English Slang & dialect of the UK

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habdabs Noun. Terror, the frights, nerves. A variation on the more commonly used 'abdabs'. Also occasionally screaming habdabs.
hack (it) Verb. To manage, cope. E.g."I'm giving up my job next week, I can't hack the stress."
hacked off Adj. Annoyed, depressed.
hacky Adj. Dirty, scummy. [N.E./Tyneside use]
ha ha! Exclam. A sarcastic verbally represented laugh exclaimed at a persons attempt at wit.
hair of the dog Noun. An alcoholic chaser which will help relieve the symptoms of a hangover, usually needed on the morning after a drinking binge. {Informal}
hair pie Noun. 1. The vagina. [Orig. U.S.] *
2. Cunnilingus. [Orig. U.S.] *
* Also hairy pie
hairy Adj. Frightening, alarming.
hairy-arsed Adj. Rough, primitive, unrefined, coarse. E.g."I can't imagine going out for a night at the opera with that hairy-arsed idiot."
hairy axe wound Noun. The vagina. Cf. 'axe wound'.
hairy clam Noun. The vagina. Cf. 'bearded clam'.
hairy eye Noun. A contemptible or suspicious glance. An abb. of 'hairy eyeball'.
hairy eyeball Noun. A contemptible or suspicious glance. [Orig. U.S.]
hairy muff! Exclam. O.K., that's reasonable! A pun on, and sounding like fair enough. Cf. 'furry muff', 'fairy snuff'.
half a mo Noun. A very short time. Abb. form of half a moment.
half-arsed Adj. Unenthusiastic, feeble, incomplete.
half-cut Adj. Tipsy, drunk but not incapacitated. [1800s]
half-inch Verb. To steal. Rhyming slang for 'pinch'. E.g."Yeah, I didn't have enough money so I half-inched it from my mum's purse." [1920s]
half-mast Adv. Not fully raised, partially up, especially when referring to trousers or a semi-erect penis.
half-pissed Adj. Drunk, but not incapacitated by alcohol.
half-sharp Adj. Stupid, dimwitted.
half soaked Adj. Slow witted or slow in movement, laid back. [South Wales/W. Midlands use]
hames Noun. A mess, a shambles. E.g."She made a complete hames of that meal, by overcooking the beef and making lumpy gravy." [Irish use]
ham-fisted Adj. Clumsy, bungling, especially when using one's hands. {Informal}
Hamilton Accie Noun. Pakistani. Rhyming slang for 'paki'. Hamilton Accies, an abbreviation of Hamilton Academicals, a Scottish football team from Hamilton, S.E. of Glasgow. Offens. [Scottish use]
hammer Verb. To take or do something to excess. E.g."I spent all yesterday hammering the booze and all last night throwing up."
hammered Adj. 1. Totally intoxicated. [Orig. U.S.]
2. Exhausted, used to excess.
hammy Adj. Over-theatrical. Usually applied to an actor. {Informal}
Hampsteads Noun. Teeth. From the Cockney rhyming slang Hampstead Heath, a suburb of London. Usually heard pronounced 'ampsteads. Cf. 'Newtons'. [Mainly London use]
Hampton (wick) Noun. The penis. Rhyming slang on 'prick'.
ham shank Noun. An act of masturbation. Rhyming slang for 'wank'. See 'wank'.
Hamsterdam Noun. An intentionally jocular mispronunciation of Amsterdam.
handbags Noun. A harmless altercation. Abb. of handbags at dawn, which in itself is a pun on pistols at dawn, a reference to duelling. E.g."When they discover we've spent the holiday money betting on a horse it's going to be handbags."
hand-job Noun. An act of masturbation. The expression usually represents the activity given by another person. E.g."She wouldn't go all the way so she gave me a quick hand-job instead."
handle Noun. A name, a nickname, a pseudonym, an alias. {Informal}
hand-me-downs Noun. Items, usually clothes, passed on to younger members of a family when they are outgrown.
hand-shandy Noun. An act of masturbation.
hang about! Exclam. Wait a moment! Hold on!
hang a left/right Vrb phrs. Turn left/right.
hanging Adj. 1. Unattractive, nasty, unsavoury. Usually pronounced hangin' and 'angin'. [North-west use]
2. Waiting about, loitering, lingering aimlessly. Abb. of hanging about or hangin' around.
hang on Verb. To wait for a short time. E.g."I hung on for 30 minutes but when she didn't show I decided to go to the movies instead." {Informal}
hang out Verb. To reside, to loiter, to pass the time.
hangout Noun. A place for passing time.
hangry Adj. Hungry and angry. A combination of those words.
hang tough Verb. To act tough and arrogant. [Orig. U.S.]
hang-up Noun. An emotional problem, a psychological disturbance. E.g."He needs counselling to sort out his hang-ups."
Hank Marvin Adj. Starving. From the Cockney rhyming slang as starvin'. Hank Marvin, musician/songwriter, best known for being the lead guitarist with the Shadows.
hanky-panky Noun. Sexual misbehaviour. [1900s]
happen Adv. Perhaps, maybe. E.g."Happen it's going to rain this afternoon." [Northern use. Dialect]
happy as Larry Phrs. Very happy.
happy as pig in shit Phrs. Very contented.
happy bunny Noun. A contented person. Usually heard used in a negative context when referring to depressed or miserable person. E.g."He's not a happy bunny, since losing his job."
happy clappy Adj. Of or characterized by those who participate in evangelical worship, which often involves enthusiastic participation. Derog.
Noun. A person who actively and enthusiastically participates in evangelical worship. Derog.
happy clappy brigade Noun. Collectively those with a very strong religious faith, who might be seen as been particularly public in their unity and preaching, such as a sect.
happy sack Noun. The scrotum/testicles.
happy slapping Noun. An adolescent, violent prank that involves smacking an unsuspecting person in the face, and filming the victims shocked reaction on mobile phones, to later share on social media. Not surprisingly in a quest for more extreme victim reactions happy slapping became increasingly aggressive so that it was viewed and treated as physical assault. [Orig. London. 2004]
hard Adj. Tough and unyielding, when applied to a person.
hard as fuck Phrs. 1. Exceptionally tough and unyielding. More emphatic than 'hard', see above.
2. Very difficult. E.g."That English exam paper was hard as fuck."
hard as nails Noun. See 'hard as fuck'.
hard-ass Noun. A particularly aggressive person.
hard case Noun. A tough, ruthless and unyielding person.
hard cheese! Exclam. Hard luck! Often said cynically or sarcastically.
hardcore Noun. 1. Explicit pornography.
2. The most dedicated, or seriously committed person.
hardhead Noun. An obstinate person.
hard-lines! Exclam. Bad luck! See 'hard cheese!'.
hard-nut Noun. An aggressive and tough person.
hard-on Noun. An erect penis.
hard-shit! Adj. Bad luck, how unfortunate. Expressed with irony or sarcasm.
hardstuff Noun. General name for strong alcoholic drink such as spirits (whiskey, vodka, brandy etc).
hard-up Adj. 1. Short of money, financially poor, impoverished. {Informal}
2. When followed by for, in need of (something), short of (something). E.g."Even when I was at school I was hard-up for friends."
Harry Hoofter Noun. A homosexual male. Rhyming slang on 'poofter'. [Glasgow use?]
Harry (Monk) Noun. Semen. Rhyming slang on 'spunk'.
Harry Tate * Noun. 1. A state, such as in a nervous or irritable one.
2. The number 8, as used in bingo.
3. First or chief mate, an officer rank in the Navy. [Navy use]
* All rhyming slang. Harry Tate, a comedian who performed in music halls and then films in the 1930s.
harvest festivals Noun. Of women's underwear, large, roomy bloomers, not briefs. A pun on the action of large underwear making sure everything is gathered in, such as is done at harvest festivals.
hasbian Noun. A lesbian who now identifies as heterosexual or bisexual. A combination of the words has been and lesbian. Derog.
hash Noun. Abb. of hashish, the drug. {Informal}
hashcake Noun. Cake made with the added ingredients of cannabis or marijuana.
hash-head Noun. A person who frequently or habitually uses hashish or marijuana.
hatches, matches and dispatches Noun. Births, marriages and deaths, usually in relation to newspaper columns.
hate someone's guts Vrb phrs. To utterly detest someone, to hate the very essence of someone. {Informal}
hatstand Adj. Crazy, insane. Cf. 'totally hatstand' and 'completely hatstand'.

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have Verb. 1. To have sexual intercourse with. E.g."Did you have him last night or not ?"
2. To get the better of. E.g."I'll have him for doing that to your sister", or "Your new car has had a respray but it's all rusted underneath; I reckon you've been had."
have a bag on Vrb phrs. In a bad mood, angry. [E. Midlands use]
have a bat in the cave Vrb phrs. To have visible nasal mucus visible up a nostril. Used euphemistically.
have a bog on Vrb phrs. To be in a bad mood. [E. Midlands use?]
have a bun in the oven Vrb phrs. To be pregnant. E.g. "Her mother's got another bun in the oven; she's six months gone and with 7 kids already!"
have a cow Vrb phrs. To have fit of anger, emotionally lose control. Often heard in don't have a cow. [Orig U.S.]
have a dab at something Vrb phrs. To attempt something. E.g."I had a dab at the army when I was young, but hated the discipline." [Mainly North-west use]
have a dab on Vrb phrs. To be hot and perspiring, consequently needing to mop or dab at the excessive sweat.
have an eppy Vrb phrs. Have a fit of fury. See 'eppy'.
have a face like... Vrb phrs. There a numerous pejorative expressions beginning with 'have a face like..', see 'face like a bag of spanners' etc.
have a face on Vrb phrs. To appear miserable, or annoyed. E.g."I didn't speak to Wendy all morning, she had a face on and I didn't want to be shouted out."
have a Mary Vrb phrs. To throw a tantrum, have a fit of anger. [Manchester use?]
have a pop at (someone) Vrb phrs. To verbally or physically attack (someone). Cf 'take a pop at (someone)'.
have arms Vrb phrs. To fight. E.g."John's still outside, having arms with that scary looking doorman who refused him entry." [London use]
have a screw loose Vrb phrs. To be a little insane or eccentric.
have a slate loose Vrb phrs. To be a little insane.
have a tortoise Vrb phrs. See 'have a turtle's head'.
have a turtle's head Vrb phrs. Have an urgent need to defecate. E.g."Hurry up! Let me in the toilet, I've got a turtle's head!" See 'turtle's head'.
have a weed on Vrb phrs. Be annoyed, angry. [Merseyside use]
have a whack at Vrb phrs. To attempt. E.g."I had a whack at plumbing in the new kitchen sink but I didn't have the tools so had to pay a professional to finish the job."
have egg on one's chin Vrb phrs. To have one's trouser flies open. Often used to warn another of this potentially embarrassing situation.
have had one's chips Vrb phrs. To have failed, been beaten or killed. {Informal}
have it Verb. 1. To go for it, in the sense of not holding back. E.g."We were having it last night, it was fantastic, but I can't remember a bloody thing after 3am."
2. An exclamation of encouragement, to a friend or colleague, to put everything into it. E.g."Go on my friend, have it!"
have it away Verb. To have sexual intercourse. E.g."I loved being at college in my late teens, having it away half a dozen times a week."
have it away (on one's toes) Verb. To escape, to run away.
have it large Verb. Total enthusiasm and committment to enjoyment and hedonism. E.g."We were having it large last night in town, like nobody's business."
have it off Verb. To have sexual intercourse. E.g."They had it off under a tree in the park."
have kittens Verb. To worry to excess. E.g."No wonder she was having kittens, preparing a buffet singled handed for 150 guests."
have one in the departure lounge Vrb phrs. To have a urgent need to defecate. E.g."Quick, let me in the toilet! I've got one in the departure lounge."
have one off the wrist Vrb phrs. To masturbate. E.g."You wont believe who I caught last night having one off the wrist whilst watching a porn video."
have one's work cut out Vrb phrs. To face a difficult task, to have plenty to do to achieve one's aim. E.g."I've got my work cut out trying to persuade my family to move half way around the world to live in Australia." {Informal}
haver Verb. 1. To talk nonsense. [Scottish & Northern use/dialect]
2. To hesitate, to be slow in making a decision. [Scottish & Northern use/dialect]
have someone by the proverbials Vrb phrs. To have complete power over someone. The proverbials referring to the 'short and curlies'. See 'have someone by the short and curlies'. See '(the) proverbials'.
have someone by the short and curlies Vrb phrs. To have complete power over someone. See 'short and curlies'.
have something coming out of one's arse Vrb phrs. To have excess of something. E.g."She's got a gorgeous boyfriend, millions in the bank, a 6 bedroom house in Kensington and charisma coming out of her arse."
have the decorators in Vrb phrs. Of a woman, to be menstruating. A euphemism. Cf. 'have the painters in'.
have the decorators in Vrb phrs. Of a woman, to be menstruating. A euphemism. Cf. 'have the painters in'.
have the painters in Vrb phrs. Euphemism for to be menstruating; a euphemism. Cf. 'have the decorators in'.
having a laugh (!) Phrs./Exclam. A phrase expressed to denote incredulity at a person's statement or behaviour. Often heard pronounced in mock Cockney as 'aving a larff. E.g."You're having a laugh! There's no way I'm loaning you money with your reputation with not paying debts."
head Noun. Oral sex. E.g."She gives good head."
head-banger Noun. A fan of rock music, usually wearing jeans and leathers. From their habit of shaking their heads violently whilst dancing.
headcase Noun. A lunatic, a mentally unstable person.
headfuck Noun. Something or someone that is mentally disturbing. E.g."I'm not inviting my sister's boyfriend, he's a headfuck and he'd ruin the party."
head-honcho Noun. Boss. The word honcho derives from the Japanese han'cho meaning group leader.
headlamps Noun. A woman's breasts.
head-the-ball Noun. A lunatic, an idiot. [Irish/Scottish use]
headtrip Noun. A pleasant exploration of a thought, a self-indulgent fantasy. [Orig. U.S.]
heap Noun. A thing that is old and delapidated, usually a vehicle.
heap of shit Noun. A disgusting or unsightly object or person. Cf. 'shit heap'
heart Verb. To love. From the use of the heart symbol ♥ to mean love. E.g."I heart my new shoes."
heave-ho Noun. Dismissal or rejection, often phrased as the old heave-ho. E.g."After 25 years in the job and all I've done for the business I've been given the old heave-ho." [Orig. U.S.]
heavy Adj. 1. OK! That's very agreeable. [Mainly London use]
2. Excellent! [Mainly London use]
3. Serious, profound, intense. E.g."I'd rather watch a comedy than something heavy and serious." {Informal}
heavy mob Noun. A group of muscular or tough people gathered together to utilize their collective strengths.
heck(!) Noun. Used to add emphasis to statements. E.g."We had a heck of a difficult journey, with the car breaking down 3 times on the way." {Informal}
Exclam. An exclamation of surprise, disappointment, frustration etc. {Informal}
heck as like Exclam. An exclamation of denial. E.g."Did he heck as like steel from his own mother!" {Midlands /North use}
heebie-jeebies Noun. An uneasy or very nervous feeling.
heifer * Noun. 1. A woman. Derog.
2. A fat woman. Derog.
* From the s.e. heifer, being a young cow who hasn't had a calf.
hellhole Noun. A thoroughly unpleasant place.
hells bells! Exclam. An exclamation of surprise.
helmet Noun. 1. The head of the penis, being similar in shape.
2. An idiot, an objectionable person.
hen Noun. A form of address or a term of endearment such as sweetheart. [Mainly Scottish use]
hench Adj. Of males, attractively muscular and strong. Possibly from henchman. [Orig. U.S?]
hen fruit Noun. An egg.
hen-pecked Adj. Under the control of a domineering female. A derogatory comment usually said of a husband.
Henry Noun. Drug parlance for an eighth of an ounce of cannabis/marijuana. An abbreviation of Henry VIII (Henry the Eighth or Henry the 8th), a British monarch of the 1500s.
Herbert Noun. An dull objectionable person. E.g."He's a real herbert, he watches the news and weather on TV all day."
here's looking at you! Exclam. A drinking toast.
here's mud in your eye! Exclam. A toast expressed before a drink. {Informal}
her indoors Noun. One's wife.
hick Noun. A rustic, rural dweller. Derog. [Orig. U.S.]
hickey Noun. A love bite. Also hickie. [Orig. U.S.]
hide the salami Vrb phrs. To have sexual intercourse. Often heard in the phrase play hide the salami. [Orig. U.S.]
hide the sausage Vrb phrs. To have sexual intercourse. Often heard in the phrase play hide the sausage.
high Noun. A intoxicated state. Usually these days, mainly with regard to drug taking. {Informal}
high as a kite Phrs. Very intoxicated by alcohol or drugs.
high five Noun. A greeting or gesture of celebration, whereby a person raises their palms high on an outstretched arm to be slapped by another person doing the same. [Orig. U.S.]
hilar Adj. Extremely amusing. Abb. of hilarious. {Informal}
himbo Noun. An attractive but unintelligent young man. The male equivalent of a 'bimbo'. A combination of the words him and bimbo. Derog.
Hinglish Noun. A hybrid language based on Hindi and English.
hinny Noun. An affectionate form of address. 'Geordie' pronunciation of honey. [Newcastle use]
hippyish Adj. Of or like a hippy. E.g."I don't like all those beads, they're a bit hippyish."
hippy Noun. A person who adopts the characteristic style of 1960s look with long hair, worn jeans, etc., whose rejection of conventional values is often embellished with drug taking. Often derogatory use.
Adj. See 'hippyish'.
hippy lettuce Noun. Marijuana. Also hippie lettuce.
his nibs Noun. A jocular and mocking title given to a self-important person. {Informal}.
hissy fit Noun. A tantrum, an angry outburst. E.g."She had a hissy fit when I told her I'd spent all my wages on lap dancers." [Orig. U.S. Late 1960s]
hit Noun. 1. An injection or dose of a drug.
2. A murder or violent crime. [Orig. U.S.]
Verb. To murder or rob. [Orig. U.S.]
hit and miss Noun. Urine. Rhyming slang on 'piss' (noun 1). Also see 'on the hit'.
hit for six Vrb phrs. To deal a severe blow, to vanquish, to affect someone severely. From the game of cricket and imagery associated with it. E.g."I had a dose of Covid in March and it knocked me for six." Cf. 'knock for six'. {Informal}
hit list Noun. A list of prospective victims.
hit the hay Vrb phrs. Go to bed. [1900s]
hit the road Vrb phrs. To depart, to set off. E.g."Shall we hit the road before the rush hour traffic starts." [Orig. U.S.] {Informal}
hit the sack Vrb phrs. Go to bed. [Orig. U.S.]
hit with the ugly stick Phrs. Of a person, very unnattractive, ugly. Cf 'beaten with the ugly stick'.
hi vis Adj. Abb. of high visibility, usually implying high luminescence. E.g."Have you got a hi-vis jacket?"
Noun. Generally refers to any highly luminescent clothing, worn for the purposes of safety. E.g."I'm not riding my bike on busy streets without hi-vis."
ho Noun. 1. A whore, a prostitute. [Orig U.S./ Black.]
2. A contemptible woman. Used by extension of version 1., that prostitution is generally thought of as disreputable. Offens.
hock Verb. To pawn. {Informal}
hod full Adj. A large amount. From the building trade and a hod full of bricks. Also as hodful.
hog Noun. A powerful high handlebarred motorbike. Usually ridden by bikers and hells-angels.
hogwash (!) Noun/Exclam. Nonsense, rubbish.
hoick Verb. To lift, or move, something bulky or heavy, often with a sudden movement. Also hoik. E.g."You cant hoick that piano up the stairs, you need some rope and pulleys." {Informal}
holding the folding Vrb phrs. Having adequate cash on one's person. The folding refers to monetary notes.
hole Noun. A despicable or undesirable place. E.g."You're welcome to come over to mine, but it's a bit of a hole."
hole in the wall Noun. A bank's externally accessible cash dispenser, an ATM.
holibobs Noun. Abb. of holidays. {Informal}
hols Noun. Abb. of holidays.
holy cow! Exclam. Expressing surprise or anger.
holy crap! Exclam. Expressing surprise or anger.
holy ghost Noun. Toasted bread. Rhyming slang on toast.
holy smoke! Exclam. Expressing surprise or amazement.
homeboy Noun. A male friend or acquaintance. [Orig. U.S.]
homie Noun. A friend. Also homey. [Orig. U.S.]
homo Noun. A homosexual man, and occasionally woman. {Informal}
Adj. Of, or relating to, homosexuality. {Informal}
honeypot Noun. The vagina.
honk Noun. A bad smell. E.g."There's a bad honk in here, has someone broken wind?"
Verb. To smell bad. E.g."It honks like shit in here, can I open a window?"
honk up Verb. An onomatopoeia for to vomit. Occasionally shortened to honk.
hoodie Noun. A casual jacket or sweatshirt which has a hood. {Informal}
honky Noun. A white person. Generally obsolete in use, but when heard, usually jocular. Can be derog/offens. [Orig. US/Black]
hooey (!) Noun. Nonsense.
Exclam. Nonsense!
hoof Verb. To kick, with force but without precision. E.g."At every opportunity I hoofed the ball up the pitch and away from our goal."
hoofer Noun. A homosexual male. Cf. 'hoofter'. [Mainly Scottish use?]
hoofter Noun. A homosexual male. Cf. 'harry hoofter'. [Mainly Scottish use]
hoo-ha Noun. A commotion, trouble, a row. E.g."There was a right hoo-ha at work yesterday when the boss was caught kissing the office cleaner."
hooker Noun. A prostitute. [Orig. and chiefly U.S.]
hooky Adj. Illegal, not legitimate.
hoolivan Noun. A police vehicle, a van, with protective windscreen grills for use during riots and civil disobedience, against hooligans.
hoon Noun. A lout, an irresponsible person. [Orig. Aust.]
hoon (around) Verb. To behave irresponsibly, especially when driving. [Orig. Aust./NZ]
hooray (Henry) Noun. A young male of the upper classes. Often abbreviated to hooray. E.g."I'm not going back to that bar again, it was full of hoorays drinking champagne and talking about how rich they are." Also Hurray Henry or Hurrah Henry. Derog.
hooter Noun. 1. A nose.
2. A woman's breast. Usually in the plural. E.g."Cor! Look at the hooters on her."
hop the wag Vrb phrs. To play truant. E.g."You see far too many school kids hopping the wag."
horlicks Noun. A mess. Dated expression and rarely heard. E.g."I made a complete horlicks of the situation."

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horn Noun. 1. A penile erection.
2. Sexual interest or excitement. E.g."She was so sexy, I had the horn for her all day."
horny Adj. 1. A feeling of sexual excitement. The expression originates from the similarity between the erect penis and a horn, however it is now firmly unisexual in usage.
2. Sexually desirable. E.g."Don't you think she looks so horny in that dress?"
horseshit (!) Noun. Rubbish, nonsense.
Exclam. Expressing disbelief, disgust.
* also as horse-shit.
hospital pass Noun. A pass in the game of football (soccer) to a team mate whose close proximity to a member of the opposition is likely to lead to that player receiving an imediate hard tackle and subsequent injuries. Phrase also used in other ball focussed contact sports, such as American and Australian football, and rugby.
hot Adj. 1. Sexually attractive. E.g."Have you seen Sam's new partner, my God is she hot!"
2. Of items of property, stolen. E.g."I've got to get rid of that car, it's hot and the police are out looking for it."
3. Of people, performing or working very well.
hot air Noun. Empty talk, nonsense.
hot knives Noun. A method of smoking cannabis without the aid of tobacco. A small piece of cannabis is pressed and burnt between two 'hot knives' and the resulting smoke, after being caught in a recepticle, inhaled.
hot rocks Noun. The red hot pieces of burning cannabis that occasionally fall from a 'joint' during its smoking.
(the) hots Noun. A strong desire, often sexual. E.g."I've got the hots for the new iPhone 12."
hottie Noun. 1. A hot waterbottle. {Informal}
2. A sexually attractive person. [Orig. U.S. 1990s]
hot to trot Phrs. 1. Eager for sexual intercourse.
2. Keen to move on, to leave.
hot-wire Verb. To start up an engine without the aid of keys.
hovis Adj. Dead. A progression from the rhyming slang 'brown bread', meaning dead. Hovis, a manufacturer of bread, particularly renowned for its production of brown bread. E.g."He's hovis when I catch him."
how are you diddling? Phrs. A greeting, such as How do you do?
howay Phrs. Let's go, or come on. [North-east use]
how goes (it)? Phrs. A greeting.
howler Noun. A blunder, a stupid mistake. Cf. 'schoolboy howler'. {Informal}
how's it hanging? Exclam. How are you? A greeting. Mainly male usage.
how's tricks? Exclam. How are you? A greeting not necessarily requiring a direct answer.
how's your father Noun. Sexual intercourse. E.g."I wouldn't go in the front room at the moment, I suspect your brother's having a bit of how's your father with his new girlfriend."
hoy Verb. To throw. [Cumbria /Northumbria /Tyneside use]
hozzy Noun. Abb. of hospital. [Northern use]
hubby Noun. Abb. form of husband. E.g."Where's your hubby tonight? Back at home playing with his train set?" {Informal}
hubbly (bubbly) Noun. A waterpipe used for smoking cannabis or marijuana.
huckle Verb. A arrest, sieze or remove forcibly. E.g."We got huckled by the police afer brawling on the street". [Mainly Scottish use]
huff Noun. A bad mood.
huggins Adj. Many, a large amount. E.g."I got huggins of presents for my birthday." [Yorkshire use]
hum Verb. To smell unpleasant. E.g."Don't eat that cheese, it's been out of the fridge for 3 days and is starting to hum." {Informal}
humongous Adj. Very large, huge, enormous. Also as humangous, humungous, humungus, humongus. [Orig. U.S.]
hump Verb. 1. To copulate. The word implies a certain insensitive awkwardness, see verb 2.
2. To shift something awkwardly. E.g."We need to hump that big wardrobe up to the attic before the new lodger arrives."
Noun. 1. Sexual intercourse.
2. A bad mood, a sulk. E.g."She's got the hump after being told she's put on weight."
hump day Noun. Wednesday, the middle of the standard working week, so after Wednesday it's all downhill to the finish. [Orig. U.S.]
humpty Adj. Annoyed, irritated. [Mainly Scottish use?]
hun Noun. A protestant and more commonly a supporter of Rangers FC, as opposed to Celtic FC who have a Catholic fan base. Cf. 'Tim'. [Glasgow use]
hung like a horse/donkey Phrs. Having a large penis. E.g."Apparently all the girls are saying he's hung like a donkey."
hunk Noun. A sexually attractive and masculine male. {Informal}
hunky Adj. Having the qualities of a 'hunk'. {Informal}
hunky-dory Adj. O.K., fine, erring on the side of wonderful.
hunners Noun. Many, numerous, hundreds. [Scottish use]
hurl Verb. To vomit. Onomatopoeic as much as very descriptive of the uncontrollable force of vomiting. E.g."I spent the whole of Sunday hurling and vowing to never drink again."
hustle Verb. 1. To obtain or produce something by aggressive means, often including deception. [Orig. U.S.]
2. To engage in prostitution. [Orig. U.S.]
Noun. An illicit or unethical way to conduct businesss, or of obtaining money, a racket, a swindle. [Orig. U.S.]
hutch up Verb. To move up, or along, thus creating space. E.g."Michael! Please will you hutch up and let me sit down?"
hyped up Verb. Over-excited, manic.
hyper Adj. Over-excited, nervous, agitated.
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