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E Noun. Abb. of ecstasy, see below.
eager-beaver Noun. An enthusiastic person.
earache Noun. Incessant complaining or talking.
ear bash Verb. To talk unceasingly.
ear bashing Noun. A severe reprimand. E.g."She gave me a real ear bashing for embarrassing her in front of her friends."
earful Noun. Enough of hearing something or someone. E.g."I've had an earful of you, moaning on about how poor you are when I know you've got money saved in the bank."
(it's) early days Phrs. Too soon to know whether a situation is correct or how things will turn out. E.g."It's early days. We can't possibly know if the war in Iraq will change the country for the better." [Informal]
early doors Adj. Early, premature.
earner Noun. A profitable job or enterprise.
Eartha (Kitt) *

Noun. 1. An act of defecation.
2. Faeces.
* Rhyming slang on 'shit'.

earwig Verb. To eavesdrop. E.g."If you heard things said about you that you didn't like, then you shouldn't be earwigging into conversations."
easy pink Noun. Vaginal sex. Expression often used in conjunction with the terms difficult brown or tight brown, referring to anal sex. Euphemistic and based on references to the game of snooker.
easy Adj. Sexually consenting with little encouragement.
easy-peasy Adj. Very easy. Usually a children's expression.
easy touch Noun. A person easily exploited financially.
eat Verb. A euphemism for fellatio or cunnilingus.
eating irons Noun. Cutlery.
eat out Vrb phrs. To perform cunnilingus.
eat shit! Verb. Expression of extreme annoyance. A dismissive and abusive term as in 'get to fuck' or 'piss off'. [Orig. U.S.]
eat the head off (someone) Vrb phrs. To verbally attack (someone), to tell off (someone), to speak sharply (to someone). [Irish use]
'eck as like Exclam. Used as a denial in phrases such as "did I eck as like!", "will he eck as like!" etc. Actually stands for heck as like.[Midlands/Northern use]
ecky Noun. The drug MDMA, Ecstasy.
ecky thump ! Exclam. An exclamation of surprise or shock. Often used to mock the Northern dialects of Lancashire and Yorkshire.
eco warrior Noun. An ecological activist.
ecstasy Noun. The drug Methylenedioxymethamphetamine, MDMA. Popular in Britain from the late 1980s and was essential in the early development of the British 'House' and 'Techno' music scene.
eddress Noun. The email equivalent of an address. [1996?]
E'd up Adj. Intoxicated by MDMA.
Ee bah gum! Exclam. Expressing surprise or wonderment. Mimicked by many as the archetypal Yorkshire phrase. Also ee by gum. [Dialect/Yorks & Lancs use]
eejit Noun. An idiot. Originally Anglo-Irish pronunciation of idiot.
eff all Noun. A euphemism for 'fuck all'. See 'fuck all'.
effing Adj./Adv. A euphemism for 'fucking'.
effing and blinding Noun. Using obscenities such as expletives, usually in annoyance. See 'effing'. E.g."I've never seen him so angry, effing and blinding despite being a vicar."
effing and jeffing Noun. Meaning the same as 'effing and blinding'.
eff off Exclam. Go away. Euphemism for 'fuck off!' See 'fuck off'.
egg (and spoon) Noun. A black person. Cockney rhyming slang on 'coon'. Offens.
egg banjo Noun. A fried egg sandwich. See 'banjo' (noun). (Orig. military use?)
egg chasers Noun. Rugby players. From the egg shaped ball. Derog.
egghead Noun. 1. An intelligent person, an intellectual person. {Informal}
2. A person who is bald.
egg on one's chin See 'have egg on one's chin'
eggy Adj. Slightly annoyed, irritated.
Egyptian P.T. Noun. Sleep, rest. P.T. - abb of physical training. [Mainly military use]
eh up! Exclam. Hello. An informal greeting similar to hi or alright. Cf. 'ayup'.
elbow grease Noun. Manual hard work. E.g."We'll never get this finished unless you put some elbow grease into that job!"
elephant's (trunk) Adj. Drunk, intoxicated with alcohol. Rhyming slang on elephant's trunk. E.g."God I was well elephants last night at the party."
elevenses Noun. A mid to late morning drink, approximately taken at 11 o'clock. {Informal}
emmas Noun. Haemorrhoids. From the rhyming slang on Emma Freud, broadcaster, writer, and daughter of Sir Clement Freud.
emmet Noun. A tourist. Derogatory term meaning ant. Cornish use, expressing their annoyance and frustration at the numerous visitors to the county, especially during the summer months when their presence is seen as a hinderence to the locals.
emo Adj. Emotional.
Noun. Of or belonging to a genre of emotional rock music. [Orig. U.S.]
endz Noun. Area, place. E.g."What endz you from?" [London/Black use]
eppy Noun. Short for epileptic fit, however used to mean a furious uncontrollable outrage in the expressions 'throw an eppy' or 'have an eppy'. Also spelt eppie.
erk Noun. An insignificant person, and general term of contempt. [Orig. military use]
Essex girl Noun. Stereotypically describing a female from the county of Essex, or a female of the style of an 'Essex girl'. Characteristics may include being working class, sexually promiscuous, fashion conscious, heavily drinking, confident and of low morals. Derog.
evatch Verb. To have. Backslang.
evils Noun. A hateful look. Popularized by the character named Vicky Pollard in the British comedy TV series Little Britain. E.g."Stop givin' me the evils." [2003]
exactamundo Exactly right, correct. Also exactimundo and exactomundo. [Prob. orig U.S.]
expat Noun. An expatriate. {Informal}
extract the Michael Vrb phrs. To tease or ridicule. A play on words, derived from 'take the mickey'. E.g."If he doesn't stop extracting the Michael I'll report him to the manager."
extract the urine Vrb phrs. Meaning the same as 'extract the Michael', it is a pun on 'take the piss'.
eyeful Noun. A good long look. E.g."Get an eyeful of that idiot on the dancefloor." {Informal}
eyes like a shithouse rat Phrs. Describing a person with very sharp, observant eyesight.
eyes like piss holes in the snow Phrs. 1. Tired, deep sunken eyes.
2. Small eyes.
Eyetie Noun. An Italian. Offens.

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