A dictionary of English slang and colloquialisms
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g Noun. 1. A gram.
2. A thousand, from 'grand' (noun).
gab Verb. To chatter, talk. {Informal}
gabba Noun. A variety of fast Dutch 'ravey' techno.
gabby Adj. Talkative. {Informal}
gadge Noun. A male, often with respect to older men. Variations include gadgy and gadgie. (Mainly Scottish/ Northern use)
gaff Noun. 1. Place of residence or work. E.g."My gaff is just around the corner." [1930s]
2. Place. E.g."It was all over the gaff but at least I had a week to clean it up."
gaffer Noun. The boss.
gaga Adj. Insane, just a little crazy.
gagging (for something) Phrs. To have an extreme desire for something. E.g."I'm gagging for a night of vigorous, sweaty, dancing."
gagging for it Phrs. Eager for sex.
gak Noun. Cocaine. [Mainly London use]
galloping knob-rot Noun. Severe, uncontrolled venereal disease. Cf. 'knob-rot'.
galoot Noun. An ungainly and often unrefined person. Usually affectionate usage.
game on! Exclam. Expressing excitement and anticipation of an event.
gammy Adj. Injured, painful or septic. Usually applied to a body-part. E.g."My leg's gone gammy since that fall last week."
gan Verb. Go. E.g."Are you gannin' down the pub tonight?" [N.E./Cumbria use. Dialect]
gander Noun. A look. E.g."Will you have a gander at my job application letter, and check it for spelling mistakes?"
Gandhi's flip-flop Noun. A very dry environment. Used in phrases like my mouth is like Gandhis flip-flop. Other parts of one's anatomy that are likened to Gandhi's flip flop include the throat or tongue.
Gandhi's revenge Noun. A stomach upset, and subsequent diarrhoea.
gang-bang Noun. Copulation with an individual by a group.
ganja Noun. Marijuana. [Orig. W.I.]
gannet Noun. A greedy person.
gansie Noun. A pullover, jumper, woollen sweater, cardigan. A corruption of Guernsey. Also spelt gansy.
gaping axe wound Noun. Vagina, female genitals. Cf. 'axe wound' & 'hairy axe wound'.
garden (gate) Verb. To orally, sexually stimulate the penis, to fellate. Rhyming slang on 'plate', no fellate. See 'plate'.
gareth hunt Noun. A contemptible person. Rhyming slang on 'cunt'. Gareth Hunt, English actor, most famous for his role in The New Avengers television series.
garm Noun. Clothes. Abb. of garments. [Mainly black use?]
garrity Adj. Mad, crazy, angry. [South-east use]
gary Noun. A tablet, usually the drug MDMA. A shortening of the rhyming slang Gary Ablet; the name of a professional English footballer. [Orig. Liverpool]
garyboy Noun. A male who drives a sporty car. The vehicle is usually noticeable by its sporty appearance and souped up engine. Cf. with 'boy-racer'. [E.Anglia/Norfolk/Essex/Suffolk use]
Gary Glitter Noun. The anus. Rhyming slang for 'shitter'.
gas Verb. To chat, talk incessantly.
gash Noun. 1. The vagina.
2. Women viewed as sexual objects. Offens/derog.
3. Nonsense. E.g."Don't talk gash, it's all lies."
4. Rubbish, useless things.
5. Something going spare, extra, in excess of requirements. E.g. "If that's all gash, then I'll have a second helping, I'm starving." [Mainly Armed Forces use]
gasper Noun. A cigarette. [Early 1900s]
gasping Verb. To be desperate for something. E.g."I'm gasping for a good night out, and a drunken few hours dancing in a club surrounded by gorgeous females."
gassed (up) Adj. Drunk, intoxicated with alcohol.
gatted Adj. Drunk, intoxicated.
gavver Noun. A policeman/woman. [Kent use/ Orig. Romany]
gawp Verb. To stare obtrusively. {Informal}
gay Noun. A homosexual male and occasionally used for such females. The word, once derogatory, has been reclaimed by the 'gay' community and is an accepted term for homosexuals. However the term is still heard used in a perjorative sense. 'Gay' is now considered standard English.
Adj. 1. Homosexual in nature.
2. General disparaging term.
gayarse Noun. 1. A homosexual male. Derog.
2. A contemptible person.
gay as a goose Phrase. Very evidently homosexual.
gay-boy Noun. A homosexual male. Derog.
Gaychester Noun. Nickname for Manchester with its ever-growing and popular gay scene. Along with 'Gunchester' and 'Madchester', these puns tend to be journalistic pseudonyms.
gaydar Noun. The ability, intuitive or otherwise, of a person to know when another person is also homosexual. A play on the words gay and radar.
gaylord Noun. A homosexual male.
gayrage Noun. Derogatory term for the UK garage music scene; a play on the words garage and gay.
gays on trays Noun. Snowboarders. Mainly used by skiers. Cf. 'pricks with sticks'.
gazunder Noun. A chamber pot. Named so because it goes under the bed. Somewhat archaic due to homes having internal toilets.
gazungas Noun. Female breasts.
GBH of the ear'ole Phrs. Excessive noise, often used with reference to incessant complaints or talk. GBH, an abbreviation of the legal term, grievous bodily harm.
gear Noun. Illicit drugs. E.g."Andy said he'd bring over some gear for the party, that's if he hasn't already taken it all."
gee Noun. Vagina.
gee-gees Noun. Horses. Usually children and gambler's use. {Informal}
geek Noun. An intelligent but socially inept person. Derog.


Noun. 1. General term for a man, however the word can imply more specific qualities, see version 2.
2. A confident man with masculine qualities, very much 'laddish' in nature and respected.
* Also occasionally spelt geeza.
geezerbird Noun. 1. An androgynous looking woman.
2. A tomboy.
3. A woman who enjoys typically male pastimes.
gen Noun. Information. E.g."What's the gen on the economic situation in Brazil." {Informal}
gender bender Noun. A transvestite, cross-dresser, a person who adopts a sexually ambiguous dress sense.
gennell Noun. Alleyway, passageway between houses. A varient of 'ginnell'. [N. England use/ Dialect]
gen (someone) up Verb. To give (someone) all the information required. {Informal}
gen up on (something) Verb phrs. To find out about (something). E.g."I'm getting a fish tank next week, so I've been genning up on tropical fish." {Informal}
Geoff (Hurst) Noun. A first class university degree. Rhyming slang. Geoff Hurst, footballer, best known for his scoring hatrick during the England World Cup victory over Germany in 1966.
Geordie Noun. A person from Tyneside or Newcastle, and consequently the dialect of such a person.
Geordieland Noun. The area of Tyneside, in the North-east. Also occasionally Jordyland and Geordyland.
German (bands) Noun. The hands. Rhyming slang. Also abbreviated to Germans.
German helmet Noun. The head of the penis, from its physical shape being vaguely similar to that of a German soldier's headwear.
gerroff Exclam./Vrb phrs. Get off. [Dialect]
get Noun. An idiot, a contemptible person. Cf. git.
get a build on Vrb phrs. To roll a 'joint', a marijuana/cannabis cigarette.
get a life! Exclam. An instructional and admonishing statement to sort oneself out. [Orig. U.S.]
get a load of (something) Vrb phrs. A see or notice something. E.g."Did you get a load of the arse on her, she's a beauty."
get away! Exclam. No kidding! Said to express disbelief. {Informal}
get away with murder Vrb phrs. To escape punishment or to go unharmed after a risky feat or misdemenour.
get a wiggle on Vrb phrs. Get a move on, hurry up.
get a wriggle on Vrb phrs. Get a move on, hurry up.
get cracking Verb. To hurry up, to get on with one's task. E.g."Go on, get cracking, hurry up and clean your teeth then we can leave for the airport."
get hitched Verb. To get married.
get into someone's pants Vrb phrs. To achieve sexual intimacies. E.g."Don't trust him, he's only being nice to get into your pants."
get it up Verb. To achieve a penile erection.
get jiggy Vrb phrs. 1. To be cool and with what's happening that's respected. Apparently originates with Will Smith, U.S. rapper and movie star, and came to prominence with his song Gettin' Jiggy Wit' It. [Orig. U.S. 1990s]
2. To be active, often in a sexual sense. An extended meaning from version 1, above, possibly a misinterpretation of how the original expression was used.
get knotted! Verb. An exclamation of anger expressed at someone.
get nowhere fast Vrb phrs. To not progress at all, despite one's efforts.
get off at Edgehill Vrb phrs. To perform coitus interruptus. A catholic Liverpudlian expression derived from the symbolic use of the railway station before the Mersey tunnel and the last stop. Also heard phrased as jump off at Edgehill. Other UK cities also have their own variations, such as get off at Paisley, used in Glasgow; get off at Gateshead, used in Newcastle-upon-Tyne; get off at Haymarket, used in Edinburgh.
get off on Verb. To enjoy greatly, to be thrilled, often sexually. E.g."She looked so horny; I really got off on that skin tight rubber dress."
get off with (someone) Verb. To achieve an intimate or sexual communing with (someone). E.g."I presume you got off with that bloke last night, being as you didn't come home?"
get one's act together Vrb phrs. To hurry up, to get oneself together.
get one's arse in gear Vrb phrs. See 'get one's act together'.
get one's end away Vrb phrs. Have sexual intercourse. Male expression of obvious derivation.
get one's goat Vrb phrs. To annoy someone.
get one's knickers in a twist Vrb phrs. To become upset or bothered. Often used in the negative sense of don't get one's knickers in a twist. {Informal}
get one's kit off Vrb phrs. To take one's clothes off, usually heard as a sexually motivated request and has nothing to do with sportswear. E.g."Cor, I wouldn't mind getting her kit off...."
get one's leg over Vrb phrs. Have sexual intercourse.
get one's mad up Vrb phrs. To annoy. E.g."The way he kept ignoring me really got my mad up." [Manchester/ NW England use]
get one's rocks off Vrb phrs. 1. To have sexual intercourse.
2. To thoroughly enjoy.
get one's shit together Vrb phrs. See 'get one's act together'.
get on one's tits Vrb phrs. To annoy, to get on one's nerves. The 'tits' in the phrase are metaphorical hence the idiom is used by both sexes. E.g."Angie's new boyfriend really gets on my tits."
get on one's tit's end Vrb phrs. To irritate. See above 'get on one's tits'.
get on one's wick Vrb phrs. To annoy.
get stuck in Verb. Get involved in, apply oneself.
get stuffed! Verb. An angry rebuke.
get the horn Vrb phrs. To be sexually aroused.
get the nod Vrb phrs. To get approval or permission. E.g."I've been given the nod by the wife, so will you buy me a ticket for the match on Saturday."
get to fuck! Exclam. An exclamation of dismissive defiance or annoyance.
get up one's nose Vrb phrs. To irritate someone. E.g."He gets right up my nose with his constant complaining."
ghetto blaster Noun. A large portable stereo radio/CD/cassette player.
ghoster Noun. A late night work shift, done immediately after a day shift. E.g."Sorry we can't come out tonight, Bob's too tired; we're saving up for a new car so he's just done a ghoster at work."
Gianluca (Vialli) Noun. Cocaine. Rhyming slang on Vialli, for 'charlie'. Gianluca, a successful Italian football player, arrived in UK in the mid 1990s to play for, and subsequently manage Chelsea FC.. Departed in the year 2000, eventually going on to manage Watford FC. See 'charlie'. [1990s]
gick Noun. Excrement, or something equally disgusting. [Mainly Irish use]
giddy aunt Noun. See the exclamation 'oh my giddy aunt!'
giddy kipper Noun. An overexcitable person.
gift of the gab Noun. The ability to talk incessantly, persuasively, to have the knack of conversation.
giggle Noun. A good time, a lark.
Gilbert Noun. A small ball of nasal mucus.
gimboid Noun. An idiot, a fool.
gimmer Noun. An elderly person. Originally the term only applied to women. Derog.
gimp Noun. 1. A cripple, or person with a limp.
2. A limp, or a limping gait.
3. A contemptible person, a fool.
4. A sex slave, particularly one dressed in apparel of a sexual nature, such as black leather, or similar.
Verb. To limp.
ginger Noun. 1. Homosexual. Rhyming slang, from Ginger beer - 'queer'.
2. A ginger or red haired person. Pronounced with hard g's as in goggles.
3. Carbonated drink, such as cola. [Scottish use]
ginger knob /minge Noun. A person with ginger hair. Male being ginger knob (also ginger nob), and female, ginger minge. Derog.
ginnell Noun. An alleyway, a passage at the rear of houses. Also spelt ginnel. [N. England use/ Dialect]
ginormous Adj.. Huge. A combination of the words gigantic and enormous.
gip Verb. To vomit.
gippo Noun. A gypsy. Also 'gypo'. Usually derog.
gippy Adj. Sickly. Commonly heard in the phrase gippy tummy - an upset stomach. Also spelt gyppy.
gipsy's (kiss) Noun. See 'gypsy's'.
giraffe Noun. A laugh. Rhyming slang. E.g."You're having a giraffe if you think I'm babysitting your little brother mate!"
girlie mag Noun. A pornographic magazine.
girl's blouse Noun. A feeble and ineffectual person. An abb. form of 'big girls blouse'. Cf 'big girl's blouse'.
girn Verb. To complain, to moan, to whinge. E.g."If you don't stop girning we won't go to the cinema and you can go to bed early." Also 'gurn'. [Scottish use]
gism Noun. Semen. Less usual spelling of 'jism'.
git Noun. An idiot or contemptible person. Derived from 'get'. Cf get.
gitty Noun. An alleyway. Cf. 'jitty. [Midlands use]
give a duck Vrb phrs. To care about, to have a concern, however usually used in phrases such as who gives a duck, or to not give a duck. Euphemistic for 'give a fuck'.
give a monkey Vrb phrs. To care, to be concerned with. Usually heard in the negative sense in not give a monkey, to not care.
give head Verb. To perform fellatio or cunnilingus.
give him /her one Verb. To have sex (with someone). Usually a boastful phrase, e.g."I'd love to give her one.", or "Give her one for me."
give it a whirl Vrb phrs. To attempt something. E.g."Go on, give it whirl, it can't do any harm." {Informal}
give it laldy Vrb phrs. To be enthusiastic, to put in some effort. (Scottish use)
give it some rice Vrb phrs. Put some effort in.
give it some welly Vrb phrs. Put some force into it. See also 'welly'.
give it the/some biftas Vrb phrs. To try hard, to put effort into a given task. [Merseyside use]
give it up Verb. To applaud, show one's appreciation. E.g."Give it up for this week's guest celebrity..." [Orig. U.S.]
give out Verb. To complain. [Anglo-Irish use]
give over ! Exclam. Stop it ! [Mainly Northern use]
give someone a bell Vrb phrs. To telephone someone. [Orig. U.S. 1950s]
give someone the big E Vrb phrs. To reject someone, to dismiss someone, from 'give someone the elbow' (E). {Informal}
give someone the boot Vrb phrs. To dismiss someone from employment or a relationship.
give someone the elbow Vrb phrs. To reject someone. Also shortened to 'give someone the big E'. {Informal}
give someone the hairy eye Vrb phrs. To give someone a suspicious or contemptible look. See 'hairy eye'.
give someone their P45 Vrb phrs. To terminate a relationship. A P45 is the official form given to someone on their dismissal or departure from employment and explains tax details that are needed by a future employer.
give someone the Spanish archer Vrb phrs. To dismiss, to sack. A pun on the 'Spanish archer' being called El Bow, thus 'give someone the elbow' (dismiss someone). E.g."I found out she was having it away with the milkman, so I gave her the old spanish archer."
give someone what for Vrb phrs. A severe reprimand. E.g."I'll give you what for if you don't shut your mouth."
give something/it a bash Vrb phrs. To attempt or try something. E.g."Why don't you give it a bash, and if you find you can't do it or dont like it, we'll give you your money back."
(the) glad-eye Noun. A look of desire cast at another person. E.g."I think you've got an admirer, that man at the back keeps giving you the glad-eye." {Informal}
glad-rags Noun. One's finest and dressiest clothes.
gladys Noun. An act of defecation. Rhyming slang on Gladys Knight, meaning 'shite'. See 'shite'.
glaikit Adj. Stupid, idiotic, usually describing a look on someone's face. [Scottish use]
Glasgow kiss Noun. A headbutt. Cf 'Glesga kiss'. [Glasgow use]
glass Verb. To break and smash a drinking glass into someones face.
glass back Noun. A fragile back or spinal area, prone to injury.
glassback Noun. A person with a consistently bad back. See 'glass back'.
glegg Verb. To look, to view. [East Midlands use]
Glesga kiss Noun. A headbutt. Cf 'Glasgow kiss'. [Glasgow use]
gloopy Adj. Viscous, sticky, usually applied to liquids. {Informal}
glop Noun. 1. Thick viscous substance.
2. Unappetizing sloppy food.
Gloria Gaynors Noun. Trainers, sports footwear. Rhyming slang.
glory hole Noun. 1. A small room or cubbyhole, in which items are stored, often in an untidy fashion. {Informal}
2. A small hole in the dividing wall between two toilet cubicles; used for voyeurism and sexual encounters, mainly by homosexual males.
glug Noun. A drink of something, particularly a large mouthful.
gnarly Adj. Cool, excellent, great. [Orig. U.S.]
gnat's piss Noun. A particularly weak and tasteless drink. Derog.
gnat's whisker Noun. Very close, a small amount. E.g."I missed the target by a gnat's whisker."
go a bundle on Vrb phrs. Like, favour. Usually heard in a negative sense. E.g."I don't go a bundle on lettuce, I'll just have a cheese and tomato sandwich."
go ape/apeshit Vrb phrs. Become angry, furious.
go arse over tit Vrb phrs. To fall, to trip up.
gob Noun. 1. The mouth. [1500s]
2. Phlegm that has been spat out.
Verb. 1. To spit.
2. To hit, especially in the mouth. [Merseyside/West Lancs use]
go ballistic Verb. To explode with fury.
go base over apex Vrb phrs. To fall head over heels, to go upside down.
gobbin Noun. An idiot. Derog.
gobble Verb. To give oral sex. E.g."I got gobbled last night in the club toilets."
Noun. Oral sex.
gobbledygook Noun. Unintelligible jargon, nonsense. {Informal}
gobby Adj. Mouthy, offensively outspoken.
go belly up Verb. To fail, to go bankrupt. E.g."The company went belly up after the rise in inflation."
gob iron Noun. A mouth organ, harmonica. See 'gob' (noun 1).
gob off Verb. To talk in a opinionated and loud manner.
gobshite Noun. A person who talks nonsense or boasts to inflate their ego, a contemptible person.
gobsmacked Adj. Amazed, astounded. Originally Northern dialect but common throughout Britain from the 1980s.
gobstruck Adj. Amazed, shocked. Less common than 'gobsmacked'.
go commando Verb phrs. Not wearing underwear.
God-awful Adj. Particularly unpleasant, horrible.
God botherer Noun. A fanatical preacher of religion, an evangelist. Also Godbotherer.
go down a bomb Vrb phrs. To be very successful and popular. E.g."The band's new single has gone down a bomb in the clubs". {Informal}
go down a treat Vrb phrs. To be welcomed and enjoyed. E.g."That cup of coffee went down a treat."
go down on Verb. To perform oral sex.
God squad Noun. Organised religion, and its devotees, particularly evangelical Christians.
gofer Noun. A personal assistant who does menial errands. Essentially, someone who will go for anything. Also gopher. [Orig. U.S.]
go for a Burton Verb phrs. 1. To break or become inoperative. Originally meaning dead or lost in action, from the RAF during the Second World War. The etymology is unproven although there are various speculations, including a connection with an advertising poster campaign for a beer of the period, namely Burtons. Most likely to be heard in the past sense, as 'gone for a burton'. E.g."I'm afraid we can't watch the football match tonight, my TV's gone for a burton." [1940s]
2. To fall over. E.g."I went for a burton and bruised my arms."
go fuck yourself! Exclam. An exclamation of anger at someone, such as 'get lost!' The demand isn't meant literally.
gogglebox Noun. Television. [1950s] {Informal}
goit Noun. An idiot, foolish person.
golden shower Noun. An act of urinating on another for sexual pleasure. Cf. 'watersports'.
go like the clappers Vrb phrs. To go speedily. E.g."We went like the clappers and just made it in time."
go mental Vrb phrs. 1. To lose one's temper, go mad with rage. E.g."She went mental when she saw the stain on her beige carpet." [Scottish/Northern use]
2. To have fun, to have a wild time.
Gomer Noun. An awkward or troublesome patient. [Medical use/Orig. U.S.]
gonk Noun. 1. An idiot.
2. Sleep. Also gonk-bag, a sleeping bag. [1950s] [Military use]
Verb. To sleep. [Military use]
gooch Noun. The perineum. Cf. 'taint', 'biffins bridge'.
good call! Exclam. Good thinking! Good decision! [Orig. U.S.]
good crack Noun. An enjoyable situation. From the Irish craic, see 'crack'. E.g."Tim's party last week was a good crack."
good egg Noun. A liked and favoured person. Cf. 'bad egg'.
goody-two-shoes Noun. A virtuous person. Childish expression. Derog.
go off on one Vrb phrs. To lose control. Often heard with regard to a person verbally rambling on. E.g."He had 5 grams of amphetamine and then went off on one for the next 8 hours."
goofy Noun. A name given to a person with large protruding teeth. Derog.
goolies Noun. The testicles. Originates from the Indian army during the 1800s and the Hindi goli, meaning a pellet or ball.
goon Noun. A fool or objectionable person. Generally lighthearted use.
gooner Noun. An Arsenal Football Club supporter.
goose Verb. To poke, pinch or feel a person's bottom, usually without their consent. [Orig. U.S./Canada 1880s]
gooseberry Noun. A person who is an unwanted extra, usually to a courting couple. From the informal expression playing gooseberry. E.g."If you two are going to spend the night kissing and cuddling on the sofa making me feel like a gooseberry, then I'm off out to the pub."
goosed Adj. Ruined, finished. E.g."I've just run a marathon and I'm goosed."
goosegogs Noun. Gooseberries (the fruit). Not heard frequently due to gooseberries having lost popularity. {Informal}.
goosey Noun. A look. Abbreviated form of the title of the nursery rhyme Goosey Goosey Gander, making use of the word 'gander', being slang for a look. See 'gander'. E.g."Let's have a goosey at the timetable and work out which is the best train to get to London."
go pear shaped Vrb phrs. Go wrong. E.g."Everything went pear shaped for United after Beckham got sent off the pitch."
gopher Noun. See 'gofer'.
go postal Vrb phrs. To go crazy, go insane. Coined after numerous incidents involving U.S. postal workers, who deranged, went on a homicidal spree before killing themselves. E.g."He went postal when that idiot smashed his car." [Orig. U.S. 1990s]
goppin' Adj. Disgusting, ugly. Actually a shortening of gopping. [North-west use?]
gora Noun. A white person, or more specifically a white male. From Hindi. Cf. 'gori'. [Indian use]
gor blimey! Exclam. An oath. A corruption of God blind me!. Cf. 'cor blimey!'
Gordon Bennett! Exclam. An exclamation of anger or surprise. Has as much emphasis as most expletives despite its inoffensive nature. See associated article Gordon Bennett for etymology.
gori Noun. A white woman. From Hindi. Cf. 'gora'. [Indian use]
gorm Noun. An idiot, an imbecile. Abbreviation derived from the adjective gormless. Usually jocular usage, albeit derog.
gormless Adj. Lacking sense, foolish. {Informal}
go screw yourself! Exclam. General dismissive expression, leave me alone!
go spare Verb. Become very angry. E.g."She'll go spare when she finds her best vase broken." {Informal}
goss Noun. Abbreviation of gossip.
go straight Verb. To renounce a life of crime.
go swivel! Exclam. General dismissive expression, leave me alone!
goth Noun. 1. A youth culture phenomenon, derivative of 'punk', characterized by black clothes, long spikey or straggly hair and dour outlook. Also descriptive of their joyless style of music. The word derives from Gothic.
2. A person who adopts the characteristics of the youth culture described in version 1.
gothy Adj. In the manner or style of a 'goth'.
go tits-up Verb. 1. To go wrong, to fail. E.g."Nick's devious plan went tits up when his colleagues discovered the facts."
2. To fall over. E.g."I went tits up on that ice on the path."
go to pot Vrb phrs. To deteriorate.
go to the dogs Vrb phrs. To rot, deteriorate, worsen.
go to the foot of our stairs ! Exclam. A exclamation of surprise. E.g."Well, I'll go to the foot of our stairs! That's wonderful news." [Northern use]
governor Noun. 1. One's employer.
2. A term of address, sir. Often seen spelt guv'ner. Cf. 'guv.' {Informal}
gowk Verb. To stare obtrusively. [Dialect?]
Noun. A fool, idiot.
gozz Verb. To spit. E.g."I expect it of boys but I can't bear to see teenage girls swearing and gozzing on the pavement."
Noun. Phlegm.
gradeley Adj. Good, excellent. Old fashioned Northern use. E.g."That cup of tea was gradely." [Dialect?]
graft Verb. 1. To work hard.
2. To steal. Criminal parlance. [Northern use]
Noun. Hard work.
grafter Noun. 1. A hard worker.
2. A criminal or drug dealer. An expression used by such members of this fraternity. E.g."It's alright, you can trust him, he's a grafter."
grand Adj. Excellent, lovely. {Informal}
Noun. A thousand pounds sterling. Orig. U.S. term for one thousand dollars.
granny Verb. To defeat or be defeated comprehensively. E.g."I grannied my brother in the first round of the competition, but lost in the semi-final."
grapes Noun. Haemorrhoids, piles.
grass Noun. 1. An informer. Possibly from the rhyming slang grass in the park - 'nark', meaning informer. E.g."Don't tell John about this, he's a grass and I don't want to get into trouble."
2. Marijuana.
Verb. To inform (on), betray.
grasshopper Noun. A policeman. From the rhyming slang on 'copper'.
graveyard shift Noun. Late night work.
gravy Adj. Good, OK, easy.
greasy spoon Noun. An inexpensive and poor quality cafe. [Orig. U.S. Early 1900s]
greb Noun. 1. A dirty, unsavoury or contemptible person.
2. Phlegm, often consisting of nasal mucus.
3. A young person who likes a particular type of music, such as Nu Metal, punk, or rock, and dresses in the associated way, such as black. From 'grebo'.
grebo * Noun. 1. A lout. Derog.
2. A leather jacketed, long-haired lout, and follower of rock music. Dated. Derog. [1970s]
3. A person or follower of one of the rock music genres, such as 'goth' or 'metal' (heavy, death, nu- etc), and who wears the associated fashions. Derived from noun 2, and generally derog.
* Also spelt greebo.
grebby Adj. Dirty, unsavoury.
green Noun. Marijuana.
green apple splatters Noun. Diarrhoea. E.g. "I've got a bad case of the green apple splatters and have spent most of the night on the toilet."
greenie Noun. Nasal mucus, or phlegm.
green ink brigade Noun. Collective name for pedants and obsessives who feel the need to write letters of complaint, or diatribes, on issues of concern. Apparently named after the colour of the ink they use for their letters. Derog.
green welly brigade Noun. Member's of the upper middle-class who participate in countryside pursuits such as riding, fox hunting and shooting. They may be distinguished by their wax jackets and green wellingtons. Often a depreciatory name.
greet Verb. To cry, sob. E.g."We didn't get any sleep last night with the bairn (baby) greetin' until dawn." [Scottish use]
gregory Noun. 1. Neck.*
2. Cheque.*
* Both uses, rhyming slang on Gregory Peck, the actor.
gribbles Noun. 1. Crumbs, small particles of something, often with respect to food.
2. Bits of crispy batter left in the frier tray in a chip shop.
gricer Noun. A railway, or train, enthusiast. Also grice (verb) and gricing (noun).
gridlock Noun. A total blockage, usually refers to a traffic jam. [Orig. U.S.]
grief Noun. Trouble, hassle. E.g."Listen, it's over! I've said sorry, so please stop giving me grief!"
griff Noun. News, information. E.g."What's the griff on the street?" [Late 1800s]
grind Noun. A act of sexual intercourse.
Verb. To have sexual intercourse.
grockle Noun. A holidaymaker, tourist. Derog.
grod Noun. Bicycle. [Derbyshire use]
grogan Noun. A lump of faeces.
grolly Noun. Spit, a lump of phlegm.
groovy Adj. Excellent, wonderful. Originates in 1930s jazz speak. [Orig. U.S.]
grope Verb. To feel a person in a sexual manner. E.g."I don't care if he is my boss, I'm not being groped like that no matter how drunk I am!"
grot Noun. 1. Dirt, rubbish. E.g."Shall we clear out all the grot in the attic and convert it into a spare bedroom."
2. A contemptible person.
3. Sweets, confectionary. [Runcorn use]
grotbag Noun. 1. A dirty or sleazy person. Derog.
2. A contemptible person.
grot mag Noun. A pornographic magazine. Occasionally abbreviated to grot.
grotty Adj. Unpleasant, disgusting, shabby, of poor quality. From grotesque. [1960s]
groupie Noun. A person who fanatically follows a rock/pop band, or celebrity, around.
growler Noun. 1. Vagina. From the rhyming slang growl and grunt meaning cunt.
2. A meat pie. [Lancs use]
grub Noun. Food. Originates from the Dutch, grubbelen. {Informal}
grufty Adj. Dirty, unkempt, scruffy. [North/Midlands use?]
grumble (and grunt)

Noun. 1. Vagina. Rhyming slang for 'cunt'. See 'cunt'.
2. A contemptible person.

grundies Noun. Underwear, usually applied to male underpants. Rhyming slang for undies.
grunge Noun. A type of punk/metal/thrash crossover music with its encumberment of scruffy fashions. [Orig. U.S.]
grungey Adj. 1. Scruffy, smelly, grimy.
2. Of or in the manner of 'grunge'.
grunt Noun. Power, when applied to machines. E.g."How much grunt has that new Porsche got?"
gubbins Noun. Paraphernalia, miscellaneous items. E.g."The inside of the television was full of gubbins, so I left the expert to fix it." {Informal}
guff Verb. To break wind, to 'fart'. E.g."What's that awful smell? Has someone guffed in here?"
Noun. 1. Nonsense. E.g."What absolute nonsense, you're talking guff!" [1800s]
2. An emission of wind from the anus, a 'fart'.
gumf Noun. Nonsense, rubbish. Perhaps a combination of 'guff' and 'bumf'. Also 'gumph'.
gumby Noun. A bumpkin, a yokel, a 'hick'. Derog.
gumph See 'gumf'.
Gunchester Noun. The sardonic nickname given to Manchester during the early 1990s after a series of shootings involving several local gangs. Cf. 'Madchester' and 'Gaychester'.
gunge Noun. Thick sticky liquid. {Informal}
gungy Adj. Viscous, sticky, greasy. {Informal}
gunk Noun. Thick gooey liquid. [1900s]
gunt Noun. Of females, an unsightly fatty area between the stomach and the vagina. A combination of the words gut (stomach) and cunt (vagina). Derog.
gunties Noun. Knickers, panties, undies.
gurn Verb. 1. To make involuntary and unusual facial expressions from imbibing excessive quantities of drugs such as amphetamine or MDMA; it is often apparent at raves or techno/house clubs. Originally gurning was a ruralised competitive freakshow at which toothless old men pulled ugly faces.
2. To complain. See 'girn'.
gurner Noun. A person who gurns, see above.

Adj./Adv. 1. Very, extremely, as used for emphasis.*
2. Large.*
* Both senses, also spelt girt. [Bristol use/ Dialect]

gut-rot Noun. Stomach ache. {Informal}
gutted Adj. Very disappointed.
gutties Noun. Rubber soled sports shoes, trainers. (Glasgow use)
guv Noun. A term of address for a man. Derived from 'governor'.
guzzle-guts Noun. A person who drinks greedily.
gym queen Noun. A muscly homosexual male, who obviously works out in a gym.
gyp Noun. Hassle, bother. E.g."My leg's been giving me gyp since I got kicked during the game." Cf. 'jip'. {Informal}
gypo Noun. A gypsy. Also 'gippo'. Usually derog.
gypsy's (kiss) Noun. An act of urination. From the rhyming slang gypsy's kiss, meaning 'piss'. Also gipsy's. E.g."Hold on a minute, I need a gypsy."

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