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British slang and language related sites:

  • Completely Lanky - a wonderful insight into the Lancashire dialect. Based on Dave Dutton's reyt funny book of the same name.
  • United Kingdom English for the American Novice - a listing of British words and phrases, from an American's perspective, including some slang, with definitions in American. (Last updated Jan 1996)
  • Everyday English and Slang in Ireland - a starting point for those interested in the rich language of the Irish, and although not strictly British, Anglo-Irish slang is very much a common part of UK English.
    irish slang
  • The Lovely Language of Northern Ireland - a collection of slang and colloquial expressions from Northern Ireland.
  • Huddersfield’s Unique Dialect - despite the pressures which have caused some other dialects to almost disappear, the local dialect of the Huddersfield area still survives.
  • Cockney Rhyming Slang - an interesting selection of the often enigmatic vernacular of London's East End.
  • Glesga Glossary - slang from Glasgow, including some favourite glesga phrases.
  • The Geordie Dictionary - a moderate collection of dialect and slang from Tyneside, in the North East of England.
  • Durham & Tyneside Dialect Group - words, literature, publications and a newsletter.
  • The Updated GonMad Cumbrian Dictionary - currently small but is sure to grow rapidly with the many rich dialectisms of Cumbria
  • The Lakeland Dialect Society - A glossary with accompanying news, publications and more.
  • Wenglish - the dialect of the valleys and townships of South Wales. John Edward's dictionary site of the Welsh/English dialectical oddity.
  • Ye Olde English Sayings - offers a revealing insight into the origins of some well-known British phrases, with a selection of alternative suggestions submitted by visitors.
  • A Common Language? - offering a selection of short but humourous articles on UK English.
  • Estuary English - written articles and links related to English spoken around London. Authored by the University College London.
  • Whoohoo - takes a light-hearted approach to the English language and allows the translation of phrases and emails into your choice of the British dialects, including amongst others Cockney, Scouse, Geordie, Scottish and Brummie.
  • The Routes of English - provides a selection of radio articles on dialect, the future of English and other relevant topics. Presenting audio clips from the BBC Radio 4 series on the English language.
  • The Yorkshire Dialect Society - publicity and website links.
  • Yorkshire Dialect Dictionary - good collection of dialect local to Yorkshire.
  • North Yorkshire Glossary - a BBC page & dictionary, with additional submissions from readers.
  • Language of the Potteries - a humorous look at the North Staffordshire tongue, illustrated with a few complimentary cartoons.
  • F.O.N.D. - Friends of Norfolk Dialect - dedicated to conserving, recording and promoting the linguistic and cultural heritage of the Norfolk dialect.
  • Slang on Twitter - get your weekly slang tweet on twitter.
  • Learn British English - weekly articles about British English.

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General English slang and comparative English-American language dictionaries:

  • The English/American dictionary - brought to you by Brit Mike Etherington who has himself lived in Texas for two years; the site has pages on people, motoring, around the house, food and drink and a general slang section. Also, now available for purchase, the book "The Best of British (The American's guide to speaking British)" by Mike Etherington.
  • The Septic's Companion formerly The English to American Dictionary - written by a Scot having spent time on the States, it presents the different use of English on both sides of the Atlantic; handy for the American visitor to Britain.
  • Roger's Profannisaurus - a humourous and very colourful collection of sexual slang and vulgarisms, collated and published by the Viz comic.
  • Alternative English Dictionary - one of many from the TAD (The Alternative Dictionaries) collection.
  • Urban Dictionary - "a slang dictionary with your definitions". A more entertaining than serious reference resource.

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US slang and language related sites:

  • Amerispeak - contains a selection of expressions associated with the US.
  • A Seattle Lexicon - for 'Lingo from the Far Corner' offering sections on geography, events, sports and coffee amongst others.
  • American Dialect Society - founded over a century ago and the only scholarly association dedicated to the study of the English language in North America.
  • Bay Area Hip Hop Dictionary - a good collection of slang from San Francisco, including Bay Area links.
  • Slang City - guide to American slang, including explanations of popular songs and movies, bad words, body parts and more.
  • A Historical Dictionary of American Slang - presents a unique way for studying slang. It contains over 2200 slang words with the centuries in which they were first printed.

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Australian slang:

  • The Aussie Pages - a light hearted dictionary of Australian slang and phrases, brought to you by Koala Net.
  • Australian Slang Vocabulary - learn everyday Australian words, phrases, sayings, and meanings with this Aussie slang guide.

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New Zealand sites:

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South African sites:

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Foreign language sites:

Drug related slang:

  • Drug Related Slang - a straightforward listing, and a part of a large site on drugs, including history, many related documents, and use of drugs. Originally compiled in the U.S. by the 'Drugs & Crime Data Center & Clearinghouse.'

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'Black' slang and rap:

  • Rasta Glossary - a great selection of Rastafarian language, presented by the Rasta Gear Shop.

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Gay/Lesbian slang sites:

Crime and Prison Slang:

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Other specialist slang sites:

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Miscellaneous dictionaries and other language related resources:

Other links (partner sites):

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