Exclam. Used to express disgust.
ickle Adj. Small, little. A mock juvenile shortening of the word 'lickle'.
icky Adj. Gooey or sticky, usually denoting unpleasantly so. {Informal}
idiot box Noun. A television set, with the implication of those that watch it are less intelligent. [Orig. U.S. 1950s]
iffy Adj. Unsound, incorrect, improbable, suspicious.
ignorant Adj. Not polite, disrespectful, rude. {Informal}
iky Adj. Frugle, stingy. [Dundee use]
I'll be buggered! Exclam. An exclamation of surprise.
I'll be buggered if... Exclam. There's no way. E.g."I'll be buggered if I'm going to help him after what he said about my sister."
I'll give you that Phrase. I accept what you've said, I admit that, I'll concede that you're correct. Also as I give you that.
I'll go to the foot of our stairs! Exclam. An exclamation of surprise. [Lancs/Yorks use]
in a bit! Exclam. Goodbye! See you later! When written, often combined into a single word, as inabit.
in a flap Phrs. In a state of worry and agitation. {Informal}
in bits Adj. Mentally confused, emotionally distressed, extremely upset. E.g."It's no wonder he's in bits, he's had two tabs of acid, four grams of coke and smoked an ounce of draw."
in bulk Phrs. Laughing. E.g."Sarah was in bulk all the way through the film." [Merseyside use]
in cahoots (with) Phrs. In league (with), colluding. [Orig. U.S.] {Informal}
in deep shit Phrs. In big trouble.
indie Noun. Abbreviated form of independent, often referring to a record label or film company.
(the) information superhighway Noun. The rather impassioned and premature title given to the World Wide Web which has lost popularity and is rarely used within the Internet community. [Late 1980s]
innie Noun. A navel or belly button that doesn't protrude, as is the case with the majority. Cf. 'outtie'.
innit! Exclam. A questioning statement. E.g."That's got to be the best goal ever, innit!"
inside Adj. In prison. E.g."I'm a bit out of touch, having being inside for the last two years"
inside job Noun. A crime committed against an organisation or property, by a affiliated person. {Informal}
in shtook Adj. In trouble. Various spellings such as shtuk, stook, schtuk, schtook and shtuck. Origin unknown despite some speculation of a Yiddish connection.
in the altogether Phrs. Naked. E.g."She walked in on Mike, screamed, and ran downstairs crying. Mind you he was in the altogether."
in the buff Phrs. Naked.
in the club Phrs. Pregnant. A contraction of in the pudding club.
in the doghouse Phrs. Out of favour. Said of a person. E.g."My dad's in the doghouse after getting drunk last night."
in the gods Noun. In the theatre, sitting in the upper tier, above the circle, which are usually the cheapest seats. {Informal}
in the niff Phrs. Naked. [Yorkshire use]
in the nuddy Phrs. Naked. {Informal}
in the scud Phrs. Naked. See 'scud mag'. [Mainly Scottish use]
into Prep. Interest, like what's your bag? E.g."What are you into?"
in your face! Exclam. A confrontational and derisory exclamation on getting a minor personal victory over someone or something.
irie * Adj. Nice, great, fine.
Exclam. Expressing approval or good wishes. Also as a greeting.
* [Orig. Jamaican. Mainly Black/Jamaican use]
iron Noun. A homosexual. Rhyming slang on iron hoof meaning 'poof'
I should cocoa! Exclam. I should say so! A London expression used with irony and often jocularly by those from outside the city. The cocoa or coco is rhyming slang for say so.
item Noun. A couple in a relationship. E.g."As you two are an item I've put you in the same bedroom."
ivories Noun. 1. Teeth.
2. A piano, and more specifically the piano keys
I would Phrs. Said on seeing an attractive person, meaning one would not object to having sex with that person.
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