Abbreviations used in the dictionary

abb.- abbreviation Int.- interjection Poss. - possibly
Adj.- adjective Lancs - The county of Lancashire Prep.- preposition
Adv.- adverb Leics - The county of Leicestershire Pron.- pronoun
Aust.- Australia Lincs - The county of Lincolnshire s.e.- standard English
Cf. - compare with Notts - The county of Nottinghamshire U.S.- United States
Derog.- derogatory N.Z.- New Zealand Vrb phrs- phrase based on a verb
Exclam. - exclamation Offens.-offensive W.I.- West Indies
imper.- imperative Orig. - originating in Yorks - The county of Yorkshire
Informal - not slang but informal speech (formerly called a colloquialism) Phrs.- phrase  

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