Search Engine Optimization

However much you publicise your website it is essential to have it listed on search engines, and your website to be in the top search engine results for your chosen keywords/phrase should be your desire. A good search engine position is guaranteed to drive traffic to your site, and can significantly increase your online sales and business leads. We have helped several of our clients achieve these successes with our search engine optimization (SEO) work, and have an SEO record you can view here.

We provide two search engine services, submission to multiple search engines and search engine optimization. It's usual to combine both services to reach the optimum audience.

So how do we go about helping you?

After a full consultation to determine which keyword/phrases are relevant to your business, we will then provide a full report on your current site and how it ranks on a number of popular search engines, unless this is your first website which hasnt a listing on any search engines.

We will then provide you with an assessment of what we expect to be able to achieve for your website after our SEO services. If you agree we will then begin the physical optimization work, which will require access to your website and host server so that we can make the necessary content and code adjustments. No changes will be made without your full consent and we only use techniques approved by Google and other search engines, commonly called 'white hat SEO', as opposed to 'black hat SEO'.

Once the optimization work is complete, and after allowing time for our SEO work to take effect we will then provide you with further reports. And if we feel more tweaks will result in improvements, we'll offer to do those within the limits of the agreed contract. Need proof of our SEO work?

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The complete website package - every aspect of achieving an online presence can be managed by Peevish Web Design.


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Occasionally it makes sense to integrate the production of a website with accompanying printed media. By using a single design studio a compatible branding throughout all marketing mediums is achieved.

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