Web Design

Full consultation

We will liaise with you throughout the design process, keeping you abreast of each stage in your site's design and development. From the initial consultation when we review your requirements, to the final stages when submitting your website details to search engines, we'll keep you informed all the way.


Website maintenance

Visitors may not return to a website that doesn't supply new or current information and we are conscious that many of our clients don't have the knowledge or confidence to tackle such updates. With that in mind, our maintenance contracts will ensure your website keeps up-to-date with your own personal and business developments.


Custom Designs

We know that your website needs to have its own identity, and one that complements your business. Providing bespoke designs, including all graphics, is essential in providing individual and dedicated solutions for all our clients. Avoiding the use of stock graphics such as ready-made clip art and templates helps make every one of our assignments completely individual.


Website revamps

Websites do occasionally need an overhaul, whether to contemporize their look and feel, or perhaps to solve navigational problems. We enjoy taking on established websites and being given the opportunity to redevelop, redesign or just add a little sparkle with a touch of our own design skills.


Search Engines

The submission of your website to the most common and popular search engines and directories, helping to make sure your site receives the optimum number of visits possible. We have the knowledge to give your website a good chance of a top search engine position. Please visit our dedicated search engine services page. Visit out dedicated search engine optimization page.


Fully Tested

We fully test all our work, reviewing the finished assignment on multiple browser platforms, including mobile devices. Checking the coding, links and scripting for bugs and errors ensures the website will work efficiently. The last thing we want is to leave you with a website that doesn't work, and one that reflects badly on your business.



If necessary leave the authoring of all your website content to us. Supply detailed notes of the ideas and facts you wish to convey and we will compose a site of concise and easy to read information. Or alternatively just have us read through your own copy and let us check for typos, grammatical errors or make suggestions for improvements.


Visitor Statistics

Tracking software is essential for the analysis of your website's success. Amongst other things the statistics it provides can inform you of where your visitors are from, or how they found your site. With careful analysis they can be used to adjust your website and Internet marketing strategy. We can provide a bespoke solution with full statistics for your website.


Full Support

Usually partnering a maintenance contract we offer a full support service for our clients. We are here to offer you general advice on all things Internet based, on how to keep your website producing results, online marketing and more. Why not use our web skills and wide Internet knowledge base to improve your Internet presence. Allowing you to continue doing what you know best.


Website Hosting

Finding an Internet Service Provider (ISP) or suitable hosting service for your website can be a daunting experience, especially if you are new to the Internet. With that in mind we can advise you on sourcing the right solution for the website we will be building for you.


Content Management

Should you want full control of your website and need to update it in your own time, we can build your site with an embedded CMS (content management system).


Web Design & Builds

The complete website package - every aspect of achieving an online presence can be managed by Peevish Web Design.


Search Engine Optimization

However much you publicise your website it is essential to have it listed on search engines, and your website to be in the top search engine results for your chosen keywords/phrase should be your desire.

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Design for Print

Occasionally it makes sense to integrate the production of a website with accompanying printed media. By using a single design studio a compatible branding throughout all marketing mediums is achieved.

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