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Dictionary & Slang Related Sites


3000+ Translation Glossaries - 120 categories, with handy descriptions in this comprehensive resource for linguists.
Accounting, Business Studies and Economics Dictionary for Students - free online dictionary and glossary for students studying business related courses.
A.D. Peterkin - If you are looking for thoroughly researched, entertaining and provocative books on erotic language and cultural history visit the website of author A.D. Peterkin.
The American Society of Authors and Writers - Selling what you write more effectively.
Bankruptcy Dictionary - US Bankruptcy Terms
Berlitz Publishing - The market leader in language and travel-related products, Berlitz publishing offers language-learning courses for beginners to advanced students and travel guides for hundreds of destinations.
Break that Block - Fight the writer's block with these suggestions.
British to American Translator & Dictionary - Translate British slang words.
Car Park UK - Computer-assisted Reporting (CAR) and resources for UK journalism.
Coolslang - World slang interactive database.
Dicorama - English slang (argot) links - French site.
The Dogs Bollocks – British Slang T Shirts - Top quality clobber, shipped worldwide.
Fairly Truthful Tales - Comedy monologues (in dialect) and cartoons by Gary Hogg.
Grammar Grabbers - Professional Tips for the Amateur Writer (a not-so-serious guide to English grammar).
Idiomas - Spanish portal to other language sites.
The Internet Public Library - dictionaries reference collection.
Internet Slang Dictionary - Internet acronym and slang dictionary, translator and website validator. Understand what people are talking about online!
KMM-Tlumaczenia - English and Polish dictionaries, glossaries and translation resources.
Lex Scripta - Dictionaries of slang - essential web links for Queensland lawyers.
ODLT - the Online Dictionary of Language Terminology
Online Dictionary Net - slang dictionaries.
Russian Slang Dictionary - Russian slang, Internet lingo and colloquialisms explained in a pragmatic way in English.
Surfing for Slang - English and Scandinavian.
Ted Power - Multimedia Room Tray System.
UsingEnglish.com - English Language (ESL) Learning Online. Popular portal for learning the English language (EFL, ESL, TEOFL. etc)
Vakjargon - A plant lexicon, including links, mainly in Dutch.
Vocabulary Builder - Build vocabulary with flash cards, dynamic test and games, for SAT, TOEFL, GMT, GRE and general vocabulary.

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