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j Noun. A marijuana/cannabis cigarette. Abb. of 'joint'. [Orig. U.S.]
jab Noun. A hypodermic injection, a vaccination. E.g."You don't need hepatitis jabs to visit Cornwall, it's not a foreign country."
jack Verb. To steal, often in relation to mugging. From hijack. E.g."My phone got jacked when I was on my way home."
jack all Pron. Nothing. E.g."There's jack all wrong with it."
jack and danny Noun. Vagina. Rhyming slang on 'fanny', slang for vagina. E.g."What, with her short skirt, and no knickers, I had great view of her jack and danny." See 'fanny'.
jack and jill Noun. A pill. Cockney rhyming slang. [Mainly London use]
jackanory * Noun. 1. Story.
2. A lie, a tall story.
* Rhyming slang on story. [1970s]
jackbit Noun. Food, or more specifically a packed lunch. [Lancs use]
jack in Verb. See 'jack (it) in'.
jacking off Noun. An act of masturbation. See 'jack off'. [Orig. U.S.]
jack (it) in Verb. Stop doing (something), to terminate (something), to end. E.g."I'm going to jack in my college course after the vacation, it's too much like hard work."
Jack (Jones) Noun. Alone. Rhyming slang. Usually used in the expression on your jack, or on my jack. See 'on ones jack'.
jack off Verb. To masturbate. Usually applied to males. E.g."I jacked off to the thought of her completely naked apart from wearing a pair of white cotton pants." Cf. 'jill off'. [Orig. U.S.]
jack shit Pron. Nothing. [Orig. U.S.]
jacksie Noun. Buttocks, or anus.
jack's alive Noun. Five. Rhyming slang.
Jackson Pollocks * Noun. 1. Testicles.
2. Nonsense, rubbish.
* Rhyming slang on 'bollocks'. See 'bollocks'.
Jack-the-lad Noun. A male who is quick witted, a rogue who looks out for themselves.
jack-up Verb. To inject with drugs.
jacobs Noun. Testicles. Rhyming slang on Jacob's Cream Crackers meaning 'knackers'. Cream Crackers being a dry savoury biscuit usually served with cheese and Jacobs being the manufacturer. See 'cream crackered'.
jaffa Noun. An infertile male. From jaffa oranges being seedless. This term either gained prominence from or was invented for the British TV sitcom Only Fools and Horses in the 1990s. Derog.
jag Noun. An injection. [Glasgow use]
Verb. To prick. [Glasgow use]
jailbait Noun. An attractive person who, viewed sexually, is younger than the legal age of sexual consent. Also jail bait. E.g."I'll warn you now, dont get involved with Mike's sister, she's jailbait."
jake/jakey Noun. 1. A drunk, a meths drinker. Derog. [Scottish/Glasgow use?]
2. A down and out, a homeless person. Derog. [Scottish/Glasgow use?]
jaked Adj. Drunk, intoxicated. Probably from 'jake' (noun), above.
jam butty car Noun. A police car. Cf. 'jam sandwich' [Mainly Merseyside use]
James Blunt Noun. An objectionable person. Rhyming slang on 'cunt'. James Blunt, a British musician. [2000s]
jam jar Noun. A car. Rhyming slang.
jammies Noun. Pyjamas. Cf. 'jimjams'.
jammy Adj. Fortunate, lucky. {Informal}
jammy dodger Noun. A lucky person. Also a type of biscuit with a jam centre. Also jammie dodger. See 'jammy'.
jam packed Adj. Full to capacity. {Informal}
jam rag Noun. A sanitory towel, a tampon.
jam roll * Noun. 1. An idiot.
2. Anus.
* Rhyming slang on 'arsehole'.
jam sandwich Noun. A police car, specifically the white ones with a bright red band running horizontally along the sides.
jam week Noun. The period of menstruation.
jangle Verb. To gossip. E.g."Are you two going to sit there jangling all night, or help me cook the meal?" (Liverpool use)
jank Noun. Nonsense, rubbish. [South-east use?]
Janner Noun. A person from Plymouth.
Jap's eye Noun. The urethal opening on the head of the penis. Offens.
jar Noun. A glass of beer or lager, usually a pint.
jarg Adj. Fake, counterfeit. [Liverpool use]
jarred off Adj. Upset, fed-up. [E. Anglia use.]
J. Arthur Noun. An act of masturbation. Rhyming slang on J. Arthur Rank, with 'wank'. See 'wank'.
jasper Noun. A wasp.
jazz mag Noun. A pornographic magazine.
jebs Noun. Breasts.
Jeez! Exclam. A profane exclamation of surprise, frustration. A shortening of Jesus.
jellies Noun. Cheap rubber/plastic sandals mainly worn by children. Their transparent and brightly coloured appearence resembles jelly, hence their name.
jelly Noun. Temazepam (a tranquillizer). Usually in the plural. E.g."I'll need some jellies if I'm going to get some sleep tonight."
jellyfish Noun. A weak and ineffectual person. Derog.
jerk Noun. Idiot. [Orig U.S.]
jerk-off Verb. To masturbate. E.g."He's in his room, jerking off to that new adult film he brought."
Noun. An idiot, a despicable person. Derog. [Orig. U.S.]
Jerry Noun. 1. A German, or from Germany, often in a military context. [1914-18]
2. A chamber pot. Dated. {Informal}
jessie Noun. A feeble, easily scared person, a softy. Derog.
Jesus! Exclam. A profane exclamation of surprise, anger, frustration.
Jesus boots Noun. Sandals.
Jesus creepers Noun. Sandals.
Jesus freak Noun. A strong believer in Christianity. Derog.
Jesus H Christ! Exclam. An exclamation of surprise, annoyance.
Jesus suffering fuck! Exclam. Expressing surprise, or anger.
Jesus wept! Exclam. An exclamation of annoyance or surprise.
jet Verb. To move quickly or depart hurriedly. E.g."I'm just gonna jet into town to collect my holiday money."
jewels Noun. Male genitals. Cf. 'family jewels'.
Jewish piano Noun. A cash register. Can be offensive due to racial stereotyping.
jibbons Noun. Spring onions. [SW use/SW Wales use/dialect?]
jiffle Verb. To fidget, to be restless. E.g."I got no sleep at all with her jiffling about in bed all night." [Norfolk use? Dialect]
jiffy Noun. A moment, a short time. E.g. "Wait there a second, I'll be back in a jiffy." {Informal}
jiggaboo Noun. A black person. Also jigaboo. Offens.
jigger Noun. An alleyway, back passage. [Liverpool use]
jiggered Adj. 1. Confounded. Heard in the rather archaic exclamation, I'll be jiggered! {Informal}
2. Worn out, exhausted.
jiggery pokery Noun. Deception, trickery, dishonest behaviour. {Informal}
jiggy Adj. Cool and in touch with what's happening and respected. Apparently originates with Will Smith, U.S. rapper and movie star, and came to prominence with his song Gettin' Jiggy Wit' It. [Orig. U.S. 1990s]
Noun. Sex. [Orig. U.S. 1990s]
jilling off Noun. An act of female masturbation. See 'jill off'. [Orig. U.S.]
jill off Verb. Of women, to masturbate. Expression punning and created as a female equivalent to 'jack off'. [Orig. U.S.]
jimjams Noun. Pyjamas. Also 'jim-jams'. See 'jammies'.
jimmy hill Noun. A pill. Rhyming slang. Jimmy Hill - football player, manager and then TV sports presenter.
jimmy riddle Noun. An act of urination. The rhyming slang for 'piddle'. Often used singularly as jimmy, or riddle. See 'piddle'.
Jim Skinner Noun. Dinner. Rhyming slang.
jingly * Adj. Afghani, or more widely also Arabic or Middle Eastern. Also jingley.
Noun. A person from Afghanistan, or Middle Eastern country, such as Iran, Saudi, Oman etc.
* [Military use]
jip Noun. Hassle, bother. Cf. 'gyp'.
jism Noun. Semen. Also 'gism'. [1800s]
jitters Noun. Severe nervousness. {Informal}
jitty Noun. An alleyway or passageway between buildings. Also gitty. [Midlands use]
jizz Noun. Sperm. Abb. of jism.
Joanna Noun. Piano. Cockney rhyming slang.
job Verb. To hit, punch, physically attack. E.g."Stop shouting at me, or I'll job you!" [Notts use]
jobby Noun. 1. A lump of excrement.
2. An act of defecation. E.g."Give me 5 minutes, I've just got to have a jobby."
jobby jabber Noun. Homosexual male. See 'jobby'. Derog. [Mainly Scottish use]
job's a good'un! Exclam. Expressing a thing or situation is good.
jobsworth Noun. A person who is very pedantic at work and strictly adheres to the rules; so called because of their oft used exclamation, "I can't let you do that, it's more than my job's worth." Derog.
Jock Noun. A Scottish person. Can be offensive.
jockey's whips Noun. Chips, French fries. Rhyming slang from the North-west.
Jodrell Noun. An act of masturbation. From the rhyming slang Jodrell Bank - 'wank'. Jodrell Bank, a large radiotelescope in Cheshire, North-west England. See 'wank'.
Joe Baxi Noun. Rhyming slang for taxi.
Joe Bloggs Noun. A fictitious name for the average or unknown person. {Informal}
Joe Daki Noun. A Pakistani. Rhyming slang on Paki. Offens.
Joey Noun. 1. A friend or acquaintence who is regarded a fool or weakling, and often has to bear the brunt of jokes. Believed to be derived from the rhyming slang Joe Hunt, meaning 'cunt'.
2. An imbecile. Derived from the name Joey Deacon, a physically handicapped (cerebral palsy) guest on a British children's TV programme called Blue Peter in the 1970s; consequently his name was cruelly adopted by children as an insult. Derog. Cf. 'deacon'.
jog on Vrb phrs. 1. Go away, get lost!
2. Proceed, carry on, move on.
John Noun. 1. General term of address for a male. [London use]
2. A client. Prostitute's parlance.
johnny Noun. A condom. Derives from the term French Letter via the archaic slang Frenchie and consequently Johnny Frenchman.
John Thomas Noun. The penis. A well established but aging euphemism.
joint Noun. A cannabis or marijuana cigarette.
jollies Noun. 1. Pleasure, thrills. E.g."He always gets his jollies from hurting others."
2. Holidays, vacation. E.g."Are you going to mainland Europe again for your jollies?"
jollop Noun. 1. A dollop. E.g."I'll have a jollop of ice cream with my apple pie."
2. Medicine.
jolly Noun. A day trip, particularly one taken for pleasure and arranged from ones place of work. E.g."Work was great last week, we went on a jolly to London and got the boss drunk."
jones Verb. To desire or want something very badly. [Orig U.S.]
jonesing Adj. Wanting, desiring. E.g."He's jonesing for a cigarette." See 'jones'.
josh Verb. To jest and joke with someone. E.g."Dad! Stop joshing me. She's not my girlfreind, just a mate."
joskin Noun. A rural dweller, a country bumpkin. [Yorkshire use]
joyride Noun. A ride in a stolen vehicle. {Informal}
Verb. To go on a joyride.
jubblies Noun. Women's breasts.
jubbly! Exclam. Excellent! Great! Abb. of 'lovely jubbly'.
Judy Noun. A woman, or girlfriend. [Liverpool use]
Judyscuffer Noun. A police woman. See 'judy' and 'scuffer'. [Liverpool use]
jug Noun. 1. Prison. [Orig. U.S.]
2. A bank. [Underworld use]
jug handles Noun. Ears, usually implying large or excessively protruding.
jugs Noun. Breasts.
jug up Verb. To get drunk. E.g."What better reason to get jugged up than a party." [Orig. U.S.]
juice Noun. 1. Petrol, fuel for engines.
2. Electricity. E.g."My Ipod's run out of juice, can I borrow your charger?"
jumbly Noun. 1. A jumble sale.
2. The unwanted goods and possessions which are sold at a jumble sale.
jumped up Adj. Arrogant. {Informal}
jungle bunny Noun. A black person. Derog./Offens.
junglist Noun. A person interested and committed to jungle music.
junkie Noun. 1. A heroin addict. Also spelt junky.
2. Now more frequently used for anyone with an addiction.

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