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quack Noun. A doctor, by extension of its older and original usage for an untrained physician.
queef Noun. A fart noise created during vaginal intercourse. Also qweef. Cf. 'fanny fart'. [Orig. U.S.]
queen Noun. A male homosexual, particularly one who is effeminate.
queer Noun. A homosexual. Once, only derogative, but now the expression is being reclaimed by the gay community.
Adj. Homosexual in nature.
queer as a nine bob note Phrs. 1. Very odd, unusual.
2. Undoubtedly homosexual. Cf. 'bent as a nine bob note'.
queer bashing Noun. Prejudicial aggression or intimidation toward homosexuals.
queer street

Noun. Used figuratively, a troublesome situation. E.g."Ever since the dad lost his job we've been in queer street."

queer the pitch Vrb Phrs. To interfere with or spoil chances of success, usually deliberately.
quickie Noun. A brief sexual liason. E.g."I'm off home for my lunch break, for a quickie with the wife, it beats eating in the company cafeteria."
quick sticks Noun. Quickly. E.g."If the rash doesn't clear up within the next 24 hours you better get to the doctor quick sticks, cos it probably means you've caught something serious."
quid Noun. One pound sterling.
quids-in Noun. In profit. E.g."After the deduction of my expenses I was still quids-in."
quilt Noun. A feeble or pathetic person. Derog. (Liverpool use)
quim Noun. The vagina or more generally the female genitals. Possibly from the Celtic cwm, a valley.

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