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A Dictionary of Slang does not participate in general 'link exchange' schemes. It does not condone or promote ill considered reciprocal linking or those generated by programs or link farms, such linking can harm a website's ranking on search engines. If you are ignorant of the ongoing dabate on the contentious nature of reciprocal linking you might like to read more, articles are ready available at Search Engine Watch, or perhaps you might start by reading the dedicated Google page for webmasters which includes information on linking.

A Dictionary of Slang will only provide reciprocal links to sites that have related content, and have associated keywords within its readible text content, for example:

English language, as opposed to non-English languages
Informal language
Writing in English
English translation

The existing personal and miscellaneous links and general education links are maintained out of respect for those links agreed prior to the implementation of the current linking policy.

A Dictionary of Slang encourages links that are for the benefit of website users, humans, and not purely for the purposes of boosting ranking in search engines. It is willing to provide reciprocal links as a means of expressing gratitude to those who appreciate and support the dictionary and its content, that is, they link to the dictionary because they expect their own website users would enjoy or gain from seeing the content of this dictionary. An example of such a page exists on this very site at slang links - it's there purely to supplement the content of this dictionary.

How to link to us.

Having read the above, and confirmed your website content is related and if you feel you qualify for a reciprocal link, please follow this procedure:

  1. Post your link to this site prior to making contact with me. There are instructions below about the preferred linking text and descriptions.
  2. Notify me of the location of the link to this site and your website details and linking information. To contact me, email Ted Duckworth.
  3. I will review your site and post a return link on the appropriate page within this site, assuming I am happy with the link to A Dictionary of Slang, ie there are no mistakes or errors.
  4. You will then be will be notified by email of the return link's location.

The anchor text, the text which links to my resource, should be something appropriate like "A Dictionary of Slang" or "Slang Dictionary" or "English Slang Dictionary" and link through to the homepage, but you may use whatever accompanying description you like. Alternatively copy and paste the text from one of the boxes below into your source code:

The above code will create a link like this:

English Slang Dictionary - this popular slang dictionary includes British slang, cockney rhyming slang, books, links and much more...

The above code will create a link like this:

A Slang Dictionary - A regularly updated dictionary of English slang and informal expressions currently in use in Britain.

The above code will create a link like this:

A Dictionary of Slang - A large selection of English slang and informal expressions currently in use in Britain, updated regularly.

The above code will create a link like this:

A Dictionary of Slang - Possibly the most popular FREE slang resource online, listing current English slang use in the UK.

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