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cabbage Noun. 1. A person in a catatonic state or seemingly brain dead.
2. The female genitals.
Verb. 1. To sit around doing little, to be idle. E.g."It was a great holiday, we just sat around cabbaging, topping up our tans and drinking cocktails."
2. To damage, to injure. E.g."Last year I cabbaged my knee playing football, and it's still not fully recovered" [Northern use?]
cabbaged Adj. 1. Intoxicated, by alcohol or drugs, to a state of uselessness. From being in a vegetative state.
2. Exhausted, extremely tired.
cack * Noun. 1. Rubbish, nonsense.
2. Excrement.
* Also 'kak'.
cacker Noun. 1. Gypsy, traveller. Derog. [South-east use]
2. General derogatory term for any number of people with various social or behavioural problems, such as petty criminals, troublemakers, 'chavs'. [South-east use]
cack-handed Adj. Clumsy, without manual dexterity.
cackhander Noun. A left handed person.
cack it / oneself Verb. To be terrified.See 'cack'. E.g."I cacked myself when I looked over the edge of the cliff at the sea 200ft below."
cacks * Noun. 1. Underpants. [Mainly Southern use?]
2. Trousers. [Mainly Southern use?]
* Cf. kecks
cacky Adj. Dirty, rubbishy.
caff Noun. A cafe.
cake-hole Noun. The mouth. E.g."Shut your cake-hole and get on with your work." Cf. 'pie-hole'.
call (someone) Verb. To insult (someone). [North-west use]
camel's hoof Noun. An impression of the female genitals/vulva as seen through tightly worn clothing. Cf. 'camel toe'.
camel toe Noun. An impression of the female genitals/vulva as seen through tightly worn clothing. Also camel's toe and camel toes. Cf. 'camel's hoof'. [Orig U.S./poss. 1970s]
camp Adj. An effeminate style and mannerism affected mainly by 'gays', however anyone can 'camp it up.' [1930s]
camp as a row of pink tents Phrs. Very 'camp' (see above), or gay. E.g. "He was a camp as a row of pink tents and wouldn't have been out of place in a Mr Gay UK competition." Cf. 'camp as a row of tents'.
camp as a row of tents Phrs. See 'camp as a row of pink tents' (above).
camp it up Verb. To overact in an affected manner. E.g."If you want to see people camping it up, walk down Canal Street in the Gay Village in Manchester on a Saturday night." See 'camp'.
cancer stick Noun. A cigarette. Cf. 'coffin nail'.
caned Adj. Intoxicated.
caner Noun. A person who indulges in excessive bouts of drug or alcohol use.
cane Verb. To hurt, to pain. E.g."It caned severely when I tried to walk on it, and I knew it was broken."
cane (it) Verb. 1. To travel at great speed. E.g."I caned it down the motorway and got there in record time."
2. To overindulge in drugs or alcohol. E.g."I've been caning whizz (amphetamine sulphate) all weekend and had no sleep for 3 days."
cank Verb. To talk, chat or gossip. [Midlands use/Dialect]
cankles Noun. Usually of women, fat ankles that lack definition and seem to merge with the calves of the leg. A combination of the words calf and ankle. Also occasionally 'kankles'. [Early 2000s. Possibly orig. U.S.]
canny Adj. Good, nice, pleasant. E.g."She was a canny lass." [Scottish/North-east use]
cans Noun. Headphones.
cant Verb. 1. To talk, to speak. [Midlands use/Dialect]
2. To tell tales, to lie. [Midlands use/Dialect]
can't be arsed Phrs. Can't be bothered. See 'arsed'.
cardie Noun. A cardigan. {Informal}
cark (it) Verb. To die. Also 'kark it'. E.g."Princess Diana carked it in car crash in Paris." [Orig. Aust. 1970s]
carpet Noun. 1. £3, £30, or £300.
2. A 3 month prison sentence. [Prison use]
3. In betting, 3/1. A double carpet being 33/1.
carpet muncher Noun. 1. A lesbian.
2. A person who performs cunnilingus.
carpet munching Verb. Performing cunnilingus.
carrot cruncher Noun. A person from the country, a rural dweller. Derog.
carrot top Noun. Nickname for a person with red/ginger hair.
carry out Noun. Alcohol brought from a bar with the intention of taking it home or away. [Northern use?]
carry the can Vrb phrs. To take responsibility for a mistake. E.g."I'm not carrying the can for your inability to control your kids." {Informal}
casey Noun. A leather football.
cast nasturtiums Verb. To sully a person's reputation. A pun on 'cast aspersions'.
catch flies Vrb phrs. To look blankly with one's mouth open.
catch some z's Noun. Get some sleep. Pronounced catch some zeds. Original U.S. version is pronounced catch some Zees.
catch you later! Exclam. Goodbye!
cat's pyjamas Noun. The best. Cf. 'cat's whiskers'.
cat's whiskers Noun. The best, most sublime thing or person. Cf. 'dog's bollocks' and 'bee's knees'.
cattle truck * Verb. 1. To have sexual intercourse.
2. To ruin, destroy. See 'cattled'.
* Rhyming slang for 'fuck'.
cattled Adj. Broken, worn out. From the rhyming slang 'cattle truck' and hence meaning 'fucked'. E.g."Looks like we are staying at home for the weekend, the car's cattled."
Cavalier Noun. An uncircumcised penis and consequently a male with such. Cf. 'Roundhead'.
chalfonts Noun. Haemorrhoids. Rhyming slang. From Chalfont St Giles, a town in Buckinghamshire, rhyming with piles.
chalk (farm) Noun. Arm. Rhyming slang.
champion Adj./Adv. Excellent. Also used as an exclamation. [Mainly Northern use] {Informal}
champs Noun. Abb. of champagne.
chang Noun. Cocaine.
channel surfing Noun. Switching from one television channel to another in search of an interesting programme. [Orig. U.S.]
chap Noun. 1. A man. E.g."This chap came up to me and told me to shut my mouth." {Informal}
2. A form of address. Usually associated with the speech of the upper classes. E.g."I say old chap, fancy joining us for a gin and tonic?" {Informal}
chapel hat pegs Noun. Erect and prominent female nipples.
char Noun. Tea. From the Chinese cha.
charged Adj. High on drugs. [Orig. U.S.]
charity-case Noun. A person deemed rightly or wrongly to be in need of charity, whether poor or handicapped in some manner. Derog.
Charlie Noun. 1. Cocaine. Probably the most commonly used slang term for this drug.
2. A fool, an idiot.
charlies Noun. Women's breasts.
charlie's dead! Exclam. A euphemistic warning for your petticoat or slip is showing. An expression rapidly becoming obsolete with the changing of fashion away from wearing such items.
charver Noun. 1. A boy, or adolescent male.
2. A close friend, a 'mate'. [Northern use?]
3. An unruly, young person, typically wearing casual, brand-name sportswear, such as Nike, Adidas and Reebok. Usually more associated with poorer, urban environments. Also 'charva'. Derog. [Mainly North-east use]
chase the dragon Vrb phrs. To smoke heroin by burning the drug on foil and inhaling the smoke through a tube.
chattin' shit Vrb Phrs. Talking nonsense.
chat up Verb. To talk flirtatiously with someone, to make sexual overtures. {Informal}
chav * Noun. A person, usually of poorly educated, working class origin, who dresses casually in designer sportswear and vulgar jewellery. Chavs are generally viewed as an ignorant under-class with a propensity for criminal or loutish behaviour. Usually derog. [Orig. South-west. Popular from early 2000s]
* For a more indepth view and etymology see Chav
chavette Noun. Specifically a female version of a 'chav', see above.
chavtacular Adj. Of 'chav', see above, or related them in some excessive way or major extent. Another chav related expression created during the chav obsessed early 2000s. Cf. 'chavtastic'.
chavtastic Adj. Of, or related to 'chav', see above. E.g."He was wearing a Burberry baseball cap, Rockport boots, tracksuit bottoms and a fat gold chain draped around his neck - it was the most chavtastic sight to behold this year."
chavvy Noun. A child. [Polari]
Adj. Of, or like a 'chav'. See above.
cheap as chips Phrs. Extremely cheap. Chips, referring to French Fries, and from the period when they were considered an inexpensive meal.
chebs Noun. Female breasts.
cheeky chappy Noun. Affectionate name for an attractively impudent person or animal, one who may make one readily smile.
cheeky monkey Noun. A light-hearted name for a verbally impertinent person.
cheerio! Exclam. Goodbye! {Informal}
cheers! Exclam. 1.Goodbye!, a parting salutation. {Informal}
2. Thank you!, an expression of gratitude. This is the globally accepted and most understood of the uses of cheers. {Informal}
cheese Noun. Smegma. Alluding to the look of this male bodily secretion and perhaps the smell.
cheesed off Adj. Fed up, angry.
cheeselog Noun. A woodlouse. [Berkshire use]
cheesy Adj. Corny, cheap and hackneyed.
cheesy (quaver)

Noun. 1. A favour. E.g."Oh God! Do my a cheesey quaver, will you? Dont make me get up early tomorrow morning."
2. A raver, a person into the lifestyle and music of hardcore house and techno. [1990s]
* Both definitions from rhyming slang. Quavers, Cheese Flavour - a potato snack manufactured by Walkers Snack Foods Ltd.

cheggers Adj. Pregnant. Rhyming slang on preggars. Also occasionally spelt cheggars. See 'Keith Cheggars'.
chelp Noun. Impudence, cheek, especially by a child to an adult. E.g." I want you on your best behaviour when the vicar calls; any of your chelp and you'll be grounded for the week." [Midlands/Northern use. Dialect]
Chelsea smile Noun. A knife slash, or scar, from the corner of the mouth across the cheek.
Chelsea tractor Noun. A 4-wheel drive vehicle (SUV) which is used mainly in urban areas.
chemicals Noun. A euphemism for chemically manufactured illicit drugs, such as MDMA, Amphetamine Sulphate or LSD, as opposed to Cannabis etc.
cherry Noun. Virginity as in to lose one's cherry. Previously applied to the hymen but now the term is used by both sexes. One is also able to lose one's anal cherry. Cf. 'pop someone's cherry'.
chesticles Noun. Women's breasts, often implying either small or cute.
chevy (chase) Noun. The face. Cockney rhyming slang. [Mid 1800s]
chewny Noun. Chewing gum. [Scottish use]
chew the fat Vrb phrs. To chat. E.g."Yeah, come round and join us, we're just chewing the fat over a glass or two of wine."
chewy Noun. Chewing gum.
chib *

Noun. A knife or blade. From the Romany chiv, or chive, meaning knife
Verb. 1. To slash, stab or cut off.
2. To smash someone on the face with a bottle and slash with the broken shards.
* Also chiv.

chicken Noun. 1. A young person. Very common on the gay scene for an attractive young male.
2. A game of courage in which competitors dare one another to complete a given task. Usually a game of adolescence.
Adj. Cowardly. {Informal}
chick flick Noun. A film (flick), often romantic and with a happy ending, and typically enjoyed by females (chick).
chick with dick Noun. A male to female preoperative transexual, usually very feminine looking, with breasts and male genitals, a shemale. E.g."Last time I visited Bangkok the streets were lined with chicks with dicks, and they were so gorgeous too."
chief Noun. 1. A general term of address.
2. A contemptible person. E.g."I'm not sitting next him, he's a fuckin' chief and I'll likely punch him before the meeting's finished." [London use]
chieftain (tank) Noun. An act of masturbation. Rhyming slang on wank. [Mainly London use]
chill Verb. To relax, take time out. Abb. of 'chill-out'. E.g."Hey calm down! You'll have a heart attack unless you learn to chill a little."
Noun. A time of relaxation. E.g."Are we having a chill tonight? Watch some TV, drink a little wine, and go out clubbing tomorrow night?"
chillax Verb. To relax, to take time out. A combination of the words chill and relax. [Orig. U.S. Mid 1990s?]
chillaxing Adj. Relaxing. See 'chillax'. [Orig. U.S.]
chilled Adj. Relaxed.
chilling Noun. Relaxing, taking time out. Often heard as chillin'. From 'chill out' (verb).
chill-out Verb. To relax.
Noun. A time or place where people chill-out, often whilst on drugs or in a hot sweaty club.
chill pill Noun. Something that reduces anxiety and stress, and promotes relaxation. Mainly used figuratively in phrases such 'take a chill pill'.
chin (someone) Verb. To hit someone on the chin. E.g."I'm going to chin that idiot if he doesn't shut up."
china Noun. A term of address, usually friendly. Derived from the cockney rhyming slang china plate, meaning mate. E.g."Alright china! How's it going then?"
ching Noun. Cocaine.
chinglish Noun. Pidgin English, a mixture of Chinese and English.
Chinky Noun. 1. A Chinese person. Offens.
2. A Chinese restaurant or takeaway. Offens.
3. Chinese food, often a takeaway meal. Offens.
Adj. Chinese in nature. Offens.
chinless wonder Noun. A person of the wealthy upper classes, who lacks depth of character and/or intelligence. Derog.
chin-wag Noun. A conversation or chat.
Verb. To chat, talk.
chip Verb. To leave, go. E.g."I've just had a call from Alex; he's waiting for us at the station - we'd better chip." [Orig. Black use]
chippy Noun. 1. A chipshop. {Informal}
2. A carpenter. {Informal}
chirps Verb. To chat up, to talk flirtatiously. E.g."I had a great night chirpsing the girls, and got the phone numbers of 3 gorgeous blondes." [Mainly London use]
chisel Noun. Cocaine.
chocker Noun. Chocolate. Also chocko or the more childlike term chockies.
Adj. Very crowded, busy. Also phrased as chocko. From the expression chock-a-block.
chocolate drop Noun. A black person. Offens.
chocolate fireguard Noun. A useless thing. Usually heard in phrases such as "as useless as a chocolate fireguard." Cf. 'chocolate teapot'
chocolate starfish Noun. The anus.
chocolate teapot Noun. A useless thing. Usually heard in phrases such as "as useful as a chocolate teapot." E.g. "A car without wheels is as useful as a chocolate teapot." Cf. 'chocolate fireguard'
choice Adj. The best, excellent. E.g."Your new boyfriend is choice; we get on really well."
choke the chicken Vrb Phrs. To masturbate. E.g."It's no wonder you're tired, spending every waking hour choking the chicken!"
chokey Noun. Prison.
chonged Adj. Very intoxicated with marijuana or cannabis. From the verb 'chong it'.
chong it Verb. To smoke marijuana/cannabis constantly. Possibly from the series of movies featuring the characters Cheech and Chong, both heavy marijuana smokers. [North West use?]
choochie face Noun. Affectionate term of address, often used with respect to children and babies.
chopper Noun. The penis.
choppers Noun. Teeth.
chops Noun. The mouth.
chopsing Verb. Chatting. E.g."We spent the night chopsing in the bar and didn't get to see the film." [Stoke use]
chopsy Adj. 1. Chatty. [Welsh/Stoke use]
2. Moody, annoyed.
chord Noun. A bad mood. E.g."Sarah's in a right chord after smudging her lipstick just before the photograph was taken." [Widnes/Merseyside use]
chordy Adj. Moody. See 'chord'. [Widnes/Merseyside use]
chore Verb. To steal. From the Romany cor, to steal. E.g."You can't go choring senior citizen's pension books, it's unethical, even for a thief."
chow Noun. Food.
Verb. 1. To eat.
2. To reprimand, tell off. [Hull/Yorkshire use]
Chrimble Noun. Christmas. Cf. 'Crimbo'.
chrome dome Noun. 1. A bald head.
2. A man with a bald head. Derog.
chubby chaser Noun. A person who finds fat people attractive. More commonly used on the Gay scene.
chubbychops Noun. Jocular and affectionate term of address for a podgy person.
chuck Noun. An term of endearment. E.g."Come on chuck, let's go out whilst the sun's shining."
Verb. 1. To vomit. E.g."Harry's done his usual, he's missed the toilet and chucked all over the floor."
2. To terminate a relationship. E.g."I'm going to chuck her at the weekend, she's really annoying me with her moaning."
chucking out time Phrs. The time when a public house, or bar, closes and asks their customers to leave the premises.
chuck it down Vrb phrs. To rain, often heavily. E.g."I think we should stay in and order a takeaway, it's chucking it down."
chuck one's guts up Vrb phrs. To vomit. E.g."He's had his head down the toilet all night chucking his guts up."
chuck one's muck Vrb phrs. To ejaculate semen. E.g."He chucked his muck and stained the sofa."
chuck up Verb. To vomit. E.g."I can't come to work, I've been chucking up all night."
chud Noun. Chewing-gum.
chuddy Noun. Chewing-gum.
chuff Noun. 1. Rubbish, nonsense. E.g."That film was boring, too long, and generally just total chuff."
2. The anus. [Orig Aust.]
3. The vagina.
4. A passing of wind from the anus, a 'fart'.
Also used as a euphemism for 'fuck' in expressions such as the denial - "Did I chuff!"
Verb. To break wind. E.g."She chuffed just as we were saying grace before dinner"
chuffed Adj. Pleased, delighted. Compare with 'dischuffed' and 'chuffed to buggery'. E.g."I'm well chuffed at the result." [1950s]
chuffed as nuts Adj. Extremely pleased.
chuffed to buggery / fuck Adj. Very pleased. E.g."She's chuffed to buggery that they are marrying before the baby is born."
chuffer Noun. 1. A contemptible person.
2. An annoying, difficult or disappointing occurrence. E.g."It's a right chuffer, breaking my leg just before the football season starts."
Chuffer is a euphemism for 'fucker'.
chuffer (train) Noun. A train. Children's talk. Also chuff chuff.
chuffing Adj. An intensifier, and euphemism for 'fucking'. E.g."That chuffing idiot scratched my favourite CD and now it sticks on the third track."
chuffin 'ell! Exclam. Expressing anger, surprise etc. A euphemism for 'fuckin hell'.

Noun. A person paid to collect for charity by signing up people to make regular donations, often by direct debit. Working on busy shopping streets chuggers are often young people and will usually be seen carrying clipboards. The term is a cross between charity and mugger. [2002]

chuggy Noun. Chewing gum. [Scottish use]
chump Noun. 1. A fool, a disliked person. {Informal}. Derog.
2. The head.
chunder * Noun. Vomit.
Verb. To vomit. E.g."I just made it to the toilet before I chundered."
* [Orig. Aust.]
chung Adj. Attractive. Mainly teenspeak. [2000s]
chunner Verb. To mutter, grumble, talk incessantly. E.g."He's always chunnering on about nothing, he bores me silly."
chunter Verb. Meaning the same as 'chunner'. {Informal}
chutney ferret Noun. A homosexual male. Derog.
cig / ciggy Noun. A cigarette. {Informal}
clagnuts Noun. Faecal remnants adhering to the anal hairs or fur. Also clag nuts.
clanger Noun. A mistake or blunder. Cf. 'drop a clanger'.
clap Noun. Gonorrhoea. [1500s.]
clap eyes on Phrs. To notice. E.g."He clapped eyes on her across the dancefloor and knew he was falling in love."
clapped out Adj. Worn out, broken. Usually applied to machinery. E.g."That car's just a clapped out heap of junk that needs scrapping."
Claire Rayners Noun. Trainers (the footwear). Rhyming slang. Claire Rayner, known mainly for her role as TV/newspaper agony aunt. [1990s]
claret Noun. Blood. From its colour.
clarty Adj. 1. Sticky, gooey, messy.
2. Dirty. [Scottish use]
class Noun. Of distinction, high quality, excellent. E.g."We went to the boxing last night - it was class fight that went the full distance."
clayhead Noun. A person from Stoke on Trent. Stoke, in the Midlands of England, is commonly called the Potteries.
clean Adj. Having no drugs, weapons or illicit goods on one's person. E.g."You can't arrest me officer, I'm clean!"
clegnuts Noun. Faecal remnants that are stuck to the anal hairs, or fur on animals. Also cleg nuts.
clemmed Adj. Hungry. Also spelt 'klempt'. [Wigan use. Dialect]
clemmy Noun. A stone or brick for throwing. [N. Yorks/ N.E. use]
clever-clogs Noun. A person who is or claims to be clever or have greater knowledge. Also clever-dick. {Informal}
climb the walls Vrb phrs. To reach a state of severe agitation through stress or worry. E.g."He's been climbing the walls waiting for his exam results."
clingin Adj. Unpleasant, disgusting. [Scottish use]
cling-ons Noun. Excrement that adheres to anal hairs, or fur on animals. Also clingons. Cf. 'klingons'.
clink Noun. Prison. It is derived either from the name of Clink Street, London, on which a prison was situated, or from the sound of doors locking.
clinkers Noun. Excrement that adheres to anal hairs, or fur, on an animal.
clippie Noun. A bus conductor. The employee, extra to the driver, who checks and supplies tickets whilst on the bus. From their clipping of tickets. {Informal}.
clit Noun. Abb. of clitoris.
clobber Noun. Clothes and personal belongings. {Informal}
Verb. To hit. E.g."I clobbered him over the head with a pool cue and made a break for the exit."
clock Verb. 1. To notice. E.g."Once I clocked him looking suspicious, he left the shop without stealing anything."
2. To hit or punch. E.g."I'm going to end up clocking that idiot if he doesn't shut his big mouth!"
Noun. The face.
clodhopper Noun. A large heavy shoe. [1830s] {Informal}
clone Noun. A distinct type of 'gay' image, being stereotypically masculine and epitomized by short hair, bristle moustaches, jeans or leathers. A good example being the 1970s 'gay' icons, The Village People.
closet Noun. The condition where one's homosexuality is concealed. 'Coming out of the closet' implying living true to one's sexuality.
clot Noun. An idiot, fool. Derog. {Informal}
cloth-ears Noun. Someone who has poor hearing or doesn't pay attention to imparted information. From the {Informal}uial adjective cloth-eared - deaf.
clout Noun. Vagina.
clown's pocket Noun. A large or spacious vagina.
cludgie Noun. A lavatory. Also shortened to cludge.
clue up Verb. To inform.
clued up Adj. Knowledgeable, informed. E.g."He's well clued up about the local music scene."
clunge Noun. The anus.
clusterfuck Noun. A disasterous situation, a mess up, a shambles.
cobblers (!) Exclam. An exclamation of disagreement. Derived from the noun.
Noun. Rubbish, nonsense. From the rhyming slang cobblers awls, meaning 'balls'.
cob Verb. To throw. [Northern use]
Noun. A bread bun or loaf. {Informal}
cob on Noun. A temper. E.g."She had a right cob-on when I told her I'd spent all our holiday money."
cock Noun. 1. The penis. [1400s]
2. A term of address, usually affectionate. E.g."Right cock, that'll be 46 pence please. Would you like it in a bag?"
3. Rubbish, nonsense.
cock a snook/snoot Vrb phrs. To openly show contempt or disrespect. From the action of placing one's hand infront of the face with thumb touching the nose and fingers spread and extended, used to express contempt. {Informal}
cocker Noun. A friendly form of address, usually to a male. Also 'old cocker'.
cockhead Noun. A contemptible person, an idiot.
cock jockey Noun. A homosexual male. Derog.
cock knocker *

Noun. 1. A contemptible person. [Orig. U.S.?]
2. A homosexual male. [Orig. U.S.?]
* Also cockknocker and cocknocker.

cockle Noun. Ten, usually in a monetary sense. Abb. of cockerel and hen. Cockney rhyming slang. [1800s]
cock snot Noun. Semen. See 'snot'.
cocksucker Noun. A contemptible person.
cockteaser Noun. A person who sexually teases males.
cock-up Noun. A mess, a shambles.
Verb. To make a mistake, to ruin. E.g."I've cocked up again and my wife's left with the kids."
cod Verb. To hoax, to joke. E.g."Stop codding me and tell me the truth."
codger Noun. An elderly male. Usually prefixed with 'old'. {Informal}
codhead Noun. A person from Fleetwood. A traditional fishing port in the county of Lancashire.
cods Noun. Testicles.
codswallop Noun. Nonsense.
coffin dodger Noun. An elderly person. Derog.
coffin nail Noun. A cigarette.
coggy Noun. See 'croggy'. [NE Midlands/Northern use]
coin it (in) Verb. To make large amounts of money, to profit. E.g."He's coining it now he's opened a shop on the high street."
coke Noun. Cocaine.
coked up Adj. To be intoxicated with cocaine.
colder than a witch's tit Phrs. Very cold, when applied to the weather, or air temperature.
coldfish Noun. A person who is unemotional or insensitive.
(the) cold shoulder Noun. The act of deliberately ignoring. Derived from the s.e. verb - to cold shoulder. E.g."She smiled straight at me but I gave her the cold shoulder."
cold turkey Noun. Withdrawal from addictive drugs and the consequential pains and discomfort, including goosepimples, hence the name.
collywobbles Noun. A feeling of nervousness or discomfort in the stomach. {Informal}
come Verb. To orgasm. The common slang convention of mispelling words also gives us the variation 'cum'.
Noun. Sexually ejaculated fluid, usually applied to semen and regularly spelt 'cum'.
come a cropper Vrb phrs. 1. To fall heavily.
2. To fail.
comedown Noun. The depression and tiredness after the cessation of a bout of drug taking.
come 'ed Phrs. Come on. Abb. of come ahead. [Liverpool use]
come it Verb. To act in an impudent manner. E.g."Don't come it with me! I said you can't have any more money."
come on Noun. An enticement, often potentiating a relationship.
Verb. To begin menstruating. A commonly used euphemism.
come onto Verb. To 'chat up'.
come out Verb. To openly reveal one's homosexuality. Cf. 'out' and 'closet'.
commando Noun. Without underwear. See 'go commando'.
Commie Noun. Abbreviation of Communist. Usually derog.
common Noun. Abb. of common sense.
common as muck Adj. Very common, usually applied to an unsophisticated and uncultured person. Derog. {Informal}
common or garden Phrs. Ordinary, plain. {Informal}
complete and utter Adj. Total. Usually prefixing derogatory terms such as 'bastard' or 'twat'.
completely hatstand Adj. Crazy, insane. Originally from Viz comic. Often abb. to 'hatstand'. Cf. 'totally hatstand'.
con artist Noun. A confidence trickster.
conflab Noun. A chat, conversation. Also the variation confab. From confabulation. E.g."Before we set off, let's have a conflab about which route we should take." [Informal]
confuzzle Verb. To confuse. Also confuzzled, confuzzling. [Orig. U.S.]
conk Noun. The nose. {Informal}
conkers Noun. Testicles. A Conker (British) is the hard shiny nut of the horse chestnut tree.
conk out Verb. 1. To breakdown, often of machinery. E.g."I may be late, my car's conked out so I'm getting the bus to work."
2. To become unconscious.
cooking with gas Vrb phrs. To succeed, to proceed well. E.g."After a beer, the work went well. We were cooking with gas."
cool (!) Adj./Exclam. 1. Excellent, great. [Orig. U.S.]
2. OK. [Orig. U.S.]
coolio (!) Adj./Exclam. 1. Excellent, great. [Orig. U.S.]
2. OK. [Orig. U.S.]
coon Noun. A black person. Derog/Offens.
cop Verb. 1. To commune with someone sexually desirable, occasionally in so much as having sex. An abbreviation of 'cop off.'
2. To take. E.g."Cop hold of this hammer whilst I get the spanner." Also Cop this! - a facetious remark said immediately prior to an aggressive act.
3. A policeman/woman. Abb. of 'copper'. [Mid 1800s/Orig. U.S.]
Adj. Value, worth. Heard in expressions such as 'no cop' or 'any cop'.
cop a feel Vrb phrs. Get a feel of something, often applied to a grope of a sexual nature. E.g."Is it any wonder that she reported him for sexual harrassment, he always copped a feel of her bottom whenever she walked past his desk."
cop a plea Vrb phrs. Plead guilty to a reduced charge.
cop-it Vrb phrs. To get into trouble.
cop off Verb. To commune with someone sexually desirable, occasionally in so much as having sex. E.g."I copped off with a gorgeous girl last night." [Orig. North England]
cop-out Noun. An excuse, an avoidance of guilt. [Orig. U.S.]
Verb. To withdraw from participation. E.g."Rumour has it that Johnny's copped-out."
copper Noun. A policeman/woman. [Orig. U.S. Mid 1800s]
cop-shop Noun. A Police Station.
cop some zeds Phrs. To sleep.
cor! Exclam. Corruption of the word God, used as an exclamation of surprise. See 'cor blimey'.
cor blimey! Exclam. This mild exclamation of surprise is a corruption of the oath god blind me.
corker Noun. An excellent thing or person.
corking Adj. Excellent, splendid.
corn beef legs Noun. Legs with mottled, blotchy skin, reminiscent of the meat, corn beef.
corned beef Adj. Deaf. Rhyming slang for deef, a Scottish pronunciation of deaf. [Glasgow use]
corporation pop Noun. Water. Dated expression. See 'pop'. [Northern use]
correctomundo Adj. Correct. Usually as exclamation and in a patronising manner. Also correctomondo.
Corry Noun. Abb of Coronation Street, the British 'soap'. See 'Brooky' and 'Stenders'.
cosh Noun. A heavy stick or bar used as a weapon. {Informal}
Verb. To hit over the head with a cosh (see noun). {Informal}
cost a bomb Verb phrs. To be very expensive.
cotch Verb. To relax. [Orig W.I.]
cottage Verb. The act of soliciting illicit and anonymous sex in a public place by male homosexuals. The 'cottage' will often be a public lavatory; taking its name from when such UK conveniences looked cottage like.
cotton on Verb. To become aware, to notice. E.g."I cottoned on to the scam (trick) when I saw him wink at that woman." {Informal}
couch commando Noun. The person at home who has control of the TV remote controller. Also couch commander. [Orig. U.S.]
couch potato Noun. A lazy person who idles away time, usually watching the television. [Orig. U.S.]
cough (up) Verb. To hand over something, or reveal some information, often reluctantly. E.g. "I've already coughed up a month's wages, and can't afford any more."
couldn't organise a piss-up in a brewery Phrs. Of a person, totally incompetent.
couldn't stop a pig in an alleyway Phrs. Having bow legs. Occasionally heard as couldn't stop a pig in a ginnel, - a Midlands/Northern variation whereby ginnel is dialect for alleyway.
council gritter Noun. Anus. From the rhyming slang on 'shitter'. See 'shitter'.
council pop Noun. Water. Cf. 'corporation pop'.
coupon Noun. The face. [Scottish/Irish use]
cow Noun. 1. A contemptible woman, a 'bitch'. Derogatory, but often used less aggressively, as an affectionate aside, as in 'silly cow', see also 'moo'.
2. A difficult or objectionable task or thing. E.g."It was a cow of a job, and took twice as long as I expected."
cowbag Noun. A contemptible female.
cowboy Noun. A person who is unscrupulous and unqualified in business. Often with regard to 'cowboy' builders.
cowboy outfit Noun. A group of people, unscrupulous and unqualified in business, working under the guise of a respectable business.
cowing Adj. Euph. for 'fucking', when used as an intensifier. E.g."That cowing bastard from the sales team got the promotion to manager."
cow juice Noun. Milk.
cozzie Noun. A swimming costume.
crabby Adj. Moody or short tempered.
crabs Noun. 1. Pubic lice.
2. The RAF (Royal Air Force ). [Military use]

Noun. 1. Freebased cocaine. The name derives from the sound made during its manufacture. [Orig. U.S.]
2. The vagina.
3. Between the buttocks.
4. As the crack, the situation, news, gossip. E.g."So what's the crack with this argument that you and Sonya have been having?" [Orig. Irish]
5. Pleasure, fun. From the Irish craic. E.g."Last night was a crack, especially with Mandy doing that drunken striptease." See 'good crack'. [Orig. Irish]
6. Women, viewed as sexual objects. Offens.

cracker Noun. 1. A thing that is excellent. E.g."That West End show was a cracker." {Informal}
2. An attractive person, particularly a woman. {Informal}
crackers Adj. Crazy.
crackhead Noun. An addict of 'crack' (freebased cocaine).
cracking Adj. Brilliant, wonderful. E.g."They gave a cracking performance last night and got a well deserved 5 minute standing ovation."
Adv. An intensifier such as extremely, outstandingly. E.g."We had a cracking good time last night."
cracking (the) flags Phrs. 1. Very hot weather.
2. Raining heavily.
crackling Noun. A sexually desirable woman or women.
(the) crack of sparrow's fart Noun. Dawn, or specifically the crack of dawn. E.g."I was out of bed at the crack of sparrow's fart this morning."
crack on Verb. To progress, to go quickly. E.g."We'll crack on with the meeting after lunch." Cf. 'get cracking'.
crack one off Verb. To masturbate, with reference to the male. E.g."As soon as he has a spare 2 minutes, he's off to the toilet and cracking one off."
crack on to Vrb Phrs. To come onto somebody, to make sexual advances. E.g."She was cracking on to me all night, and every other bloke at the club."
crackpot Noun. An insane or eccentric person.
Adj. Mad, eccentric, unworkable. E.g."I'm not going along with Suzanne's crackpot ideas."
crack up Verb. 1. To breakdown with laughter.
2. To mentally breakdown. {Informal}
cradle snatcher Noun. A person who dates or marries someone considerably younger than themselves. Derog.
crafty butcher Noun. A homosexual male. From delivering meat via the 'backdoor'.
crank up Verb. 1. To increase, often with reference to the volume of music.
2. To inject drugs. E.g."He cranked up some more smack (heroin) and passed out on the floor."
crap (!) Noun. 1. Nonsense, rubbish, something useless or not good.
2. An act of defecation.
3. Faeces.
Exclam. An exclamation of disbelief, annoyance.
Verb. To defecate. Defecate is infact a euphemism meaning to purify or cleanse. E.g."He crapped behind a tree and wiped his arse (anus) with a huge leaf."
Adj. Rubbishy, of no worth.
crapbag Noun. A generally disparaging term for a person, or thing.
crapper Noun. A toilet.
crappy Adj. Rubbishy, useless, of poor quality.
crash Verb. 1. To share, loan or borrow. E.g."That's the third cigarette you've crashed off me in the last hour!"
2. To temporarily stay over or sleep at a place other than at one's own usual abode. E.g."Can I crash at yours tonight? It'll cost too much for a taxi home."
Noun. The situation of crashing (See 'crash' verb). E.g."Come on, get your cigarettes out, it's your crash."
crash out Verb. To pass out due to intoxication or tiredness.
crate Noun. A delapidated vehicle. Derog.
crater face Noun. A face with pock marked skin or the person with such a face.
craven Adj. Greedy. [Orig W.I./Black use]
crawl Verb. To be obsequious. {Informal}
cream Verb. 1. To ejaculate. To cream oneself implies great sexual excitement, but often used figuratively.
2. To succeed. E.g."I thought I'd creamed my exams but I failed all but one."
cream crackered Adj. Tired out, exhausted. Rhyming slang on 'knackered'.
cream one's jeans / pants / knickers Vrb phrs. To be very excited, so much so that one figuratively ejaculates. Not always necessarily sexual excitement. E.g."I creamed my pants when I first saw Emma, she's one sexy lady."
creampie Noun. The view of recently deposited semen oozing from a vagina or anus. An expression originating in the porn industry. [Orig U.S.]
crease Noun. The anus.
crease up Verb. To laugh heartily. E.g."I creased up when he spilled coffee on his suit, the next day he gave me the sack."
create Verb. To make a fuss, to complain. E.g."If she's going to create all night, then I'm going home to get some peace and quiet." {Informal}
cred Adj. That which is acceptably fashionable, abb. of credible. See 'street cred.'
creep Noun. A contemptible person, in particular, one who is fawning.
Verb. To act obsequiously. {Informal}
creepy-crawly Noun. An insect, or spider, usually viewed distastefully. E.g."Don't go in the cellar, it's damp and full of creepy-crawlies." {Informal}
creps Noun. Trainers, sports footwear. [Mainly London use/2000s]
crewage Noun. A gang, closeknit group of freinds. From crew.
crib Verb. 1. To copy, usually in an underhand or unfair manner. {Informal}
2. To complain, grumble. Uncommon usage.
crikey! Exclam. Used to express surprise or astonishment.
Crimble Noun. Christmas. Cf. 'crimbo'.
Crimbo Noun. Christmas. Also spelt Chrimbo. Cf. 'Chrimble'. {Informal} [1980s]
crimp off a length Vrb phrs. To defecate.
crimp one off Vrb phrs. To defecate.
cringeworthy Adj. Likely to promote embarrassment or apprehension.
crinkly Noun. A geriatric person. From the appearence of their aging skin. Derog.
croak Verb. 1. To die.
2. To kill. E.g."I'm going to croak that idiot if he doesn't shut up soon."
crock Noun. Nonsense. Abb. of 'crock of shit'.
crock of shit Noun. Nonsense, a worthless thing, of poor quality. E.g."Why not buy a new car? Yours is ancient, it's a crock of shit."
croggy Noun. A pillion ride on a single seat bicycle. Cf. 'backie' and 'coggy''. [NE Midlands/Northern use]
crotch rot

Noun. General term for a sexual infection of the genitals, or venereal disease.

crown Verb. To hit on the head. E.g."Can you see a lump on my head? I've just crowned myself getting up."
Croydon facelift Noun. A style of haircut, as worn by females, and typically associated with the working classes. It involves pulling the hair into a pony tail, and tying it so tightly at the back of the head that the resulting skin across the face is pulled taught, as though from a facelift. Usually derog.
crozzle Verb. To dry out and become crispy due to burning or heat. E.g."I've thrown out last night's pizza, it was all crozzled." [Yorkshire use]
crucial Adj. Great, excellent, essential. E.g."I'm going to buy that new tune by the Kaiser Chiefs, it's crucial."
cruckle Verb. To twist one's ankle, to fall over on one's ankle. [Rochdale use/Dialect?]
crud (!) Noun. Rubbish, something useless.
Exclam. An exclamation of disagreement.
cruddy Adj. Useless, unpleasant, cheap and nasty.
cruise Verb. To search for a sexual encounter. Originates from when U.S. teenagers would 'cruise' around in cars looking to pick up some company. The expression is mainly used on the 'gay' scene. [Orig. U.S. 1950s]
cruising for a bruising Vrb phrs. Acting in a manner that will get one into trouble, or a fight. [Orig. U.S.]
crumbs ! Exclam. A mild exclamation of surprise or amazement.
crumpet Noun. Sexually desirable person. E.g."The club was bursting its walls with crumpet." {Informal}
crusty / crustie Noun. A person whose looks share that of the 'hippie' travellers of the 1990s and being stereotypically scruffy, with long dredded hair, wearing boots and black clothes; generally having the appearance of being homeless. Usually derog. E.g."I used to enjoy my local music festival, but these days it's just full of crusties drinking cider and smoking weed."
cry on (about something) Vrb phrs. To complain (about something). E.g."She wont stop crying on about my bad language, but she swears more than anyone I know."
cuddy wifter Noun. A left handed person. [Northumbria use/dialect?]
cuffy Adj. Scruffy, unkempt. [N. Midlands use]
culchie Noun. A rural dweller, a bumpkin, a yokel. Mainly derog. [Irish use]
culture vulture Noun. A person keen to acquire culture. {Informal}
cum Noun/Verb. See 'come'.
cum bucket Noun. A sexually prosmiscuous woman, or similar homosexual man. Derog.
cunning stunt Noun. A spoonerism on stunning cunt, and adopted by users for its comic ambiguity and numerous meanings, ranging from an impressive female to an objectionable person.
cunny Noun. The female genitals. Derived from 'cunt'.
cunt (!) * Noun. 1. The female genitals.
2. Women from a sexual viewpoint. Offensive.
3. A despicable person. Derog. and coarse, and with its associated meanings is consequently particularly offensive.
4. A very familiar term of address. E.g."Hello you old cunt, how are you? You're looking well."
5. A difficult thing or task. E.g."I'm not offering to help him move house, he's got a piano and it'll be a cunt of a job to shift it."
Exclam. An exclamation of anger, surprise, frustration, disappointment.

* Undoubtedly the most offensive and taboo of all vulgarisms, and particularly so to women, however its use is becoming more frequent. Consequently it is gradually losing its offensiveness and perhaps will in due course become as accepted as 'fuck' in its use. The word goes back to Middle English, cunte, and before then it can only be speculated upon, however some believe its origins lie with the Latin, cuneus, meaning wedge.
cuntchops Noun. A general term of address, often depreciatory, and occasionally used affectionately. Also cunt chops.
cunted Adj. Very intoxicated by drink or drugs.
cunt-face Noun. A contemptible person. Also cuntface.
cunt-faced Adj. Very intoxicated.
cunting Adj. An intensifier. E.g."If this cunting weather doesn't improve within the next 24 hours we'll have to cancel the whole trip."
cuntox Noun. A contemptible person.
cuntrag / cunt rag Noun. A contemptible person.
cunt struck Adj. Sexually besotted by a woman. Also cuntstruck.
cunty Noun. A contemptible person.
cuntybaws * Noun. 1. An objectionable person. [Scottish use]
2. Occasionally used as a term of address. [Scottish use]
* From cuntyballs.
cuppa Noun. A cup of tea or lately also referring to coffee. The term is a contraction of cup of. {Informal}
curl one off / down Verb. To defecate. E.g."We were so pleased when she stopped wearing nappies and happily curled one off on her potty."
currant bun Noun. 1. The sun. Cockney rhyming slang.
2. The Sun newspaper. A tabloid newspaper that adopted the rhyming slang expression for its own use.
3. Son. Rhyming slang.
4. A protestant or commonly also a supporter of Rangers FC. Rhyming slang for 'hun'. See 'hun'. [Mainly Glasgow use]
curry-mile Noun. The name given to an area in Manchester called Rusholme, which has a high density of asian restaurants and food takeaways positioned along its main street.
curry queen Noun. A gay male who is attracted to asian homosexuals. Cf. 'dinge queen' and 'scat queen'. Offens.
curtains Noun. The end. E.g."If he doesn't make this jump, it's curtains for the whole team."
cushy Adj. Of an easy nature. Originates from the Hindustani khush meaning pleasant. {Informal}
cushy number Noun. A situation that is easy and without stress.
cushty Adj. Excellent, fine, OK. Also spelt cushdy, and kushty.
custard chucker Noun. The penis. Often prefixed with blue veined, or purple headed.
cut Noun. A canal. [Midlands/North use]
cut the crap! Exclam. Stop talking nonsense!
cuz Noun. 1. Abb. of cousin. [Mainly Black use]
2. Friend. [Mainly Black use]
Conj. Abb. of because.
C-word Noun. A coy euphemism for 'cunt'. Cf. 'f-word'.
cyberpunk Noun. A nonconformist advocate of modern technology, especially such a user of the Internet.
cyberspace Noun. The imaginary place that exists between computers and their users, particularly on the Internet and in virtual reality. The term was coined by the author William Gibson in the book Neuromancer.

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