A dictionary of English slang and colloquialisms
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packed out Adj. Very crowded. E.g."The bar was so packed out, it took us 30 minutes to get served." {Informal}
packet Noun. 1. The male genitals.
2. A sizeable amount of money. E.g."I earnt a packet working overtime last weekend."
pack up Verb. To break down. Usually said of a machine, however may on occasion be applied to ones bodyparts, such as, "my back's packed up." {Informal}
Noun. A snack, a packed lunch. [Hull/E.Yorkshire use]
pad Noun. One's apartment, room, home.
paddy Noun. A rage, a tantrum or an upset. E.g "O.K., calm down, don't get in a paddy." {Informal}
Paddy Noun. An Irish person. Derived from the popular and pet-form of the Irish name Padraig (Patrick). Often used offensively. {Informal}
paedo Noun. Abb. of paedophile.
pagga Noun. A fight. Also pagger. [Scottish/N.E. use]
Verb. To beat up, fight. [Scottish/N.E. use?]
paggered Adj. Tired, exhausted. [Yorks/NE/Cumbria use]
pain in the arse Noun. Something or someone who is troublesome or tedious.
pair Noun. A euphemism for a woman's breasts.
paki Noun. 1. A Pakistani, but also used as a general and particularly offensive term for any person/immigrant from the Indian sub-continent, such as Pakistan, India, Bengal, Sri Lanka etc. Offens.
2. A shop or delicatessen run by asians. Offens.
paki-bashing Noun. Racially motivated violence against the Asian community. See 'paki'.
pal Noun. 1. A friend. {Informal}.
2. A term of address, not always friendly despite its original meaning as noun 1.
palatic Adj. Drunk, intoxicated with alcohol. Also spelt pallatic and parlatic. Possibly a corruption of 'paralytic'. [N. England/Ireland use]
palaver Noun. A tedious fuss or discussion. E.g."What's all this palaver about you and my mum having an argument?" {Informal}
pally Adj. Friendly. {Informal}.
pam and her five sisters Noun. The hand when employed for masturbation. Cf. 'madam palm and her five sisters' and 'rosie palm and her five sisters'.
pan Noun. The toilet (the room and the bowl itself). E.g."I'll get her to ring you back, she's just in the pan."
pancrack Noun. The dole, social security. Often heard as on the pancrack. Possibly originally miner's slang. [North-east/Yorkshire use]
panda (car) Noun. A policecar. Taken from when policecars were black and white. {Informal}
pan handle Noun. An erect penis. From the resemblance between the two.
pan someone's head in Vrb phrs. To thoroughly beat someone up. E.g. "I warned him he'd get his head panned in if he didn't stop messing with that nutter."
pansy Noun. 1. An effeminate, feeble, weak-willed male.
2. A homosexual male. Derog.
pant moustache Noun. Pubic hair that shows outside the confines of underwear. Cf. 'spider's legs'.
panto Noun. Abb. of pantomine, being a theatrical show, mainly for children, and usually staged around the Christmas period. {informal}
pants (!) Noun/Adj. Nonsense, rubbish, bad. From the standard British English of pants, meaning underwear; also a variation on 'knickers'. E.g."The first half was pants but I stayed until the end and it was actually a great film." [1990s]
Exclam. An exclamation of annoyance or frustration. From the noun, (above).
pap Noun. 1. Nonsense, rubbish.
2. Faeces.
Verb. To defecate. E.g."He was so scared he papped his pants."
paps Noun. Women's breasts.
papers Noun. Cigarette papers.
para Adj. Paranoid.
paraffin Noun. A tramp, vagrant. Rhyming slang on paraffin lamp.
paralytic Adj. Extremely drunk.
park one's arse Vrb phrs. To sit down. E.g."Park your arse there a moment whilst I find my keys."
parky Adj. Cold, with regard to the weather. {Informal}
parp Noun. 1. To break wind, to fart.
2. Nonsense, rubbish.
party-pooper Noun. Someone who is miserable and a spoilsport, consequently putting a damper on the pleasures of others. [Orig. U.S. 1950s]
pash Noun. An infatuation.
Verb. Be sexually passionate, to kiss passionately. Abb. of passion. E.g."I found her having a pash in the back garden with the nextdoor neighbour."
passion killers Noun. Very unattractive underwear and unlikely to encourage sexual advances; infact so unappealing they would halt any such advances.
paste Verb. To beat up.
pasting Noun. A beating. E.g. "He gave me a right pasting when he realised it was me that spread that rumour."
Pat and Mick Adj. Affected with nausea, ill. Rhyming slang on sick. Also 'on the Pat and Mick'.
Paul Weller Noun. Stella Artois, a popular brand of lager. Rhyming slang on Stella. Paul Weller, musician. [1990s]
pavement pizza Noun. Vomit, when lying on the street.
P.C. Adj. Abb. of politically correct. [1990s]
p.d.q./ PDQ Adj. Very quickly, immediately. Abb of Pretty Damned Quick. E.g."You best tidy up that mess p.d.q. before your mother gets home." {Informal}
peahead Noun. A person with a comparatively small head. Also pea head. Derog.
peanut smuggler Noun. A woman with erect nipples, evident through her clothing. See 'peanut smuggling'.
peanut smuggling Noun. Of a woman, having prominently erect nipples, visible through her clothing. Cf. 'smuggling peanuts'.
pearl harbour Adj. Cold weather. A pun on 'there being a nasty nip in the air'... from nip(py) (cold) and nip (Japanese). E.g."Put on your scarf and hat, it's pearl harbour out there." [1990s]
pearl necklace Noun. Ejaculated semen that has landed around the vicinity of the neck and upper chest, imitative of a pearl necklace.
pear-shaped Adj. Out of shape, unorganised, wrong. Heard in the expression go pear-shaped. E.g."All our plans went pear-shaped after our funds were cut by the finance department."
peasouper Noun. A very thick fog. {Informal}
pecker Noun. The penis. [Orig. U.S.]
peckish Adj. Hungry. E.g."What time is dinner? I'm feeling a little peckish." {Informal}
pee Verb. To urinate. {Informal}.
Noun. 1. Urine.
2. An act of urination.
pee it down Vrb phrs. To rain heavily.
peelie-wally Adj. Pale looking, sickly. [Scottish use]
peeps Noun. 1. Sleep.
2. People.
peeve Noun. Drink, usually alcoholic. [North-east/Scottish use]
peg-it Verb. 1. To run, usually implying a sense or urgency, such as hurriedly.
2. To die. [Northern/Scottish use]
pen and ink Noun. A stink, a bad smell. Cockney rhyming slang.
pen pusher Noun. An office clerk. Cf. 'pencil pusher'.
pencil pusher Noun. A person who works at a desk and whose job involves a large amount of paper-work or administration, such as an office clerk. Derog. Cf. 'pen pusher'.
peng Adj. 1. The best, great, excellent, often heard with reference to drugs. E.g."This weed is peng!"
2. Of a person, very attractive, desirable.
(the) penny dropped Noun. Used to signify that a person finally understands something. E.g."Thank God for that! The penny's finally dropped and we can all go home now." {Informal}
percy Noun. A pet name for the penis.
perishing Adj. 1. Used as an intensifier. E.g."That perishing dog was barking all night".
2. Very cold. {Informal}. E.g."You should put your hat and scarf on, it's perishing outside."
perve Noun. Abb. of pervert.
Verb. To look lustfully or lecherously at someone or something. E.g."He shouldn't be allowed to work at the swimming pool, he's always perving over the ladies."
pervy Adj. Perverted.
pet Noun. A term of endearment. {Informal}
petal Noun. An affectionate term of address.
Pete Tong Adj. Wrong. Rhyming slang. Pete Tong is a well known and respected U.K. radio and club D.J.
petrolhead Noun. An enthusiast of cars and motoring, especially motor racing.
phat Adj. 1. Excellent, pleasing, desirable.
2. Fashionable.
3. Musically, describing a full, deep and bassy sound originating from hip hop. Similarly, describing the fashion quality of hip hop.
phiz Noun. Face. From from physiognomy. Also spelt 'viz'. Cf. 'phizog'. {Informal}
phizog Noun. Face. Derived from physiognomy. Includes a number of variations in spelling phizzog, vissog, fizzog, physog, and phyzog.
phwoah Exclam. Used to express sexual desire at the sight of an attractive person. Imitative of the sound expressed in such a circumstance. Also spelt phwoar and phwoargh. [1990s]
pickled Adj. Drunk.
piddle Verb. To urinate. Cf. 'riddle' and 'widdle'. {Informal}
Noun. 1. Urine.
2. An act of urination.
piddle about Verb. To mess around, waste time.
piddle it down Verb. To rain.
piddling Adj. Trivial, insignificant, small. E.g."I'm starving. You should have seen the piddling amount we had for dinner." {Informal}
piddly Adj. Small, trivial, insignificant.
piece Noun. 1. A euphemism for a gun. [Orig. U.S. 1950s]
2. A female seen as a sexual object. A shortening of 'piece of skirt'. Offens.
3. A sandwich. [Scottish use]
piece of cake Noun. Something very easy. E.g."I got full marks in that quiz. It was a piece of cake."
piece of piss Noun. A thing that is very easy. E.g."If you think giving up smoking is a piece of piss, then you've never been a proper smoker." Cf. 'piss easy'.
piece of shit Noun. A contemptible person.
piece of skirt Noun. A female seen as a sexual object. Offens.
pie-eater Noun. 1. A simpleton. Derog. [Orig. Aust.]
2. A person from Wigan and surrounding area.
pie-eyed Adj. Drunk.
pie-hole Noun. Mouth. Cf. 'cake-hole'.
piffle (!) Noun. Nonsense, drivel. {Informal}
Exclam. Nonsense! {Informal}
piffling Adj. Meaning the same as 'piddling'. {Informal}
piffy on a rock bun Phrs. Heard in phrases expressing upset that one has been ignored or left out of an activity. Often heard shortened to "like piffy on a rock", and also just "like piffy". Etymology unknown. E.g."She forgot to tell me the meal had been cancelled, and left me standing in the rain like piffy."[North-west use]
pig Noun. 1. A policeman/woman. Derog. [Early 1800s]
2. A glutton, a greedy person.
3. A slob, an unpleasantly dirty person.
4. A difficult or unpleasant situation or task. E.g."Cleaning all the windows is a pig of a job."
pigging Adj./Adv. Used as an intensifier, similar to 'fucking' and 'pissing', but without being as offensive. E.g."I hate piggin' ignorant customers who treat you like scum."
pig-headed Adj. Obstinate.
pig-it Verb. To act in an uncouth manner, to live below one's normal standards, to 'slob'.
pig-ignorant Adj. Very stupid, due to ignorance.
pig-out Verb. To eat fully and enthusiastically.
Noun. A big meal.
pig's breakfast Noun. A complete mess. Cf. 'dog's dinner'.
pig's ear Noun. 1. Beer. Cockney rhyming slang.
2. A mess, a disaster. E.g."I made a pig's ear of that job interview when I farted at the outset and couldn't stop giggling." {Informal}
pigshit Noun. Rubbish, nonsense. E.g."You're talking a load of pigshit!"
pikey * Noun. 1. A gypsy or traveller.
2. A vagrant. Derog.
Adj. Of or relating to a gypsy or vagrant. Derog.
* [Orig. South-east England/Kent use. Dialect]
pilchard Noun. An idiot.
pill it Verb. To take ecstasy (MDMA). E.g."What else is there to at the weekend, apart from pilling it and get off your face."
pill-head Noun. A frequent abuser/user of illicit drugs in pill form, such as 'ecstasy' tablets.
pillock Noun. Idiot, fool. Originally a slang term for the penis but fairly inoffensive now its meaning has been forgotten. Derog.
pillow-biter Noun. A homosexual male. Derog.
pin Noun. A leg. Usually plural. E.g."That Brazilian model has got a fine pair of pins."
pinch Verb. 1. To steal. E.g."Guess who's just lost his job for pinching from work again?"
2. To arrest. E.g."He got pinched when he was climbing out of the kitchen window with the stolen TV."
pinch a loaf Verb. To defecate, to void one's bowels.
pinhead Noun. A person or creature with an unusually small head.
pink cigar Noun. The penis. Also in 'smoke a pink cigar'.
pink oboe Noun. The penis. Also in 'play the pink oboe'.
pink pound Noun. Disposable income that 'gays' ostensibly have through not having the financial expense of children.
pint-sized Adj. Small and compact.
pip Verb. To defeat by a small margin. Often heard in the expression 'pip at the post'. E.g."We pipped them to the finish and won by just 2 seconds." {Informal}
pip (someone) at the post Vrb Phrs. To beat someone to the finish and by a small margin. {Informal}
pipedown! Exclam. Be quiet! Shut up! An exclamation. {Informal}.
pip-pip! Exclam. Goodbye! A dated expression that is often only heard used jocularly when mocking the upper classes.
pipsqueak Noun. A feeble, ineffectual person. {Informal}
pish Noun/Verb. 'Piss'. [Scottish use]
pished Adj. Drunk, intoxicated. See 'pissed'. [Scottish use]
piss (!) Verb. To urinate.
Noun. 1. Urine.
2. A weak drink.
Exclam. An exclamation of anger, frustration.
piss around / about Verb. 1. To mess about, to waste time.
2. To waste someone's time, to annoy someone.
piss all over (someone) Vrb phrs. To thoroughly defeat someone. E.g."You should have seen Chelsea play on Saturday, they pissed all over West Ham Utd."
piss-arse Adj. Insignificant, worthless.
piss-arse around / about Verb. To mess about, to waste time, often to the annoyance of someone else.
piss-artist Noun. 1. A habitual drunk. Derog.
2. A contemptible time waster.
piss away Verb. To waste through carelessness or neglect, to squander. E.g."Take my advice son, dont piss away your marriage just for the sake of a bit of fun."
piss-ball around Verb. To idle away time, to mess around. E.g."Isn't it about time you did some work, as you've been piss-balling around all morning."
piss-down Verb. To rain. E.g."It's pissing down outside, so take your brolly."
piss easy Adj. Very easy.
pissed Adj. Drunk.
pissed as a coot /fart /newt Phrs. Very drunk.
pissed off Adj. Angry, upset or depressed.
pissed up Adj. Very drunk.
pisser Noun. 1. An upset. E.g."I can't believe what a pisser it was, losing my job just before Christmas."
2. Something very funny. Taken from 'piss oneself laughing'.
piss-flaps (!) Noun. The female genitals, particularly the labia.
Exclam. An exclamation of annoyance.
piss-head Noun. A drunkard, a habitual drinker.
pisshole Noun. 1. A lavatory, a toilet.
2. An unpleasant, dirty place.
pissing Adj./Adv. An intensifier, such as 'fucking'.
piss in the wind Vrb phrs. To do something futile. E.g."You're pissing in the wind if you think Kristina's going to sleep with you."
piss it Verb. To complete a task easily, to win effortlessly. E.g."They pissed it and won the trophy for the fourth year running."
piss it down Vrb phrs. To rain heavily. E.g."It wasn't a great holiday, it pissed it down all day, every day for a week." Cf. 'piss down'.
piss it up (against) the wall Vrb phrs. To waste money.
piss off Verb. 1. To upset, to annoy. E.g."He had a reputation for pissing off the bar staff and getting thrown out of clubs."
2. Go away. Heard frequently as an exclamation as piss off!
piss oneself Vrb phrs. 1. To laugh heartily. E.g."She pissed herself when I asked her out for a meal. Just because I'm 15 years younger than her."
2. To be terrified.
piss on (someone) Vrb phrs. To thoroughly defeat, or trounce. E.g."City pissed on United yesterday in their cup match."
piss on someone's bonfire / chips Vrb phrs. To spoil someone's enjoyment, to ruin a good situation. E.g."Don't piss on his chips just because he ruined your party last week; that was an accident and he's said sorry."
piss-poor Adj. Terrible, of low quality.
piss-pot Noun. The toilet or toilet bowl. Orig referring to a chamber pot.
piss-proud Adj. Having a penile erection on awaking in the morning; a common symptom due to one's bladder being full.
piss-take Noun. A joke, a tease. Derived from the phrase 'take the piss'.
piss-up Noun. 1. A drunken spree.
2. A mess up, a bungled event.
piss water Noun. Weak or tasteless drink, usually alcoholic.
piss wet Adj. Very wet, soaked.
pissy Adj. Weak, feeble, inferior. Often applied to drinks.
pissy-arsed Adj. Insignificant, inferior.
pissy queen Noun. A fastidious over fussy gay male. Cf. 'prissy queen'.
pit Noun. Bed. E.g."Oh, so you've finally got up out of your pit then? "
pitch a tent Vrb phrs. To have an erection whilst wearing clothing.
pits Noun. The worst imaginable situation, place or person. [Orig. U.S.]
pit yakker Noun. A coal miner. [North-east use]
pizzaface Noun. A person with bad spots, acne, or a generally very bad complexion. Derog.
placky Noun. Plastic.
plank Noun. An idiot. Derog.
plant one on (someone) Vrb phrs. To hit (someone). E.g."I planted one on him, knocked him out cold, and then ran like mad before his mates arrived."
plastered Adj. Drunk, intoxicated.
plasterer's radio Adj. When likened to, meaning messy, disorderly, dirty, ugly. E.g."He had a face like a plasterer's radio. It was covered in spots."
plastic Noun. Credit cards, cashpoint cards etc.
Adj. Synthetic, false.
plastic Scouser Noun. A person from outside of the City of Liverpool who acquires a strong Liverpudlian accent (scouse) in order to make others believe he/she is a true Liverpudlian. Derog.
plastic Paddy Noun. A person or thing that claims to be Irish or of Irish descent. Derog.
plate Verb. To give oral sex, but more commonly to fellate.
plates (of meat) Noun. Feet. Cockney rhyming slang.
play around Verb. To be sexually promiscuous.
play gooseberry Vrb phrs. To be an unwanted, extra person, usually in the company of a courting couple. See 'gooseberry'.
play it cool Vrb phrs. To act calmly, to control ones emotions.
play merry-hell Vrb phrs. To be very angry. E.g."Your father will play merry-hell if he finds you've spent all your savings on a new CD player."
play silly beggars/buggers Vrb phrs. To mess about, be uncooperative. E.g." For fucks sake Connie! Are you going to play silly buggers all day or get on with the job ?"
play the pink oboe Vrb phrs. To perform fellatio. The 'pink oboe' refers to the penis.
play the skin flute Vrb phrs. To perform fellatio.
play with oneself Vrb phrs. To masturbate. E.g."Make sure you knock before entering, there's a good chance he's watching some porn and playing with himself."
pleb Noun. An inferior, insignificant or common person. Abb. of plebeian. Derog. {Informal}
plebby Adj. Common, ordinary. Derog. {Informal}
plod Noun. A policeman/woman. From a character in Noddy, a series of children's books written by Enid Blyton in the 1950s.
plodging Adj. Paddling in water or mud. [NE use]
plod mag Noun. A pornographic magazine. [Merseyside use]
plonk Noun. Cheap or inferior wine. {Informal}
plonker Noun. 1. A penis.
2. Fool, idiot, a despicable person.
plook Noun. A spot, boil, 'zit'. Also spelt pluke. [Mainly Scottish use]
plop Verb. To defecate. Children's onomatopoeic euphemism.
Noun. Faeces. Children's euphemism.
plug-ugly Adj. Very ugly. Originally a ruffian, and taken from the New York gang of the mid 1800s, called the Plug Uglies. [Orig. U.S.]
plumber's crack Noun. The upper part of the buttocks, and the area between, when visible above the low waistline of trousers when the wearer is kneeling or bending. Cf. 'builder's bum'.
plums Noun. Testicles.
plur Acronym. A greeting or parting salutation, used on the underground rave scene. Peace Love Unity Respect.
pocket billiards Noun. Of males, auto-eroticism via their trouser pockets. Usually an adolescent's term and preoccupation.
pocket rocket Noun. Penis.
podge Noun. An overweight or obese person. Derived from the s.e. podgy. Derog.
podged Adj. Full of food, sated with food, feeling one has overeaten. E.g."I had a five course meal and was too podged to walk." Cf. 'pogged'. [Derbyshire/Yorks/Notts use]
poet's day Noun. Essentially refers to Friday, although the expression sums up the general feeling of working on a Friday and the desire to leave work and get on with one's real life. Poet's being an acronym of Piss Off Early Tomorrow's Saturday.
pogo Noun. A style of dancing born of British punk rock in 1976/77, involves keeping a stiff body and legs whilst jumping vertically up and down.
Verb. To dance in the manner of the 'pogo'.
pogged Adj. Sated, full from eating food. Cf. 'podged'. [W. Yorks use]
pointies Noun. A type of shoe with a pointed toe, usually women's.
point Percy (at the porcelain) Vrb phrs. Of males, to urinate.
poison Noun. Alcohol. Usually heard in questions such as "What's your poison?", meaning "What would you like to drink?"
poison dwarf Noun. An unpleasant, diminutive person.
poke Verb. Of males, to have sexual intercourse with.
Noun. Speed or power, usually applied to vehicles. E.g."His new car has plenty of poke."
polack * Noun. A person from Poland.
Adj. Of or relating to Poland.
* Usually disparaging and offensive.
polish a turd Vrb phrs. Heard in a negative context in the phrase you can't polish a turd, and when applied to a task means that it is impossible.
poloney Noun. A girl, young woman. Also polone and polony. [Polari]
polaxed Adj. Drunk, intoxicated. [Irish use]
Pompey Noun. The City of Portsmouth.
ponce Noun. 1. A contemptible person.
2. An effeminate male. Derog.
3. An ostentatious male. Derog.
Verb. To beg or freeload. E.g."He's been poncing off shoppers up the high street, saying he's homeless."
ponce about /around Verb. To waste time, to idle away hours.
ponced up Adj. Dressed up, overdressed.
poncey * Adj. 1. Effeminate, with an implication of homosexuality. Derog.
2. Snobby, ostentatious.
* Also spelt poncy.
the pond Noun. The Atlantic Ocean. {Informal}
pond life Noun. Person or persons of low intelligence, and not greatly evolved, as with creatures found in a pond. Derog.
pong Noun. An unpleasant smell. {Informal}
Verb. To stink. {Informal}
pony *

Noun. 1. 25 sterling.
2. Rubbish, nonsense. E.g."Our team are a load of old pony and don't deserve to be in the final."
3. An act of defecation. E.g."Can you wait for me? I need to have a pony."
4. A piece of excrement.
* Versions 2, 3 and 4 are from the rhyming slang pony and trap meaning 'crap'. See 'crap'.

poo (!) * Noun. Excrement.
Verb. To defecate.
Exclam. An expression of distaste, frustration, annoyance.
* Also spelt pooh.
poo chute Noun. The anus. Cf. 'poop chute'.
pooey Exclam. Expressing distaste or derision, especially imitative of children.
Adj. 1. Of or resembling excrement.
2. Nasty, distasteful.
poof Noun. 1. A male homosexual. Also 'puff'. Derog.
2. A feeble, despicable person. Derog.
poof juice * Noun. 1. An alcopop drink, a very sweet ready-mixed fruit drink containing alcohol. Called poof juice supposedly because homosexuals (poofs), not real men, consume such drinks.
2. Aftershave.
* Also, less commonly, poofter juice.
poofter * Noun. 1. A homosexual, usually male. Derog.
2. A soft, feeble person. Derog.
* Also spelt pooftah and generally heard pronounced as poofdah.
poo-head Noun. An objectionable person. Usually affectionate use, from 'shit-head'. See 'poo'.
poop Noun. Excrement.
Verb. To emit wind from the anus, to 'fart'.
poop chute Noun. The anus. Occasionally mispelled as poop shute. Cf. 'poo chute'
poo pirate Noun. A homosexual male. Derog.
pooter Noun. Computer. Also poota. [Late 1990s]
pootle Verb. To meander, or wander slowly. E.g."Let's go into town and pootle about the shops."
pop Noun. 1. A carbonated drink, like cola. Originally from when such drinks utilized corks, thus they went pop on opening.
2. A physical or verbal attack. See 'have a pop at (someone)'.
Verb. 1. To place, put. E.g."Come in, please. Pop your bag down there and we'll have a nice cuppa before I show you to your room."
2. To go. E.g."I'm just popping down to the shops to get a pint of milk."
popcorn Noun. An erection of the penis. Rhyming slang on 'horn'. See 'horn'.
po po Noun. The police. [Orig. US/Black]
pop one's clogs Vrb phrs. To die. E.g."I'm afraid old Fred has finally popped his clogs."
poppers Noun. Amyl or butyl nitrate. A medicinal heart stimulant taken recreationally by smelling its vapours for its pleasurable 'rush' and also its orgasm enhancing qualities. Very common on the gay scene and in the drug stimulated club scene.
poppy Noun. Money.
pop someone's cherry Vrb phrs. To lose or take someone's sexual virginity. Orig. applied to deflowering (a woman).
porcelain god /altar Noun. The toilet bowl. See 'pray to the porcelain god'.
pork Verb. To have sexual intercourse.
pork dagger Noun. The penis. Cf. 'pork sword'.
porker Noun. A fat person.
porkies Noun. Lies, from the rhyming slang pork-pies.
porking Noun. An act of sexual intercourse.
pork-out Verb. To eat in excess.
pork sword Noun. The penis. Cf. 'pork dagger', 'mutton dagger'.
porridge Noun. A period spent in prison. E.g."So what's happened in the outside world since I've been doing my porridge?"
porridge wog Noun. A Scottish person. Offens.
posh Noun. Cocaine. Named so, because this is the drug of choice for the wealthy members of society, see adj below.
Adj. Of or belonging to the upper classes. {informal}
posh and becks Noun. Sex. Rhyming slang. Posh and Becks, a nickname for the celebrity couple Victoria and David Beckham. [2000's]
posse Noun. A gang or group of close friends, usually young. From the s.e. expression for an armed band of men recruited to aid a sheriff in enforcing law. [Orig. U.S. Black/W.I.?]
postie Noun. A postman/postwoman. {Informal} [1870s]
pot Noun. Marijuana.
pot-head Noun. An frequent user of marijuana or cannabis.
potless Adj. Poor, having no ready cash.
potty Adj. 1. Crazy, mad, eccentric. [Informal]
2. Madly in love with, or mad about, something or someone. E.g."I was potty about Angelina Jolie for several years."
potty mouth Noun. A person who uses obscene (dirty) language.
potty mouthed Adj. Obscene, in relation to language and speech.
pound Verb. To have vigorous sex.
pound one's pud Vrb phrs. Usually of males, to masturbate. E.g."I suspect, on hearing the bed creaking excessively, that when he said he was going for afternoon nap he was actually pounding his pud." [Orig U.S.]
pour it on Vrb phrs. To exaggerate. Also pour it on thick for added emphasis.
povvy Adj. Poor, something of poor class or low quality. From poverty. Derog. [South use]
powder one's nose Vrb phrs. 1. Euphemism for going to the toilet, usually women's use.
2. Euphemism for snorting cocaine.
powfagged Adj. Exhausted. [Lancashire dialect and use]

Adj. 1. Rubbishy, crass, of poor quality.
2. A general negative intensifier. E.g."I'm not wasting my time and money by going to the poxy shops, just to keep her happy."
* Occasionally spelt poxey.


Noun. A teenage mother, usually from a council housing estate. Coined by the online gossip site, Popbitch, and originally a woman with the facial looks of a poor single mother as seen around a housing estate. Derog. [2000]

prang Noun. A crash or accident, usually involving a vehicle of some kind. E.g."I had a prang last week so my car's at the garage."
To knock or damage, usually with reference to having crashed a vehicle. Originally an RAF term for a crash landing. E.g."My dad will kill me, I've just pranged his car on a lampost."
Adj. Paranoid. E.g."I dont know why she has pink hair, 'cos she gets so prang that people are staring at her." [London use]
prannet Noun. An idiot, an imbecile, or objectionable person. Possibly derived from 'pranny'.
prannock Noun. An idiot. A variation of 'prannet'.
pranny Noun. An idiot, a fool. Originally a male term of contempt meaning the female genitals. [Late 1900s]
prat Noun. A fool, idiot or objectionable person. Originally meaning the buttocks.
prat about / around Verb. 1. To idle away time.
2. To act foolishly and annoyingly.
prawn Noun. A small, feeble and generally objectionable person.
pray to the porcelain god Vrb phrs. To vomit, in the toilet (the porcelain god). E.g."I'm not going in there, it stinks! Rob's been praying to the porcelain god." Cf. 'worship at the porcelain altar'
preggars Adj. Pregnant. A corruption of the word pregnant.
pretty-boy Noun. An attractive young man, pretty as opposed to handsome or manly. Occasionally derog. [Often Gay use]
previous Noun. A criminal record. Usually police and criminal vernacular. E.g."Be careful if you decide to employ him, he has some previous."
prezzie Noun. A present, a gift. Also pressie. {Informal}
prick Noun. 1. The penis. [S.e. until 1700s]
2. An idiot, contemptible person.
prick-teaser Noun. Someone who knowingly exploits the fact that they are sexually alluring.
pricks with sticks Noun. Skiers. Mainly used by snowboarders. Derog. Cf. 'gays on trays'.
Prince Albert Noun. A pierced penis, for body adornment or sexual enhancement. Named after Queen Victoria's consort who allegedly had such a piercing.
prissy queen Noun. A prim and snooty gay male. Can mean the same as 'pissy queen'. Cf. 'dizzy queen', 'scat queen', 'curry queen' etc.
private parts Noun. The genitals. Often shortened to privates.
prize (something) Noun. An absolute, utter (something). E.g."I haven't got time for him, he's a prize idiot."
pro Noun. Abb. of prostitute.
prod / proddy Noun. A protestant. Mainly used by Catholics. [Irish/Scottish use]
prole Noun. Abb. of proletariat. {Informal}
pronto Adv. Now or immediately. {Informal} [Orig. Spain]
proper Adj. Used as an intensifier. E.g." I think the cat has crapped under the bed, as there's a proper stink in the bedroom." {Informal}
(a) proper do Noun. A first class social event. E.g."It was a proper do with tuxedos and ballgowns."
prozzy Noun. A corruption of the word prostitute.
pub crawl Noun. A bout of drinking held by touring numerous pubs (public houses). {Informal}
pubes Noun. Pubic hair.
pud Noun. The penis, or genitals. See 'pound one's pud'.
pudding Noun. 1. An uncomplimentary but jocular and affectionate name for someone who is plump. {Informal}
2. A term of endearment.
puddle Noun. A mess, a confused state. E.g."Sorry, I've been in a bit of puddle since the party. I drank far too much."
puddled Adj. 1. Confused. See 'puddle'.
2. Eccentric, insane.
puff Noun. 1. A male homosexual. Also poof and pouf. Derog.
2. A feeble, despicable person.
3. Cannabis or marijuana. A term more common with adolescents.
puggled Adj. Crazy, mad.
puke Verb. To vomit. E.g."He drank so much at his stag party he spent the next 2 days puking up." [1600s]
Noun. Vomit.
pukka Adj. Excellent, wonderful. Derived from the s.e. use of pukka, meaning genuine, and in itself derived from the Hindi pakka, meaning thorough or substantial.
pull Verb. 1. To seduce a desirable person, to sexually attract someone. Also commonly heard in the male expression pull a bird meaning to attract a female. E.g."I pulled this gorgeous student at the Union bar."
2. To kiss passionately.
3. To arrest. E.g."Yeah, I was pulled climbing out of the rear window of the bank and carrying £40,000 in cash." {Informal}
pull a fast one Vrb phrs. To deceive, to gain an unfair advantage. {Informal}
pull a job Vrb phrs. To commit a robbery. E.g."I pulled a job at the local post office so I'm lying low for a few days."
pull a pig Vrb phrs. To seduce an ugly person. Also a cruel game of the same name, played by friends on a night out, the object being to seduce the ugliest person.
pull a whitey Verb. To turn pale and feel like vomiting. Cf. 'throw a whitey'.
pulling tongues Vrb phrs. Having an urgent need defecate. E.g."Hurry up, I'm pulling tongues here and need the toilet." [Merseyside use]
pull someone's plonker Vrb phrs. To tease someone, to pull someone's leg. E.g."It's true, he offered to pay me for a brand new car. I thought he was pulling my plonker". Cf. 'plonker'.
pull one's pud Vrb phrs. Of males, to masturbate. E.g."Pulling your pud all night is hardly what you mother had in mind when she said do something creative."
pull the other one (it's got bells on)! Exclam. You are joking aren't you? Used to express a suspicion that one is being tricked or teased. E.g."I drove round the corner and there was a pink elephant in the middle of the road." "Yeah sure, pull the other one!" {Informal}
pump Verb. To break wind, to 'fart'. E.g."I'm not sitting next to Louise, she's always pumping and I can't concentrate on my work."
pumping Adj. Lively, energetic, thrilling. E.g."What was that last tune the DJ played? It was pumpin'."
punaani Noun. Female genitals. [Originally either Black/WI or Hawaiian]
punch someone's lights out Vrb phrs. To beat up someone.
punch up Noun. A fist fight, a brawl. {Informal}
punch up the bracket Noun. A punch in the face. Dated. [1950/60s?]
punk Noun. 1. A raw minimal type of rock music born on the streets in 1976 and spawning 'thrash', 'indie', and 'grunge'. The associated fashions evolving into a stereotypical brightly coloured mohican haircut, scruffy black clothes, metal studs, belts and boots.
2. A person of either sex who wears the fashions of 'punk' and enjoys listening to 'punk' rock. Cf. 'punkette'.
Verb. To humiliate, to tease, to disrespect someone. E.g."I dont like him at all, after that time he'd punked me all night."
punkette Noun. A female 'punk' (noun 2).
punter Noun. Generally a customer of any business. {Informal}
puppies Noun. Female breasts.
puppy's privates Noun. The best. Less offensive variation on the 'dog's bollocks'. Occasionally also puppies privates. See 'dog's bollocks'.
pure bead * Adj. 1. Wealthy. E.g."With a car like that, he's got to be pure bead."
2. Expensive.
* A street term used mainly in Salford/Cheetham Hill in Manchester.
purler Noun. 1. A forceful punch or hit.
2. Something that is excellent. E.g."It was worth paying twice the entry fee just to see that purler of a goal." [Orig. Aust.]
purple-headed warrier Noun. The penis.
purple headed womb broom Noun. The penis.
pushing up daisies Phrs. Dead.
pussy Noun. 1. The female genitals, alluding to the inclusion of the pubic hairs. [1600s]
2. Women/woman, viewed as sexual objects. Derog/Offens.
3. A cat. {Informal}
4. A feeble or weak willed person.
* The ambiguity of the word isn't lost on comedians.
pussy whipped Adj. Of a man, henpecked, dominated by a woman. [Orig. U.S.]
put a sock in it Vrb phrs. Quieten down, stop talking. Usually in the imperative.
put it about Vrb phrs. Have frequent sexual liasons with numerous partners.
put lead in one's pencil Vrb phrs. To make virile or strong. E.g."Drink this lad, it'll put lead in your pencil."
put one on (someone) Noun. See 'plant one on (someone)'.
put one's face on Vrb phrs. To apply cosmetic make up. E.g."I can't put my face on until I've found my new lipstick."
put out Verb. To readily agree to sex. [Orig. U.S.]
put that in your pipe and smoke it! Exclam. A dismissive and angry exclamation.
put the kibosh on (something) Vrb phrs. To put an end to (something). E.g."We all went home after their parents put the kibosh on the drinking."
put the mockers on (something) Vrb phrs. 1. To put a stop to (something).
2. To bring bad luck to (something).
put the pedal to the metal Vrb phrs. To go faster, to accelerate. From the action of pressing the accelerator (gas pedal) to the floor of a vehicle in order to make it go faster.
put the willies up someone Vrb phrs. To scare someone, to unnerve someone. E.g."I'm fine with most horror films, but the Evil Dead really puts the willies up me."
put the wood into the hole Vrb phrs. Shut the door. A Northern phrase that dialectically is expressed as "put' wood in'thole". The expression is sometimes completed with either "...or were you born in a field?" and occasionally "...or were you born in a barn?"
putzy Adj. Easy, simple. Also putsy.

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