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English Language Translation Services

Beijing Chinese Translation Company - large translation service company, founded and managed by several experts from well-known universities in China such as Tsinghua University, Peking University, Fudan University and Shanghai Communication University, etc
De Taalvlinder - a source of information for translators, English into Dutch, and contains lexicons and links to sites that have proven to be useful in the translation practice of many professionals. (Dutch language site)
KMM-Tlumaczenia - English and Polish dictionaries, glossaries and translation resources.
Mike Seymour - Corporate Language Training & Translation.
Professional French Translation Mike Bastin - Professional translator for the English to French language serving customers all over the world.
Professional Translation Services - BeTranslated is a group of translators working together to provide services identical to those of translation agencies.
Pro-Tran - Website Translation (all languages).
Russian Translation - High quality affordable Russian translation by native speaker translators.
Russian-Translation.ru - High Quality English-Russian Translation of personal/business letters, phone calls, documents. Native Russian translators. Low cost. 24 hour turnaround.
Russian Translation USA - Professional translation services in all major areas between the Russian and English languages. Technical translations. Business/personal correspondence.
RVR Translation - a translation and interpreting agency specialising in European languages and cultures including English, German, French, Flemish, Dutch, Italian, Spanish and Russian.
Traducciones - By 1Global Translators, a translation agency from Spain, with solid experience and a commitment to provide excellent translation, interpretation and other language services.
Translation Services - CTS Languagelink provides translation, localization and interpretation services.
Twigg's Translations - Native German translation offering more expertise, more creativity and more friendliness.
Your Translations - offers English-French translations services and handles multi-lingual translation projects, in collaboration with a number of selected online translators around the world.


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