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5 - 0 Noun. See 'five O'.
fabtastic Adj. A combination of the words fabulous and fantastic.
face-ache Noun. Mildly offensive name given for a miserable looking person.
face-fungus Noun. Facial hair, such as moustache or beard. Cf. 'face pubes'.
face like a bag of spanners Phrs. 1. Craggy faced.
2. Ugly.
face like a bulldog chewing a wasp Phrs. Very unattractive. Also less commonly heard, face like a bulldog chewing a thistle. E.g."I don't think I'll ask her out, she's not my type and she's got a face like a bulldog chewing a wasp."
face like a bulldog licking piss off a nettle Phrs. Very unnattractive. Cf. 'face like a bulldog chewing a wasp'.
face like a busted... Phrs. Phrase that can be finished with any of choice of words, however common ones include clog, sofa, and arse, meaning very ugly. E.g."He's definitely no George Clooney, with a face like a busted clog."
face like a dropped pie Phrs. 1. Very unattractive.
2. Miserable looking.
face like a slapped arse Phrs. A miserable or sad face. Also heard used with smacked instead of slapped.
face like a welder's bench Phrs. Ugly, unattractive. E.g."It wasn't that he had a face like a welder's bench, but more the fact that he dribbled saliva when he spoke."
face like a wet weekend Phrs. A miserable, sad appearence. E.g."What's up with you? You've got a face like a wet weekend."
face like the back end of a bus Phrs. Ugly, unattractive.
face pubes Noun. Facial hair. Cf. 'face fungus'.
facial Noun. The ejaculation of semen on a sexual partner's face. Term originated within porn industry.
fadge Noun. The vagina. Possibly a corruption of vadge, an abb. form of vagina.
faff Verb. To fuss. E.g."If you stop faffing and let me finish doing this job, then we can go out to the cinema sooner, rather than later." {Informal}
Noun. A fuss, bother. E.g."It's such a faff having to go through the process of interviews when you know you are the only candidate worthy of the job." {Informal}
faffer Noun. A person who fusses, or dithers. See 'faff'.
fag Noun. 1. A cigarette.
2. A homosexual male. Its use isn't prevalent in Britain. Abb. of 'faggot'. Derog. [Orig. U.S.]
3. A chore. E.g."It was a fag having to drive all the way back home at night."
fag bag Noun. Homosexual male. Also fag bag. See 'fag' (noun 2).
fagged (out) Adj. Exhausted, tired.
faggerette Noun. A cigarette. Adolescent usage. [1990s]
faggot Noun. 1. A homosexual male. Derog.
2. On the gay scene meaning a 'camp' effeminate male homosexual. Derog.
fag-end Noun. A cigarette butt.
fag-hag Noun. A woman who prefers the company of 'gay' men over that of heterosexuals. Fag-hags have also been known to desire sexual relations with gay men.
fair cop Noun. 1. A legitimate arrest. Often tongue in cheek use in expressions such as "it's a fair cop, guv". [Orig. Underworld. Late 1800s]
2. A situation or event that is seen as deserved or justified.
fair dos Exclam. An exclamation that a thing is reasonable or accepted. An extension of a fair do. {Informal}
fairy Noun. 1. An effeminate person. Derog.
2. A homosexual. Derog.
fairy snuff ! Exclam. That's reasonable! A pun on fair enough. Cf 'furry muff' and ''hairy muff'.
f-all Noun. A euphemism for 'fuck all'.
fall off the back of a lorry Vrb phrs. A reference to goods that have been stolen. Used ironically to avoid revealing the real origins of the property. E.g."Being as they fell off a back of a lorry I'm selling them at half the price they are in the shops."
fam Noun. Family or friend. Abb. of family.
family jewels Noun. A jocular euphemism for the male genitals, emphasising their personal importance. Not heard very often and occasionally shortened to 'jewels'.
fanakapan Noun. An affectionate form of address. Probably from Fred Fanakapan, a Gracie Fields song of the 1930s. [Mainly Northern use]
fancy (!) Verb. To like, to desire. E.g."I fancy that new receptionist who's started in accounts." {Informal}
Exclam. Said in mild surprise, often as fancy that!
fancy man / woman Noun. Disparaging term for a male or female lover.
fancy the arse off (someone) Vrb phrs. To sexually desire (someone).
fancy the pants off (someone) Vrb phrs. To sexually desire (someone).
fanfuckingtastic Adj. Wonderful, excellent. The word fantastic combined with the intensifier fucking.
fanjeeta Noun. The vagina, the female genitals. Also fanjita.
fanny Noun. 1. The female genitals. Its use may cause confusion in the U.S. where it means buttocks.
2. A female viewed as a sexual object.
fanny about / around Verb. To mess around, or waste time.
Fanny Adams Noun. Nothing at all. Usually heard preceded by sweet. Also acts as a euphemism for 'fuck all'. E.g."What've you been up to Tim ?", "Sweet fanny adams since I lost my job." Cf. 'sweet F.A.'
fanny basher Noun. A lesbian. See 'fanny'.
fanny batter Noun. Vaginal secretions.
fannybaws Noun. An idiot, fool. [Glasgow use?]
fanny fart Noun. A noise created by the genitals during sexual intercourse with the intake and expulsion of air. See 'fart'.
fanny fit Noun. A fit of anger, a temper tantrum.
fanny flaps Noun. The female genitals, particularly the labia.
fanny flutters Noun. A pleasurable sensation a woman gets in her vagina when she's aroused by someone.
fanny magnet Noun. A thing that is believed to attract females. E.g."He wants a Ferrari, cos he reckons it's a sure fanny magnet." See 'fanny'.
fannytastic ! Exclam. Great, excellent. Often used in a sexual context. A pun on fantastic.
fanzine Noun. A cheaply produced specialist magazine. A combinaton of the words fanatic and magazine.
fapping Noun. An act of masturbation.
farmer giles /farmers Noun. Haemorrhoids. Rhyming slang on piles. E.g."Doctor, have you any soothing ointment for my farmers." [Orig. Aust.]
far-out Adj. Splendid, an exclamation of approval. Jazz origins. [Orig. U.S.]
fart Verb. To break wind from the anus. Originally s.e. from 1250s, but deemed slang from 1800s. Cf. 'fanny fart'.
Noun. 1. The gas expelled due to anal flatulence.
2. An unpleasant and objectionable person. Cf. 'old fart'.
fart about / around Verb. To mess around, to waste time.
fart arse about Verb phrs. To mess around, to waste time. E.g."Stop fart arsing about and get on with your work."
fart in a spacesuit Phrs. Used in expressions to add emphasis. Heard in phrases such as, as welcome as a fart in a spacesuit or as much use as a fart in a spacesuit.
fartleberry Noun. Excrement that adheres to anal hairs or fur. E.g."You're not bringing that dog back in the house until you've cleaned him up, he's covered in fartleberries." [Late 1800s]
farty Adj. Insignificant. E.g."I'm not going back to that restaurant, they serve farty sized portions and I always leave still feeling hungry."
fat chance (!) Noun. No likelihood of something happening. E.g."There's fat chance of getting me to do a parachute jump!"
Exclam. No chance! E.g."Persuade him to do a parachute jump? Fat chance! You'll never get him to do it."
fat-head Noun. An idiot, imbecile. Derog. {Informal}
fat-slags Noun. Uncouth fat women who are and look promiscuous. An expression derived from a comic cartoon of the same name in the adult and blatantly sexist comic 'Viz'. The popularity of the comic rose to phenomenal heights, hence the use of the term. [1990s]
fatso Noun. A name for someone who is overweight or obese. Derog.
favy Noun. Favourite. E.g."My favy book is Great Expectations by Charles Dickens."
feck (!) Exclam. An exclamation of anger or frustration, and in the UK, occasionally used as a euphemism for 'fuck!'. Accepted as a mild oath, equivalent to damn!. The term was popularized in the UK by the character Father Jack in the British TV sit-com Father Ted. Although a common part of the vernacular of Eire the unfortunate death of Dermot Morgan in the lead role has prevented a new series and added to the demise in popularity of the expression in mainland Britain.
Verb. To take or steal. [Irish use]
fecker Noun. 1. A contemptible person. [Irish use]
2. A person or thing. Used loosely when perhaps the person/thing is unknown to the user, and occasionally affectionate use. E.g."The poor fecker had to stay in with his wife whilst all his friends got drunk." [Irish use]
feds Noun. The police. From federal police. [Orig. U.S.]
feed the pony Vrb phrs. To molest the female genitals, in the manner of cupping one's hand to feed a horse or pony.
feel up Verb. To sexually grope, or molest.
felch Verb. To lick or suck one's recently deposited semen from the rectum, or more recently the term has applied to such actions involving the vagina. [1960s]
felcher Noun. A person who 'felches'.
fence Noun. A person who receives and sells stolen goods.
fess up Verb. To admit, to confess. Abb. of confess.
fest Noun. Festival. This abbreviated form is used less to mean a celebratory event, but more an eventful over-indulgence in expressions such as drug fest or beer fest.
fettle Verb. To put things in order, to tidy up, to arrange. [Northern dialect]
F.H.B. Abb. Family Hold Back. A coded message for family members to delay helping themselves until guests have an adequate amount of that which is on offer, usually because of shortages.
fiddle Verb. To cheat.
Noun. A fraud or cheat. {Informal}
fiddle (with someone) Verb. To sexually interfere. Cf. 'kiddie fiddler'.
fillem Noun. A film. This north-eastern pronunciation of film is used elsewhere in a light-hearted manner. E.g."Do you fancy going to see a fillem tonight?"
fill-in Verb. To severely beat up (someone).
fill your boots (!) Exclam. Help yourself! Enjoy yourself!
Vrb phrs. Be very scared.
filth Noun. The police. E.g."The filth are out in force tonight, so watch your behaviour and no drunkeness." [1950s]
filthy Adj. Extremely (wealthy). E.g."She's filthy rich." {Informal}
fin Noun. A £5 note.
finger Verb. 1. To sexually molest the genitals, usually a females.
2. To inform.
Noun. 1. A measure of alcohol, usually spirits. Based on the breadth of a finger. {Informal}.
2. The gesture of pointing one's middle finger upwards as an insult. Derog. E.g."I didn't bother to say a word, instead I just gave him the finger and walked away."
finger-fuck Verb. To sexually stimulate with the fingers, either the vagina or anus.
finger pie Noun. The act of manually stimulating the female genitals.
fingers like pig's tits Phrs. Clumsy fingers.
fire blanks Vrb phrs. Of a man, to be sterile. Cf. 'shoot blanks'.
first base Noun. Initial success at achieving some form of sexual activity, usually kissing and caressing above the waist. Second base is usually similar to first, perhaps with touching of the breasts. Third base is usually touching of the genitals. Home is actual sex in some form, to 'score'. Although primarily a U.S. set of expressions and despite their origins with baseball they occasionally appear in the vernacular of U.K. adolescents.
firtle Verb. To appear busy but without actually achieving anything, to tinker, to do a task which is seen as a waste of time. E.g."He's been firtling in the shed all morning." [Northern use?]
Noun. The act of firtling. E.g."I was having a firtle in the wardrobe and found the flares I used to wear in the 70s." [Northern use?]
fish Noun. Women. Extremely derogatory expression for females, usually heard used by homosexual mysogynists. Alludes to an unsavoury vaginal smell. Possibly the most offensive expression for women?
fist-fuck Verb. To insert the fist or hand up the rectum or vagina for sexual pleasure.
Noun. The act of a 'fist-fuck' (verb). Cf. 'fisting'.
fisticuffs Noun. A brawl, a fist fight.
fisting Noun. The act of inserting one's fist, or hand, up the rectum or vagina, for the purposes of sexual pleasure. Cf. 'fist-fuck'.
fit Adj. 1. Attractive, often sexually so. Said of a person or of their body. E.g."See that guy at the bar? He's fit. I think I'll ask if he wants a dance."
2. Ready, prepared. E.g."Are you fit? The taxi will be here in five minutes."
fit as a butcher's dog Phrs. Very healthy and strong. [Orig. Lancs]
fitba Noun. Football. Scottish pronunciation. [Scottish use]
fit to burst Phrs. Full, sated, replete.
fit up Verb. To incriminate by employing false evidence. E.g."I was fitted up for that bank robbery in the high street."
five finger discount Noun. The act of shoplifting, or occasionally stealing, and the proceeds. Also five fingered discount. [Orig. U.S./1960s]
five fingered widow Noun. An act of masturbation. Also visit the five fingered widow.
five knuckle shuffle Noun. An act of masturbation. Cf. 'knuckle shuffle'.
five O Noun. The police. Taken from the title of the U.S. TV series, Hawaii Five O.
fiver Noun. A five-pound monetary note. {Informal}
fix Noun. A dose of narcotics to which one is addicted. However it is now also used with reference to any necessary habit. E.g."Let's call in this cafe and get a fix of caffeine."
fizzog Noun. The face. From physiognomy. Cf. 'phissog'.
flabberghast Verb. To confound, astonish, amaze. {Informal}
flabberghasted Adj. Amazed, astonished. {Informal}
flake out Verb. To collapse from exhaustion. {Informal}
flame Verb. To verbally attack someone via an e-mail.
flaming Adj./Adv. An intensifier such as and euphemistic for 'fucking'.
Noun. A verbal attack sent via e-mail.
flaming Nora! Exclam. An exclamation of surprise or annoyance. Cf. 'ruddy-Nora'.
flange Noun. The vagina.
flannel Noun. Nonsense. E.g."Oh shut up! You're talking utter flannel."
Verb. To flatter.
flaps (!) Noun. The female genitals. Cf. 'piss-flaps'.
Exclam. An exclamation of annoyance.
flash Adj. Showy, ostentatious. [Informal]
flasher Noun. A person who indecently exposes themselves in public.
flash git /get Noun. An objectionably ostentatious person. Derog.
flash Harry Noun. A showy and over confident young man. Dated expression.
flash the ash Vrb phrs. To offer a cigarette.
flash the V's Vrb phrs. An action of contempt, an insulting gesture. Involves raising the hand and making a V-sign with the index and forefinger, with the back of the hand facing away from the giver.
flat as a witches tit Phrs. 1. Very flat, deflated. E.g."Have you got a football we can use? Mine's as flat as a witch's tit."
2. Unexciting, unstimulating. E.g."The atmosphere at the gig was as flat as a witch's tit."
flea-bag Noun. Someone who is a host to fleas, or more commonly an unwashed person (derog.), particularly applied to cats and dogs.
flicks Noun. 1. The cinema. E.g."Let's go to the flicks and watch that new British blockbuster."
2. Films, movies, videos.
flick the bean Verb. Of females, to masturbate. The bean referring to the clitoris.
flid Noun. An idiotic or objectionable person. An adolescents expression derived from flidomide, a mispronunciation of thalidomide, a drug which caused deformaties in new born babies.
flimp Noun. A taxi driver's term for an unbooked customer or fare. Also flimping, the act of picking up such a fare. E.g."I picked up a great £80 flimp to East Midlands airport, and they tipped me £10 aswell." [South Wales/Leicestershire/Midlands use]
Verb. To pick-up an unbooked fare. See noun, above. E.g."I flimped a couple of gorgeous girls on the High Street."
flip (!) Exclam. An expression of annoyance. A very mild euphemism for 'fuck'.
Verb. To become mentally unstable, or excited.
flip off Verb. A variation and shortening of 'flip the bird'.
flip one's lid Vrb phrs. To lose self control, become angry.
flipping Adj. A euphemism for 'fucking' as an intensifier. E.g."That flipping idiot just ignored me, like I wasn't there."
flip the bird Verb. A dismissive, obscene hand gesture, specifically whereby the middle finger is extended from a clenched fist.
flit Verb. To secretly move house or leave home in an attempt to escape a person and/or a situation. . E.g."We can't afford to pay the Landlord the 500 we owe him so we're flitting tonight." [Mainly N. England/Scottish use]
Noun. An act of flitting, see verb. {Informal}
float an air biscuit Vrb phrs. To break wind from the anus, to 'fart'. E.g."He floated an air biscuit and delayed the start of the seminar whilst they opened all the windows." See 'air biscuit'.
floater Noun. A lump of faeces that wont initially flush remains floating in the toilet bowl.
float one's boat Vrb phrs. To excite, to interest. E.g."I don't know what floats your boat, but I find naked nuns wrestling in a pool of custard very exciting."
flob Noun. Spit, phlegm.
Verb. To spit.
flog Verb. 1. To sell.
2. To do with great effort. E.g."I flogged it all night to get my work done."
floor it Verb. To go faster, usually with respect to vehicles. From the action of pressing the accelerator pedal to the floor to increase speed. E.g."I floored it up the M6 to Liverpool, and got 6 points for speeding."
floozie Noun. A girlfriend or boyfriend. Orig. expression referred to a girlfriend. {Informal}
flop Verb. To fail.
Noun. A failure.
flower Noun. An affectionate term of address, mainly applied to females. {Informal}
fluff Verb. 1. To make a mistake during a particular endevour, such as during a performance of a play. E.g."I've just fluffed my lines."
2. To break wind.
fluffer Noun. A person employed in the making of a porn movie, to keep the male lead sexually aroused and ready for action in-between film scenes or shots.
flummox Verb. To confuse, confound, bewilder. E.g."I was flummoxed by the question." {Informal}
flutter Noun. A small bet. E.g."I'm having a flutter on the horses this afternoon."
fly Adj. 1. Strewd, clever, mentally alert. {Informal}
2. Fashionable, stylish.
fly a desk Vrb phrs. To work in an office as a clerk, and predominantly spending one's time sat at a desk. Cf. 'desk pilot'. [Orig. RAF?]
flying fuck Noun. Used in a phrase such as "I couldn't give a flying fuck", as a general negative statement of nonchalance.
fly low Verb. To have one's trouser zip/fly undone. E.g."It was so embarrassing, walking into a full conference hall, flying low."
fnarrr fnarrr Exclam. A verbalised laugh. Another Vizism from the comic, taken from a character called Finbar Saunders whose obsessive and smutty concern with double entendres leads him to express this exclamation.
FOAD Vrb phrs. Go away. An abbreviation of fuck off and die, and usually written.
fod Noun. The forehead.
fode Noun. A backyard of a house or property. [W.Midlands use]
f-off ! Exclam. Euphemism for 'fuck off!'
folding Noun. Money, in particular higher denomination notes. See also 'holding the folding'.
follically challenged Adj. Balding.
foodie *

Noun. 1. A person with a particular interest in food and things culinary.
2. Of, or concerning food.
* Also foody.

fook Noun./Verb./Adj. Alternative spelling of 'fuck'. Also fooking, fooked. See 'fuck'.
fool around Verb. To act promiscuously.
foosty Adj. Mouldy or dusty, or smelling such. [Scottish use]
footy Noun. The game of football, or a football itself.
for crying out loud! Exclam. An exclamation of anger or frustration. {Informal}
foreigner Noun. A job or work done as extra to one's usual employment and without the permission of one's employer. {Informal}
for fucksake! Exclam. An exclamation of anger.
form Noun. 1. A bench. An expression from the north-west/north of England, becoming less frequently used.
2. A criminal record. {Informal}
for Pete's sake! Exclam. An exclamation of anger, or frustration.
Forrest Gump Noun. An act of defecation. Rhyming slang on 'dump'.
forty winks Noun. A short sleep, a cat-nap. {Informal}
founder Verb. To freeze, to become chilled. [Irish use]
four by two Noun. A Jewish person. Cockney rhyming slang on Jew. Can be offens. [1930s]
four-eyes Noun. A wearer of spectacles. Derog.
four letter words Noun. All encompassing euphemism for expletives, such as 'fuck' and 'cunt' etc.
foxtrot oscar Verb. Euphemism for 'fuck off'. A pun using the phonetic alphabet, therefore Foxtrot referring to the letter F, and Oscar to O, and consequently these letters as an abbreviation for 'fuck off'.
freak-out Verb. To become agitated with strong emotion, to traumatize. Previously when having a 'bad trip' on hallucinogens.
freak someone out Verb. To traumatize someone.
freebie Noun. Something given free, a free sample. Originally for the purposes of commerce and publicity, for example, a pre-recorded tape given away with an edition of a music magazine. [Orig. U.S.] {Informal}
freeload Verb. To take or receive offered services and pleasures without reciprocation.
freeloader Noun. A person who 'freeloads'.
freeze one's bollocks off Vrb phrs. To be physically very cold, when applied to a person. E.g."I'm not freezing my bollocks off watching you play football on Sunday when I can be down the pub, warm, dry and drunk."
French letter Noun. A condom. Dated expression and rarely heard. [Mid 1800s] {Informal}
fresher Noun. A first year undergraduate. {Informal}
friar tuck Noun. 1. Sexual intercourse. Rhyming slang on 'fuck'.
2. Fuck. As a general replacement for the word 'fuck' as an expletive in phrases such as, "I don't give friar tuck!". Rhyming slang on 'fuck'.
friend of Dorothy Noun. A euphemism on the gay scene for a homosexual. Alluding to the gay icon Judy Garland, in the film The Wizard of Oz. [Orig. U.S.]
frig (!) Verb. To masturbate. [Late 1600s]
Exclam. An exclamation of annoyance.
frigging Adj./Adv. Euphemism for 'fucking', used as a general intensifier. E.g."There's no frigging way that I'm lending you any money."
frit Adj. Frightened. E.g."He was too frit too complain." [Dialect?/ Widely used from the Midlands northwards, incl. Leicestershire, Notts, Lincolnshire, Yorkshire, Durham]
Frog Noun. A French person. The term is derived from the late 1800s when the French were known as frog eaters. Derog./Offens.
frog and toad Noun. Road. Cockney rhyming slang.
front bottom Noun. The vagina, the female genitals. A euphemism used mainly by females. [1980s]
front wheel skid Noun. A jew. Cockney rhyming slang on yid. Derog./Offens.
fruit Noun. A male homosexual. Only mildly offensive these days. Derog. [Orig. U.S.]
fruitcake Noun. A crazy or eccentric person. Derog.
fubar Phrs. An acronym meaning  fucked up beyond all recognition.
fubared Phrs. Tired, exhausted, ruined, intoxicated, drunk. From the acronym 'fubar'. Also fubarred.
fuck (!) Verb. 1. To copulate. [1500s]
2. To tire out, to break, to ruin, to destroy. E.g."You've fucked the engine by keeping the revs too high for too long."

An exclamation of annoyance, frustration or surprise.
Generally used as an intensive to a phrase, such as "What the fuck do you think you're doing?"

1. Sexual intercourse. E.g."She was really beautiful, I was drunk and the bar was about to close, so I asked her for a fuck."
2. A contemptible person.
3. A sexual partner. E.g. "He's a good fuck."
fuckable Adj. Sexually desirable.
fuck about / around Verb. To mess about, to idle away time, to waste time. The about may be substituted by around. E.g."There was no time for fucking about, we had to get to the airport to catch our flight home."
fuck a duck ! Exclam. An exclamation of surprise.
fuck-all Noun. Nothing. E.g."I had fuck-all to do, so I watched that new BBC sitcom instead."
fuck-all else Noun. Absolutely nothing. E.g."There's fuck-all else to do around here but get drunk."
fuck-all squared Noun. Absolutely nothing. [N. Ireland use]
fuck around See 'fuck about'.
fuckathon Noun. Sexual intercourse.
fuck-book Noun. A pornographic magazine or book.
fuck buddy Noun. A friend with whom one has sex, but without any of the expected or associated obligations such as sexual commitment. [Orig. U.S.]
fucked off Adj. Utterly dejected, miserable or annoyed.
fucked up Adj. 1. Ruined, broken.
2. Distressed, mentally disturbed.
fucker Noun. 1. A contemptible person.
2. A person or thing. Used loosely when perhaps the person/thing is unknown to the user, and occasionally affectionate use.
3. An annoying or disappointing occurrence. E.g."Crashing my car was a real fucker."
fuck-face Noun. A despicable or contemptible person.
fucking Adj./Adv. A general intensifier. E.g."That fucking idiot deserves what he got, a black eye."
Noun. An act of sexual intercourse.
fucking hell! Exclam. An exclamation similar to 'fuck!' (exclam). Most likely to be heard as fuckin'ell.
fucking Nora! Exclam. Used to express annoyance, surprise etc.
fuck it ! Exclam. A general dismissive exclamation.
fuck knows (!) Phrs. I don't know, it's unknown. E.g."Fuck knows why I always watch the news on TV, because afterwards I always end up depressed."
fuck me (!) Exclam. An exclamation of surprise or amazement.
Adj. Inviting sexual attention; usually said of clothes and occasionally eyes. E.g."She looked across the room with those fuck me eyes, how could I resist! And that short fuck me dress really topped it off."
fuck me backwards! Exclam. Expressing surprise.
fuck me ragged! Exclam. Expressing surprise.
fucknugget Noun. An idiot, contemptible person. Also fuck-nugget. [Orig. U.S.]
fucknut Noun. An idiot, a contemptible person. Also fuck-nut.
fuck off (!) Verb. 1. To go away, to leave. E.g."Bob felt sick and fucked off home after the show, but we went on to a strip club."
2. To disregard, to discard, to end, to reject. E.g."I'm definitely fucking off my job next week, 6 months travelling in Asia beckons."
3. To anger or annoy. E.g."He's really fucking me off with his moaning."
Exclam. Used either aggressively, in a sense of go away, or with a lighthearted slant such as don't be stupid.
Adj. Powerful, imposing. E.g."This big fuck off bloke came up and punched me, just for talking to his girlfriend!"
fuckpig Noun. A contemptible person. Also fuck pig. [Orig. U.S.]
fucksocks ! Exclam. Expressing surprise or anger.
fuck someone's brains out Vrb phrs. To copulate vigorously and with enthusiasm. E.g."She was hot! I fucked her brains out for 3 hours."
fucktard Noun. A contemptible person, an idiot. Probably a combined form of fucking retard. [Orig U.S.]
fuck the arse off (someone) Vrb phrs. Essentially meaning the same as 'fuck one's brains out'. Not necessarily intimating anal intercourse. The elements ..the arse off are often added to verbs as a general intensifier, such as bore the arse off. Similarly also see 'bore the pants off'.
fuck this for a game of soldiers! Exclam. See sod this for a game of soldiers.
fuck this for a lark! Exclam. See sod this for a lark.
fuck up Verb. To mess up, or 'to have fucked up' meaning to have messed things up severely. 'To be fucked up' would announce one's poor state of mental or physical health.
Noun. 1. A shambles. E.g."My wedding day was a total fuck up, right from when I was found groping one of the bridesmaids."
2. An inept person.
fuckwit Noun. An idiot.
fuck with someone/something Vrb phrs. To bother with, to become involved with, to interfere with. E.g."Don't fuck with me, just get back in your car and leave town."
fuck you! Exclam. An exclamation of anger, defiance, or contempt.
fud Noun. The female genitals. [Scottish use]
fuddle Noun. 1. A confused state, a muddle.
2. An intoxicated state. E.g."He was in a fuddle so we stopped him driving home and made him sleep at ours."
3. An informal event or party, often based around a food, such as a buffet or picnic. [East Midlands/Yorkshire use]
fuddled Adj. 1. Muddled
2. Drunk.
fudge nudger Noun. A homosexual male. Derog.
fudge packer Noun. A homosexual male. Derog.
fugly Adj. Very ugly. A combination of the words fucking ugly. Also fuggly. [Orig. U.S.]
(the) full monty Noun. The complete amount. The Monty is also spelt with a capital M. E.g."No we didn't do the full monty but I think next time I can persuade her." See associated article the full monty.
full nine yards Phrs. The complete amount. Less common variation on 'the whole nine yards'. Much speculation as to its origins but essentially unknown. [Orig. U.S.]
full of shit Phrs. Mistaken, wrong, speaking nonsense. E.g."I'm not listening to you anymore, you're full of shit."
full screw Noun. A corporal in the army. [Army use]
full whack Phrs. The maximum price or rate. Cf 'top whack'. {Informal}
fun-bags Noun. Women's breasts.
fundy Noun. A fundamentalist, a devout religious follower. Also spelt fundi, and fundie.
funk Noun. A type of music that is 'funky'.
funky Adj. 1. Of music, earthy, bluesy and very rhythmic.
2. Exuberantly fashionable.
funny business Noun. Misbehaviour or deception.
funny-farm Noun. A mental institution.
fur-burger Noun. The female genitals with particular allusion to pubic hair.
fur coat and no knickers Phrs. Of a woman, all appearance and nothing beneath, no substance. Derog.
fur pie Noun. The female genitals, inclusive of pubic hair.
furry cup Noun. The vagina.
furry muff ! Exclam. That's reasonable! A pun on fair enough. Cf. 'fairy snuff'.
(the) fuzz Noun. The police, as an organisation. [Orig. U.S. 1930s]
fwap Verb. To masturbate. E.g."Why should you feel guilty about fwapping whilst thinking about your best friend's mother?"
An act of masturbation.
f-word Noun. A euphemism for 'fuck'. Cf. 'c-word'.

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