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u-ee Noun. A u-turn. A term used by drivers.
ugly as sin Phrs. Very ugly.
umpteen Adj. Many, a lot of. E.g."There was umpteen colours to choose from."
Uncle Dick Adj. Sick, unwell. Rhyming slang.
Uncle Ned Noun. 1. The head. Rhyming slang.
2. Bed. Rhyming slang.
Uncle Tom Noun. A black person. Derog./Offens.
undercarriage Noun. A person's genitals.
undercrackers Noun. Underpants.
underground chicken Noun. A rabbit.
underkecks Noun. Underpants.
under the weather Phrs. Out of sorts, not currently in good health. {Informal}
unhinged Adj. Insane, mentally unstable and unpredictable.
uni Noun. Abb. of university.
unmentionables Noun. 1. A coy euphemism for undergarments. [1900s]
2. A coy euphemism for genitals.
unreal Adj. Fantastic, excellent, wonderful. An expression of approval. [Orig. U.S.]
up Adj. Intoxicated by drugs, high.
up and down like a whore's drawers Phrs. Of a person, unsettled, agitated, unrestful. Numerous variations exist, i.e. whore may be replaced by prostitute or tart, and drawers with knickers.
up and down like Tower Bridge Phrs. 1. Fluctuating, moving up and down.
2. Emotionally unstable
upchuck * Noun. Vomit.
Verb. To vomit.
* From 'chuck up', meaning to vomit.
up for it Phrs. Phrase encompassing the enthusiasm of a person for an event. Particularly evident within the British club scene in the 1990s with the crowd being 'up for it'.
uphill gardener Noun. A homosexual male.
up on blocks Phrs. Of a woman, menstruating and therefore unavailable for sex. From being out of service and unusable, like a vehicle in for repair.
upper Noun. A stimulant drug, usually amphetamine sulphate.
up shit creek Phrs. In serious trouble. An adaptation of the saying 'up the creek without a paddle', meaning the same.
up sticks Verb. To move on, to settle or live elsewhere. {Informal}
up the duff Phrs. Pregnant.
up the pictures Phrs. Broken, not in working order. E.g."My cooker is up the pictures at the moment, so we'll have to eat out."
up the spout Phrs. Pregnant.
up the suff Phrs. 1. Down the drain. [W. Midlands use]
2. Wasted, broken. [W. Midlands use]
up the swanny Phrs. In a hopeless situation. Meaning the same as 'up shit creek'.
up the wrong 'un Phrs. Up the anus. From up the wrong one.
uptight Adj. Frigid, conventional, stressed. [Orig. U.S.] {Informal}
up your bum! Exclam. 1. An angry and dismissive exclamation.
2. Cheers!
up your clunges! Exclam. A dismissive and angry exclamation. See 'clunge'.
up yours! Exclam. Exclamation of anger or defiance, usually directed at someone.
Uri (Geller) Noun. Stella Artois, a popular brand of lager. Rhyming slang on Stella. Uri Geller, famous for his involvement in scientifically unexplained phenomena, such as bending metal spoons by the use of the power of mind.
use one's loaf Vrb phrs. To think, to use one's ingenuity, to use one's head. Loaf (of bread) being rhyming slang for head.
use one's noggin Vrb phrs. Meaning the same as 'use one's loaf'.

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