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bab Verb. To defecate. [Yorks/Hull/Notts use]
Noun. 1. Faeces. [Yorks/Hull/Notts use]
2. Term of affectionate address, such as dear or friend. [W. Midlands use]
3. Abb. of kebab.
baba * Verb. To defecate. [Yorks/Hull/Notts use]
Noun. Faeces. [Yorks/Hull/Notts use]
* Also spelt babber.
babby Noun. A baby, child. [Northern & Midlands use. Dialect]
babe Noun. 1. Usually applied to a young attractive female but also said with reference to males. [Orig. U.S.]
2. An affectionate form of address.
babe magnet Noun. An attractive or sexually desirable person or thing. [Orig. U.S.]
baboon Noun. An oaf, a fool.
baby batter Noun. Semen. Cf. 'baby gravy'
baby gravy Noun. Semen. Cf. 'baby batter'
baby's head Noun. A steak and kidney pudding. [North-west use]
backdoor Noun. A euphemism for the anus. [Orig. U.S.]
backhander Noun. A bribe.
backie Noun. A pillion ride on a bycycle.
back passage Noun. The rectum. {Informal}
back scuttle Noun. Anal intercourse.
Verb. To have anal intercourse.
backs to the wall Phrs. A homophobic comment and warning to fellow heterosexuals that contact with a gay male is likely or happening. From the misconception that all gay males will endevour, or want to have anal intercourse with any male. Derog.
backy Noun. Abb. of tobacco. Another variation is backo.
bacon sarnie Noun. Pakistani. Rhyming slang. See 'sarnie'.
bad Adj. Good, excellent. [Orig. U.S.]
bad egg Noun. A miscreant, a corrupt person, an untrustworthy person. Cf. 'good egg'.
Baden Powell * Noun. 1. A towel.
2. Trowel.
* Both uses are rhyming slang.
badger Verb. To bother incessantly. E.g."Stop badgering her, she's not interested in buying another pair of your cheap trainers."
bad hair day Noun. 1. A day when one is unable to arrange one's hair into a satisfactory and pleasing style.
2. Used figuratively for a problematic and difficult day.
badly packed kebab Noun. The female genitals. [1990s]
bad mouth Verb. To insult or denigrate. [Orig. U.S.]
bad news Noun. A troublesome person.
baffies Noun. Slippers. [Scottish use]
bag Noun. 1. An ugly woman. Derog. Cf. 'old bag'.
2. An objectionable and unpleasant person.
3. Meaning that which interests. E.g."What's your bag ? Mine is dance music." [Orig. U.S. 1960s]
4. The scrotum.
Suffix. A suffix that emphasises the essential undesirable nature of a person in perjorative nouns such as 'tossbag', 'shitbag', 'ratbag' etc.
bag (of sand) Noun. £1000, a thousand pounds sterling. Rhyming slang on a 'grand'. Often shortened to bag.
baggin(g) Noun. A snack or food taken between meals. Heard pronounced as baggin. [Lancs/Yorks use]
baghead Noun. A heroin addict.
bag lady Noun. A homeless woman who carries her worldly possessions in bags.
bag of bones Noun. A very thin or emaciated person or animal.
bag off Verb. To commune with someone sexually desirable, occasionally in so much as having sex. E.g."She bagged off with that"
bag of shit Noun. A general disparaging term, used for either a person or thing. E.g."He hadn't slept or washed for 4 days and looked like a bag of shit."
bag of shite Noun. See 'bag of shit'.
bag of wank Noun. A thing or situation that is not very good, that is poor, without value. E.g."I was expecting a big bag of wank, but I actually enjoyed the film, apart from the scene where the dog died."
bag of washing Noun. A failed parachute or other material based airfoil, such as a hang glider. [Orig. Military use]
bag on Noun. A bad mood. [E. Midlands use]
bags Verb. To claim as one's own due to being the first to make such a claim. E.g."Bags I go first." {Informal}
Noun. Trousers. {Informal}
bagsy Verb. A variation on 'bags' (verb). Basically meaning bags I. See 'bags'.
bahookie Noun. The backside, the bottom, the buttocks. [Glasgow use]
bail (out) Verb. To leave in a hurry, to escape an awkward situation. E.g."I bailed once I realised that the profits weren't worth it."
bait Adj. Obvious.
bake Noun. The mouth. [Irish/ Scottish use]
baked bean Noun. The queen. Rhyming slang.
baldy notion Noun. An idea, a clue. Usually in the negative sense such as "to not have a baldy notion". Often abbreviated to baldy. [N. Irish use]
ball-ache Noun. A troublesome and inconvenient task. Also ballache. E.g."I wish I hadn't sold the car, walking 5 miles to and from work, everyday, is a real ball-ache."
ball and chain Noun. A wife or girlfriend. Derog.
ball-bag Noun. The scrotum.
ballocks (!) Noun. 1. The testicles. A variation on 'bollocks'. S.E. from 1200s, slang from mid 1800s. Cf. 'bollocks'.
2. Rubbish, nonsense.
Exclam. An exclamation of annoyance, disbelief or disagreement.
balloon knot Noun. The anus. From its appearance.
balls (!) Noun. 1. Testicles. Usually in plural.
2. Courage, in for example, "She hasn't got the balls to tell him the truth."
3. Rubbish, nonsense.
Exclam. Expressing annoyance.
ballsed-up Adj. Ruined, in a mess.
balls (something) up Verb. To make a mess of a situation. E.g."I couldn't believe I ballsed up my driving test by making exactly the same mistake as the previous six times."
balls to the wall Phrs. Quickly.
balls-up Noun. A mess up, a 'cock-up'. E.g."I've made a right balls-up of my exams."
Verb. To make a mess of a situation.
balm Noun. A bread bun or roll. Common mispelling of barm. Cf. 'barmcake'.
balmy Adj. Insane, crazy. A derivative of the earlier 'barmy.'
baloney Noun. Nonsense. Also spelt boloney. [Orig. U.S.]
baltic Adj. Very cold, with respect to the weather or air temperature. [Orig. U.S.]
bam Noun. A foolish and objectionable person. Abbreviated form of 'bampot'. Derog. [Scottish use]
bampot Noun. A foolish and objectionable person. Derog. Cf. 'bam' and 'bamstick'. [Scottish use]
bamstick Noun. A foolish and objectionable person. Derog. Cf. 'bam' and 'bampot'. [Scottish use]
banana Noun. A penis.
bananas Adj. Insane, mad, hysterical. [Orig. U.S.]
bang Verb. 1. To copulate. A particularly aggressive term.
2. To put or place, the implication being with nonchalence. E.g."I'll bang those in an envelope and send them off first post in the morning."
Noun. An act of copulation.
banger Noun. 1. A sausage. The English meal of sausages and mashed potato is traditionally called bangers and mash.
2. A delapidated car.
3. A small firework that is explosively loud but visually unstimulating.
banging Noun. Sexual intercourse.
Exciting, energetic, wonderful, excellent. Often heard pronounced bangin'.
bang on Adj./Adv. Exactly, correct. {Informal}
bang on about (something) Vrb phrs. To talk incessantly and uninterestingly, to nag. E.g."You're not going to change my mind by banging on about it!"
bang one out Vrb phrs. To masturbate. E.g."Steve watched Bay Watch on TV and then banged one out before his mum came home."
bang out of order Phrs. Totally unacceptable.
bang-tidy Adj. Sexually attractive.
bang to rights Phrs. Caught red-handed. Police/criminal vernacular often heard used jocularly.
bang (someone) up Verb. 1. To put (someone) in prison. {Informal}.
2. To make (someone) pregnant.
banjax Verb. To ruin. [Mainly Irish use.]
banjaxed Adj. 1. Ruined, defeated. Originally Anglo-Irish use, popularized by the UK radio/TV presenter Terry Wogan with his book of the same name.
2. Drunk, by extension of meaning 1.
banjo Verb. To hit or punch. [Scottish use]
Noun. 1. A sandwich, particularly one that contains sauce type condiment or other runny ingredient that may spill onto one's clothes, for example egg banjo (fried egg sandwich).
2. A shovel. [Orig. Aust.]
banjo'd Adj. Drunk, intoxicated. Also banjoed.
banjo string Noun. The frenulum of the penis.
banko Noun. Abb. of bank holiday (a national holiday).
bants Noun. Playful, witty conversation, often involving teasing and mocking. Abb. of 'banter'. E.g."I want a date with someone who I can have bants with."
baps Noun. Breasts. E.g."Look at the baps on her!"
bar Noun. One pound sterling.
barbie Noun. Abb. of barbecue. [Orig. Aust.]
barbs Noun. Abb. of barbituates.
Barclay's (Bank) Noun. An act of masturbation. From the rhyming slang for 'wank'.
barcode Noun. A supporter of the Newcastle United football club. From their team kit being designed around black and white vertical stripes, like a barcode.
bare Adj. A lot of, significant amount. E.g."It's just bare hype, the film's just famous faces and no plot." [London use]
Significantly. [London use]
barf Verb. To vomit, probably onomatapoeic in origin. E.g."He's feeling woozy, I think he's gonna barf his dinner up." [Orig. U.S. 1940/50s]
barking Adj. Insane, crazy. Short for barking mad.
barking spider Noun. The anus.
barmcake Noun. 1. A lighthearted term for a fool or idiot.
2. A bread bun. Also barm cake. [North-west use]
barmpot Noun. A silly person. A lighted-hearted expression.
barmy Adj. Mad, crazy, insane. Cf. 'balmy'. [1600s]
barnet Noun. Hair. From the Cockney rhyming slang barnet fair. [Mid 1800s]
barney Noun. An argument. [Late 1800s] {Informal}
Barney (Rubble) Adj. Trouble. Rhyming slang. [1960s]
barry Adj. Good, nice. [Edinburgh use]
Barry White * Noun. 1. Rubbish, nonsense.
2. An act of defecation.
* Both uses are rhyming slang on 'shite' (shit). See 'shite'. Barry White, U.S. soul singer who came to the fore in the 1970s.
barse Noun. The perineum. From the area between the balls and the arse.
bar steward Noun. A pun on 'bastard'.
base over apex Phrs. Head over heels, upside down. E.g."His front wheel hit a rock on the road and he went base over apex."
bash Noun. 1. An event, a party. E.g."I'm having a bash at a club for my birthday."
2. An attempt. E.g."Try having a bash at the next question if you can't answer the first."
bash the bishop Verb. To masturbate. Derived from the similarity of the head of the penis with a bishop's mitre. E.g."It's a myth that constantly bashing the bishop makes you blind."
basket Noun. A euphemism for 'bastard'.
basket case Noun. An emotionally unstable person, a dysfunctional person, a completely useless person. Originally an amputee, especially a soldier, who had lost all four limbs, coined during the First World War.
bastard (!) Noun. 1. A contemptible person. Derived from the original meaning, an illegitimate person, when to be born out of wedlock was viewed as objectionable.
2. A pitiable person. E.g."That poor bastard never stood a chance once the avalanche started."
Adj. Used as an negative intensifier. E.g."My bastard car wont start again!"
Exclam. Exclamation of anger.
bastarding Adj. An intensifier. E.g."I'm sorry for being late, I missed the bastarding bus again!"
bat for both sides Vrb phrs. To be bisexual.
bat for the other team Vrb phrs. 1. To be homosexual. E.g."He wont be interested in your sister, he bats for the other team."
2. To be of a different sexual persuasion.
bat for the opposition Vrb phrs. To be homosexual.
2. To be of a different sexual persuasion.
bathers Noun. Swimming/bathing costume. [Orig. Aust./N.Z.] {Informal}
bat in the cave Noun. A globule or lump of nasal mucus when visible up a nostril.
bat on a sticky wicket Vrb phrs. To put oneself in a difficult and unfavourable position.
battered Adj. Very intoxicated by drink or drugs.
battery operated boyfriend Noun. A vibrator, sex toy. Cf. 'bob'.
battle cruiser Noun. A pub, bar. From rhyming slang for 'boozer'. See 'boozer' (noun 1).
batty Adj. Crazy, eccentric.
Noun. Buttocks, bottom. [Orig. W.I.]
batty boy Noun. A homosexual male. From batty meaning buttocks. Also battyboy, battyman. Derog. [Orig. West Indies]
batty bwoy Noun. See 'batty boy'. Also batty-bway.
batty crease Noun. The area between the buttocks. See 'batty' (noun).
batty man Noun. See 'batty boy'. Also battyman.
batty rider Noun. Skimpy shorts that 'ride' up to expose the wearers bottom ('batty') cheeks, usually female attire. [West Indies/Black UK?]
baw-bag Noun. 1. The scrotum. From 'ball-bag'. [Scottish use]
2. A contemptible person. [Scottish use]
bawheid Noun. 1. A bald head. [Scottish uses]
2. An idiot, buffoon. [Scottish uses]
bazoomas Noun. Breasts. From bosoms.
bazzin' Adj. Excellent. From bazzing. E.g."That was a bazzin cricket match." [Midlands/North use?]
beach-bum Noun. A person devoted to spending as much time as available on the beach. Cf. 'surf bum'.
beady Noun. Eye. From S.E. beady little eye. E.g."I'm keeping a beady on my share prices in case I need to sell."
beak Noun. 1. The mouth. [Irish/Scottish use]
2. A judge or magistrate.
3. Cocaine.
beakie Noun. The dirt or bodily secretions that accumulate at the corner of the eyes or between the toes. [Scottish use]
beaked up Adj. High on cocaine. E.g."We had a great night, everyone was well beaked up." See 'beak' (noun 3).
beal Verb. To cry. E.g."Her baby is constantly bealing, even when it's not hungry." [North Lincolnshire use]
bean Noun. 1. An ecstasy pill.
2. Clitoris. Used in phrases such a 'flicking the bean'.
beanfeast Noun. A party, a celebratory event. {Informal}
bean-flicker Noun. A lesbian. The bean refers to the clitoris.
beano Noun. A party. Abbreviated form of 'beanfeast'. {Informal}
bear Noun. A large hairy man. [Mainly Gay use]
beard Noun. 1. A woman who is seen to be romantically linked with a gay man, so protecting his true sexuality from public scrutiny - often associated with celebrities. [Orig U.S.]
2. Of a woman, pubic hair.
bearded clam Noun. The female genitals, inclusive of pubic hair.
beast with two backs Noun. A man and woman engaged in the act of sexual intercourse. An expression whose usage dates from at least as early as 1604, being mentioned in Shakespeare's Othello. E.g."Your daughter and the Moore are making the beast with two backs" [1600s]
beaten with the ugly stick Phrs. Of a person, unnattractive. Cf. 'hit with the ugly stick'.
beat seven shades of shit out of (someone) Vrb phrs. To thoroughly beat up. Also, less commonly, beat seven kinds of shit out of (someone). Cf. 'kick seven shades of shit out of (someone)'
beat the bishop Verb. To masturbate. Cf. 'bash the bishop'.
beat the meat Verb. To masturbate. E.g."My son seems to be preoccupied with beating his meat at every possible hour of the day."
beaver Noun. The female genitals, implying the inclusion of pubic hair. [Orig. U.S.]
Verb To work hard. {Informal}
beaver cleaver Noun. Penis. See 'beaver' (noun). Cf. 'beaver lever'.
beaver leaver Noun. A homosexual male. Due to not being interested in 'beaver' and leaving it alone. See 'beaver' (noun).
beaver lever Noun. Penis. See 'beaver' (noun). Cf. 'beaver cleaver'.

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beddable Adj. Sexually desirable, from being good enough to take to bed.
Bedfordshire Noun. Bed or bedtime. [1700s]
bed hair Noun. Dishevelled hair, as may result from a good night's sleep.
bedsit Noun. Abb. of bed-sitter or bed-sitting room. A small apartment whereby the bedroom also serves as a sitting room (living room). {Informal}
Beeb Noun. 1. The commonly used nickname for the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation), the nationally owned television production and broadcasting company. {Informal}
2. Nickname for the BBC Micro computer, an early form of home computer from the 1980s.
beef Noun. 1. Muscly, strong looking males. {Informal}
2. A complaint, a grievance, problems (with something). E.g."If you've got a beef about the decision, then fill in the appropriate appeal forms." [Orig. U.S.]
beef bayonet Noun. The penis.
beef curtains Noun. The female genitals. [Orig. U.S.]
beef (something) up Vrb phrs. To increase in size or volume; basically to make stronger. E.g."Once he'd beefed up his engine, his car was unbeatable on the track."
beer baby Noun. A protruding belly, from drinking excessive amounts of beer, that makes its owner look pregnant.
beer belly Noun. A bulging stomach caused by drinking large quantities of beer.
beemer Noun. A BMW automobile. Cf. 'bimmer'.
beer goggles Noun. The impaired judgement from the excessive consumption of alcohol (beer) that makes an otherwise unappealing person or thing seem attractive. E.g."I was obviously wearing beer goggles last night; when I awoke and saw who I'd brought home the previous night I nearly threw up, she had 3 eyes, a green beard and tentacles coming out of the top of her head." [1990s]
beer o'clock Noun. The time one feels is most appropriate for some alcoholic refreshment , such as beer. Often used specifically to mean the end of the working day.
beer scooter Noun. The supposed transport one must have taken to get home when very drunk and as there is no recollection of how one did get home. [1990s]
beer tits Noun. Fatty deposits on the breasts of a male, arising through excessive beer drinking. Cf. 'bitch tits'.
beer tokens Noun. Money.
bees and honey Noun. Money. Rhyming slang.
bee's knees Noun. The best. This term originates from the prolific slang of the Flappers along with the similar 'cats whiskers'. Cf. 'dogs bollocks'. [Orig. U.S. 1920s]
bee stings Noun. Small breasts. Derog.
beeswax Noun. Business. Used in the phrases 'none of your beeswax' and 'mind your beeswax'. [Orig. U.S.]
beetle Verb. To hurry. E.g."I've just spent 2 hours beetling around the shopping precinct looking for a gift for Mick." {Informal}
beetle bonnet Noun. The female mons pubis, from its vague resemblence to the bonnet of a Volkswagen Beetle car.
beezer Adj. Excellent, great. E.g."The holiday was beezer." {Informal}
Noun. 1. Something impressive, or large. [Mainly Scottish use] {Informal}
2. Nose.
beggar Noun. Euphemism for 'bugger'.
begging for it Vrb phrs. A general comment on a person's supposed, if not actual, yearning for sexual intimacies. E.g."Cor, look at her! She's begging for it."
bejesus! Exclam. An Anglo-Irish corruption of the exclamation by Jesus! Expressing surprise or annoyance.
bell Verb. To telephone (someone). E.g."I'll bell you tonight with the news."
bell-end Noun. 1. The head of the penis, being vaguely bell shaped. Also bellend.
2. A contemptible person, an idiot.
bell on every tooth Phrs. When applied to a person, noisy, loud. Also a bell in every tooth. [Welsh use]
belly-ache Noun. A complaint. {Informal}
Verb. To complain persistently.
belly timber Noun. Food. [Early 1700s]
belly-up Adj. 1. Dead.
2. Failed, bankrupt.
belt Verb. To hit.
Noun. 1. A hit. E.g."If you don't shut up moaning I'll give you a belt 'round the head."
2. A drink, by extension of meaning 1. E.g."Have a belt of that brandy, it'll warm you up."
belter Noun. An excellent thing or event. [Orig. Northern dialect]
belting Adj. Outstanding, wonderful. {Informal}
belt up! Verb. Be quiet! Shut up!
bender Noun. 1. An excessive bout of drinking, but more recently also inclusive of a drug taking spree. [Orig. U.S.]
2. A homosexual. Possibly derived from gender bender, or from being the passive partner, bending over to receive sex, as opposed to being the thruster. Derog.
bend one's elbow Vrb phrs. To have an alcoholic drink.
bend someone's ear Vrb phrs. To talk incessantly and tediously at someone. E.g."The manager's been bending my ear all afternoon about regulations and company protocol."
benny Noun. 1. A tantrum, a fit of anger. See 'throw a benny'.
2. A person from the Falkland Islands. A nickname given to islanders by the British army during the Falklands War, and supposedly as they looked like a character called Benny from a British TV soap called Crossroads. [1982]
bent Adj. 1. Homosexual, as opposed to 'straight'. Derog. [Mid 1900s]
2. Criminal, corrupt. E.g."You can usually buy your freedom; the cops are bent and paid poorly." [Early 1900s]
3. Illegal, stolen. E.g."I'm not touching that video, it's bent." [Early 1900s]
bent as a bottle of chips Phrs. 1. Homosexual.
2. Crooked, dishonest. See 'bottle of chips'.
bent as a nine bob note Phrs. 1. Homosexual. See 'bent'.
2. Crooked, dishonest.
A catch-phrase whose original meaning was version 2, but with the onset of 'bent' referring to homosexually has come to be heard more with regard to version 1. In British currency, a bob was a slang expression for a shilling (five pence) but with decimalization in 1971 became obsolete. There was never any such thing as a nine bob note, hence the simile. Cf. 'queer as a nine bob note' and 'camp as a row of tents'.
bent as a nine pound note Phrs. A modern variation on 'bent as a nine bob note', see above.
berk Noun. An idiot, objectionable person. Derived from the rhyming slang Berkshire Hunt or Berkeley Hunt, meaning 'cunt'. Normally Berkshire and Berkeley would be pronounced Barkshire and Barkeley. This expression is generally accepted as inoffensive despite its source and meaning. Also 'burk'.
(the) berries Noun. The best. Also the berrys. [Scottish use]
Bertie big bollocks Noun. A person with an over inflated opinion and value of themselves. The expression, if not invented, was popularized by John Sitton, manager of Leyton Orient football club, who, on a 1995 TV documentary on his team ('Orient: Club for a Fiver'), angrily berates his team during the half-time team talk, after going 3-0 down. [1990s]
bestie Noun. A best friend. E.g."I'd do anything for her, she's one of my besties."
best of British! Phrs. Good luck!
(the) best thing since sliced bread Phrs. Absolutely the best thing ever.
better half Noun. One's wife, husband or partner.
better than a kick in the teeth /balls Phrs. Catch-phrase expressing that one should be happy with the situation, as it could be much worse. E.g."I only won £10 on the national lottery yesterday, but I shouldn't complain, it's better than a kick in the balls."
better than a poke in the eye with a blunt stick Phrs. A catch-phrase that expresses that a situation could be much worse, hence one should be grateful. Also 'better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick'.
better than a slap in the face with a wet kipper / fish Phrs. Expresses that a situation could be considerably worse, hence one should be grateful.
Betty Swollox Noun. Perspiring, uncomfortable or itchy testicles. A spoonerism and literally sweaty bollocks. Also spelt Betty Swallocks and Betty Swollocks.
bevvied up Adj. Drunk. Occasionally shortened to bevvied.
bevvy Noun. A general term for an alcoholic drink. Taken from the word beverage. Cf. 'bevvied up'.
bezzy mates Noun. Best friends. E.g."They've been bezzy mates since they were at nursery together."
bi Noun. Abb. of bisexual.
Adj. Bisexual.
biatch Noun. A contemptible person, usually woman. Alternative form of 'bitch'. [Orig. U.S. 1990s]
bible basher Noun. A fanatical preacher of religion. Derog.
bible thumper Noun. Meaning the same as 'bible basher'.
bicky Noun. A biscuit. Also 'bickie' and 'bikkie'.
biddy Noun. 1. A woman, usually referring to an elderly woman and often reinforced with the word old. E.g."I suggest you don't go to the post office on a Thursday, that's when all the old biddies collect their pension money and the queues are terrible."
2. A head louse, and occ. any skin/hair parasite such as a flea. Usually in the plural, as biddies. E.g."First day at school and my youngest came home with a head full of biddies."
Adj. Small.
biff Verb. To hit. E.g."He biffed his head on the low ceiling."
Noun. The vagina.
biffa Noun. An ugly person, often assumed to be overweight, but also heard as fat biffa. Derog.
biffin's bridge Noun. The perineum; the area between the anus and the vulva, or scrotum. Cf. 'biffon'
biffon Noun. The perineum. The place where the man's testicles would hit, see 'biff', during vigorous sexual intercourse. Cf. 'biffin's bridge'.
biftah * Noun. 1. A cigarette.
2. A marijuana or cannabis cigarette.
* Also bifta
(the) big C Noun. Cancer.
big cheese Noun. A very important person.
big deal! Exclam. A sarcastic exclamation for not being very impressed.
(the) big E Noun. Dismissal, rejection. From the metaphorical use of elbow (E), in rejecting someone. See 'give someone the elbow'.
big girl's blouse Noun. A feeble and ineffectual person. Derog.
big it up Verb. See 'big up'.
big style Adj. Greatly. E.g."Yeah she's into him big-style."
big time Noun. The upper levels of power, success. E.g."She's hit the big time with getting that fifty thousand pound contract." [Orig. U.S.]
Adv. Greatly, very much.
big up Verb. To praise, to acclaim. Also to big oneself up or to big it up. [Orig W.I.]
big white telephone Noun. The toilet; not the room itself, but the toilet bowl. Usually combined with various terms to express the action of vomiting, i.e. talking down the big white telephone, or talking to God on the big white telephone etc.
bike Noun. A promiscuous woman, often with respect to the immediate district or locality. Derog. Cf. 'town bike'.
bilge (water) Noun. Nonsense, rubbish. E.g."You are talking absolute bilge!"
(the) Bill Noun. The police. Cf. '(the) old bill'.
bills Noun. Underwear. Rhyming slang on Bill Grundy's, meaning undies. Bill Grundy, a British TV presenter, infamous for his provoking punk band, the Sex Pistols, into swearing on live TV, on the Today programme in 1976. [North-west/Merseyside use]
billy Noun. Amphetamine Sulphate. Abb. of 'Billy Whizz', a cartoon character from the children's magazine Beano; Billy Whizz does everything with exceptional speed and energy. Cf. 'whizz'.
billy goat Noun. A coat. Rhyming slang.
Billy no mates Noun. A person who appears to have no friends. Derog. Cf. 'Norman (no mates)'
billy-o Adv. A lot, greatly, quickly etc. E.g"She's been moaning like billy-o all morning, wanting me to hang out the washing, clean the car, do the hoovering, mow the lawn, I've had enough."
billy willy Noun. A shrivelled penis, from imbibing amphetamine sulphate or other drugs that cause such a physiological reaction. See 'willy' and 'billy'.
bimble Noun. An ambling walk. E.g."I'm just going for a bimble to the shops, back in 20 minutes."
Verb. To wander aimlessly, to amble.
bimbo Noun. A young attractive, empty headed woman. Derog.
bimmer Noun. A BMW car. Cf. 'beemer'. [Orig. W.I. / Black]
bin Verb. To throw away, to discard.
bin-bag Verb. To terminate a relationship. From the returning of possessions in a big bag, a disposable bag made of black polythene. E.g."I didn't come home until the next morning, and with lipstick on my shirt collar, I was promptly bin-bagged." [Merseyside use]
binge Noun. A spree, often involving food or alcohol.
Verb. To go on a spree.
bingo wings Noun. Fatty, folds of flesh on the underarms of overweight women, who might commonly be seen at Bingo nights. [1990s]
bin lid Noun. A child. Rhyming slang for kid.
binnie Noun. A refuse collector. A variation on 'binman'. Also binno.
binman Noun. A refuse collector, a dustbin man.
bin off * Verb. 1. To discard, throw away.
2. To terminate a relationship.
* Both are North-west England usage.
bins Noun. Spectacles.
bint Noun. A woman. From the Arabic 'bint' meaning girl or daughter.
bird Noun. 1. A female. Use can be taken as offensive. E.g."Did you see that bird at the back of the bus!"
2. A girlfiend, when used in conjunction with a possessive pronoun, such as my bird.
3. Time spent in prison. E.g."I did 20 years bird before I learnt how to control my temper and keep out of trouble."
birdbrained Adj. Stupid, lacking commonsense. {Informal}
Birmingham screwdriver Noun. A hammer.
biscuit arsed Adj. Dirty, filthy. Also biscuit ersed, from Scottish pronunciation. [Mainly Scottish use]
bit Noun. A woman. Abb. of 'bit of fluff' or 'bit of skirt', generally a person viewed sexually. Derog.
bitch Noun. 1. A contemptible woman. Used on the gay scene to describe an equally despised male.
2. A woman. Derog/Offens.
3. A girlfriend. Derog/Offens. [Mainly black use]
4. Something difficult or unpleasant. E.g."It's such a bitch, having nowhere warm and dry to sleep."
5. A complaint or disparaging tirade. E.g."Have you been having a bitch about me behind my back?"
Verb. To speak disparagingly, complain.
bitchin (!) * Exclam. Excellent! Wonderful! Cool!
Adj. Excellent, cool. E.g."She was wearing a bitchin pair of shoes, but that hat was just awful."
* Also bitching.
bitch piss Noun. Sweet, ready-mixed fruit and alcohol drink. Cf. 'alcopop' and 'tart fuel'.'
bitch tits Noun. 1. Overly developed fatty deposits on the male breasts, the medical condition of gynecomastia. Term can be heard on the bodybuilding scene, the condition being one of the consequences of steroid abuse.
2. As the above, having fatty breast tissue, but due to excessive drinking of beer. Cf. 'beer tits'

Words beginning with:  A . B . C . D . E . F . G . H . I . J . K . L . M . N . O . P . Q . R . S . T . U . V . W . X . Y . Z .  Abbreviations used

bit of alright Noun. Something excellent. Often heard used with reference to a sexually attractive person. E.g."She's a bit of alright! I'm going to ask her for a date."
bit of fluff Noun. A sexual partner.
bit of rough Noun. A sexual partner below one's normal standards or believed class.
bit of skirt Noun. A woman or women. A male expression for females viewed sexually. Also abbreviated to 'skirt'. Derog.
bit of spare Noun. A sexually available person.
bit of stuff Noun. A sexually desirable person or persons.
bit on the side Noun. 1. A sexual relationship extra to one's usual partner, an affair.
2. The other person in a sexual affair.
bits Noun. A euphemism for the genitals.
bits and bats Noun. Miscellaneous items. Cf. 'bits and bobs'.
bits and bobs Noun. Miscellaneous items. {Informal}
biz Adj. Rubbish, nonsense. E.g."Don't go and see that new amateur play at the theatre, it was biz."
Noun. Abb. of business. See '(the) business'
bizzies Noun. The police. Possibly derived from the expression busy body. Also busies. [North-west use]
BJ Noun. Oral sex. An abb. of 'blow job'.
blabbermouth Noun. A person who reveals too much in conversation, a gossip.
black over Bill's mothers Phrs. It looks as though it's going to rain. [E. Midlands use]
black as Newgate's knocker Phrs. Very black.
bladdered Adj. Drunk.
blag Verb. To lie, or use clever talk with profit as an objective, to wheedle or persuade for gain. E.g."I blagged a lift to work with my sister but had to get the bus home."
Noun. 1. A con, a 'scam'.
2. A violent robbery or raid.
blag artist Noun. A person with a reputation for using clever talk for self gain.
blagger Noun. 1. A robber, especially of banks, and often with the use of a weapon or violence.
2. See 'blag artist'.
blank Verb. To rudely ignore. E.g."Despite being introduced 5 minutes earlier, he just blanked me and continued talking.."
blaps Noun. Diarrhoea, the illness.
blart Verb. To cry. [Midlands use]
blast (!) Noun. 1. An inhalation of a cigarette or 'joint'. E.g."Give us a blast on your cigarette, I've just run out."
2. An enjoyable experience. [U.S.] E.g."Wasn't the party last night a blast?"
3. A fast run in a vehicle. E.g."We're going for a blast up to the coast to get some fresh air."
Exclam. An exclamation of annoyance.
blates Adj./Adv. Blatantly, blatant.
blathered Adj. Drunk. E.g."Phil was blathered and we had to carry him home." [Mainly Yorkshire use]
blatts Noun. Diarrhoea, the illness. E.g."I daren't leave the house, I've got the blatts."
blaze Verb. To set alight. Usually with respect to the lighting of cigarettes and marijuana cigarettes, 'joints'.
blazed Adj. Very intoxicated, or high, on marijuana or cannabis.
blazin' Adj. Smoking marijuana or cannabis. From blazing.
bleeder Noun. A person, more often than not one who is objectionable.
bleeding Adv. Used as an intensive. E.g."That bleeding idiot from next door is drunk again."
bleed like a stuck pig Vrb phrs. To bleed profusely.
bletch Noun. Mechanical lubricating oil. [Mainly Crewe use]
blether Verb. To talk excessive nonsense. Also 'blather'. [Northern /Scottish use. Dialect]
blighter Noun. An insignificant or objectionable person. E.g."This blighter approaches me and asks for a cigarette; sure I say, and then he has the gall to put it in his pocket and says he'll smoke that later and then asks for another to have now." {Informal}
Blighty Noun. Affectionate name for England as one's home, often used jocularly. Orig. used by colonial Indian Army, from the Hindustani bilyati, meaning foreign. [Early 1900s]
blim Noun. A red hot fragment of cannabis that occasionally fall from lit cannabis cigarettes. Cf. 'blimp'.
blim burn Noun. A scorch mark or hole in fabrics and clothing, created by a burning crumb of cannabis. See 'blim'
blimey! Exclam. An exclamation of surprise. An abbreviated form of blind me. Cf. 'cor blimey'.
blimey o'reilly! Exclam. An exclamation of surprise.
blimp Noun. A red hot fragment of cannabis that will occasionally fall from alight 'joints', causing small burns to skin, clothing and furnishings. E.g."You could tell he was a heavy smoker, cos he had little holes all over his t-shirt from blimps."
blinder Noun. An excellent achievement. E.g."Tim's played another blinder." {Informal}
blinding Adj. Excellent, wonderful. E.g."We had a blinding time last night."
blindo Adj. Extremely drunk. From blind drunk.
bling Noun. Abb. form of 'bling bling'.
bling bling Noun. 1. Jewellery. There's been much speculation as to its origins, including amongst those suggestions put forward are the following:
 · From either the sound of jewellery knocking against jewellery.
 · The sound of cash registers when a sale is made.
 · The written sound in cartoons when light catches and reflects off jewellery.
What does appear to be acknowledged is that the expression was popularized by U.S. rapper B.G. (aka Baby Gangsta) in 1999. [Orig. Black U.S.]
2. Obvious and appealing wealth, by extension of meaning 1.
bling up Verb. To make showy and visually ostentatious. E.g."I blinged up my car so that I'd get some female attention."
blinking Adj./Adv. Used as an mild intensifier. E.g."Your blinkin' washing machine has broken down again." or "It's blinkin' heavy, this washing machine".
blinking heck! Exclam. An old fashioned inoffensive exclamation of surprise, often expressed without the 'g' and 'h', so blinkin' 'eck. Also 'heck' can be replaced with 'hell', so blinking hell.
blithering Adj. 1. An intensifier such as 'bloody'. E.g."How can I have toast when that blithering idiot has just eaten all the bread!"
2. Senseless and excessive talking. {Informal}.
blither on Verb. To talk incessently and boringly. E.g."Please stop blithering on, your voice is driving my crazy." {Informal}
blitzed Adj. Very intoxicated, drunk.
bloater Noun. A fat and unnattractive person. Derog.
blob Verb. To bleed through menstruation. E.g."She was blobbing and still wanted sex, but I'm not keen on blood." Cf. 'on the blob'.
blob strop Noun. Of females, a fit of anger brought on through premenstrual tension.
blog on Noun. A bad mood.
bloke Noun. A man.
blonde moment Noun. A moment of stupidity. Based on the misguided belief that blondes are considerably less intelligent than those with other hair colours. Derog.
blood Noun. A friendly term of address. Orig. Black use for addressing a fellow Black.
blood and sand! Exclam. An exclamation of surprise or anger. A mild and antiquated curse.
bloodsports Noun. Sexual acts with a woman during the period of her menstruation.
bloody Adj. Expressing annoyance as an intensifier. E.g."That bloody idiot needs a good thumping."
Adv. As an intensifier. E.g."I'll bloody thump that idiot."
bloody hell! Exclam. An exclamation of surprise or frustration.
bloody-Nora! Exclam. An exclamation of surprise or anger. Cf. 'flaming Nora!' and 'ruddy-Nora!'
bloomer Noun. A mistake. {Informal}
blooming Adj./Adv. An intensifier. E.g."It's blooming cold outside!"
blooter Verb. To kick a ball forcefully, often implying without good control. [Scottish use]
blootered Adj. Drunk. [Scottish use]
blotto Adj. Very drunk. [Early 1900s]
blow Noun. Cannabis or marijuana. It's interesting to note that in the U.S. it refers to cocaine. [1960s]
blow a fuse /gasket Vrb phrs. To be very angry. E.g."If you don't calm down you'll blow a gasket and embarrass yourself."
blow away Verb. 1. To kill.
2. To amaze. Cf. 'blow one's mind.'
blowback Noun. A method of sharing a 'joint' between two people, with one person blowing and the other inhaling.
blow chunks Verb. To vomit. E.g."" Suzanne's been blowing chunks all night so I don't expect her to want any breakfast." [Orig. U.S.]
blower Noun. The telephone. From the 'speaking tube', down which one blew to attract a person's attention prior to having a conversation through it. {Informal}
blow it! Exclam. A dismissive exclamation of frustration and anger.
blow job Noun. Fellatio or cunnilingus. [Orig. U.S.]
blow it! Exclam. An exclamation of anger or frustration.
blow its tits off Vrb phrs. To be very windy or blustery. E.g."It's still blowing its tits off this morning so we wont be able to go sailing into the bay." [Mainly/Orig. sailing use]
blow-off Verb. To break wind, but not belching. E.g."As boys seem to spend all night blowing off, I recommend you avoid cleaning their dorm until later in the morning."
blow one's mind Vrb phrs. To cause to be utterly confused or amazed, originally when on hallucinogens. E.g."That trip was too much, it just blew my mind." [1960s]
blow one's top Vrb phrs. To explode with fury.
blow one's wad Vrb phrs. To ejaculate semen. E.g."It was disgusting, he blew his wad all over my breasts."
blow out Noun. An excessive spree of drinking, eating, spending or sex.
Verb. To cancel an arranged meeting with someone, or an planned event, unreasonably or without due notification. E.g."I'm going to blow out my brother's birthday party and go to that new club night instead."
blow the gaff Vrb phrs. To reveal a plot or secret. {Informal}
blow the whistle on Vrb phrs. To inform on.
blub Verb. To sob. Possibly onomatopoeic. [Mid 1800s]
blud Noun. A form of address. Alternative spelling of 'blood'. See 'blood'.
blue arsed fly Noun. See 'like a blue arsed fly'.
blue rinser Noun. An elderly lady, a lady pensioner. From the habit of some of this particular age group having their hair died with a hint of blue.
bluey Noun. A £5 note (sterling). Because of its colour.
blunt Noun. A marijuana/cannabis cigarette. More specifically, especially in the U.S., a blunt is marijuana rolled in the outer leaves of a cigar.
blunted Adj. Intoxicated by marijuana. From the term 'blunt'.
blurt Noun. The vagina.
boaby Noun. Penis. [Glasgow use]
boak Verb. To vomit. [Mainly N. England/Scottish use]
boat Noun. Face. From the rhyming slang boat race.
bob Verb. To visit briefly. E.g."I'm just gonna bob down to the corner shop for some fags, do you want anything?"
Noun. 1. A shilling in pre-decimal currency which now amounts to 5 pence.
2. A sex toy, a vibrator. An abbreviation of battery operated boyfriend.
Bob (and hit)* Noun. Excrement.
Verb. An act of defecation.
* Rhyming slang on shit.
bobbins Noun. Rubbish, nonsense, useless. Manchester rhyming slang for rotten from bobbins of cotton. E.g."That restaurant was bobbins, next time we'll get a takeout and eat at home."
bobbinsed Adj. Drunk, intoxicated. [Manchester use]
Bobby Noun. A policeman/woman. The name derives from the pet form of the Christian name of Sir Robert Peel, who established the present British police organisation. {Informal}
bobby-dazzler Noun. A amazing thing or person. {Informal}
bobfoc Acronym. A facially unattractive female, who possesses a sexually desirable body. From body off Baywatch, face off Crimewatch; both TV programmes.
Bob (Hope) Noun. Marijuana or cannabis. Rhyming slang for 'dope' (noun 2). Bob Hope, British-American comedian, actor, singer and dancer.
bo-boes Noun. Sleep. Generally a children's expression.
bob on Adj. Spot on, correct. E.g."There's no doubt, she's bob on with her facts." [North-west/Manchester use]
Bob's your uncle Phrs. There you have it; a catch phrase expressing satisfactory completion. E.g."Make sure you have primed and undercoated the wood. Then apply the gloss paint and Bob's your uncle! The wood will stay protected and look good for another couple of years."
bobtail Verb. To drive an articulated lorry (HGV) without a trailer and cargo. [HGV drivers vernacular]
bod Noun. A person. From body.{Informal}
bodge Verb. 1. To do a poor job or repair.
2. To cobble (something together). E.g."I bodged together that furniture out of driftwood and old egg boxes."
* Compare with 'botch'.
bodge job Noun. A job done poorly, something cobbled together, a makeshift repair.
* Compare with 'botch job'.
bof Noun. A contemptible, old person. Acronym of boring old fart.
boff Verb. 1. To break wind, 'fart'.
2. To have sex (with).
boffin Noun. 1. A person involved in scientific/technical research, usually associated with the wearing of white laboratory coats, glasses, and carrying a clipboard. Derog. {Informal}
2. An intellectual.
bog Noun. A toilet. [1800s]
bog all Noun. Nothing, or a total lack of. E.g."We've bog all chance of winning without our captain and best player."
bogart Verb. To selfishly hold on to (something). Jocular usage, heard amongst smokers of cannabis/marijuana. E.g."Come on Tim, don't bogart that joint, we all want to get stoned sometime tonight."
bogey Noun. A tiny ball of nasal mucus.
bog-eyed Adj. Bleary or tired looking eyed, either from too little sleep or intoxication by drink or drugs.
boggin Adj. Unpleasant, vile, ugly. [Orig. Scottish]
bog off (!) Verb. To go away.
Exclam. Go away! Leave me alone!
bog-roll Noun. Toilet paper. See 'bog'.
bog-standard Adj. Normal, average, usual. E.g."It was just a bog-standard Christmas, too much food, too much booze and not enough sleep."
bogtrotter Noun. An Irish person. Derog/offens.
boiler Noun. An unattractive woman. Often phrased as old boiler for added derogatory emphasis. Derog.
boke Verb. To vomit. E.g."He boked all over her then expected a kiss." [Scottish/Northern Irish use]

Words beginning with:  A . B . C . D . E . F . G . H . I . J . K . L . M . N . O . P . Q . R . S . T . U . V . W . X . Y . Z .  Abbreviations used

Bolivian marching powder Noun. Cocaine. Humourous use.
bollix Noun. Alternative spelling of 'bollocks'.
bollock Verb. To reprimand. E.g."My dad bollocked me for stealing money from his wallet! I was only borrowing it."
Noun. A testicle.
bollockbag Noun. The scrotum and testicles.
bollock-brain Noun. Idiot, imbecile. Derog.
bollocking Noun. A severe reprimand.
bollockry Noun. An act of talking nonsense, or 'bullshitting'. An expression used to make talking nonsense seem like a clever, manipulatory art.
(the) bollocks Noun. The best, a thing or situation of excellence. Abb of 'dog's bollocks'.
bollocks (!) * Noun. 1. Testicles. S.e. until mid 1800s.
2. Rubbish, nonsense, drivel. E.g."That film was bollocks."
Exclam. An expression of anger, frustration, or defiance.
* Also written as bollox or bollix.
bollocksed Adj. 1. Worn out, ruined, tired.
2. Very intoxicated.
...bollocks off Phrs. Suffixal use expressing the extreme or excessive nature of an action. For example, "I ran my bollocks off but still came last."
bollock (something) up Vrb phrs. To make a mistake, to mess something up.
bollocks to that! Exclam. A defiant exclamation.
bollocky Adj. Worthless, rubbishy.
bollox Noun. Alternative spelling of 'bollocks'.
bolshie Adj. Angrily provocative. Originating from the socialist revolutionaries the Bolsheviks.
bomb Noun. 1. Another name for burning cannabis fragments. See 'blimps' for a fuller explanation. Variations include bombies and bombers.
2. A small quantity of illicit drugs wrapped in a handrolling cigarette paper, forming a pill like ball. Made either for easier consumption at a later date or to avoid the bitter taste of the drugs when loose.
3. As, the bomb, meaning excellent, the best. [Orig. U.S.]
Verb. To travel or move quickly. E.g."Will you bomb round to the corner shop and get a pint of milk?" {Informal}
bombed out Adj. Incapacitated by drink or drugs. Also shortened to 'bombed'.
bommie night Noun. Bonfire night, see 'bonnie night'. Possibly also spelt bombie night from the use of fireworks. [East Lancashire /Merseyside use]
bonce Noun. The head.
bone Verb. To have sexual intercourse.
Noun. The act of having sexual intercourse.
bonedome Noun. A protective helmet, such as a motorcycle helmet.
bonehead Noun. 1. A stupid person.
2. Of a person, having a shaved head.
boner Noun. An erect penis.
bone up Verb. To study hard. E.g."I've been boning up on my highway code - my driving exam is next week." [Orig. US]
bong Noun. A water pipe used for smoking cannabis or marijuana.
bongo mag Noun. A pornographic magazine. Abbreviated form of the less commonly heard bongo magazine.
bonk Verb. To fornicate. An inoffensive expression, generally used more by adolescents.
Noun. A sexual act.
bonkers Adj. 1. Crazy, insane. E.g."He must be bonkers! Imagine going out and getting drunk before meeting his girlfriend's parents for the first time." [Early 1900s]
2. Eager for, crazy for. E.g."God! I'm bonkers for cup of tea."
bonnie Noun. A bonfire.
bonnie night Noun. Bonfire Night. An annual celebration of the foiling of an attempt to blow up The Houses of Parliament in 1605, held on 5th November and an excuse to let off fireworks.
boob Noun. 1. A mistake. Cf. 'booboo'.
2. A breast. See 'boobs'.
boobicles Noun. Women's breasts. Affectionate usage, often implying small breasts.
boobies Noun. Breasts. Humorous usage.
boob job Noun. Breast enhancement by plastic surgery.
booboo Noun. A mistake. E.g."Oh no! I've just made a classic booboo which will likely cost me my job." Cf. 'boob'.
boob tube Noun. 1. The television. [Orig. U.S. 1950s]
2. A tight, strapless top worn by females that is a basic tube of material. {Informal}
boobs Noun. Breasts. Can be used singularly, as boob. [Mid 1900s]
boogie Noun. A dance, usually to pop music.
Verb. To dance.
book Adj. Cool, excellent. Teen and adolescence vernacular, derived from the first choice of words offered on a mobile phone (cellphone) when texting the word cool with predictive text . [2000s]
boom! Exclam. A form of verbal appreciation, sounding more like boo!. Also spelt booom! Originally from the Black UK garage scene? [1990s]
boonies Noun. Rural areas, the countryside. Abb. of boondocks. [Orig. U.S.]
boot Noun. 1. An unattractive person.
2. As the boot, meaning the 'sack', termination of employment. See 'give one the boot.'
bootneck Noun. A Royal Marine. [Military use]
booty Noun. The buttocks. Mainly black use. [Orig. U.S./Black]
booty call Noun. A call to arrange a sexual rendezvous. Mainly black use. [Orig. U.S./Black]
bootylicious * Adj. 1. Of a woman, sexually attractive. [Orig. U.S./Black]
2. Having a sexually desirable bottom, usually full and well rounded. [Orig. U.S./Black]
* The expression, in this form, was popularize by Beyonce Knowles in the song of the same title she wrote for, and performed with, Destiny's Child. Its first appearence in the media was in the U.S. sitcom A Different World in 1993.
booze Noun. Alcoholic drink. {Informal}
booze cruise Noun. A boat trip (usually just one day) to mainland Europe, in order to purchase the considerably cheaper alcohol (and cigarettes) than is available in Britain.
boozer Noun. 1. A public house, a bar. {Informal}
2. A person who enjoys regularly drinking alcohol. {Informal}
3. An alcoholic. {Informal}
booze-up Noun. A drinking spree.
boracic Adj. Poor, having no money. Rhyming slang for 'skint', from boracic lint, an ointment, pronounced borrassic. Also heard as brassick. E.g."I can't come out for a drink, I'm boracic until I get paid next Friday."
bored out of one's skull Phrs. Extremely bored.
bore off (!) Verb./Exclam. Go away, a general dismissive exclamation.
bore rigid Verb. To utterly bore. E.g."He bores me rigid with his tales of wealth, fame, and his sexual conquests."
bore shitless Verb. Bore completely. E.g."I was bored shitless by her talking non stop about her family."
bore stiff Verb. Bore completely.
bore the arse off (someone) Vrb phrs. To bore someone completely. E.g."That 8 hour seminar on nuclear physics bored the arse off me." Similar idiomatic intensifiers are '..the tits off' and '..the pants off'.
bore the pants off (someone) Vrb phrs. To bore someone greatly. The suffixal ..the pants off is often used as an negative intensifier, e.g."He just mithered the pants off me all morning until I agreed to go on a date."
bore the tits off (someone) Vrb phrs. To completely bore (someone). E.g."I don't think he realises that when he talks about cars all evening that he's boring the tits off everyone."
bosh Noun. Nonsense, rubbish.
Verb. To take orally, to imbibe. E.g."She boshed 7 pills, a handful of mushrooms and 8 vodka and tonics in the first hour, and then not surprisingly she threw up." [London use]
boss Adj. Excellent, good. [Orig. U.S.]
boss-eyed Adj. Cross-eyed or having a squint. {Informal}
bossyboots Noun. A person who bosses others around, a domineering person. {Informal}
bost Adj. Broken. Probably from bust. [W. Midlands use]
bostin Adj. Great, good, enjoyable. E.g."She had a bostin figure." [W. Midlands use]
botch job Noun. 1. A makeshift construction or repair. Cf. 'bodge'.
2. A thing done badly. Cf. 'bodge'.
botch (up) Verb. 1. To build or repair in a makeshift manner.
2. To do something badly.
Noun. 1. A makeshift construction or repair.
2. A thing done badly.
* All the meanings and uses of 'botch' are informal. Cf. 'bodge'.
bottle Noun. 1. Courage, confidence. E.g."Johnny's scared, he's lost his bottle."
2. A policeman. From the rhyming slang 'bottle and stopper' meaning 'copper'.
Verb. To smash a bottle into a person's face, very often a beer bottle after a drinking spree.
bottle it Verb. 1. To lose courage. Also bottle out. See 'bottle'.
2. Shut up! Usually imper.
bottle of chips Phrs. An unlikely thing. Used in expressions to add emphasis, such as in 'bent as a bottle of chips', 'queer as a bottle of chips', 'mad as a bottle of chips' etc
bottler Noun. A person who easily gives up, or loses the courage to complete a task. Derog.
bottom burp Noun. Wind from the anus, a 'fart'. Also abbreviated to botty burp. [1980s]
bottom feeder Noun. A despicable person.
bottomless pit Noun. A person with an insatiable appetite for food.
botty Noun. The buttocks. Also abbreviated to bot. Juvenile usage.
boulder holder Noun. A brassiere. Jocular male usage. Cf. 'over the shoulder boulder holder'. [1950s]
bouncebackability Noun. The ability to recover quickly from a period of failure, having the ability to bounce back. Coined by Iain Dowie, manager of the Crystal Palace football team at that time. [2004]
bouncer Noun. A person employed to eject troublemakers from clubs or events. These days they prefer the title of security.
bournville boulevard Noun. The anus. A British equivalent of the US slang hershey highway. Often heard in phrases such as "take a stroll/trip down bournville boulevard", meaning to engage in anal intercourse. Commonly mispelt as bourneville boulevard. [1990s]
bovver Noun. Trouble. A corruption of bother, derived from cockney pronounciation.
bovverboots Noun. Sturdy, high-laced, heavy boots, traditionally worn by skinheads and other violent orientated youth gangs. See 'bovver'.
bowfin Adj. Disgusting, unpleasant. [Scottish use]
box Noun. 1. Anus.
2. Vagina.
3. Television. {Informal}
box clever Verb. To act shrewdly or in a manner so as to outwit someone. {Informal}
boxed Adj. Intoxicated by drink or drugs. Cf. 'off one's box'.
boy boobs Noun. Male breasts. Cf. 'moobs'.
boyd Noun. Made a fool of, embarrassed, insulted. E.g."You got boyd by those kids on the back of the bus when they laughed at your trainers."
boy dem * Noun. 1. A young man. [Mainly Black use]
2. A police officer. [Mainly Black use]
* also boydem.
boyf Noun. Abb. of boyfriend.
boy racer Noun. A young man who has a penchant for fast cars and reckless driving.
boysie Noun. Affectionate term of address, usually for a younger male.
bozo Noun. An objectionable person, an idiot.
brace and bit Noun. An act of defecation. Rhyming slang on 'shit'.
Brad Pitt * Noun. 1. An act of defecation.
2. When plural, as Brad Pitts, meaning a bout of diarrhoea.
3. Excrement.
* all versions are rhyming slang on 'shit' [1990s]. Brad Pitt, U.S. actor and film star.
Brahms (and Liszt) Adj. Drunk, intoxicated with alcohol. Rhyming slang on 'pissed'. See 'pissed'. Brahms and Liszt, classical composers during the 1800s.
brain Verb. To hit on the head. E.g."If you don't tidy your room now, I'll brain you."
brained Adj. Extreme drug intoxication, which typically affects the mental faculties.
brain fart Noun. An inability to think clearly, or a moment of forgetfulness. [Orig. U.S.]
brammer Noun. A person or thing that is outstanding. Also brahma, brama, bramah and bramma. [Mainly West Scottish use]
bran new Adj. Excellent, respectable. Abb. of brand new. [Scottish /Glasgow use]
brap! Exclam. Used to express satisfaction, approval or excitement.
brass Noun. 1. Money.
2. Prostitute. Short for brass nail, rhyming slang for tail, which is itself slang for, amongst other things, a woman and prostitute.
brassed off Adj. Fed-up, annoyed. E.g."I'm brassed off with all this bad weather in the middle of summer."
brassick Adj. See 'boracic'
brass monkeys Adj. Of the weather or air temperature, very cold. E.g."Wear a hat and scarf, it's brass monkeys out there." See 'brass monkey weather'.
brass monkey weather Noun. Very cold weather. From the phrase, cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey. Cf. 'brassy' and 'brass monkeys'.
brass-neck Noun. Impudence, cheek, nerve. Also brass-necked (adj). [Orig. Northern dialect]
brassy Adj. Very cold. From the phrase, 'cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey'. Cf. 'brass monkey weather'
brast Verb. To burst. [Lancs/Yorks use]
bray Verb. To beat up, thrash. [North-east use]
bread Noun. Money.
break one's balls Vrb phrs. To work very hard. [Orig. U.S.]
bredrin Noun. Friend, brother. From the archaic s.e. brethren. [Mainly Black use]
breeder Noun. A heterosexual. From the fact that heterosexuals actively procreate, or breed. Derog. [Gay use/ Orig. U.S.]
brekky Noun. Abb. of breakfast. Also the variant, brekkers.
brer Noun. A term of address, for a friend. From brother. [Mainly Black use]
brew Noun. 1. A cup of tea, or more generally a warm drink.
2. Alcoholic drink, usually beer or lager.
brewer's droop Noun. An inability to achieve or maintain a penile erection due to excessive consumption of alcohol.
brew-up Verb. To make a cup or pot of tea. {Informal}
brick Noun. A helpful and reliable person. {Informal}
brickie Noun. Abb. of bricklayer.
brick-it Verb. To be very scared, terrified. Cf. 'shit bricks'.
brick shithouse Noun. Something or someone strong and very sturdy, with impressive physique. Usually heard in the phrase 'built like a brick shithouse'.
brief Noun. A solicitor or barrister. {Informal}
brill Adj. Excellent, superb. An abbreviation of brilliant. E.g."We had a brill night, dancing non-stop for 8 hours." {Informal}
brilliant (!) Adj./Exclam. Excellent, marvellous. {Informal}
bring off Verb. To bring to orgasm.
bristols Noun. Breasts. From the rhyming slang Bristol City - titty. See 'tit'.
Britney Noun. Beer. Rhyming slang on Britney Spears, U.S. popular singer. [Late 1990s]
bro Noun. 1. Abb. of brother.
2. A term of address, especially between blacks.
brolly Noun. An umbrella. {Informal}
bromance Noun. A very close, intimate friendship between two or more males. A combination of brother and romance. [Orig. U.S. 1990s]
broo Noun. Unemployment bureau or benefits office. An abbreviated form of bureau. E.g."I was laid off work yesterday, so I'm going down the broo to sign on for social security." Cf. 'on the broo'.
brothel creepers Noun. Thick rubber soled shoes, fashionable with Teddy Boys and rockers of the 1950s, and revived in the late 1970s and early 1980s.
brown bread Adj. Dead. Cockney rhyming slang.
browned off Adj. Upset, fed up, miserable.
browneye Noun. The anus.
brown hatter Noun. A homosexual male. Derog.
brownie point Noun. A hypothetical award for achievement, usually given as a backhanded compliment for sycophantic behaviour.
brown-nose Verb. To curry favour, to behave sycophantically, i.e. to 'arse-lick'. E.g."Tom's in the manager's office brown-nosing - hoping to get that promotion."
brown-noser Noun. A sycophant.
browns Noun. Cigarette(s). E.g."Will you pass me a browns, I'm gasping for a smoke." [London use]
brown trout Noun. A lump of excrement.
brown trouser moment Noun. An extremely frightening moment.
brown wings Noun. Of males, getting one's brown wings denotes having had anal sex with someone. A play on the RAF expression earn one's wings. Brown is a commonly used term for things anal or of that part of the anatomy. Usually heard in phrases such as earn/get one's brown wings.
Bruce Lees Noun. Erect and prominent nipples. A play on words, from Bruce Lee (the actor famous for his Martial Arts skills/films) being a hard Nip (a tough and unyielding person from Japan, or rather oriental, being as Bruce Lee was American born and whose parents were from Hong Kong). See 'hard' and 'Nip'.
Brum Noun. The City of Birmingham. From the word brummagem.
Brummie Noun. A native of Birmingham. {Informal}
bruv Noun. A term of address, usually for a friend. A corruption of brother. [Mainly South-east use]
bubbies Noun. Female breasts.

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bubble Verb. To inform. From the rhyming slang bubble and squeak meaning speak. E.g."If you bubble me to the boss, I'll lose my job."
Noun. A person from Greece. From bubble and squeak, cockney rhyming slang on Greek.
bubble (bath) Noun. A laugh. Rhyming slang. E.g."You're having a bubble James, if you think I'm going to give you twenty pounds."
bubble and squeak * Noun.1. Greek.
2. To inform on, rhyming slang on speak.
* Both uses rhyming slang.
bubble butt Noun. A well rounded, sexually attractive bottom. Also bubblebutt.
bubbled Adj. Found out, discovered. E.g."I can't get any more of those cheap Reebok trainers from work, I was bubbled hiding ten pairs in my car so lost my job."
bubblehead Noun. An empty headed and stupid person. [Orig. U.S.]
bucket down Verb. To rain heavily. The past tense is bucketing down.
bucket fanny Noun. A large, expansive vagina. Often used in a context that implies promiscuity.
buck naked Adj. Totally naked. Cf. 'butt naked'
buckshee Adj. Free, without charge. {Informal}
buck up Verb. To make happy or more cheerful.
bucky Noun. Abb. form of Buckfast wine. [Scottish use]
bud Noun. 1. A general term of address. Abb. of buddy.
2. Marijuana, or occasionally cannabis. Specifically the part of the marijuana plant that is smoked.
budge up Verb. Make room for someone. E.g."Budge up and let Bob sit down."
buff Adj. Good looking, attractive.
buftie Noun. A homosexual male. Also bufty. [Scottish use]
bug Verb. 1. To annoy, to bother.
2. To spy on someone via a concealed electronic surveillance device.
bug-eyed Adj. Having large bulbous eyes.
bugger (!) Noun. 1. An objectionable person.
2. A person. Also used in a sense of pity, see 'sod'.
3. A situation or event that is difficult or distressing. E.g."It's a real bugger Pete catching the Covid-19 on his summer holidays."
Exclam. Expressing annoyance or frustration.
Verb. To ruin, damage, break. E.g."If I find out it was you that buggered my DVD player, then you can forget borrowing money from us to go on holiday."
bugger about /around Verb. To mess around, waste time. E.g."We just buggered around for the weekend and relaxed."
bugger-all Noun. Absolutely nothing at all. E.g."There's bugger-all we can do about it now, the police are here and we're trapped."
buggeration! Exclam. An exclamation of annoyance or surprise.
buggered Adj. Worn out, broken, ruined.
buggergrips Noun. Sideburns, facial hair on the side of a man's face.
bugger(ed) if... Phrs. Beginning a phrase will mean there's no way, such as "bugger if I'm going to volunteer when it'll mean missing the party". It is an abbreviated form of 'I'll be buggered if...'.
buggering hell! Exclam. Expressing surprise or anger. Also occasionally shortened to bugger hell!.
bugger it! Exclam. Exclamation of frustration.
buggerlugs Noun. A term of address, usually affectionate use. [Late 1800s]
bugger me! Exclam. An exclamation of surprise.
bugger-off Verb. Get lost, clear off. Usually said in annoyance and in the imper.
bugger that for a game of soldiers Vrb phrs. A expression of resignation - i.e. there's no way that I'm doing that! Similar sentiments to the expression screw it. E.g."Bugger that for a game of soldiers, I don't care how safe you say it is, I'm not jumping out of a plane at 3,000 feet with or without a parachute." Cf. 'sod this for a game of soldiers'.
bugger-up Verb. To mess up, to get wrong. E.g."It's no good, we may aswell go home, he's buggered up the evening by getting drunk."
buggery Adj. Used as an intensifier in denials such as did I buggery! or like buggery she did.
bugger you Verb. An exclamation of annoyance aimed at someone.
bugle Noun. Cocaine.
bugs bunny Noun. Money. Rhyming slang. [Orig. Aust.]
builder's bum Noun. The top of the buttocks when seen above the waistline of trousers when a person is kneeling or bending. Alluding to builders and their propensity for revealing such. See 'plumber's crack'
built like a brick shithouse Phrs. Large, sturdy, strong. Often said of a person.
bulge Noun. A euphemism for the male genitals usually from being apparent through clothing.
bull Noun. Nonsense. A modification of 'bullshit'. [1600s]
Verb. To polish, clean. [Military use]
bull dyke Noun. A masculine lesbian. Typifies the heterosexual necessity to impart male traits in a derogatory fashion, however the term is used and accepted within the scene.
bullshit Noun. Nonsense, rubbish, exaggerated boasting. Cf. 'bull'.
Verb. To lie, fib, exagerrate. E.g."If you continue bullshitting you'll likely lose all your friends and have no-one left to bullshit to."
bullshitter Noun. An egocentric boaster, a teller of exaggerated untruths.
bum Noun. 1. The buttocks or anus.
2. A objectionable person.
3. A beggar, homeless person. Derog. [Orig. U.S.]
Verb. 1. To beg. E.g."Can I bum a cigarette off you until I buy some later?"
2. To bugger, sodomize.
Adj. Great, excellent.
bum around /about Verb. To mess about, to laze about.
bumbaclot Noun. An idiot, an objectionable person. Also occasionally spelt bumbaclat or bumbaclut. [Orig. W.I.]
bum-bag Noun. A small pouch worn around the waist or hips, held in place by a strap or belt, and used to hold valuables and money. The U.S. equivalent is a fanny pack.
bum bandit Noun. A homosexual male. Derog. Cf 'arse-bandit'.
bum-boy Noun. A homosexual male. Derog.
bum-chum Noun. A person with an apparently overly close friendship with another person. Although the underlying implication is of homosexuality, the expression is mainly used by children, with little true awareness of the sexual slur they may be imbuing. Derog.
bum cleavage Noun. The area between the buttocks.
bumder Noun. A homosexual male. A combination of 'bummer' and 'bender'. Popularized by the TV sitcom The Inbetweeners. [2009]
bumf Noun. Printed documents and papers that are of little interest or importance. Abb. of 'bum fodder'. Cf. 'bumph'.
bumfluff Noun. Adolescent facial hair growth.
bum fodder Noun. 1. Printed papers and documents that are of no interest, and are viewed as only being suitable for using as toilet paper. Cf. 'bumf' and 'bumph'.
2. Toilet paper.
bum-freezer Noun. A short jacket, that doesn't cover one's bottom (bum), and thus leaves it vulnerable to the cold.
bum fuck Egypt Noun. Somewhere very remote, the middle of nowhere. Less commonly, bum fucked Egypt. Often abbreviated to BFE in the written form, especially as on the Internet. [Poss. orig military]
bummer Noun. 1. A bad time, a bad experience, a disappointment. [Orig. U.S.]
2. A homosexual male. Derog.
bum nugget Noun. 1. Small faecal remnants that have stuck to one's anal hairs.
2. An idiot, contemptible person.
bum-numbing Adj. Of work, a task, or event, exceedingly tiring or tedious. Also bum-numbingly.
bumph Noun. Papers or documents, usually of little interest or importance. Short for 'bum fodder'. Cf. 'bumf'. {Informal}
bump into (someone) Verb. To fortuitously meet with someone.
bump off Verb. To murder.
bump start Verb. To help motivate, assist in promoting action. E.g."I think we need to bump start the project with an ideas session."
bum-ting Adj. Attractive, good looking. E.g."She's bum-ting, her clothes are bum-ting, everything about her is bum-ting."
bump tummies Verb. To have sexual intercourse.
bump uglies Verb. To have sexual intercourse. E.g."My mum knows we're bumping uglies but she doesn't mind as long as we are careful."
bum rap Noun. A false charge or allegation, an undeserved punishment. [Orig U.S. 1920s]
(the) bum's rush Noun. Forced ejection or dismissal. [Orig. U.S.]
bum steer Noun. An imparting of false information.
bumtag Noun. A faecal deposit that has adhered to the anal hairs of a person or animal.
bumwad Noun. Toilet paper.
bun Noun. A smoke, particularly marijuana. From burn. [Orig W.I.]
bunce Noun. Money.
bundle Noun. A large quantity of money.
bung Verb. To give or throw. E.g."Go on, bung her an extra tenner for trying."
Noun. A bribe.
bungalow Noun. An idiot. From not having much up upstairs. Derog.
bun in the oven See 'have a bun in the oven'.
bunk off Verb. To shirk one's duties. A common adolescent's term for avoiding school lessons.
bunk up Noun. Sexual intercourse. E.g."I thought if I brought her drinks all night I'd at least get a bunk up."
bunning Noun. Smoking marijuana or cannabis. [Orig. W.I.]
bunny boiler Noun. An obsessive and psychotic woman. Taken from a scene in the film Fatal Attraction. Derog. [Orig. U.S.]
bunny hugger Noun. An animal lover. Derog.
buppie Noun. Bread and butter. Usually a children's expression.
burk Noun. See 'berk'.
burn rubber Verb. To depart quickly. Derived from burning tyre rubber from excessive acceleration with a motor vehicle.
burp the worm Verb. To masturbate, of males.
bursting Adj. Desperately needing to urinate. {Informal}
Burton Noun. See 'go for a burton'.
bush Noun. 1. The female genitals, but alluding to the pubic hair.
2. Marijuana.
(the) business Noun. 1. The best. E.g."That new Mini Cooper from BMW is the business."
2. Sexual intercourse. E.g."I was doing the business with her all night."
bust Noun. A police raid on a person and/or property.
Verb. To raid as in a bust.
bustin Adj. Eager. Probably a corruption of bursting. E.g."I'm bustin for a pint and a smoke."
bust one's guts Vrb phrs. To work with great effort.
butch Adj. 1. Tough looking, masculine.
2. A masculine lesbian.
butchers Noun. A look. From the Cockney rhyming slang butcher's hook. E.g."Let's have a butchers at it before you put it back in its box."
butt Noun. The buttocks. S.e from 1400s until 1600s.
butters Adj. 1. Ugly. [Orig. W.I.]
2. Rubbish, useless, of no value. [Orig. W.I.]
butt fucker Noun. A homosexual male. Derog.
butt munch Noun. A contemptible or objectionable person.
butt muncher Noun. A homosexual male. Derog.
butt naked Adj. Naked. Cf. 'buck naked'.
butt out Verb. An impolite request to keep one's nose out of something. E.g."Butt out John, it's none of your business." [Orig. U.S.]
butt pirate Noun. A homosexual male. Derog. [Orig. U.S.]
butt plug Noun. A plug, usually made of rubber, for insertion in the anus during sex.
butt ugly Adj. Very ugly.
butty Noun. 1. A sandwich. The term originates in the North of England but has gained national use. Also spelt buttie. {Informal}
2. Term of address for a friend. [Welsh use]
buzz Noun. 1. A telephone call. E.g. "I'll give you a buzz with the details in the morning."
2. A thrill. E.g. "She gets a buzz from being provocative and causing arguments."
buzz along Verb. A cheery request to hurry off.
buzz-cut Noun. A short haircut using electric clippers.
buzzin' Adj. Thrilled and full of energy, often as a result of partaking in illicit drugs.
buzz off (!) Verb. To go away, to leave.
Exclam. Go away!
By gum! Exclam. An exclamation of surprise or amazement. [Northern dialect]
By (h)eck ! Exclam. An exclamation of surprise. Dialectically the h is dropped. [Northern English use]

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